Tuesday, March 1, 2016

All My Toys: Dream a Little Dream

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Somewhere in a post toy apocalyptic world, aka, Michael's attic room...

Ed: Miss M wouldn't go with me. I did everything I could, but I think we need the big guns.

April: The big guns? You were supposed to be the big guns. M wouldn't listen to me when I visited her at that make up job of hers. My goodness have you seen her feet from working there? Horrible.

Miss Elizabeth: Awful looking feet aside, Ed has a point. We all know who he means by the big guns. He could really help us. Has anyone heard from him?

April: No one has heard from him since M left this place and turned it into a wasteland. Wherever that special man is, he hasn't been here. One of you needs to find him though.

Suddenly noises echo from the pillow mountains above them. There is a visitor...

Miss Elizabeth: (looks around after hearing the noise) How safe are we here?

April: You heard that too?

Miss Elizabeth: Yes. We don't have much time. We need to scatter.

Ed: Again? We're scattering again?

April: You two are. I'll keep them busy.

Ed: No April. We have to stick together.

April: Forget that. You two go and find him, get him to change M's mind. She has to come back here and fix this. Go.

Miss Elizabeth: Come on Ed. We don't have much time.

Ed: Bye April.

April: Yeah yeah. Go on now!

April stands alone waiting for her mysterious company.

April: (whispers to herself) You are April O'Neil. You created journalistic integrity. This is nothing.

Chameleon: There she is. You've been a hard woman to find, Ms. O'Neil.
April: Call me April.

Chameleon: Very well. April. We finally meet. Do you know where Miss M is?

April: No.
Chameleon: You haven't seen her?
April: Fraid not. I don't think anyone has. Ever since she decided to jump into the void and alter this world, she has been gone. She might as well be dead.

Chameleon: But she isn't dead. You and I both know that.

April: Well if I see her I'll let you know. For now though, this has been sweet but I have other things to do.

Chameleon: No April. You aren't going anywhere. You're under arrest and are awaiting trial.

April: Excuse me? What for?

Chameleon: The Commander has seen it fit to round up any supporter or sympathizer of Miss M. If the Judge is lenient your punishment is to be frozen on the wall.

April: (looks to the wall) That doesn't seem so bad.

Chameleon: Yes it is better than the alternative.

April: Which is?

Chameleon: Being tossed off the edge into nothing. You'll be banished.

April: You don't give a girl much options.

Chameleon: No. That's what happens when you are friends with the monster that ruined this world. Everyone must be punished. Now, are you going to do this simply enough or put up a fight?

April: Nah, I don't feel like breaking a nail.

Chameleon: Good. Come on out Galvanus.

A hulking mad man walks in.

Galvanus: (breathes heavy)

April: Who is this?
Chameleon: He is my top force ready to do my bidding. He will escort you to your trial.

April: You look familiar. Wait a minute, I know who you are! (looks to Chameleon) Tell me who is under that mask? Tell me Chameleon!

Chameleon: You've already said you know who it is. I'm sure your guess is correct. Now come on. Your trial will start soon. Galvanus, get her.

April: No! Stay away! You don't scare me!

April: We worked together! What did they do to you? I know you know me. Stop this!

Galvanus pauses, his stillness gives April hope.

Hope is dashed though as Galvanus grabs hold of April.

April: (to Galvanus) Don't do this. I know you can hear me in there. This isn't you. Please! You are fighting on the wrong side! The wrong side you fool!

In another world...

Michael: Hey! Alice! I haven't seen you in awhile. Do we get to work together today?
Alice: Yes. It's nice to see you.

Michael: How is your son? My goodness I am so excited to see you.

Alice: Jacob is ok. He's a teenager and I don't know that I know how to raise a teen son on my own. I haven't been getting a lot of sleep lately.
Michael: Oh Alice. You don't have any family to help you? You look a little tired.
Alice: I'm gonna be ok. Rose gave me some time off. I was able to catch up on some things, which I really needed to do. I also signed up for classes. I'm going to finish.

Michael: Oh awesome! That's great. You're sticking with psychology?

Alice: Yes with a focus on dream studies. I'm so close to having my doctorate. It's right there in my grasp.

Michael: I'm so happy for you. I know Dan would be proud.

Alice: I wish he was here. He missed out on so much. How have you been?

Michael: I'm good. They still haven't given me a position here so I decided to get my therapy license in order. I'll be working two jobs, but it will be worth it. It's not like I need any sleep, right?

Alice: I understand.

Michael: I don't know, ever since the split from Joel and the divorce going through, I have had a lot of restless nights. I can't sleep.

Alice: What about everything is keeping you up? Do you have nightmares?

Michael: No, not really. Although come to think of it, I did have this really weird experience. You're a dream expert, tell me what you think.
Alice: Ok.

Michael: I was finally asleep one night but I woke to this presence on top of me. And I thought it was just some pillows or too many blankets, but it was something else. It was a man. If you could call him a man. He was more like a demon with a horribly burned face. He was on top of me trying to enter me.

Alice: (gasps) What? Are you joking right now?

Michael: No. I'm serious. It was terrifying. I remember trying to scream but he held a hand over my mouth. I struggled to fight him off of me but he persisted. Finally I broke free and opened my mouth to scream but nothing would come out until finally I woke up really screaming. I couldn't go back to sleep.

Alice: Michael, this is very important. Did you have any marks on your body?

Michael: What?
Alice: Just answer me. Did you have any marks?

Michael: I mean I had some bruises on my arms and thighs and my lips felt funny, but I don't think that came from the nightmare. I'm always bumping into things.

Alice: (starts to panic) Michael, I have to go on a fifteen minute break. I have to make a phone call.

Michael: Alice, what's wrong? You look petrified.

Alice: I'm fine. I'll be right back. Just promise me that if you fall asleep again, don't give that man any power. Don't think of him. Please, promise me.
Michael: Umm, ok. Alice, you're scaring me.

Alice: You should be very scared. I have to go but I'll be right back.

Michael: Ok. I'll cover for you.

Alice: Thank you. (Alice rushes off)

Jade: Is she ok?
Michael: I don't even know. We were just talking and then she needed to go make a phone call.

Jade: I love Alice, but that girl is a mess. I feel bad for her. Too much loss in her life.

Michael: I know. Maybe we should try and do something nice for her. You think?

Jade: Sure.

Lily: (pops up) Hey girls!

Michael: Hey Lily!

Lily: What we talkin about today? Tell me the new gossip.

Michael: We were just talking about doing something nice for Alice.
Lily: (laughs) Oh damn that poor girl. Nothing to do for her but stay away. Too much trouble.
Michael: Lily!

Lily: What? I'm just saying. She's too weird.

Jade: Alice is sweet. She just has a history of really scary things happening to her.
Lily: You get a position here yet or you still seasonal Michael?

Michael: I'm still seasonal.

Lily: Jade, I think Michael is in trouble. They don't like you or something?
Jade: No, they like her.
Michael: Yeah. I'll find something.

Jade: Well ladies, I'm off for my hour break. Be back soon.

Lily: Bye girl. Ok, Michael, catch me up.

Some time later...

Lily: So when will you be dropping the key off?
Michael: I've got everything out, I'm just waiting for Joel to come back from a cruise. Once he is back I'm giving him the key to the house.

Lily: Damn girl, you are doing it. Are you going to give him a piece of your mind? Yell him out?

Michael: Oh I have no idea. I want to.

Lily: You do what you need to do, just don't cry. Never cry over a man. Ever. Remember back in November when you said it was over and you looked like crying at work. Remember what I said?
Michael: (smiles) Yes Lily.
Lily: What did I say?

Michael: You said no dick was worth shedding a tear for.

Lily: That's right girl. I am going to be 50 this year. I stopped crying over a man after my first husband. Never again.
Michael: I know.

Lily: And don't go tellin everyone I'm gonna be 50. Remember, we are 29 forever. Ok?

Michael: (smiles) Got it.

Jade: Hey! I don't mean to interrupt but you won't believe what happened.
Michael: Are you ok?
Lily: You look terrible.

Jade: I was coming back from lunch and I saw all these cop cars and an ambulance in the parking lot. Something happened to Alice.

Michael: What happened to Alice?

Jade: They think she was assaulted by someone. She was in her car with lacerations all over her body. The scary thing is that they don't know how it happened because she was locked inside her car and there were no broken windows or nothing.

Lily: Maybe she cut herself?

Jade: No, I heard the police say the wounds were inflicted by someone else.

Michael: Oh my goodness, poor Alice! This is terrible.

Jade: She's on her way to the hospital.

Michael: Someone should call her son Jacob. I hope she will be ok.
Jade: Yeah. Get ready though. Chuck from security is going to be making the rounds telling us to leave work in groups and be aware of our surroundings.

Lily: Sheesh. So stupid. We are women. We know to be aware of our surroundings. We know that the killer could come after us anywhere. We aren't stupid, right Michael?

Michael: Yeah. You never know, we live in a mad world.

Jade: Would you listen to you two? You sound like a horror movie. I'm sure they'll find the person responsible.

Lily: Hope so.

Michael: She seemed so scared earlier and then this happened. How could this happen to her?

They all contemplate that answer. No one knows what is coming next, but for the rest of their shifts they all feel a little more fearful. Their co-worker was harmed in a space they all use on a regular basis. The job must go on though and the ladies do what they do best, fix some faces and open some credit accounts. Or at least die trying.

Up Next!

The most complicated customer makes her debut. Can Michael do a good job? Or will it be off with her head? Find out as All My Toys continues!


  1. Oh man, all this talk of dreams made me think we were going to land some kind of Inception parody were Leo has to check to see if he has an Oscar to tell whether or not he's dreaming and then gets confused now that he has an Oscar in real life!

    Instead I want to lock my doors, hide under my bed and never sleep again!

    1. Once I saw that red haired barbie I was like, she looks like Alice from Nightmares 4 and 5. Let's have a little fun with that. lol

  2. Well, I hope the demon guy ends up being Freddy Krueger and the savior guy with the "Big guns" ends up being Wade Wilson! Cuz we all wanna see a Deadpool vs. Freddy scenario!! (They are both horribly scarred maniacs, who talk too much, but only ONE of them is redeemable!!)

    1. That would be truly fun and epic. I do enjoy both characters very much.

  3. oh my could it be that freddy kruger has come a calling into toy miss ms real world. sounds like and the big guns thinking either he-man or batman not remembering who he is . plus loved chameleon arriving in what looks like switchblade from mask.

    1. That is Switchblade from Mask! I am wanting to use more vehicles with this story so it should be a lot of fun. You have some good guesses on the big guns. I just need to find a really good Freddy doll sized figure and it would be perfect!

  4. Wow! Two weeks without a new post!? I think it's safe to say I miss Miss M!!

    1. Ha. Yes I have missed Miss M too. Work has just been incredibly busy. I am working on some things though. I have some time off so I am really looking forward to getting more stuff posted!