Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween 2018: Funko Savage World Horror

It's been awhile. So click the link for some spooky fun!

It's Halloween! Under normal circumstances I would be doing my annual April O'Neil Halloween Bash featuring your favorite toys in full on soapy melodrama. However this year things are a little different. My previous post on here was all about my joy of the Savage World Horror line by Funko. What has unfolded over the past month has been a series of photos depicting each horror figure in their own story against the Princess of Power toy line. It has been a tribute to horror movies, action figures, and never being too old to play with your toys. I shared these mini stories on Instagram and have now compiled them in the correct linear order story-wise. (On Instagram they were posted in the order of when I bought each figure, but now the overall story will make more sense.) So the basic premise of the story is that Pinhead is summoned to Etheria and eventually brings along the other horror movie monsters and they begin to strike the members of the Great Rebellion. It all comes to a head at the very end when the remaining survivors realize that the evil mad men are trying to take the souls of the Great Rebellion to gain the ultimate power. It all ends with the help of a very unlikely hero, but if you have seen Hellraiser 3, than it makes all the sense in the world. Well, if you have seen Hellraiser 3 and Deep Space 9.

How it all began! Modulok finds a strange puzzle box and unleashes the ultimate in terror!

Modulok needs blood to fully come back and enlists the tricky golden wiles of Entrapta to bring him flesh!

Sensing a disturbance from the magic realm, Castaspella arrives at the Fright Zone to end this twisted madness!

Pinhead is back and he likes his new pets!

Having vanquished Pinhead, Castaspella feels better that Etheria is safe once again!

Of course Castaspella never disposed of the puzzle box, so naturally Catra finds it and brings forth Pinhead!

Catra makes a deal with the devils. She can lead them to fresh brand new souls, magical souls that will give these madmen the ultimate power!

Members of the Great Rebellion listen to stories from She-Ra and they learn of a spooky Earth holiday called Halloween. She-Ra shares stories of what she learned from her Earth mother about this holiday and together members of the Great Rebellion go about preparing to celebrate. However they have no idea that evil has come to a new home...

The three friends decide to split up to gather supplies...

Angella returns looking for her friends. Everything seems eerily quiet.

Catra descends on She-Ra's throne! She is planning on being the Queen of Etheria!

Fearing that this is the end, Angella sends out a hope that someone can hear her and help end this madness!

She-Ra! She-Ra!

Was that the boogeyman?

As a matter of fact, it was.

After her run in with Michael Myers, She-Ra begins to investigate strange things happening in Etheria. In a part that was never captured in photos, She-Ra and some of her friends cross paths with Pinhead and narrowly escape with their lives intact. He-Man is injured so Sweet Bee and Bow decide to wander off and find help.

Sweet Bee and Bow stumble into the Fright Zone, and something feels strange. A heavy horror and sense of dread hangs in the air.

Waiting patiently, She-Ra starts to worry when her friends do not return. Suddenly the buzzing sound of a chainsaw cuts through the air.

Mantenna wants She-Ra to be the main guest at a most unique dinner: a cannibal dinner. She refuses to be eaten!

She-Ra comes face to face with Leatherface. He senses her power and aims to saw her face off and wear it as his own so he can achieve the ultimate power!

She-Ra Vs. Leatherface!

Taking a moment to rest and relax, Mermista and some members of the Great Rebellion take a breather at Camp Crystal Falls. Something is strange though. It is as if they are being watched...

 Ch Ch Ch Ah Ah Ah

Seeking some alone time, Sy-Klone and Glimmer sneak away for some skinny dipping in the lake.

Wondering where her friends could be, and maybe feeling a sense of dread, Mermista decides to check on them.

Jason feels right at home in this new camp.

After fighting off evil, Mermista decides to take a moment to rest. She feels tired and worn down. Plus there is some random boat in the falls. It only makes sense that she should check it out.

Here we are at the very end. Everyone in the Great Rebellion has been experiencing strange nightmares and other horrific events. Flutterina has been experiencing specific nightmares where a man with knives for fingers has been coming for her. It almost feels too real.

Flutterina finds herself in a strange Earth game called Wheel of Fortune!

Her friends are also there! She-Ra and Angella have questions about the madness surrounding them. They will receive answers very soon.

Freddy Krueger is playing a deadly game, and he is aiming to win!

You are all my toys! Freddy has been altering the realities of the members of the Great Rebellion, a way to help lure them to the Fright Zone so that he can help harvest their souls and spread them around to the evil horror fiends!

She-Ra won't stand for it though!

Suddenly the cavalry arrives in the form of Mermista and a surprise friend!

It's Freddy Vs. Jason!

The women decide that it is damn near time to get the heck out of the Crystal Castle and over to the Fright Zone so that they can save their friends!

Horror at every turn!

Angella grabs She-Ra and together with Flutterina they take flight!

Mermista makes her own way out of the Crystal Castle but is caught!

The mist-i-fying mermaid always comes out on top!

The surviving members of the Great Rebellion arrive at the Fright Zone ready to stop Pinhead once and for all!

Catra purrs out her threats to She-Ra!

Soon the rebels are cornered by pure evil!

Suddenly lightning strikes as Castaspella arrives!

She summons a force from Earth!

Castaspella called forth Joey, dressed in her Halloween costume as Jadzia Dax, to help stop Pinhead. Having done this before, Joey knows exactly what to do!

Evil is vanquished and everyone is free!

With much thanks to Joey, the Great Rebellion says goodbye as Castaspella transports her back to Earth.

It's finally over!

But is it ever really over?

To be continued?

There you have it. The toy fun I have been up to this past month. I want to tip my hat to Reis O'Brien and the fine folks at Funko for making toys that make my heart swoon. I grew up loving horror movies and would take my Princess of Power toys on all kinds of adventures. Some of those adventures were Dynasty fueled but other times they were scary and filled with the exploits of my go to horror movie series. Except I didn't have any Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger figures as a kid. So to have these figures now in a design that fits in with my She-Ra and He-Man toys and to be able to just play with them and share these corny stories with you all, it is just a really thrilling thing. So enjoy the photos. I hope to be posting more on here soon. I have some toy stories to wrap up on All My Toys after all! I hope you are all doing well and Happy Halloween!


  1. Its good to freshen things up now and then. Atleast its motivation for me to actually finish Hellraiser. I've had it on Netflix for a long time, meaning to finish but having been exceptionally busy, and it looks like I'm not the only one!

  2. God I've missed you.
    Sorry, I have missed probably a million of your posts at this point, I've been a bit busy but I swear, I will catch up!
    This was a GREAT one for me to start back on though! Haha! All those He-Man style horror figures from the "Primal Age" line are great and you worked MODULOK into this, along with the Fright Zone and all those original POP girls! So great!
    Have you gotten your 5.5 Inch She-Ra and Hordak from Super-7 yet!? Cuz I'm still fucking waiting for mine!! And they told me I'd get them by early November!! Damnit never trust Super 7!
    Anyway, hope you are doing well! I will read the stuff I've missed!

    1. Hey Nick!
      No need to apologize. My goodness look how long it has taken me to reply to this comment. I love those horror He-Man figures so much. It's just great. I have not heard a peep from Super7 and I am so over it. Big Bad Toystore has them in stock so I just ordered them from there. I don't have time to wait anymore, ya know? I hope you are doing well!

      Love to you too,