Thursday, August 6, 2020

Time to cast your vote!

The latest Diary of a Dorkette contest is almost complete! I’ve looked over every name submitted, they were all really fantastic. This was a difficult choice, but I managed to narrow it down to the top five. Click the link below and help me with casting your vote for what will be the new super hero team name for some of your favorite toys on All My Toys!

All you have to do is read over the top five names in the photo above. Pick your favorite and leave a comment with the corresponding number or the team name that you want to see win. Voting ends Sunday with the winner to be revealed on Monday.

Winner will receive all the items featured in the photos below along with a character to be created for All My Toys. You can vote here, and also on Instagram and Twitter (the tweet will be pinned at the top). That’s up to three votes per person, so make it count!

This was truly a tough choice on all the names. So many of you submitted and I enjoyed reading them all. I can’t thank you enough for indulging my goofy ways. Thank you! And good luck to the winner.