Monday, September 14, 2020

All My Toys Episode 207

 Previously on All My Toys,

The 2020 Presidential Election is heating up! With Cobra out of the way, Count Chocula is trying clean up the mess left over by the terrorist group! Wealthy socialite Sydney Rutledge is looking to challenge Chocula and recently upped the stakes of the election by having Strawberry Shortcake (who just recently became Chocula's ex-wife and former first lady) as her running mate. Sydney is running on a campaign of no more drama! 

Also, the lovely Miss M just found out that her mother, Cruella de Vil, has been a part of a plot to kill her. 

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  1. Pinke Pie would certainly be the person to talk to when you need a positive and cheerful but straight talker. Always glad to see her show up!