Thursday, August 5, 2021

All My Toys 250

Dear Diary,

I'm going to muster the strength to approach Mojo and make a request. I've tried to get the hang of this acting thing, and I am actually really great at melodrama, but lately I have had all these storylines that have just been too much. I have had to play numerous characters that have lost a child in some way, and I can't help but feel like Mojo is enjoying this torment. At the end of every show I just collapse in my Mojoworld room that looks like my room in Toy Valley. What do I do? I'm going to say something. I want to play other roles, like a femme fatale. Or maybe some voice over work so I can just sit in a dark booth with some French Fries to eat in-between breaks. 

I miss my home. I wonder how everyone is doing. I'm just feeling really lost and I don't usually make the best decisions when I am in this headspace. Oh well, I need to go, Mojo is calling me into his office.

-Miss M

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