Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stories of Ebay

Alright everyone, I am not one to be on top of technological things. Now fashion, collecting toys and dolls, soap operas, those types of things I am quick to know what is going on with. Facebook? Never joined it and probably won't. When you have as many disastrous exes as I do, a social networking site is the last place you need to be on. Texting? I had it before most of the people in my life did back in the early 2000's, but I got rid of it, and only recently rejoined the texting world at the insistence of friends who were ready to stop talking to me. Hello, it is 2011, no one talks on the phone anymore! Ebay? I have just gotten immersed into the world of Ebay. Now I have always known how to go shopping on Ebay, my goodness shopping is something that people have been doing since the dawn of time. I know how to shop in all its mysterious and fun ways.

Selling though, that is a different game all together. Well dear readers, I have come hurtling out of the Dark Ages and I have been actually selling stuff on Ebay! It is a lot of fun! I can't believe I have been missing this! What did people do before the advent of selling all your crap on a website? Oh that's right, we had garage sales where we practically gave everything away.

Not so with Ebay! I have found that I own a lot of expensive stuff! Stuff that I don't think I really need, which is a struggle for me. I'm the kinda girl that thinks it is perfectly normal to keep (and want) everything. After all my mentor, Erica Kane, taught me exactly how to have it all! So why not?

Anyways, back to selling. One thing I have noticed with Ebay is that every seller has some boring basic listing. And half the time they are lying about what they are selling. So I am trying to change all that! I'm bringing stories to my Ebay listings! Letting people really become attached to the items they have yet to buy! I think it might be working! Take a look at this recent listing I posted,

"Alright Ebay buyers, I have something special for sale this time. A long time ago Sears had a special series of Disney Peter Pan dolls. I wanted nothing more than to own a Peter Pan and Wendy doll because I thought they would make a perfect couple to go on a double date with my Barbie and Ken. They'd all fly around, going on various adventures until they were ready to dine at an exclusive fancy restaurant! Now one day when I was little my mom bought me the Peter Pan doll, but we had to wait for the Wendy because she was sold out. (Well la-dee-da, aren't you special Miss Wendy!) 

As the fates would have it I was a slightly bratty child that day and got angry at my mom for something or another, probably out of my frustration that Sears was sold out of Wendy. My punishment for being such a wicked little girl was to have my brand new Peter Pan doll taken away from me and shoved in a cabinet in the laundry room! Now for some reason time passed and I guess my mom and I both forgot about my punishment with the Peter Pan doll, because we completely left him in the back of the cabinet!

It wasn't until many many years later that as an adult I stumbled upon the Peter Pan doll, still in the box, from the back of the cabinet! So now that I am older I no longer have a use for this Peter Pan doll. My wish and hope is that someone out there will want to buy him, and maybe even reunite him with Wendy. They have both been waiting a long time to go out on a high flying adventurous date! (Though it might be minus Barbie and Ken, cause I'm keeping them!) 

So up for sale is a vintage Disney Peter Pan doll from Sears. He has never been removed from his box, but due to the box being in the back of a cabinet it has gathered some bumps, dents, and slight tears. However this box is in a decently good condition. The colors are still bright and vibrant, the plastic window is very clear. The box was smart and stayed away from the sun for all these years so it has aged decently well. This item is a must have for any Disney collector! Be sure to look over the pictures though and make sure that everything looks ok, if you have any questions please feel free to ask me!"

See, don't you just want to buy something with a story like that? It is so full of drama and romance! And anti-aging secrets! I mean I bet I sell that doll in a few days! I hope. I really do!

Here is a picture of Mr. Peter Pan.

He's kinda cute right? I mean I think Wendy would have liked going on a date with him. Of course I have no clue if they were even meant to be together, but it seems like they would. I mean it certainly wasn't Tinkerbell that Peter would be falling for! Let's be real.

Anyways selling stuff on Ebay has actually been interesting. It is like a job! Taking all those pictures, finding prices, going through the annoying listing process! But I do love it. I think it is so much fun to share these stories with people about what I am selling. I don't do it with all of the items, but I try to make the buying experience as personal as possible. I'll be sure to post some more Stories of Ebay every now and then! Hope everyone is doing well! (the 2 people that are probably reading this!)


  1. Dear Miss M
    It's almost a year since did you post this,and i want to ask you if finally you can sell this doll.

    1. No, I haven't been able to sell this doll. I actually took it off the listing to give it a bit of a break because no one was wanting it. I may relist it again.

  2. Maybe the people who want him also looking for Wendy too.

    1. Yeah I think so. Wendy is actually pretty rare so I would imagine people would be looking for both. I know I always wanted Wendy. lol I was too rotten though to get both dolls. lol