Friday, March 23, 2018

All My Toys: New Adventures

Dear Diary,

I am still traveling through space with Bucky O'Hare and his crew. I have no idea where we are going or when I will return to Earth. However Ed is with me, and that is more than enough. I do wonder though what is happening back on Earth...

-Miss M

On Earth at a super hero base,

Glitter: Thank you for meeting me Oola.
Oola: Of course. Why are we meeting alone though, where is the rest of the team?
Glitter: Everyone has taken a break after the death of Miss M.
Oola: We have missions to accomplish though. Particularly with Cobra and the president.

Glitter: Yes. About that. We are delaying our mission against Cobra and President Chocula. I need you for a new mission.

Oola: What? No. We know Cobra rigged the election and they are planing something devious to this country, if not the planet. I have to help stop this.

Glitter: There is something greater at hand right now and I feel you are perfect for this.
Oola: Ok. What is it?
Glitter: We have been given a tip that a rare and near extinct animal is in trouble of being wiped out. They are a unique breed of giraffes. About 800 are left.
Oola: Giraffes? I don't understand.
Glitter: I need you to find this one special giraffe and bring him to safety before he is slaughtered. This will also be the mission that debuts the new team members that will be joining you while the regular team continues to regroup.

Oola: Do we have an idea of who has this giraffe? Where do I even begin to search?

Glitter: Yes. I understand. The man responsible for taking the giraffe is named Bane. I will help prepare the new team so you can start immediately. It is very important that you save this giraffe, a giraffe named Geoffrey.

Meanwhile in space, aboard Bucky O'Hare's ship...

Jenny: We are approaching our destination Bucky.
Bucky: Splendid. How are our passengers?
Jenny: A strange bunch. The girl talks too much and appears sad at times while the guy is completely smitten over the girl. It is strange.

Bucky: We will be done with them soon enough.

Jenny: Have you told them who they will be meeting?

Bucky: Not yet. They'll find out soon enough.
Jenny: I feel that is a bit sad. It almost seems fair that they should be warned in some way.
Bucky: We had a job to do. Our luck runneth over though that we have crossed paths the way we have. That M girl did our job for us and destroyed Burnheart. Our boss will be pleased.

Miss M: Are we there yet?
Ed: We are getting close princess.
Miss M: I want to be home. I am so tired of being in space.

Ed: This surprises me to hear. I thought you were a fan of the stars?

Miss M: I am a fan. Under normal circumstances this would be magical. I just want to be home though. My daughter might be alive. I need to be there for her.

Ed: What if she isn't though? What if Bruce was there to tell you something else?
Miss M: No. He knew something. I could see it in his face. I just don't have time for any of this.

Ed: I know. We will figure this all out though. I have no doubt about it.
Miss M: Thanks Ed.

Miss M: Ya know, I am so glad you are here with me. I can't even imagine what it would be like if I were alone on this latest adventure.

Deadeye Daffy: We're about to land! So get ready!

Ed: Looks like we are adding a new layer to this adventure.
Miss M: Yeah. Maybe now we will know where we are.

In another area of space...

Deanna: What is this place?
Samus: This is called the Haven. It's a space station where we should be able to find information. Especially on Miss M and if she came through here. Maybe even where she is going.

Deanna: It has been awhile since I have been in space.
Samus: You have been in space?
Deanna: (sadly sighs) Yes. A long time ago.

Samus: Well I am surprised you have not been to Haven. We might be here awhile. The person I want to talk to will be arriving in a few days, they will also have some potential information we need.

Deanna: Fine. You seem certain that we will find answers in here.

Samus: Yes. I am certain. We saw that wreckage above Earth. There would have been a body. Miss M is alive and we will find her.
Deanna: Very well. I hope we do.

Meanwhile, on Earth in the Batcave...

Alfred: Master Bruce?
Bruce Wayne: Go away.

Alfred: Master Bruce, I have took the liberty of preparing you your favorite meal. Lobster, on a bed of fresh crisp lettuce. You have been down here for quite some time and you should...

Bruce Wayne: I don't need you to tell me what I should be doing. I am staying here. I don't want to be around anyone right now.

Alfred: Very well sir.

Bruce Wayne: (barks out) And stop cooking for me.

Bruce Wayne: (instantly regrets his tone) Wait. I'm sorry Alfred. I just, don't know how to handle loss. I wish Miss M were still here. I wasted time. There's no need to dwell on the past.

Alfred: I understand sir. Do know though, that I am here for you should you need anything. You don't always have to be alone.

Bruce Wayne: Thank you Alfred. I might be up to eat in a little while. I just need to be down here a little longer. Just a little longer...

Back in space...
Jenny: Keep on walkin, we are almost there.
Miss M: You've been saying that for the last 800 miles!
Jenny: Pfft. It has not been 800 miles. You are over-dramatic.

Miss M: I am sooo not over-dramatic.
Ed: (preoccupied) You are maybe a little over-dramatic.
Miss M: Quiet Ed.

Ed: I get such a weird sense that I have been here before.

Miss M: Really? We aren't in the After Life are we?
Ed: No. Oh my. I know where we are. I was here before we faced off with Lady Kale. This is Dimension X.
Miss M: Crapola from Shinola. This just gets more convoluted.

Back on Earth in an area called Eternia inside the venomous Snake Mountain...

Beast Man: The searches have yielded nothing Evil-Lyn. Skeletor still remains missing.
Evil-Lyn: That fool of a man. Ever since he went off to space this place has fallen to shambles. Let's face it, Skeletor is not coming back.

Best Man: Are you suggesting that we give up on Skeletor? Just end it all?
Evil-Lyn: Yes. It is time we move on to a new era in this place.

Beast Man: A new era? What do you mean?

Evil-Lyn: Oh you dolt. Isn't it obvious? Someone must rule Snake Mountain. I shall be perfect as the mistress of Snake... the queen of Snake... the ruler of... Well I am not sure what my title will be but I plan on being in charge.
Beast Man: What do you know about being in charge here?
Evil-Lyn: You imbecile! What do I know?! I know plenty!

Evil-Lyn: Why, I will restore this place to its former glory. I will do what Skeletor never could! I will destroy He-Man and we will rule this world!

Evil-Lyn: And it will be wonderful...

Beast Man: But if Skeletor could never do it, what makes you think you can?

Evil-Lyn: You underestimate me? Fine. I will watch you eat those words when I prove you wrong.
Beast Man: How will I eat my words? (pauses) Did you hear something? I think we have company.

???: You do have company. Special company.

???: (jumps down) Here, let me introduce myself.

???: I'm Jake the Snake. And I plan on taking this place for myself.

Beast Man: Uhhh. Can he do that?

Evil-Lyn: I am afraid not Beast Man. We've already had our share of snake men making their way through here. We stopped them before, we can certainly stop you. This is my mountain now.

The Snake: Look lady, I can make this real easy for ya. Hell, I'll even let you stay here free of charge, but mark my words, I'm takin this place for myself. It has a certain charm. If you disagree to these terms, I will be sure to take what I want.

Evil-Lyn: Ha! This foolish man thinks he can try to make a deal with us?
Beast Man: He did say we could stay here...
Evil-Lyn: Of course we will stay here! This is our home and I am next in line to rule it!

Beast Man: We could learn to work together, for a common goal!

Evil-Lyn: Ugh. With Skeletor gone you are like a lost puppy dog. We are the Warriors of Evil, act like you have death and bile running through your veins! This strange man before us will not be taking over anything, except maybe his grave.

The Snake: Oh that stung. I did not want to have to do this. This will be my home. My pets have grown fond of it. (the snakes hiss) You think you have me in your clutches witch woman! I can feel the magic you are trying to conjure up against me. Nice try. Now prepare, because the snake will always bite back!

To be continued!!


  1. i knew that once again toy miss m was walking into trouble hooking up with some one and surprise surprise and old nemisis krang if nothing else she will be reunited with donatello at least. plus the fun beast man is going to have when jake the snake winds up making evil lyne being the one eating her words by somehow ruling snake mountain after all and love the little bit about trying to save toys are us

    1. Thank you for the comment! There will certainly be some surprises at which toys show up in Dimension X. There will also be plenty of silly shenanigans at Snake Mountain. Also with the news about Toysrus, I had to add something as a side story that would be fitting for what is happening. I hope it will be very enjoyable!

  2. Keep this up and Marvel won't be able to claim that Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover ever. (Although "Ready Player One" could give both of you a run for your money)

    I am amused that New England native Ben Affleck lets us in on the fact that Batman's favorite food is lobster.

    1. Haha! Of course New England native Ben Affleck would be in on that fact! It was just a nice fit. Ready Player One does have a lot of crossover appeal, however I doubt they will be showcasing Oola in a role she richly deserves! Ha! I do love featuring as many toys as I can. That will greatly increase as the year goes on.

    2. Theres always hope for an anthology film with Oola: A Star Wars Story. Though it seems unlikely. Which is a shame because her article on Wookiepedia covers less of her than the costume did, so theres plenty of backstory to be written.

      I am impressed that they brought back her actress Femi Taylor after 14 years to do close up shots of Oola's face for the Special Edition release. Being able to read her struggling expressions does lend her some character development and probably helped elevate her to action figure status.

      As I've said before I think Oola is dancing to play off college loans. She's probably roommates with the Green Dancing Girl from Star Trek too.

  3. Ahhh it feels so GOOD to be back my beloved Dorkette!!
    Long time no read, I know!
    I was busy with crap and now I've got a ton of your stuff to catch up on!
    I'm excited about reading about you and Bucky O'Hare! (That cartoon had the BEST theme song EVER!!!)
    And even though , I have been a TERRIBLE person and away from this blog for faaaaar too long, I want you to know that a day did not go by when I did not think about marrying you!! I spent that time trying to find a way to be worthy of your love!
    I got a Modulok for my birthday and I just got a TMNT vintage Wyrm on Ebay, and that should PROVE to you that I don't wanna marry you just to get your toys! Those were two of the most important toys I ever wanted, and I know you had them, but I bought them to show you I wasn't trying to get with you for your collection!! ( Well, I also bought them because I have always wanted them, but the sentiment is still there!!)
    Anyhoo-Now that's out of the way, what do you say? Let me know when I should fly to Texas for our wedding, cuz I really don't think I own a good enough cowboy hat yet! But I am looking for one online!

    I look forward to reading your blogs that I have missed!
    -Love always,
    Your Moose

    1. It is always nice to hear from you. And happy birthday! Oh my goodness I hope you had a great birthday. I am glad you got the toys you were looking for so that you do not get mine. Haha. There are some things you need to catch up on, but not much. You will hopefully enjoy everything. I hope you are doing well. I will of course let you know when it is time for you to fly to Texas for a wedding as big as the state. lol You are such a mess. I am always glad to hear from you. I hope you have a very nice week!

      Love ya right back my dear friend!
      Miss M

    2. Oh, come on now, I agree with you that I am a mess, but you could have at least called me a HOT mess!! Haha!

  4. Ok-(finally got caught up to this entry!)Jake the Snake could NEVER take Skeletor!! Can he can take Beast Man and Evil Lynn? Well I guess that remains to be seen, doesn't it?
    BTW: I LOVE your version of Bucky O' Hare! He's SUCH a DICK!! Dick, not duck! Daffy taking over for Deadeye, is funny as fuck though!