Friday, September 9, 2016

Wax on glitter! Wax on!

Ya know what's sad to me? I've never been to a wax museum, which made me think I'd have a difficult time discussing this week's Pop Culture League challenge over at Cool and Collected. I think I got it though. Like Alexis Colby from Dynasty always says, "I adore a challenge." So just what was the topic exactly? Read it and watch it melt off your tongue:

The local Wax Museum is having a fire sale and you have the opportunity to add a life-size, life-like action figure to your collection. Who do you choose?

Well dear readers, click the link and let's find out who I went with.

As I mentioned before I've never been to a Wax Museum. At least not that I can recall. After reading this topic I found myself gliding through my mental Rolodex of action figures that could become life-size wax figures. It seemed sort of obvious that I'd pick She-Ra or Jem and the Holograms. Not so fast though. I feel like my default answer to anything in life is either She-Ra or Jem. I can't keep resting on the two titans of my childhood to be the solution to life's mysteries.

No, no, no. It almost sounded like the perfect idea to have Jaws be my life-size figure. That Reaction Jaws item has been one of the coolest items made in my lifetime. Plus with my eternal love for the Jaws films it seemed a natural choice. Who wouldn't want a giant wax figure of Jaws?

He'd frighten anyone who tried to mess with me. His size alone would be enough to make me feel all warm and safe. (Sorry Godzilla, please don't be jealous ok?) I'm telling you, no one messes with you when there is a giant wax figure of Jaws in your room. Especially from Jaws 4, chock full of loud growls and all. (Sharks totally know how to growl and moan in pain. It is a natural fact. Just watch Jaws 4.)

However that is not the answer. While I love a maniacal great white, I wanted my wax figure to be something I'd be dazzled to look at every day. What I came up with was a mermaid Shimmer. 

Everything about this needs to be made into a life sized wax figure. The hair would be made from the colorful heads of blue hued hipsters. The paint finishes would be great. Most of you know I have a few favorite things, namely translucent plastic with glitter, anything glow in the dark, and a specific shade of pink that was quite popular in the 80's. 

The translucent plastic part might not work with the whole wax thing, but there can certainly be glitter mixed in the paint for an effect that would still make my heart sink into glorious depths. Having this wax figure in my home would be so much fun.

Friends would come from near and far just to see it. They'd all marvel at how truly wonderful it is that Kenner's Shimmers line still lives on in wax form. (Forget that it has already been living on in plastic, but come on... wax!) There would be naysayers too. My arch enemies (you know who you are) would cry out, "What is this? It's so girly. You aren't a powerful heroic woman, you like glitter too much!" I'd laugh them off because I know it'd just be petty jealousy that they themselves were not comfortable enough to admit that they too would want a giant Shimmers wax figure.

Her name would stay Marina. She'd be my best friend. I'd tell her all my secrets. It'd just be the best. My Shimmers wax figure and me. Of course going over the topic again I just realized I think I read it all wrong. I saw 'life-size, life-like action figure' and I immediately thought toys but I think it was more meant to be a real life being... Oh I feel like that one girl from Drop Dead Gorgeous with the ball of yarn on her head, "I didn't understand the assignment."

I'll just go back to my choice of Jaws. Jaws was real. As evidenced by these images.

Yeah. Jaws would make a great wax figure too.

Let's see other folk's choices!

Alexis hops to it with a very green choice at the Collector's Universe
Linz and Lee give us some spooky wax at Pop Rewind
The Las Vegas Yankee hammers his point home for a choice wax figure

As usual head over to Cool and Collected for more details about the Pop Culture League. Also, for a full list of everyone who participated with this week's challenge head here.

Hope you are all doing well. I'll be back soon with more from my conversations with Justine and her work with Happy Meal toys (including Barbie Happy Meal toys) and of course there will be more from the set of Jaws 5. So stick around!


  1. I've been to some not-so-great museums in Hollywood

    and I can tell you, they don't hold a candle to Mdme Tussaud's! If you ever have the chance to visit one of those, absolutely go!

    1. Oh wow Dex! Very interesting! Some of them aren't bad. However some of them do look a little creepy. I've heard about that Madame place. I can only imagine how amazing the items must look like.

  2. nice pick of bruce aka jaws himself for that would be one cool statue to see not to mention scary too if jaws is made with some one in his mouth. though also like the shimmer pick. me my choice would be one of dark phoenix .

    1. Dark Phoenix would be a really great choice! Truly great choice! My goodness could you just imagine? I think Jaws would have just the right amount of wow factor and scariness to him that would make him awesome. I never get tired of a Shimmer pic! I hope you have been doing well!

  3. A life size Jaws? Get me the hell out of the house! I would freak.

    1. I know! It would be the best. No one would ever try to scare me or anything. It'd be epic.

  4. Jaws seems like a good choice. It certainly wouldn't be hard to capture the likeness or something made of fiberglass with wax.

    Those with the pun title I figured you were going for Mr. Miyagi.