Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We interrupt your normal Toy Chest Tuesday...

... to discuss Missoni at Target!

For those wondering why I am not showing a toy from the archives today, I thought I'd share my adventure with you about Missoni Tuesday at Target! Missoni is a fabulous fashion line that is full of colorful clothing with kooky zig zags and other types of patterns. It is also a high end line.

Case in point, when my family and I were visiting my brother in LA a couple years ago, we stopped to shop. As any sane person in my family would do. I had always read about Missoni in Vogue, but I was completely giddy with excitement that my Auntie M knew about Missoni too. We all were in awe and wonderment at this one store we were visiting. We had even found some gorgeous Missoni dresses. Upon looking at the Missoni dresses, my eyes were flippin. They were about $1,500 a pop, give or take, which wasn't a total shock. However seeing the price on a tag really is trippy. I knew that owning a dress that expensive was not in the cards for me. Unless my kidneys could fetch a pretty penny as after-market parts. I don't really think so!

Anyways, imagine my surprise when I found out that Missoni would be joining forces with Target for an affordable fall line! I was ready to sign the dotted line! Missoni and Target collaborated and made a ton of really cool stuff. I have been counting down the weeks and days until the release, which was today!

With around 400 items for Target, I knew I had a heavy task ahead of me. I had to pick certain items that would be great to own. My goodness I wanted them all! What to do? Luckily my sister-in-law pointed me in the right direction for looking over the items on a sneak peek website. I was able to really gather my thoughts and prepare myself for Missoni Tuesday!

I got up super early and was at Target when the doors opened. Granted I should have been heading to work, but I had time to spare. I was only going to be a little while! Well, a little while turned into a long while. I was caught up with all the Missoni items everywhere. It was the coolest thing! I was looking at these items, finally realizing that I actually had the opportunity to own something that was designed by Missoni! The items weren't as great as a $1,500 dress, but I was able to get some cute ballet flats and a large tote bag that I turned into my new work bag.

Needless to say I spent a great amount of time looking everything over, and I was maybe slightly late for a meeting at work. But it was Missoni! This was a life changing event! No one could possibly pass on a chance like this! Sometimes shopping just has to come first.

As the day went on I devised a secret plan. I was going to simply go back and peruse the racks to see what else was sorely needed in my closet. However I had no idea that the Target website would crash over the Missoni line. Or that fashion fans would suddenly turn rabid and hungry like a zombie. And I certainly didn't know that the stuff would be selling out faster than ABC. All the local Target stores couldn't keep the stuff on the shelves! There was even a news feature about it! 

My husband and I decided to take a quick trip to see everything. I told him there would even be men's clothing too. He was potentially interested in a tie. Truth be told he was just being kind and going with me to see the madness. Imagine my shock when we got there and everything was gone! It was like a sale on Matty Monday. Just gone. Like it never existed! There were a few items left, like some camis and stuff. In fact one goofy woman walked by and told her friend, "This is the stuff that everyone was going crazy for? Ugh." I wanted to scream at her! How dare she talk about Missoni like that! As Pizzazz would snarl, "Who is she?" My goodness I am so glad I was able to get my ballet flats and large tote. A total mess. That is the fun of Missoni Tuesday though, I guess.

Before I leave, I just needed to do a little more updating about yesterday's entry It's me... in HD!! I have been getting phone calls from everyone and their mother about seeing me on tv yesterday. Really? Really? I thought I was the only person that watched daytime tv. My own brother saw me! What is the world coming to? I just want to crawl and live under a rock, with my Missoni flats and tote.

Also, be sure to check out the new show Ringer on the CW. Sarah Michelle Gellar is back, and she is bad! Or is she good? Who knows in this new mystery thriller! I am really loving it right now!

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