Wednesday, May 15, 2019

A Day at the (Toy) Museum

Back in March I got to visit a wonderful magical place: a toy museum! Click the link and read all about it!

Saturday, February 23, 2019

All My Toys: Let the Dead Rest

Dear readers,

It has been a moment since there has been a new All My Toys. Career and personal obligations have kept me busy as have the Swans Crossing article and the fun I have been having with Funko's Savage World and DC Primal Age toy lines over on Instagram (check it out, it's still Diary of a Dorkette just on IG) but here we are! A new All My Toys! 

So here is where we have left off. Count Chocula won the presidential election in 2016, only Cobra rigged the election. Cobra Commander kidnapped Chocula while having Zartan masquerade as President Chocula with Zarana posing as First lady Strawberry Shortcake. With Cobra running the government, everything is in chaos. The other Monster Cereal Mascots feel that something is afoot and are trying their best to find the real Chocula, although one of the remaining four are not who they seem...

Meanwhile Miss M and Bruce Wayne were able to reunite with their daughter Yvie, who was thought to be killed. While Yvie was away she was tortured by the evil Barbarocious. With the help of Moth Lady (Yvie's bio mom, long story) Barbarocious now knows where to find Yvie, and she is coming to collect her pet...

Click below to begin the number one toy soap opera on the Internet!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

For the Honor of Justine Part 4

Once upon a time there was a pre-teen dorky girl living in Texas trying to figure out what her next toy obsession would be. Out of nowhere came a toy line she never knew she needed but was so glad to grab her lovely hands on. The line was called Swans Crossing and unknown to her she would one day get to befriend the woman who designed and created the toy line. Read on for my final article about the amazing toy designer, illustrator, and inventor who brought the soapy world of Swans Crossing to life in plastic: Justine Dantzer.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Funko Savage World

Funko is at it again with a toy line that has my heart a flutter. Click the link to learn all about it.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

All My Toys: The Moth Flies Forever

Dear Diary,

The last couple of months have seen me completely consumed with my daughter Yvie. I have been spending time with her and making sure she is safe. I have forgone my other identity as a super hero. So has Bruce. We both want to lead normal lives. I am still not sure what that all means for him and me, but we are figuring it out. In the meantime I am finally taking a moment to have that cheeseburger with Ed that we talked about when we came back to Earth. I have been avoiding him and that is not ok. I'm just a mess of emotions. My brain is not sure what to think about my life and what I want. I just know that I want Yvie to be healthy and happy. And I want a Hunger Buster. 

-Miss M

Monday, August 20, 2018

All My Toys: Mother Has Arrived

Dear Diary,

Life is truly but a dream. My daughter is alive. I have been enjoying this time with Yvie so much. We have been reunited for nearly a month now. We have been experiencing so many wonderful things together. She loves bubble gum ice cream as much as I do. This makes me so proud. She smiles more. But I know there are hidden scars underneath those smiles. It worries me. Bruce and I have been creating the family life we have wanted. I am still not sure what that means for Bruce and myself, but I do love him. I feel it growing more and more each day. However what is most important right now is figuring out what has happened to her. How did she survive the explosion all those years ago? What happened to her wings? Who was taking care of her? I just want to make sure she is all right.

-Miss M