Wednesday, April 21, 2021

All My Toys 235

Previously on All My Toys:

Change the Channel!

Miss M woke up to find herself as the next Bachelorette, only nothing was as it seemed! Soon she came face to face with Mojo, supreme media content creator for Mojo World! After zapping her out of conscious, Mojo shared some of his plans with mystery man Finn! What new fresh hell will Miss M be dealing with now?

Skate or Die!

Your favorite Swans Crossing toys were skating with danger at the hands of someone dressed up as Ghost Face from the Stab movies! Dreamy JT Adams had multiple knife wounds while the love of his life sweet and sassy Glory Booth's fate is still unknown! Of course, Ghost Face had one ominous message for popular Sydney Rutledge, "Return home to Swans Crossing and finish this!" Who is behind the mask? And how will Sydney prepare for her deadly homecoming?!

It's all here, after the click!

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