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Adora's Search for Honor Part 3! Chapter 63!

She-Ra Saturday is all new on a Sunday! Get ready as Adora along with her family and friends gear up for the first Etherian wedding! This is a long chapter, but it is jam-packed with all kinds of really good stuff! Enjoy.

Previously: Adora realized that her heart was with Bow and she said goodbye to Sea Hawk. Actually everyone said goodbye to Sea Hawk as his past secrets came to light involving his actions with the Horde and he was no longer allowed in the Whispering Woods. Leaving gracefully the pirate realized that he was really going to miss those he had come to know and care about... Perfuma bonded with Mantenna and came to accept that this former Horde member was actually worth being considered a member of the Great Rebellion... Having had enough of Frosta's attitude, Sweet Bee decided it was time someone teach her a lesson. Messing with a letter from Adam to Frosta, Sweet Bee is proving to be not-so-sweet. Her plans for Frosta are just getting started... Castaspella is rebuilding Mystacor with the help from Clamp Champ... Glimmer and Angella are having a mother/daughter argument over the directions of each others lives... Catra is plotting Adora's death, though what she is exactly going to do remains to be seen. Catra is also struggling with her sanity, which saddens Huntara immensely... Oh, and Adora and Bow are getting married!

And now...
Adora's Search for Honor
Part 3
Chapter 63

The depths of the Midnight Lair are only lit by a few torches. The fading blue flames flicker randomly. Vampra, Queen of the Pyres, paces nervously in her domain. Batros, the other lone survivor of the Pyre race watches her in annoyance. Vampra's cape sways with each step. Her concerns are serious, and neither are sure what they should do next. "Where is she? Ultimera was supposed to return." Vampra screeches as her pale smooth face glows in the darkness. "Well Batros, say something!"

The tall and muscular Pyre folds his arms wishing he could burn a hole through Vampra's heart with his yellow eyes. "What should I say? Ultimera left and said she'd return. I don't even know how long ago that was." Vampra loathes the evil sorceress calling herself Ultimera. Her absence has the Pyre Queen wondering about her own plans, "Should we take this as a sign? Maybe something happened to her? She might be dead. We could start to add more to our ranks with this sudden freedom."

Batros isn't sure, but all he knows is that he desperately wants to leave the Midnight Lair, "Now that's a plan. Let's make some more Pyres." He is ready to leave, to gamble with being outside the confines of the Midnight Lair. Vampra is not exactly on the same page, "Hold on! We told Ultimera we'd stay. What if she comes back and we aren't here?"

"Since when do care?" Batros asks wondering what happened to the once fierce and terrifying Pyre Queen. Vampra points a long sharp finger at him, "I care since that sorceress has the power to end our lives in an instant! You've seen what she is capable of. I'm not crossing paths with her!" Panicking slightly, she looks around the quiet and empty lair. It was once full of so many Pyres. Vampra sighs just thinking of all the power she had not so long ago.

"I'm not scared of Ultimera. For all we know she could have taken over the world and forgotten about us down here. I think we need to leave." Batros is serious. Willing to leave her behind, he prepares for his exit. Vampra wonders if it is possible that Ultimera might actually have Etheria in the palm of her hand. Cautiously agreeing with him, the two decide to see the outside world. Taking a risk and hoping that it will be dark outside, the pair travel up and out of the Midnight Lair.

Approaching the stone doors that mark the only entrance and exit of the lair, Vampra pauses only briefly, "We need a plan." Batros listens as Vampra details where they should go first. Their plan is perfect, and as they open the large stone doors they each breathe a sigh of relief. The night sky greets them. "Yes, darkness. We won't have to worry of losing our youth." Vampra closes her eyes and takes in the night.

Loud footsteps greet them, followed by a snort. Batros quietly curses himself as Vampra opens her eyes to see a most horrifying presence, "Hordak!? What are you doing here? I thought you were dead?" Hordak steps out from the shadows with Octavia and Grizzlor behind him. The leader of the Horde snorts, "You should know this better than anyone Vampra, you just can't kill evil." He grins.

Vampra and Batros look at each other, wondering what they should do next. Hordak points at them both, "Before either of you want to fight me, know that it won't end well. Vampra, this is very simple. You can either become my prisoner again, or you can help me." The Pyre woman thinks of her options, it is hard for her to even think of anything. Hordak is standing in front of her, very much alive and seemingly stronger than ever. Hordak steps towards her, "I need you Vampra. There is something big happening soon on Etheria, and I want to make sure that we are prepared. Etheria is going to be mine." He holds up the Chaos Sword and watches it gleam. Vampra and Batros both make their decisions, they join the Horde.

The Eternos Palace is busy. Palace guards are helping with a staff in the dining hall. A group of people are getting tables set and making sure there are enough glasses and silverware for a special dinner. Guests are arriving from Etheria and throughout Eternia. The King and Queen are hosting a special dinner to celebrate their daughter getting married to Bow. There is much excitement in the air and high above in one of the palace towers, Adora is talking to her mother, Queen Marlena. Mother and daughter are standing in Marlena's closet. "You wanted to talk to me mother?" Adora looks at the racks of gowns, everything is in its place.

Marlena hugs Adora, "I just wanted to talk to you. Are you ready for the dinner tonight?" Marlena sits on a plush bench in the closet. Adora glides her hands over the luxurious fabrics and gowns, "I am, though it is all so much. You don't need to go through all this trouble." Marlena shakes her head with a laugh, "This is no trouble at all Adora. Your father and I are happy to do this. We have so much to celebrate. Are you happy?"

Adora stops looking at all the gowns in the closet, "Of course I'm happy. Why are you asking that?" Marlena has the look of a concerned parent, "Well I'm only asking because I'm your mother. And it feels like just yesterday you were born. And then you were taken from us..." Marlena pauses, holding back tears, "And now here you are. We're a family now. You are this beautiful woman and you are getting married. I just want to make sure you are happy. I want to make sure that Bow is going to treat you well, that you will treat him well. I just want this to be a special moment for you both."

Adora's face melts, "Of course it will. I never thought I'd ever be in a position like this. After everything I've done and been through... I'm happy. I'm so happy mom." They hug each other tight, both feeling tears fall from their eyes. Adora can't believe this is her life now. She has a family and soon Bow and her will be starting a whole new journey together.

"I want you to have something Adora." Breaking away from the embrace, Marlena walks towards some of her gowns. "Remember when I showed you the dress I wore when I married your father?" Of course Adora does. The dress is pulled out and all Adora can do is smile. The golden bodice is shiny while the lilac gown flows to the floor in the most beautiful way. Adora is dazzled by the golden flecks woven into the lilac chiffon, it looks like stars. Marlena smiles, "The heart of gold. This dress is so special to me, and if you'd like, I would love for you to wear it when Bow and you marry."

Adora's eyes open wide as her gaze follows the detail and work put into the exquisite dress, "I would be honored to wear this. Oh thank you mother!" Adora has never felt such happiness before. The gesture is everything for her, having always wondered what it would be like to have a mother, Adora is soaking the moment up. Marlena grins, holding the dress up to her daughter's frame, "It looks like it will fit, but there can certainly be alterations if need be. I'm just so happy for you Adora." They both smile at each other, holding onto the moment.

Just outside the king and queen's bedroom, Frosta is standing around waiting for Adora. The icy empress looks around the castle, still in surprise that she is on Eternia. Only a few days have gone by since Adora and Bow announced they were going to marry, and Frosta refuses to be left out of any festivities. As she waits for her friend to finish talking to her mother, Frosta soon finds herself occupied. Adam approaches her from down the hall.

Greeting him coolly in her usual way, Frosta and Adam begin to make small talk. "It's nice to see you and the rest of Adora's friends here." Adam smiles while Frosta simply sighs, "Well we are only here for the dinner. This wedding ceremony is taking place on Etheria." Nodding, Adam adds, "In a few days, correct?"

Frosta narrows her eyes, "Of course darling. You know that." She wonders if he will say anything of importance to her, after all, he had written her a mysterious letter. As her thoughts are traveling one way, Adam's thoughts are on a similar track, he is wondering if she will bring up the letter he sent for her. "Frosta? Did my sister give you my letter?"

"Of course she did." Frosta takes a few steps away from the prince and pretends to be immersed in a painting on the wall. Adam walks up next to her, "Well? Did you read it?" Frosta slightly rolls her eyes, "I had every intention of reading it, I truly did. However, it wasn't legible." Adam is confused, "Oh, you don't know how to read Eternian?" The question makes the icy empress laugh, "Oh don't be foolish. Your words are practically the same as on Etheria. I can read just fine. No, the letter was damaged. The letters were all smeared into one blob. I have no idea what you wrote." She turns to look at him, waiting for him to explain his intentions. She is truly curious to learn why he would write her a letter.

Adam wants to tell her so many things, but he isn't sure where to begin. Ever since he told her of his secret identity he has felt a bond with her, not to mention he is feeling as if it is time to move on from Teela. Regardless of where Teela and he will meet in the future, it is apparent that in the present Adam is free to see where his heart can take him. And if Frosta is willing, he is interested in pursuing something. If only she'd read the letter though! Having had previous difficulties with women, Adam isn't exactly sure where to start.

"Well darling? Are you going to say something?" Frosta asks growing slightly tired of the awkwardness. When she first found out of He-Man and Adam's connections, she was ready to stop all ties, however now Frosta is finding herself totally wrapped up in whatever it is that Adam is trying to tell her. Taking a deep breath, Adam sighs, "I wrote the letter for you because recently I have come to realize that my life is a bit different now. And I was wanting to see if your opinion of me..." Before Adam can finish his sentence, Adora and Marlena exit the royal bedroom and call out to Adam and Frosta.

The act nearly goes through Frosta. Marlena smiles warmly unaware of the personal conversation between the prince and empress. Requesting the help of her son, Marlena and Adam are soon off. Adam gives a fleeting look to Frosta as if to say, "We need to finish this later." Frosta and Adora remain, "Adora, darling, I was in the middle of a very important conversation with your brother."

Adora has no clue of what may or may not be brewing between Adam and Frosta, so she plays a bit coy, "Oh Frosta, I don't think you need to worry about Adam. After all, what would He-Man think?" Adora grins, believing Frosta to still be head over heels for the muscle man. Frosta stands there in shock, "Really Adora? You are going to say something so completely ridiculous to me like that? I know the truth darling. Your brother is He-Man and you are She-Ra."

Trying to play dumb, Adora soon realizes that Frosta is incredibly serious. "How did you know?" Frosta folds her arms and laughs, "From your brother! My goodness Adora has this love for Bow clouded your otherwise smart brain?" Wanting to know more, Adora pulls Frosta to the side away from any would-be listeners, "Go on Frosta, tell me everything."

"There isn't much to tell darling. I was lusting after He-Man, we nearly had sex..." Adora quickly shouts, "Eww! I don't need to hear that!" Rolling her eyes, Frosta continues, "Anyways. So apparently He-Man had this complex over some love he wronged or something, and he didn't want to hurt my feelings, so he just admitted who he really was. Your brother seems like such a dork, but he really has a great deal of baggage. Come to think of it, you both do."

Adora listens, "Thanks Frosta." The icy empress throws her hands in the air, tired of everyone being so surprised at her bluntness, "It is true though! Adora! You are She-Ra, the most powerful woman in the universe. Why keep that a secret? If I could transform into something fabulous like that, I'd let everyone know." The idea seems simple. Why not share that reality with the world, even the universe? It is not easy though for Adora, "I'm not like you Frosta. I can't just tell everyone. If my enemies knew my dual identity, it would be so easy for them to harm those I care about. It is more simple to keep my identity a secret." Frosta is confused, "But Adora, there are no more threats. I don't understand why you insist on keeping something like this under wraps. Why can't you be honest with everyone?"

Adora's heart is beating fast, she is feeling under pressure, "Well there are some people that do know. And since you are one of them I would like you to keep it a secret. Please." Always able to keep a secret, for the most part, Frosta agrees, "I'll keep the secret Adora, but I really think you should rethink your position. Secrets aren't always the best thing." Sighing in slight annoyance, Adora groans, "Frosta, I can't tell people who I am! Look at me. Look at what I've done. If the good people of Etheria were to find out that this former Horde Force Captain that ruined so many lives was also able to become their protector, people would be up in arms. I don't want people to know that She-Ra and I are one in the same. I would be letting people down."

Frosta refuses to believe that, siting the facts that people love Adora, "Darling, look around you. There is a celebration in your honor, people are thrilled for you and Bow. Stop being so hard on yourself Adora." The two friends look at each other in honesty, "It isn't that easy Frosta." The icy empress loops her arm around Adora's as she leads them away, "Of course it is darling. We are approaching a new view on life. There is no more reason for any sadness of the sort. Now enough of this foolishness of double identities. I need to talk to you about your brother. I was so ready to write him off, I mean after all, Adam is not what I would call a heartthrob, however he is He-Man. I think I might still like him. Would that bother you?"

Adora laughs, "As long as you aren't talking about anything personal with him, I would be happy for you two." The two women make their way through the palace arm in arm, "Wonderful, because I think he might be thinking of moving on. I'd like to be the woman he moves on towards." Adora never thought she'd be seeing this day, "Good for you Frosta. I hope nothing but the best." The two friends walk together for a little while longer before parting ways to get ready for a delightful dinner.


Guests begin pouring into the grand dining hall inside the Eternos Palace. Guards are set up everywhere, just in case anything should go awry. Members of the Royal Guard mingle with the Great Rebellion. Everyone is excited. Conversations drift into the air creating a noise conglomerate. Some people begin taking their seats.

Roboto helps Flutterina to her seat. Her belly is larger than ever and the feelings occurring inside her body are strange. There are times where she must steady herself or risk falling over. Roboto says his hellos to friends he has not seen in awhile since he chose to remain on Etheria. Neither Flutterina nor Roboto have really discussed the growing closeness between them. Roboto feels a strong programming component to make sure she is safe while Flutterina finds herself relating to the robot master out of everyone in her life. Aside from maybe Perfuma.

Perfuma looks around the grand dining hall thrilled. Giant vases filled with the most stunning of flowers decorate the room. The flower maiden makes a personal point of smelling each vase. While no one else is looking, she also creates some flowers of her own to add to the glorious bouquets. Making sure the coast is clear and no one notices, Perfuma smiles to herself and makes her way to her seat.

Waving to Perfuma, Mermista greets her friend while taking a seat. The two catch up before Mermista's father and sister join them. The group discusses all the beauty surrounding them. They are happy and thrilled for Adora and Bow.

Slightly nervous being around such a large group of people, Peekablue stays close to Castaspella and Clamp champ. The three take their seats and Peekablue can't help but feel out of place as Castaspella and Clamp Champ strike up their own personal conversation. Sensing a growing connection between them both, Peekablue tries to make herself busy. Luckily for her, someone takes a seat next to her. Mekaneck smiles at her introducing himself. The two strike up a conversation, making Peekablue feel at ease.

While Castaspella and Clamp Champ continue discussing various topics from the rebuilding efforts of Mystacor to what kinds of foods they both enjoy eating, their section of the table becomes quite popular as a boisterous Ram Man walks to the table with Spinnerella and Netossa on each arm. They are all laughing and enjoying the night. Ram Man is regaling them with a tale while Spinnerella and Netossa each try to top his story. They take their seats. Spinnerella catches up with Peekablue as Netossa looks around searching for her other friends.

Glimmer tries to avoid her mother, feeling slightly embarrassed that Angella and Duncan are so close. She watches her mother and Duncan in close conversation. It annoys her, especially because her sweet Romeo is back home on Etheria, in his cell. Though Romeo and Mantenna may both be working on becoming heroic, they are still unable to leave the confines of Bright Moon as part of their payback for such villainy. Glimmer can't stand much more and refuses to look at her mother fall in love with a man that is not her father. Noticing Madame Razz and Kowl at one end of the long table, Glimmer makes her way to speak with them. Madame Razz grins, "Well dearie, look at all this! Isn't it just grand?" Glimmer nods, "Yes Madame Razz, it is." Kowl looks around, anticipating the arrival of Adora and Bow. He is so happy for them both. Glimmer takes her seat as Madame Razz looks at the young princess, "Everything alright dearie?" Glimmer nods, "Yes, of course it is. I'm just fine." Madame Razz knows that Glimmer is lying.

Teela is noticing her father and Angella talking. She is intrigued by such behavior since she always assumed her father and mother would reunite. Teela wonders what the Sorceress would be doing if she were there. The Sorceress however is safely tucked away in Grayskull, making sure the castle is safe. Teela sits with Sy-Klone and they discuss a few things. Her uncle soon joins them with a drink in his hand. Teela looks around the dining hall, looking to see who else is joining them in the celebration. Her eyes spy slightly upon Adam as Sweet Bee approaches him. Adam is sitting next to his father, while a lone empty seat is open on the other side.

"May I sit with you?" Sweet Bee asks in almost a seductive way. Adam looks up and his eyes aren't sure where he should look first. Sweet Bee looks ravishing at the event. Her neck is wrapped in a shiny black collar that has side straps holding up a very snug yellow bodice. Her lips are full and her eyes shaded in such a way that she looks as if peering through green smoke. Adam stammers slightly, "Well... no one has taken the seat yet..." He looks around, thinking that Frosta would already be there.

Acting rather quickly, Sweet Bee slides into the seat and smiles warmly at Adam, "I know we have only met briefly, but for some reason, I feel like I've known you for awhile longer." If only Sweet Bee knew, the man sitting next to her is also He-Man, the same man that she shared in a brief romance not so long ago. Adam is aware of this and finds himself on a bit of his toes, because Sweet Bee had no interest in He-Man at all, and yet here she is. Practically spilling out everything she has for the regular prince. His thoughts are soon muddled as he takes in her scent, she smells intoxicating.

Adam shakes his head, "I don't know why you could possibly be feeling that way at all. I barely know you..." Sweet Bee smiles and grabs his hand, "We should fix that. You seem like such a nice person." Adam smiles slightly nervous. The two talk, beginning to enjoy each other's company. Sweet Bee knows that this plan to bother Frosta should work, however the honey of a guide is also actually finding herself slightly smitten with the handsome if not slightly dorky prince.

Things quickly change though once Frosta arrives, "What is this?" Adam looks away from Sweet Bee and smiles at the empress, "Hi Frosta. Sweet Bee was just telling me about her life as a space pilot. It is so fascinating." Frosta darts a glare to Sweet Bee, "I'm sure it is. Where am I going to sit?" She looks down at Sweet Bee's spot. The icy empress had hoped to sit next to the prince, if only to find out what he put in the letter! Adam looks around, "I'm sorry Frosta, there might be a space a few seats down."

Sweet Bee smiles up at Frosta, "If Frosta wants this seat, I would be more than happy to let her sit here." Frosta glares at her feeling slightly embarrassed as attention starts getting directed towards them, "No darling. I wouldn't dream of taking your seat. You got there first. I'll just sit down here." Frosta quickly turns away ignoring them both while taking a seat.

Angella is on one side of her while the other chair is empty. "Are you having a nice time Frosta?" Angella asks with a grand smile on her face, clearly the Queen of Bright Moon is having the best time. Frosta gives a fake smile, "Oh of course Angella! The night is just fantastic." Frosta looks down the table at Sweet Bee and Adam. She silently curses herself and then curses out loud as Stratos takes a seat next to her. "You must be joking." She glares at him as Stratos shakes his head, "I haven't even spoken yet for a joke. But since you brought it up, yes, this must be a joke."

Crossing her arms, Frosta looks around the room, "Couldn't you have picked another seat? This is a rather huge dining room." Stratos shakes his head, "Unbelievable. I was already seating here, I got up to say hello to some friends. I'm not moving anywhere." Frosta glares at him, "Well neither am I!" They both realize this will be a long night. Stratos starts chuckling to himself, "Come on Frosta, this can't be that bad. After all, the last time we were sitting at a table together we were set up to be a meal by Mosquitor. This dinner should go along much better than that one, don't you think?" Frosta briskly unfolds her dinner napkin, placing it on her lap, "I think, darling, that I'd rather deal with Mosquitor." She sits there in a simmering silence.

Soon everyone turns their attention to Adora and Bow as the couple enters into the dining room. Both are blown away by all the people in the room, applauding and cheering them on. Adora whispers to her love, "This feels like a bit much, yes?" Bow nods, "Yes, I feel overwhelmed to say the least." Both squeeze each other's hands tightly. They greet everyone, saying their hellos. So many people are happy with tears of joy. For some, a celebration like this is completely new. Especially for Adora and Bow, neither are sure what to exactly do. Adora spots Glimmer and hugs her friend. Adora whispers, "I wish Double Trouble was here." Glimmer nods with tears in her eyes, "I do too Adora. I do too."

Adora and Bow make their way to a center table in the middle of all the long tables. Since they are the guests of honor, they get to sit in the middle. Able to talk with everyone, Adora and Bow both feel slightly nervous with this set up. Adora scans the tables smiling at her friends and family. She notices some people are missing, "Where are the Star Sisters?" Bow looks around the room too, "I think they remained behind at Bright Moon to make sure everything was safe and sound." Adora nods and keeps smiling.

Soon King Randor stands up from his seat, motioning for everyone to lower their voices, he has something to say. Once everyone's attention is on the king, Randor goes on, "Greetings to you all. I am glad that so many of you were able to arrive tonight. Some of you had minimal travel while others have arrived from another planet. That portal travel sure is easy though, isn't it?" He pauses as a few laughs ring out. The king looks to the center of the room, he beams at his daughter, "We are all here though to celebrate the love between my daughter Adora and the archer Bow. This is a great moment in Eternian history. Her story is a most special one. Most of you know already that Adora was taken from us as a baby. Her mother and I never thought we'd see her again. But here we are, reunited. We have much time to make up for, and I want this night to be full of happiness. Here is to Adora and Bow, whose love is going to shine as bright as the stars."

The room erupts in cheers and applause. Adora looks at Bow and can't stop smiling. They both can't believe everything that is happening around them. So much love and happiness is in the room, and as the various courses are rolled out, everyone partakes in good food and much conversation. Stories are told and new memories are made. The night is an event to behold. Even the icy Frosta enjoys her time talking to Stratos.

A bright sun shines down over the Valley of the Lost. Inside her plush tree-plex, Catra lays about on her bed reading over a book she took from Horror Hall. She is immersed in the topic of Despondos. She is trying to understand just what exactly it is. Her green eyes scan the words quickly, she can't drink up the information enough. She soon pauses from her reading though as Entrapta bursts into her room. Annoyed, Catra purrs, "I'm in the middle of something Entrapta."

The tricky golden beauty raises an eyebrow, "You are going to want to hear this Catra. I was just in town getting more food when I saw this posted on a wall," Entrapta hands the piece of paper to Catra. Opening the paper up slowly, Catra scans the news and shakes her head, "What is this?" Entrapta grins, "They call it a wedding. Adora and Bow are doing some sort of ceremony for their love or some such nonsense. Apparently it is all Etheria is talking about. People from Eternia are arriving, this is becoming quite the big deal..."

Catra shrugs, "Why are you telling me about this?" Entrapta throws her arms up in the air, "Because Catra! This is perfect, don't you see? Your plans to end Adora's life could not be any more perfect! We know where and when she will be, this is the perfect sign." Catra looks over the card again as thoughts begin to pour into her mind, "Of course. You are right. This is a sign." Catra grins as she crumples the paper up, "Adora isn't going to know what hit her. I'm finally going to be rid of her." Both Catra and Entrapta laugh loudly as Huntara listens on from outside an open window. Huntara knows that time is running short, she has to stop Catra...

Days go on and soon Adora and Bow find themselves on the eve of their wedding. As if the heavens above know of the auspicious occasion, they themselves have lit the night sky with shining stars looking down upon the kingdom of Bright Moon. Mermista and Adora are heading towards the courtyard to meet up with their friends. "I think this is so sweet of Perfuma, to be doing all this." Adora mentions as Mermista nods, "She wanted us all to gather in the courtyard to see her work. I can't believe the wedding is tomorrow." Adora nods amazed at how fast time has flown by. Mermista keeps talking, "The dinner at your parent's the other night was also so nice."

"It was Mermista, it really was. I don't think that Bow and I were used to that kind of attention, but it was nice to be with everyone." The two dear friends make their way into the courtyard. Adora is blown away by the beauty surrounding her. Flowers of varying shapes and sizes decorate a lovely alter in the middle of the courtyard. Railings made of flowers divert from the altar into two opposite paths that head into the massive garden of flowers. Perfuma is standing in the center with Adora's friends. They are all standing and smiling as Adora and Mermista arrive. Glimmer, Flutterina, and Castaspella begin hollering their excitement as Netossa and Spinnerella clap in excitement. Frosta and Sweet Bee stand on opposite sides of the group, both so happy for Adora. Peekablue is off to the side rubbing her head while the Star Sisters stand around smiling. Even Teela is there, all the way from Eternia.

Perfuma rushes to hug Adora, "What do you think? Is it too much?" Adora shakes her head taking in all the flowers, "Oh Perfuma, it's beautiful. This wedding is going to look amazing." Glimmer adds, "Perfuma has been working really hard to get this all just right." Shrugging the praise off, Perfuma smiles, "It was nothing, the flowers did all the work. Where's Bow?" Adora looks around smiling at her friends, "My brother took Bow out. Some of the Masters joined them, I think they were heading off to a bar in a town outside of the Whispering Woods."

"Perfect! It's just us girls! Frosta, bring out the drinks, we need to make a toast!" Perfuma claps her hands as Frosta heads off to the side. Adora shakes her head wondering what this is all about. Perfuma can't stop grinning, "You are our dear friend, and tomorrow things are going to change. So I thought what better way than to toast to your happiness!"

Mermista smiles while looking at Glimmer, "Where's your mother at?" Glimmer looks towards one of Bright Moon's towers, "She was unable to make it." Actually, Glimmer may not have said anything...

Teela hugs Adora, "This is such an exciting time!" Adora grins, "Yes it is. I thank you so much for being here Teela. It means a lot to me." Teela nods, "Of course. With Adam and I being friends, that makes you a friend." The two hug each other.

Conversations break apart as Perfuma and Frosta prepare special drinks for everyone. Castaspella notices Peekablue acting strange, "Are you having another vision Peekablue?" The enchantress looks at her friend with concern. Peekablue shakes her head, "Oh no, I'm fine. I just have a bad headache." It is a lie. Peekablue is not feeling well, but she is doing her best to hide it.

Adora approaches the Star Sisters, "I am really glad the three of you are here." Starla speaks for her sisters, "Of course, this is such an exciting time." Jewelstar quickly adds, "We're sorry we didn't make the dinner. It sounded lovely, but we just felt it better to stay on Etheria." Adora understands, "You were missed. I know I don't know you all that well, but I hope we can become closer. You three are an important part of Etheria." The Star Sisters all nod and assure Adora that their friendships will definitely grow. As Adora walks off, Tallstar whispers to her sisters, "Isn't it odd though? The man she is marrying, Bow, he looks just like..." Starla breaks off her thoughts, "Don't Tallstar. Now is not the time to go on and reminisce of older times..."

Glimmer and Teela find themselves talking and bonding, of all things, about their parents. "What do you think of that Teela?" The warrior goddess looks at Glimmer, unsure of what to exactly say. Teela can tell this is not easy for Glimmer, "Honestly Glimmer, if your mother and my father make each other happy, why not?" Glimmer nods aware that she won't be getting any support for her distaste of Angella and Duncan's blossoming romance. Adora approaches the trio and even asks about Romeo. Glimmer sighs, "Romeo and I are very happy. I just wish everyone could be happy for us."

Flutterina takes a seat from all the excitement and looks down at the ground, she wishes she knew what was inside her stomach. Peekablue sits next to her, "I've seen what's inside of you." Flutterina turns to her green haired friend with hope on her face, "Really? What is it? Please. Tell. Me." Peekablue shakes her head, "I'm not exactly sure, but it is a good thing. I promise you Flutterina, you have something wonderful inside you."

Spinnerella and Netossa laugh with Adora about all the celebrating. "Are you going to dance with Bow at all?" Spinnerella asks. Adora shrugs, unsure of what to all expect during the wedding. Netossa laughs, "If you need any practice, this is the girl to teach you." She throws her arm around Spinnerella and the women laugh.

Frosta is handing out drinks, trying to be sociable. As she is ready to hand a drink to Sweet Bee, Frosta lets it slip on accident spilling some of the liquid on her, "Oops! Sorry darling." Sweet Bee tries to dry herself off smiling sweetly, "It's perfectly fine Frosta. Accidents always happen." Frosta isn't sure if she just heard a threat or not, but she pulls Sweet Bee to the side, "Let's get this straight darling. I'm on to you." Sweet Bee sweetly looks at Frosta, "I don't know what you could ever mean." Frosta places the tray of drinks on a nearby bench, "Don't play with me little girl, I know what is going on. You can ditch this good girl routine. Your name and perfect little hair does not fool me. You are a twisted little bitch, and I don't know what kind of stunt you are trying to pull, but I don't do stunts. So play with me too much, and you're going to get hurt. Really hurt. Understand?" Sweet Bee nods, while grabbing tight onto Frosta's arm, "Oh I understand perfectly. Now you understand. I am a sweet person, but I do sting. You have been nothing but a nasty piece of work to me since we first met, and I'm tired of it. Someone needs to put you in your place Frosta." The icy empress breaks away from the grasp and picks up the tray of drinks, "Darling, not even Hordak could put me in my place. Good luck trying though." They both give each other a look before Frosta passes out the rest of the drinks.

Perfuma clinks her glass and smiles at everyone, "Do we all have a drink?" She looks at everyone and then places her gaze on Adora, "I want to make a toast to Adora. Some of us have known her since we were young while others have only recently gotten to know her. And through it all she has been the ultimate friend, even when she stuck around with that pesky Horde. We never stopped being her friend though. And now here we are, on the eve of a glorious day getting ready to watch our friend join her heart with Bow. Two people that have been intertwined since the beginning. I'm so happy for you Adora. I hope tomorrow is everything and a bouquet of flowers!" Perfuma smiles as everyone toasts to Adora's happiness. Perfuma takes a big sip from her glass, "This is really good stuff!" Frosta nods, "I know good drink when I see it!" They all laugh and spend more time hanging out. At some point though, Castaspella looks at her friends, "As nice as this all is, what do you think the boys are up to?" Frosta folds her arms, "Who knows, but I think we should find out!" The group of friends all full of laughs and drinks make their way out of Bright Moon and the Whispering Woods.

Just outside of the Whispering Woods in a small village boasting the best bar on Etheria, Adam, Roboto, Clamp Champ, Sy-Klone, Fisto, Stratos, and Mekaneck all join in on celebrating Bow and the wedding. Everyone is drinking and having a great time. Bow feels slightly uncomfortable because he doesn't know these men all that well, but he is happy that Adam wants to celebrate. The Eternian prince is slightly tipsy. He makes a loud commotion in the bar, "This is the perfect celebration! This man right here is marrying my sister tomorrow! He's a good man with a good heart! Drinks for everyone!" Bow shakes his head laughing at how silly Adam is behaving.

In the corner of Bow's eyes, he spots a familiar person in a dark corner of the bar. Sea Hawk. The archer walks up towards the table that Sea Hawk is at. The pirate is feeding his pet mouse some food while the pirate guzzles a mug of ale, "Don't mind me. I'm not going to cause any problems." Bow listens and sits at the table too, "I'm not wanting problems either. What are you doing here?" Sea Hawk smirks, "I came here for a good drink, I had no idea the party of merry muscle men would be here. I'll be leaving as soon as I'm done."

Bow looks at the pirate. He isn't sure how he should be reacting in this moment, but he knows he isn't angry, "You can stay as long as you want Sea Hawk. No one is going to kick you out." The pirate looks at the crowd, "Nah. This isn't really my scene. Congratulations though Bow. It's all anyone seems to be talking about these days. This wedding. You're a lucky man." Bow nods, "I know I am." The two men look at each other, so much on their minds. Sea Hawk takes a swig of his drink, "Listen Bow, nothing happened on the ship. Adora left with me to figure things out..." Bow cuts him off, "I don't care. Adora already told me, you don't need to say anymore."

Nodding while looking at his pet mouse, Sea Hawk smirks, "She's with the better man. I hope nothing but the best for her." He gets up while finishing his drink. Scooping his pet mouse in hand, the pirate quietly leaves the bar. Bow watches him go, unsure if what just happened actually happened.

To the side, Adam and Sy-Klone talk. "I just want to make sure you are cool with Teela and I getting back together Adam. I know you both shared a connection." Adam looks at Sy-Klone with a slight glazed expression, "I know where I stand with her. It's over. Do what you gotta do man." Adam stumbles away trying to avoid the conversation. His face lights up though when Adora and her friends walk into the bar, "Adora! This is my sister everybody!" Adora slowly walks up to Adam, a look of worry flashing across her face, "You are drunk brother!" Adam makes a hand motion bringing his index finger and thumb close to each other, "Maybe just a little bit."

Adora shakes her head while hugging him tight. Frosta steps in saying she'll help Adam out. Adora watches the two walk off to dance in a corner. Everyone starts pouring into the bar. The party really gets going as the group begins celebrating even further. Adora spots Bow sitting alone at a table. She can't help but smile as she looks at him. He is so handsome, she just wants to kiss him. Approaching him, they both smile at each other. Taking a seat next to her love, Adora gives him a kiss. He kisses her back, his heart beating so fast. "It looks like madness in here." Adora says smiling at everyone.

Bow agrees, "I don't think I can hang like your brother and his friends." Adora grins, "That is fine by me." Bow asks how the girl's night was. Adora sighs looking at him, "Everything looks so beautiful. Tomorrow is going to be so nice." Bow can't wait.

Adam and Frosta dance off to the side. Both are trying to talk to each other. Adam finally blurts out, "Look Frosta. I wrote the letter to you because I think I'm ready to move on. My first love imploded. It went crash." Adam makes a loud exploding sound. Frosta holds onto him, "Focus Adam. What are you trying to say?" Adam hiccups slightly and looks at Frosta, "I'm saying. I think I'm ready to date. But I'm pretty terrible with women. Really terrible." Frosta rolls her eyes, "I know you are. But that's ok. I think I might actually like you. Not just because of the He-Man stuff, but actually beyond that. I like being around you." Adam closes his eyes while dancing with her, "That's nice Frosta. That's really nice."

The noise level in the bar reaches a fevered high. Bow looks over at Adora, "Hey, do you want to get out of here?" Adora nods, "Yes, let's go. Come on, I'll show you the courtyard." Adora grabs hold of his hand and in an instant they are gone, leaving behind one big party.

As night continues to fall on parts of Etheria, the Valley of the Lost has its own strange charms. Catra is alone in her room listening to the sounds of the wildlife outside. Her hand travels to her face, recalling her actions with the large cat. She isn't sure if her killing of the cat was real or not, she can't find the silver mask. A sudden noise startles her though as she looks up. Huntara is standing in her room. Sitting up quickly, Catra points a finger, "What is this!? Are you really here?" Huntara steps forward, "Yes Catra. I am really here."

Quickly stepping out of her bed, Catra charges towards the hunter, "Impossible! You can't be here!" Catra reaches out and graces her hand on Huntara's face, "This is real. But how!? How are you here..." Catra can't believe what is happening, she isn't sure if she should be angry or happy. She doesn't know how to be happy. Brushing Huntara away slightly, Catra can only glare, "I came back to get you, and you weren't there. I was told Hordak did something to you and then Hordak said you left."

Huntara shakes her head, "I don't know who told you those lies, but that is what they are. Lies. I was placed under a spell by that Weaver woman. She is the reason we were kept apart. I have been searching for you. All this time, I've been searching for you." Catra struggles with what to believe, so many feelings rushing through her attempting to blaze a streak of fire across her brain. "We were going to leave this place. Together." Catra recalls the plan and stares at Huntara. The hunter stands tall looking at Catra. Reaching out to hold onto her, Huntara whispers, "We were going to escape everything. We were going to explore a new life together. Remember? I was going to give up my vendetta for Hordak and you the same with Adora." She intertwines their fingers and hands together, "Please tell me you remember this."

Catra closes her eyes feeling tears begin to sting her eyes, "Yes. I remember." Relieved to hear this, Huntara places her head against Catra's forehead, "What are we waiting for. Let's leave. We still have time." Catra isn't sure where they would go. Huntara shakes away any doubt, "It doesn't matter. We can go anywhere. As long as we are together..."

Listening to the plans, Catra feels a stab of red hot energy course into her heart, "I can't." Refusing to believe this, Huntara presses on. "No Huntara, no. I have to finish what I have been trying to do. I have to kill Adora!" Catra screeches out her name, the mere act sending revulsion down her spine. "Catra, what are you going to do? Please, just let it go."

Breaking away from Huntara's closeness, Catra spits out, "I can't let it go! How dare you tell me to do that! You know what she did to me. You know!" Catra clenches her fists ready to strike out at anything. Huntara holds onto her, "I know what she did. She opened your heart, a space you had so wanted to remain closed from everyone and everything. But don't you see Catra, opening your heart is not a bad thing! We can start a life together, just the two of us. Don't let what happened with Adora tarnish what you can experience in life." Catra snaps at Huntara, annoyed with the conversation, "I have experienced enough! My life is going to be brilliant once I kill her tomorrow."

"Catra, don't do this. There can be another way." Huntara is concerned. She is a proud warrior and hunter, but in this moment she is gravely concerned. She knows that where Catra is about to go, there is no coming back. Catra's green eyes dazzle, "I have to do this. For myself." Huntara gives up, there is nothing else to do, "Fine. I've done my best. I'm not going to stop you, but I won't watch you fall into this madness either. I love you." Huntara holds onto Catra kissing her with passion. Their lips meet as Catra's tears fall from her face. Catra closes her eyes as the tears continue to fall, this is their goodbye, and as they kiss, Catra teeters on the brink. She can have this, a new life, she can have all of it with Huntara. She just has to give up a part of her, this darkness that is feasting on her.

The kiss ends yet it lingers on Catra's lips. The jealous beauty opens her eyes, "Huntara, wait..." Huntara is gone. Catra is alone in her room with nothing but the darkness feasting on her mind and heart. Taking a few steps out of her room, Catra wanders towards Entrapta's room. The tricky golden beauty is asleep, unaware of what just happened moments ago. Catra traces a finger across her lips, unable to forget the kiss with Huntara. Catra vows to herself, "I know exactly what I am going to do." With a new plan formulating in her mind, Catra heads back to her room for some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be an important day for her. For everyone.

Adora and Bow find themselves in the courtyard at Bright Moon under the peaceful moonlight. He looks at all the beauty around him and the preparations that have gone underway for the wedding, "This is breathtaking Adora." Nodding her agreement, Adora walks next to him, "We'll both come walking down those opposite paths towards the altar in the center. I think Perfuma has a small dressing tent at the beginning of each path for us both. Once everything is ready, we'll each make our walk up the path and we'll then see everyone waiting for us. I think this is going to be so special."

Bow looks over at her, his heart filled with so much love for this woman, "It will be special. Are you sure you want to still do this?" Adora looks at him as if he is mad, "Of course Bow! Why would you say that!?" The archer lightly shrugs, worried that she might change her mind, "I saw Sea Hawk earlier at the bar." Listening to his version of events, Adora nods slowly, "I see. Well I'm glad he is doing relatively well, but Bow, I'm marrying you tomorrow. There's nothing that is going to change my mind. I told you, I love you. I am with you."

"I know Adora, but what if I don't deserve you?" Bow looks concerned, scared even. Adora tries not to laugh, "Are you being serious? Why would you say that? I'm the one that ran off with Sea Hawk to figure things out while you were left to wonder what happens next." Shaking away all of that, Bow holds onto her hands, "I destroyed the song. The special song I promised to write and play for you. I'm so sorry Adora, I was so mad at you, I burned it."

Holding onto her love, Adora shakes her head, "Bow, don't apologize for that. None of that matters..." Bow kisses her, "It does matter though. That song, it was my love letter to you. It took me this long to write it, and I foolishly burned it." Adora recalls the festival they were at and the harp Bow bought with the promise that he write a song for her, Adora smiles fondly, "Bow, there will always be other songs. What matters the most is that we have each other, I love you Bow. Song or no song, I'm going to love you."

Bow grins, "I'm so lucky. Remember when we first met? We were just kids. I had been taken by the Horde from my village. I was so scared, I had just lost my family. All of a sudden I found myself in the Fright Zone, this terrifying forbidding place. That's when I saw you. Out of all the darkness and evil in that place, I saw you. My heart began a strange beat all its own from that moment and it has never stopped. I hate the Horde and what they put us through in the Horde Academy, but without it Adora, we may never have met or ended up in this place under the stars the night before our wedding."

Feeling lost in the past and the present, Adora wipes the tears from her eyes, "This moment is our destiny Bow. I can't wait for tomorrow!" They hold onto each other for a few moments longer. They don't want to leave the courtyard and all the flowers around them. It is late though and soon they prepare to split off to their rooms. Before they part, Bow holds onto Adora's hands, "There's sure to be plenty of surprises tomorrow, I have the perfect one. Just wait." Adora looks at him strangely, "Umm ok weird. I guess I will just have to wait and be surprised." She isn't sure what he is planning, but she hopes he isn't going through any trouble. He is grinning from ear to ear. They kiss one last time before heading off to their rooms. Bow can't stop smiling, even while nearing sleep. His secret for her is simple, the sheet of music he wrote for her may be long gone, but the song is not. He knows that song with all his heart and soul, it is her song. And when he plays it for Adora tomorrow she will know just how much she has meant to him all these years. Theirs is a love special and bound for endless possibilities. He eventually fades to sleep with her on his mind.

Else where throughout Bright Moon, Prince Adam rests in his bed though he slowly wakes up once he hears a light knock on his bedroom door. Stumbling up in just a loincloth, Adam rubs his head sore from much drink. Opening the door Adam blinks as a familiar figure stands in his doorway. "What are you doing here at this hour? It is late." The familiar figure rushes into the room placing a finger over his lips. Adam falls back onto his bed as his guest trips on top of him. Leaning in for a kiss, Adam tastes nothing but bliss as his guest makes it known that Adam will not be sleeping alone tonight.

Tossing and turning with a pounding head, Peekablue can't fall asleep. Too many images are flying through her mind. Her special vision powers are overwhelming her. Stumbling up, Peekablue begins to feel nauseated. Hurling into a wastebasket by her bed, Peekablue shakes as tremors ripple through her body. She is having a vision of the future. Her powers are usually reserved for the present, she can see what is going on in other parts of the world. However once in awhile there will be a vision from the future, and they rattle her to her very core. Shaking while trying to sit up, Peekablue cries out in pain, "Oh no. Please. Please, this can't be happening. It just can't!" A large spark erupts in her head, knocking her back unconscious. The sheer force of her power knocks her into nothingness. Peekablue rests in her bed finally in a state of sleep as all the images in her mind begin pouring out never to return again.

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  1. I want my wedding to be with everyone dressed like people from Etheria and Eternia-but none of my friends have agreed with me that would be a good idea- Thing is, when I first had the idea my hair was died blonde-in a punked out Billy Idol type way-so I would have been He-Man at the ceremony. Now my hair is back to natural brown-so I can't be He-Man. I will have to be Skeletor! I will color my skin blue and make the girl dress like Evil Lyn! haha! I hope your wedding was like that.
    I guess you answered the question I asked you in my other comment on the other chapter about what happened to Sea Hawks mouse. I am so glad he is still around. But I am worried about who Adam slept with. I like Frosta with him, but I like Frosta with Stratos too!
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    1. Well a MOTU/POP themed wedding would be awesome. I think you should totally do it one day. I think Skeletor would be a great pick. See I don't know that it would have worked in my case. I would have wanted to be like Mermista or Frosta and there really hasn't been any established love choices for them yet. lol

      So sea Hawk's mouse is indeed safe and sound. Nothing is going to happen to him. And who Adam slept with... well that will be answered right at the beginning of the chapter. I do like the various possibilities for who Frosta could end up dating. And she is only marginally terrible. She has an attitude, but I think at the end of the day she really means well. Besides, she is a very fun character!

      And Bow asking about the scene at the bar happening or not was more about him not believing that he was actually able to talk to the pirate without getting into fisticuffs. They were somewhat civil towards each other and that surprised him.

  2. So you would either be Mermista or Frosta for a wedding. Does that mean Frosta is your second favorite? Or do you just think you look more like her than the the other characters? (provided you dyed your hair and were in costume)
    I was thinking of possible actresses who could play Frosta. What about Annalynne McCord? She has that bitchy but lovable thing down pat. And speaking of her, how lame was that 90210 series finale? I mean, I know they were rushed, and I know a lot of people only cared about Annie and Liam getting together but Naomi really got that shaft in that finale. (or perhaps, since this is a She-Ra blog I should say "she really got the trapdoor") I mean she ended up with some guy she's only been dating for like two episodes. I thought they would have at least brought Max back. The whole Max Naomi thing is like every dorky guys ultimate fantasy.

    1. Well when the first line of She-Ra toys came out Frosta and Glimmer were my two favorites. And then when Mermista was released that slightly changed. lol Anny Lynne McCord could make a really good Frosta. I think she has the attitude right but is also funny. I mean Frosta can be real bitchy, but she is also a funny character.

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