Sunday, April 29, 2018

All My Toys: Kidnapped!

Dear Diary,

I am still on Dimension X. I have no idea when I am returning to Earth, but I have come into contact with the ruler of Dimension X, my former enemy turned fairy godmother Maleficent! What a small universe! Before I can leave she wants me to meet someone. Someone I will be surprised to see. I have no idea what I am getting into. So let's get this show over with so I can finally get back to my main story line already!

-Miss M

On Dimension X...

Miss M: Umm, hello? I was told to come here by Maleficent?

???: What can I do for you?

Miss M: I am not sure. Maleficent told me I needed to meet you. Are you the only one here?

???: Ok. This is my home and laboratory on Dimension X. My name is Kirby O'Neil.

Miss M: (gasps) Oh my goodness.

Kirby: Are you all right?

Miss M: I know you. Mr. O'Neil. You're April's dad.

Kirby: Do I know you? Oh wait. Your voice. It sounds familiar. You were her childhood friend. M. You look different.
Miss M: Yeah, I've gone through some looks. What are you doing here?

Kirby: I will tell you that in just a moment, but I have to know. How is my daughter?

Miss M: Oh goodness, April grew up to be an amazing woman. She is a journalist. She even used to report the news and uncovered all kinds of stories before striking it big with her own publication empire. She also married the love of her life.

Kirby: Is this love of her life a good person?
Miss M: Yes. Casey Jones is a really good man. April is a bit of a firecracker but they are great together.

Kirby: Do they have any children?

Miss M: No. Not yet. (pauses) She misses you. She misses you a great deal. She would be so happy to know you are alive. I know that has been something she has often wondered about for quite some time.

Kirby: I can imagine.

Miss M: Well this is actually wonderful. I am planning on getting back to Earth, you would be welcome to join me! I know this would make her so happy.

Kirby: Oh M, I am afraid that is not possible. I won't ever be returning to Earth. My place is here, in Dimension X.

Miss M: What in Etheria?!

Else where in Dimension X...

Maleficent: I see you are still in love with her. She might be talking to him for awhile.
Ed: Maybe. I am just here to make sure she is not alone. Ok. I am totally in love with her.

Maleficent: You are a foolish man Ed.

Ed: Hey, hope is all I have left and I have hope that she will realize her feelings for me.

Maleficent: Ed, what do you think her feelings will be once she finds out your role in all of this? Has she even begun to start questioning how it is you returned to Earth? To stop that wedding?

Ed: No. She thinks April contacted me. I mean April did contact me, but that was all thanks to your plan.

Maleficent: Yes. My plan. I want you to remember my plan. Forget falling in love, there are bigger things at stake. Burnheart nearly ruined everything. With him finally out of the way, we now just need to hope things continue to fall into place, because I rather enjoy my grip on this place. I want to continue with that grip. Do you understand?

Ed: Yes. I know. I will make sure I do my part.

Maleficent: Very good. Now we wait.

Back on Earth...

Oola and her team sneak through the city with Geoffrey added to their team after saving him from the evil Bane and his crew of misfits.

Oola: What did they want with you Geoffrey? What makes you so special?

Geoffrey: I bring joy and magic to people's lives. I actually wanted to capture that magic and sell it to people so I opened a chain of emporiums to do just that. And oh did I bring so much joy and magic. People young and old would travel to my emporiums filled with all kinds of trinkets from near and far. Only the world began to change, I found myself facing ruin but I received what I thought was help from Bane and his goons. They took me for everything I had and when I could no longer afford to pay them for their services to save my emporiums they kidnapped me! Forced me into that dreadful cell where they could try to take my joy and magic and pawn it off as their own. They were going to kill me!

He-Man: No one is going to kill you now.

Geoffrey: You all have to make sure that does not happen! If I die so does the joy and magic that helps people to thrive. I can't let anyone else down from the people I employed to keep my emporiums afloat to the fine folks who loved my trinkets and things. Please don't let Bane destroy me.

Oola: Geoffrey, I can assure you, Bane will not hurt you.

Billy: Hey team, I just got an urgent message from Brian. We can't go back to the base.

Quick Charge: How come? What happened?

Billy: Apparently we were attacked.

Oola: What?!

He-Man: Do we know who? Is anyone hurt?

Billy: Glitter needs new parts and is not functioning. Brian said he was working to find a new spot for us but in the meantime we need to keep a low profile.

Quick Charge: But who is responsible for this? Did Brian have any ideas?

Billy: Brian is not sure, but he believes it was Cobra.

Oola: Cobra. We're in trouble. Come on, we need to find a safe place until we hear more from Brian.

Quick Charge: Sounds cool, any ideas on where we should go?

Billy: I know someone. Come on, we need to go further downtown, to the old fire house.

Back on Dimension X,

Kirby: Please understand, I want to see my daughter more than anything, but I can't. Not with everything that needs to be done here.

Miss M: I don't understand. Please. Help me understand why you would stay here. Or even why you never tried to come back to see her.

Kirby: I wasn't always able to come back. M, Dimension X has been my home for so long now. I have fought to make this place a safe area in the universe. A long time ago I was part of a team on Earth that found out about Krang and an attempt to invade the planet. We fought hard to stop that from happening and a group of us found our way here. Krang and his minions were ready to begin their invasion and we stopped it. Lives were lost. New connections were made. There was no threat of Krang trying to destroy Earth. Krang was busy trying to stop us from creating a rebellion. At least Earth was safe, for awhile.

Miss M: That's right. Krang invaded Earth a couple years ago. Godzilla destroyed him. Luckily there is no longer a threat.

Kirby: M, when I arrived here this place was in chaos. I soon became a fugitive with no way to return. I helped a growing rebellion. This place is a different dimension now. I have found a new life here. A new family.

Miss M: So you just can toss aside the one you had on Earth?

Kirby: By your accounts April has grown into a lovely woman with a career and a husband. She has found a way to overcome the pain I may have caused by not being around.

Miss M: But you can be around now! There are so many advancements in space travel, you could visit! She can't go her whole life wondering what happened to you. This is just insane.

Kirby: I wish I could help you. I truly do. You could tell her about my existence, maybe she could come here.

Miss M: I am in shock. I can't believe you don't want to go to her. You are not the man she remembers.

Kirby: Maybe so. You know where I am though. You can always tell her. I am not going anywhere.

Miss M: Yeah. It sure seems like that. Well. Mr. O'Neil, I hope this has all been worth it.

Kirby: It has been. My work on here prolonged Krang from invading Earth and now this place is safe. The threats of evil to the universe are dampened. April has a life. A wonderful life.

Miss M: That she does. (Miss M walks off)

Kirby: Goodbye.

Back on Earth in a shady motel...

Moth Lady: Listen, I need you to follow my orders at all times! We have been creating too much of a stir lately.

Yvie: I just wanted to go outside. To play on the playground.

Moth Lady: I have already allowed you to hold onto your food friends. Can't that be enough?!

Yvie: They are not called food friends. They like to be called the Grossery Gang.

Moth Lady: Whatever. Just do not sneak outside anymore. You are still a child. And there are dangerous people out there.

Suddenly there is a loud bang on the door.

Yvie: Ohhh that is loud.

Moth Lady: Just ignore it.


Moth Lady: (waits for a moment) Sshh.

Moth Lady: See. They probably had the wrong room.

Batman: Or the right room.

Yvie: Mothma Lady...
Moth Lady: Damn it. What are you doing here?
Batman: You know why I am here.

Moth Lady: You can't have her.

Batman: That's not for you to decide.

Yvie: Are you the boogey man?

Batman: (looks at his daughter, lost) No. I am not the boogey man.

Yvie: Are you going to hurt us?

Batman: No. I am not going to hurt you. You may not remember me, but I remember you. I remember when you were a baby.

Yvie: Huh? You do?

Batman: Yes, I do. I am here to take you home, where no one will hurt you.

Moth Lady: Shut up Bruce! She belongs with me.
Batman: You didn't want her.

Moth Lady: I didn't know what I wanted, but I know now. You and that dork woman weren't able to care for her! You have no idea what this child has been through. I have been keeping her safe.

Batman: And I thank you for that, but now I am going to care for her.

Moth Lady: No! I won't let you!

Batman: She is my child damn it!

Yvie: Wha?!

Moth Lady: She is my child too! I'm her mother!

Yvie: Wha?!

Batman: You will never be her mother. Miss M was her mother.
Moth Lady: You bastard. How soon you forget what you two did to me. It was my body that gave birth to Yvie.

Batman: I don't care. Now get out of my way. I am taking my daughter.

Moth Lady: I won't let you get away with this! You can't kidnap my child!

Batman: She is my child, you kidnapped her. And the authorities are here to arrest you. You won't be going anywhere.

Commissioner Gordon: Moth Lady, you are under arrest for the kidnapping of Yvonne Wayne.

Moth Lady: What is this?!

Yvie: (starts to cry)

Moth Lady: You won't get away with this!

Batman: Yvie, I am sorry you had to see this.

Yvie: I am scared.

Batman: Shh. It will be ok. I promise you, no one is going to hurt you anymore. I know you might not remember me, but I took care of you when you were a baby. Your mother and I loved you very much and I never thought I would get to see you again.

Yvie: You're my dad?

Batman: Yes. Here, let me remove my mask, I am sure that is only making this scarier.

Batman: Better?

Yvie: (senses of memories come rushing to her and she suddenly remembers glimpses of her life at Wayne Manor. She fights back tears) Daddy?

Bruce Wayne: Yes my precious girl. I am your dad and I am going to protect you. I promise that. We're going to go home.

Yvie: (starts to cry) Ok. I want to go home.

Father and daughter reach out to hold hands, a sign that everything will be all right.

After years of thinking his daughter dead, Bruce Wayne faces the new reality of raising a child alone. He is losing his shit.

Back to Dimension X!

Ed stands around kicking space rocks. Miss M startles him.

Ed: Well, who were you talking to M?

Miss M: No one. No one worth mentioning.

Ed: You seem really shaken up.

Miss M: I am. I want to go home. I don't want to be here anymore.

Ed: M, you look like you are about to cry.

Miss M: I am. I just met someone who is an asshole. And when I go back home I am going to lie to someone I care about.

Ed: What are you talking about?

Miss M: I just saw April's dad, and he has no intentions of going back to see his daughter. So when I go back I am more than likely going to keep this from her. My best friend. I just need to be alone right now.

Ed: M.

Miss M: I'll see you in a little bit.

Miss M walks away.

Ed: I need to go to her.

Maleficent: Not so fast. How did things go?

Ed: I don't think they went well.

Maleficent: So she talked to Kirby and he is not tempted to leave this place to reunite with his daughter?

Ed: It seems like he is planning on staying here.

Maleficent: Well hopefully he will change his mind, because he has to leave Dimension X if my plans are to come true. I really don't want this to turn ugly.
Ed: (sighs) Sure. I got ya.

Maleficent: Good. Now go comfort your girlfriend before she gets suspicious.
Ed: (throws his hands up) Yeah. We wouldn't want that. Damn it. What have I done?

Ed walks off feeling incredibly guilty, he is hurting the woman he loves.

Maleficent: Everything is going to be just right. Nothing will stop me! Nothing!

The secrets and drama continue next time with a new All My Toys!


  1. I think Meleficent just broke the fourth wall right there! She looked right at me!
    Weirdly, this is similar to the plot that is happening on the Originals right now! (Klaus's daughter is pissed at him for not visiting her for her own good. To be fair though, all of the Originals had to part ways, because they each absorbed a piece of an ancient demon girl, so she would not kill Hope. So it isn't just Klaus being a dick like usual.)
    Still luv Ed!
    Have you seen Infinity War? I have. Just wondering what you thought, if you did see it.

    1. Ha! Yes. Maleficent was looking right at you. I have no doubt about it. The Originals is still on? I had no idea that show was still going. It sounds like a good story. I still love Ed too. He is one of my favorites. I have not seen Infinity War yet, but I am hoping to soon! Once I do I will be talking with you about it.

  2. Seems a little early for Fathers Day what with two stories about Dads.

    I was thinking about you yesterday when I past a Toy R Us with a huge banner announcing a Going out of Business sale with people flocking to it like a beached whale.

    Inside there was a little girl who came up to me, a complete stranger, excitedly reporting how her mother had bought her a doll to play with all her friends now that school is out.

    It was a treasure to see such joy light up her face. I wish I'd have been just as fearless to learn all about what she and her friends were going to do for fun this summer.

    To take something like a toy and give it new life with your imagination and share that with the people you love shows keeps that spirit of childhood going through the ages. That's what this girl is doing and it's what you do with your stories when you share them like this!

    Also if youre on Instagram in the near future watch for the hashtag #mermay starting Tuesday. There's going to be a lot of great mermaid art surfacing!

  3. holly moly never expected ed and mal to be working together against toy miss m. not to mention the fact that when she does get out of dimension x toy miss m is in for a real surprise when batman at last chooses to reveal he has yvie with him at last. holly molly miss m.

    1. Thank you so much for this comment! There is so much fun stuff coming up I can't even handle it. I am hoping to have so much more posted this summer when I have more time off. I hope you have been doing well!

  4. Oh I follow you on Instagram so I will be looking for the Mermay stuff. I need to post some things too but I have been really bad about doing that. I love your story about the girl in Toysrus. It is one of the things I love about that store and the magic it has. I am going to be having a really hard time dealing with the store closing once it is officially shut down. However I will continue making as much magic as I can with this blog and all the toy stories I am ready to tell. I hope you have been doing well and I will be checking out your IG!