Monday, March 6, 2017

For the Love of Old Men...

Old men named Logan that is. I got to see Logan this weekend so click the link and see what I think. I also promise not to divulge any spoilers, however there might be a thing or two that I share so just tread carefully!

How have you all been doing? I hope everyone is well. I am still in the process of organizing and getting my toy room in order. There have been bags full of toy packaging that I have tossed in the recycling bin. It is a very freeing feeling. I still have a ways to go. I don't think I understood what kind of undertaking this would be. However once I am finished I will feel so wonderful.

In the meantime I have been gathering my thoughts for new All My Toys stories. The saga of toy Miss M is far from over. There are important matters to address, like did Bruce Wayne and Vicki Vale have sex? Will Miss M find out? What does Moth Lady plan on doing with a seemingly living and breathing Yvie? Also, what of Jaws 5?! I have so many ideas and stories to share and they will return.

For now I had the chance to escape into a story on the big screen. One over 15 years in the making. I am referring to the third solo Wolverine outing simply titled: Logan. From the moment I saw the trailer and the hint of X-23 in this movie I was instantly hooked. I remember when X-23 debuted in the comics. I was completely intrigued by this character. Over the years she has become a character I enjoy reading in the X-books. Her first run in with Lady Deathstrike instantly became the stuff of legend for me. I can't actively recall the issue number or story arc, but it was Uncanny X-Men I believe and the entire fight scene sprawled out across the panels beautifully.

I am of course getting off track. Logan, the latest Wolverine film and in a way a nice X-Men sequel of sorts. I loved this movie. Where should I even begin? The first Wolverine film was ok for me but it was costumed in flaws. The Wolverine was a nice follow up that seemed to correct the first one, however this third film for me is a nice end to the entire X-Men film series. I understand there is a Deadpool 2 and probably another X-Men film in the works, however I would like there to be a break on the X-films until Marvel can get the rights back. That is just my own soap box moment.

Possible spoilers might come up now so be careful! I have warned you while batting my eye lashes. So don't get mad at me.

Holy cow Hugh Jackman is gritty and violent in this film. More so than the others in the series it feels, hence that splashy R rating. He looks older but has never been dreamier. They say this is his final snikt! as Wolverine and I am fine with that. He delivers and shines when paired with Patrick Stewart's Charles Xavier. Oh Patrick Stewart, could you just star in everything? Their chemistry is perfect in this film. I almost wanted the film to break away from the villainous aspect and just focus on the two of them on their own adventure.

What really stood out for me though and made me smile a big toothy grin numerous times was of course X-23, or simply Laura, played by Dafne Keen. I can't even begin to express how bad ass she was in this movie. The actor did a great job. Her performance was touching and her scenes with the old guys was the stuff of a really great comic movie. One of the aspects of comics I have enjoyed for decades now is this idea that people you would least expect to team up find themselves relying on each other along their journey. Going on that journey with them page after page helped keep my eyes glued to the screen.

Logan hit every note and left a bloody trail in his wake. The film was incredibly violent, probably one of the most violent "super hero" films I have seen. It was fun hearing the audience gasp and cringe at some of the violence. I cringed a few times as well, but having followed this character for so long now, I was prepared and glad to see Logan really come to life.

There are a few things I wish had been added into the film. However that is coming from my emotional sentimental side. I love Logan and Jean and I had hoped she would have appeared in some form. Of course as I type that sentiment I am fairly certain my emotions would not have been able to handle that. The film already has some very poignant and emotional scenes. I am really thrilled that Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart were able to be in this together and create a lovely ending to the modern day X-Men films.

Now Marvel just needs to swoop in and give us something new and fresh. Many of you know the X-Men are my favorite super heroes aside from Wonder Woman. I have followed those merry mutants for a very long time now. I personally would be excited to see something completely new. They don't have to crossover with the other Marvel movies, but I just think Marvel could work some magic on the X-Men.

Speaking of mutants, I finally got my hands on the new Dazzler Marvel Legends figure. I feel so stupid. I got tired of looking in stores so I found one for below the regular price on eBay. the drawback was that the Warlock build a figure piece was not included. I was fine with that because I just wanted a Dazzler figure. I have been hoping and wishing that a Marvel Legends Dazzler would become a reality. It is Dazzler! Who doesn't want a Dazzler figure? (If you say no, than you are not human.) So I cheated and got one off of eBay.

You can all guess what happened next right? I went to Target the day after ordering her and I ended up finding a Dazzler in the toy aisle. Somewhere right now Homer is belting out a massive, "D'oh!"

Either way we all live in a world where a nice Dazzler figure exists and that is a very good thing. That is about it my dear friends. Let me know your thoughts on Logan. I am more than happy to chit chat about it. Don't go too far, there will be more here soon. Hope you are all doing well!


  1. GAHHH I can't read this. I haven't seen Logan yet because I am waiting for my best friend, who is moving back home, to see it with. He wants me to wait till he gets back. We were both big X-Men fans as kids.
    I liked Huge Ackman in the X movies but he has NEVER seemed like Wolverine to me. His hair was right but he was never a good representation of the Wolvie I knew from the comics. My Soapbox moment is to say that Deadpool was the ONLY X movie that Fox studios has gotten even CLOSE to perfection and that Ryan Reynolds is the only perfect actor they have EVER cast (even though they fucked up on what they did with him in the first Wolverine movie)so I eagerly anticipate Deadpool 2. I don't think you can make a Deadpool movie at Disney. Much as I WISH I could see that! Anyway, yeah, pretty much, Deadpool is the ONLY X-Men movie I have truly liked. But it may also be my fave superhero movie, so I give them points for that. They made ONE good one, but it was REALLY good! Hopefully Logan makes TWO good ones for them and also hopefully Deadpool, in the sequel, makes fun of the fact that Huge Ackman ripped him off by making an R rated movie after he did!
    Patrick Stewart is maybe the only other perfectly casted person besides Ryan Reynolds in the X films, so he is one of the reasons I am excited about Logan.
    I promise to read the rest of your post after I watch the movie!
    All my love- the Moose

  2. What is up with movies in 2017? Lego Batman, Get Out, Logan, then we've got Beauty and the Beast, Power Rangers and King Kong all before the end of the month! With all these hit genre films coming out now, I'll be burnt out by the time we get the summer blockbusters!

    I'm holding off on Logan until next weekend because of all the hubbub about how violent this is, so I want to rewatch the scene were Logan "cuts loose" in X-Men 2, as a point of comparison, and to appreciate how things used to be done for one last time.

    Its weird to think how long Hugh Jackman has played the role in 9 movies for 17 years. Its hard to think of any other actor-role association thats lasted for so long. After all we've had three different Spider-Men in that same amount of time! Its the end of an era for sure that will cast a long shadow on whatever they do with this series in the future.

    The Dazzler figure sounds like a perfect purchase after a bleak feature like Logan. I hope she will light the way to a promising future for the X-Men and you as well!

  3. Loved the movie too, especially that final scene that was beautiful. How can you NOT have a Dazzler figure. She has ROLLER SKATES and that great Disco jumpsuit. I loved me some Dazzler back in the day and she was one of the first female mutants to have her own series.

  4. have to agree hugh and patrick did the x-men films least till another one comes along well. plus who would ever expect to see x23 in live action already or at least maybe making a cameo in a future wolverine film with whoever fox now gets to play him. unless by then marvel at last has the rights back. as for the dazzler figure been waiting for her to be out at last. her and shatterstar the only thing that can now top dazzler getting her over due plastic due is a new longshot that why ml fans can have the x-mens most craziest family. long shot dazzler and shatterstar together. crazy since shatter star is both dazzler and long shots kid but also long shots pop since his dna got used to make longshot.

  5. OK-I saw it! It was VERY good! Still think Huge is too tall to be Wolverine (and why isn't his hair poofing up anymore?) but I think it is serious Oscar potential. I WANTED Deadpool to get an Oscar but it was just too comedic I think. (So it should have got best COMEDY!) But yeah, Huge deserves a nomination for best actor, Patrick Stewart for best supporting actor. One of these days a comic movie has to win an Academy Award! When Silence of the Lambs got one, that vindicated me as a horror fan but we need a comic movie recognized. I say lets give it to Stewart though, cuz he has done SO MUCH for geek culture! I mean, he was Jean Luc Picard AND Professor X for Christ's sake!! And he had to act like a goofball dementia guy in this movie!
    Loved the ending with the X on the grave and wonder if any of those kids will end up being "The New Mutants"?
    I saw it on my B-day with my three best bros and we also went to Wizard-World Con, which was awesome! But I STILL didn't find a Wyrm figure in any of the toy bins! A Wyrm and a Modulok! That's all I'm looking for to complete my vintage toy "most wanted" collection! Well, no, that's not true! I also need a Squueze and a Snakeface and a Multi-bot but I care more about getting a Wyrm and a Modulok! Still jealous that you own them both! Lucky bitch! Haha! You know I luv you! Anyhoo-lets get some new entries up on this blog how bout' it!? Old Man Moose needs his Dorkette! I'm 34! I'm starting to rot!