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All My Stranger Toys: Chapter 1

Dear Diary,

Somehow Bruce Wayne and I have found ourselves in 1985. We don't know what to do. We have no idea if our daughter Yvie is here. We have no idea if her biological mother Moth Lady is here. And we certainly have no idea if the vile evil Barbarocious is here. I'm not a betting woman, but if I was, I would guess that they are all here, somewhere. All I know is that we are in some town called Hawkins. In Indiana of all places. They also had brand new She-Ra toys in this shop we just walked out of. My brain and heart are just feeling all types of ways right now.

-Miss M

Chapter 1
New Friends

Miss M: Bruce. What do we do? Where do we go? We have no money. I feel like Yvie is out there and she is in danger.
Bruce Wayne: M, I know. We need to be calm. We will figure this out.

Miss M: (looks towards approaching flashing lights) We better come up with something soon. The police just arrived.
Bruce Wayne: Damn. Just be cool M.
Miss M: (focuses on breathing) I do not have a cool bone in my body...

Police Chief: Pardon me. I don't mean to disturb you. I'm Chief Hopper.

Joyce: I called him after you left the store. I don't mean to worry you.

Bruce Wayne: No one's worried.

Hopper: Let's all talk. You two look new here.

Miss M: (jumps in) Yes! We were just passing through this lovely town and have become separated from our daughter.

Joyce: I thought your husband said you were visiting family here?
Miss M: Crap. He did say that. And he's not my husband. It's complicated.
Bruce Wayne: M, you're talking too much.

Hopper: Excuse me, but are you two on drugs?

Miss M: What?! Me? Us? Why, I've never done a drug a day in my life.

Joyce: Listen, there's no need to be scared. Strange things happen in this town. Awhile ago I had lost my son. My youngest. We've seen things; lived through them.
Hopper: Joyce, be careful what you say.

Joyce: You aren't in trouble. You can trust us. Tell us what is going on, maybe we can help?

Miss M: Bruce?

Bruce Wayne: Ok. We're not from here. No where close. We're from the year 2018. (Editor's note: this time travel caper started in 2018, and our heroes do not realize that their world is now in the year 2019! Just go with it, I got behind on my story telling!)
Joyce: Oh my.

Hopper: Joyce. You got any beer at your place?
Joyce: Yeah.
Hopper: Well all right. We're gonna need it.

Elsewhere, in the woods.

Will: Mike, what are we going to do?

Mike: I don't know.

Lucas: Think of something! Dude! It's getting late and we don't even know who this girl is and why she looks like that.

Eleven: She needs to be safe.
Dustin: Guys, we've done this before. Let's just take her back to your house Mike. Your parents are out of town and Nancy is older and smarter. She'll know what to do. Plus Max is waiting on us.

Mike: El, are you sure you feel a connection to her?
Eleven: Yes. Trust me.

Lucas: Can we hurry up with a decision please!

Mike: Ok. Let's go back to my house.

Moments later at Mike's house.

Nancy: Did they say where they were going to? Or when they would be back?
Max: I don't think so. We were just going to play DnD but then they all left in a hurry.

Nancy: I can't wait for my parents to get back. You would think they were mini adults, just leaving at this hour like it's nothing.
Max: Yeah. I still don't know why they wanted me to stay behind. Especially Lucas.

Nancy: Are you and Lucas still seeing each other?

Max: I think so. We really just hang out. I don't think either of us really understands what dating is at our age.

Nancy: Trust me, it does not get any better when you get older.


Mike: We need help!

Nancy: Mike! What is this?

Eleven: We found her in the woods.

Nancy: Why does she look like that?
Mike: I don't know.
Nancy: You're sure she is alive?

Lucas: She's still breathing. We think she is sleeping.
Max: Is this why you all left?

Lucas: Yeah. El felt something, like a change in the atmosphere. We had to check it out.
Max: (sighs to herself) I could have joined you.

Nancy: We need to tell the Chief about this.
Dustin: Is that really a good idea? I think we've all been enjoying a nice ride of normal lately. I've also got summer camp soon and I really don't want to mess that up.

Will: (whispers) Things don't stay normal here for long.
Eleven: This feels different. I want to protect her.

Nancy: She'll be protected. Let's get her some blankets and pillows. You guys need to go home. We will figure out what to do in the morning. Ok?

Yvie: (waking up) Eep!

Lucas: Snap, crackle and pop!

Dustin: Kids don't normally look like that, right?
Mike: No. Not at all.
Will: Maybe she is from the Upside Down.

Eleven: Do you have a name? My name is Jane, but my friends call me El.

Yvie: Yvie. My name is Yvie. Where's my mom?

Mike: What's your mom's name? Are you from Hawkins?
Dustin: Why do you look like that?
Will: Are you from the Upside Down?

Nancy: Guys! Calm down all right?
Yvie: I don't know anything. The lady dressed in black came for me. I got angry and turned into this. My skin looks like a purple Crayola.

Dustin: Whoa, she's like the Hulk, but a purple bat. I am gonna have some amazing stories at camp.
Will: We have to survive the night first.

Nancy: Hey now, it's going to be ok. I am going to make you a bed. It's getting really late. And then I am going to call Chief Hopper. He might know about your mom, how does that sound?
Yvie: Good.
Nancy: Ok good. I'm Nancy by the way. And we are all friends here. No one is going to hurt you. Especially from this lady dressed in black.

Yvie: Ok.

Yvie: (looks strangely at Eleven) You're the one who knew I was here. You've been hurt by bad guys. But you are strong. I can be strong too.
Eleven: I believe you. Call my dad Nancy, I hope to find him at home. He will help us.

Across town at Joyce's house.

Hopper: That's a helluva story.
Miss M: I know. But you must understand why it is so important for us to get to her. I feel like evil has followed us, and if Barbarocious gets to her... Yvie's been tortured enough.

Joyce: M, we won't let anything happen to her. Hopper? What do we do?

Hopper: Bruce and I will go driving around looking for the little girl or any other signs.

Miss M: I'm going too!

Bruce Wayne: M, I need you to stay here. I don't want you getting hurt. If Barbarocious is out there, we don't know what she is capable of.

Miss M: And you obviously do not know what I am capable of! Or have you forgotten about my strengths?

Bruce Wayne: I know you are capable, but Yvie is going to need you at your best. Stay here and get some rest. Come on Chief, let's go.

Miss M: Unbelievable.
Joyce: It's ok. Let them go. There's other things we can do.

Moments pass by as Will walks in.
Will: Mom?

Joyce: It's so late. You know how I feel about you being out late. Was the game night exciting at Mike's?
Will: (shrugs) It was pretty slow. Sorry I came home late, we lost track of time. Who is this?

Joyce: This is a new friend of mine. Her name is M. Now go get ready for bed. We'll talk more in a bit.

Will: Ok. But there's something I need to tell you.

Joyce: What is it?
Will: (pauses for a second, uncertain if he can trust M) Never mind. I'll tell you later.

Joyce: That's my son.
Miss M: He seems like a sweet kid.

Joyce: He is. He is very special. We've all been through a lot in this town.
Miss M: I can only imagine. I've been through the After Life and back. I just hope I am able to reunite with my daughter. I lost her once, I can't lose her again.

Joyce: Hey, don't worry. We will find her.

Back at Mike's house.

Mike: Did you get a hold of Chief Hopper?
Nancy: No answer. I'll keep calling.
Mike: Don't worry. When El gets home she'll see him and let him know.

Mike: Did you hear that?

Suddenly they jump as Moth Lady approaches!

Moth Lady: Where is she?

Nancy: Who are you?

Moth Lady: Where is my child?

Nancy: I don't know what this is about, but you can't trespass in someone's home.

Yvie: (waking up) Mothma!
Moth Lady: Yvie! I've been looking everywhere for you. Come on.

Mike: Nancy! We can't let this happen.

Nancy: No. You can't take this little girl. We are protecting her.

Moth Lady: I am her mother you insipid troll. I gave birth to her!
Mike: Yvie, is this your mom?
Yvie: Yes.

Moth Lady: Come on! We need to find a place to hide and we don't have much time.

Nancy: Wait! We are going with you.

Mike: Nancy? Are you sure?
Nancy: I am not going to let anything happen to Yvie.

Moth Lady: It's probably for the best. If Barbarocious finds out Yvie was here, she'll kill you both. Hurry, I know a place.

Nancy: (looks worried) Come on Mike. Let's go.

Mike grabs his walkie talkie and they are out.

Across town.

Hopper: Continuing to search the woods at this hour is not going to work.
Bruce Wayne: We barely even looked there. I am telling you, we could have found a way. Some sort of way. Like, maybe flash lights?

Hopper: Look buddy, I know you want your daughter found, I get it. But you don't know what I've seen in those woods. It's too dangerous at night. Even if the darkness is gone.
Bruce Wayne: What are you talking about? Shouldn't that mean we need to be there?

Hopper: Hold on, wait a second. Who is that?

Barbarocious arrives!

Bruce Wayne: That's Barbarocious. Come on, we don't want to be here.

Hopper: Now wait a second.

Hopper: (calls out) Can I help you? I'm Chief Hopper. Hawkins Police.

Barbarocious: Of course you can help. Tell me where I can find my little pet, or die. You're choice...

To be continued!

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