Saturday, January 24, 2015

January 2015 Heroic Hottie!

Dear Diary,

Nothing says road trip like flying around on a unicorn with your favorite hero in space. She-Ra and I are traveling across the great expanse and just having a blast. We are women on a mission. Actually my mission is to talk to my guru. I have many gurus, but this one is really great. He can be hard to find, but when you are able to locate him, he is just magical.

-Miss M

Miss M: (looks around) Space is so cool.
She-Ra: (looks around too) I know, right?

Miss M: Like, how are we not dead right now?

She-Ra: I'm the Princess of Power.
Miss M: Works for me. I wonder if we'll run into Matthew McConaughey up here...
She-Ra: So why exactly are we traveling the galaxy to make it to your guru?

Miss M: Well... As you know, my love life has been a bit in the pits. Michelangelo married Mona Lisa. I got to know a really great guy in the After Life, but I'm not dead anymore. And I also think that Bruce Wayne might want me. I just don't know what to do!
She-Ra: Yeah that sounds so rough.
Miss M: Hey, it is rough! Matters of the heart are tough.

She-Ra: Oh I get ya. My ex got shot sleeping with Cheetara.
Miss M: Ouch.
She-Ra: We're getting close to our destination.

Miss M: Perfect.

Moments later...

Miss M: Guru! Are you here?

Yoda: Yes. Here, I am.

January 2015 Heroic Hottie!

Miss M: Oh Yoda, am I happy to see you! It's been so long.
Yoda: True that is. You here what brings, hmmm? Yeesssssss.

Miss M: Ok. So like my life is a mess. A hot mess.

Yoda: Ok, hot messes you are.

Miss M: See Yoda, this is why you are my guru. I just find myself feeling very lost. I've had my heart broken. And I want to put myself back out there, I just don't know what to do. Plus, I might want to start something with Bruce Wayne! My goodness I have word vomit!

Yoda: Never easy to deal with, matters of the heart are. Be careful with your heart, you should, but guide you to your destiny, trust that the Force will.

Miss M: I know. I just need to let things happen. Ya know, speaking of the Force, do you think that I have what it takes to become a Jedi?
Yoda: Strong and capable of many things, you are. Becoming a Jedi is going to happen not.

Miss M: Yeah, I kinda figured as much. You can't blame a dorkette for asking though. Say, what do you think of the new Star Wars trailer?

Yoda: Promising, it seems promising. Happen to you, more importantly is what will. Stop deflecting.

Miss M: Ok! Ok! I'm not sure what I will do. I just want my heart to be happy.

Yoda: Nothing to do with a man, sometimes making your heart happy has. Hmmmmmm.
Miss M: I don't understand.

Yoda: Miss M, greater than just the love of a man, you are. It is the love of yourself and talent, truly important, that is. Hmmmmmm.
Miss M: I get that, I truly do, I just don't know what that means. What am I supposed to do?

Yoda: Figure it out, you will. I believe in you. Hmmmmmm.

Miss M: Oh Yoda, you are the best! Now come on, let's take some more photos!

January 2015 Heroic Hottie!

Miss M: Goodness She-Ra, isn't he just the best?

She-Ra: Beyond. I can see why you'd travel all this way to talk to him. He even helped me work through some things.

Miss M: Oh good! See! Intergalactic Thelma and Louise style road trips are the best.
She-Ra: Agreed. Shall we go?

Miss M: Yeah.

Miss M: Space is the place, ya know?
She-Ra: What?

Miss M: Remember that old band from the 90's, Spacehog? I'm just replaying some of their songs while we fly through space.

She-Ra: I vaguely recall them. The 90's weren't exactly my decade.

Miss M: Oh they were so good! I'll burn you a CD when we get back to our planet.

She-Ra: Just copy some songs to my iTunes play list. What decade are you living in?

Miss M: Ya know, I don't know anymore.

She-Ra: Have you given any thought to what you are going to do with your life?

Miss M: I think so. I really do. It's not an easy choice, but at the end of the day, I have to do me. Ya know? I just feel like I'm never coming down, ya know?

She-Ra: Hold on M. Do you feel that? On your starside?

Miss M: No. I don't know where my starside is, my left or right?

She-Ra: Something is catching us in a gravitational pull. Hurry Swiftie, we must flee this!

Swift Wind: I can't feel my legs!

She-Ra: This is not good.

Miss M: She-Ra, what is happening?

She-Ra: I'm not sure, but something tells me we are in trouble...

Moments later...

Miss M: She-Ra, where are we?

She-Ra: Stay close to me.

Miss M: Is Swift Wind ok?

Swift Wind: I am beginning to feel my legs again. She-Ra, does the air feel strange to you?

She-Ra: Yes my friend.

A maniacle laugh ripples through the air.

She-Ra: Who goes there!
????: Tell me something, do you think anyone will hear you scream this far in space?

Miss M: Oh snap. Stuff just got real!

She-Ra: Skeletor!

Skeletor: The one and only She-Ra.

Skeletor: Now, your new adventure begins!

To be continued!!!


  1. What new adventure awaits? I can't wait to see.

    1. Thanks John! I hope this will be an epic adventure for sure.

  2. Nice, you never reviewed "Evil" She-Ra out of the package, it is nice to see because mine will just sit boxed forever. Tell me, what do you think of the figure? Is her visor firm or does it fall off easily? Anything specific you want to say about her or have thoughts about her? The physical figure that is. I see you aren't afraid to put her weapons in her hands like the others; don't really worry, the paint isn't that flimsy. I had to "fight" to get the Skeletor sword into Lizard Man's hand and it is fine.

    Remember, the real story of the above Skeletor is that he grabbed the Power Sword while Adam was changing into He-Man and got fried, he then used technology from The Starship Eternia to repair his body--nothing to do with Hordak--they need to keep their stories straight.

    Great photos as always!

    1. The stories do need to be kept straight for sure! I also must say, her visor does come off and it is so cool. Thanks for the comment on the pictures. I hope I can continue to take some great photos for the things I have planned.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Buzz Chuck! lol I couldn't resist putting a space helmet on toy Miss M. lol Hope you have been doing well.

  4. When you said "Space is the Place" -I was thinking of Sun-Ra, not Space Hog! Which is funny, cuz I am a 90's kid! (well, born in the 80's, lived in the 90's, much like yourself!) but Space Hog is a band I have never listened to! I only remember them because, didn't the singer date Liv Tyler? Anyway, I just saw a Reel Big Fish/ Less Than Jake show last Friday, so CLEARLY, I am a 90's kind of guy!
    Still haven't watched the new Star Wars trailer yet. Too scared! Still, it has got to be better than the last three that came out!!
    And, last, but not least: FUCK YES SKELETOR!!!

    1. I think the singer dated Liv Tyler, but I am not sure. You should check them out. I am sure you will recognize one of the songs. It was pretty popular for a moment during the 90's. That sounds like you went to a good show! I have had friends that have enjoyed going to see them throughout the years. That is awesome!

      I didn't really midn the Star Wars trailer. It wasn't that bad. I do think though that a lot of people either love it or hate it. lol

      And Skeletor is always a welcome diversion! lol

  5. As far as gurus go, pretty good choice Yoda is. She-Ra looks amazing in space gear! She looks like she walked right off the set of Flash Gordon A-HA!

    1. There is a bit of a Flash Gordon feel to her costume. I really like it. This isn't my favorite version of She-Ra, but I do really like it. And once I found this Yoda in stores I had to get him because I had the perfect story in mind. lol