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Too Cool for School

Oh this is one of the best parts of the week! It's time for the weekly topic from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers! For those unfamiliar with what I am talking about, the League of Extraordinary Bloggers is a group of really great bloggers who write on a posted topic on Cool and Collected. Anyone can contribute and once they have posted something on the weekly topic, they simply have to link some of the other articles in the process. It is a really great experience to be a part of. The topic for this week is:

Back to School!

Since there have been a few toy lines making the rounds with dolls involved in high school antics (i.e. Monster High, Ever After High, and My Little Pony: Equestria Girls) I thought it would be fun to look at another group of friends and their own experiences in going back to school. Click the link below to read up on a new series (never) debuting called She-Ra: Senior Year!

With the She-Ra High series entering its fourth season, She-Ra: Senior Year is going to pick up right where the action left off. Siblings Adora and Adam must contend with one more year at Etheria High School with their unique group of friends before heading off to college. With all the favorite teens of the universe gearing up for back to school, take a sneak peek at what you can expect in the first few episodes...

Back to school shopping gets real...

Mermista: Oh I just love this time of year. Back to school supply shopping is always the best.
Perfuma: Why are we even shopping for notebooks and stuff? We're seniors. I doubt we'll even be using any of this stuff.
Mermista: Perfuma, we have to worry about making good grades.
Perfuma: Really? Whatever. I'm totally blowing this year off. It's senior year!

Mermista: What has gotten into you Perfuma? You used to take school seriously. Now everything is just a joke to you.
Perfuma: I don't know Mermista. I just haven't been the same since I failed that botany glass last year. Plants have always been my thing.
Mermista: I know, but you just have to deal. Senior year is going to be everything. Now come on, I think I saw some Princess Peach notebooks on aisle three.
Perfuma: (looks at some blue crystals in her hand as Mermista walks off) Yeah, senior year is going to be a blast...
Find out what happens when harsh truths come out...

Frosta: Oh Adam, I'm so happy to see you. How was your summer? Are you ready to go back to school? It's senior year, can you believe it?
Adam: Whoa, slow down Frosta. Summer was great. Did you enjoy time with your family up North?
Frosta: Oh yes. I just love the chill of the Kingdom of Snows. Perfect time to get away from the heat of the summer. I kept telling my relatives about you and how I was such a lucky girl to have the hottest boyfriend in the universe. They all can't wait to meet you.
Adam: Um Frosta, I have to confess something to you. While you were away for the summer, I did some thinking. I'm not sure we should be together. I also may have met someone else.
Frosta: (her face looks ready to shatter) What? You met someone else?
Adam: Yes, you know the Intergalactic Exchange Student, her name is Sweet Bee...

Frosta: You're breaking up with me for Sweet Bee?! She wears too much eye make up and looks like a common whore!
Adam: I'm sorry Frosta, please understand.
Frosta: Get out of my house! Get out! I never want to speak to you again!
Secrets continue to mount...

Adora: Brother, with school starting soon, we must be careful that our secrets do not come out.
Adam: Oh come on Adora. You're the most popular girl in school. We have nothing to worry about.
Adora: You aren't getting this! If our friends find out who we really are... they'll never speak to us again. I'll lose Bow, the love of my life, and you'll lose... well you'll lose whichever new girl you are dating this week.
Adam: Come on sis. I'm big ballin.
Adora: Oh brother...
Old friends come together, to say hello to their final year...

Adora: I'm so ready to walk the halls again. It's our senior year! Let's make this count!
Mermista: I've got all my school supplies together. Does anyone need an extra Princess Peach spiral notebook?
Perfuma: You are such a dorkette.
Castaspella: And what about you Perfuma? Something doesn't look right with you...
Frosta: If I see that Intergalactic Exchange Student Hussy I'm kicking her butt.
Bow: Come on Frosta, it was only a break up.
Netossa: Careful Bow. That's easy for you to say. Adam was Frosta's one true love...

Adora: Has anybody seen Spinnerella? I haven't heard from her all summer.
Castaspella: She has always been a hard one to track down.
Netossa: I think her parents took her out of Etheria High and enrolled her in some private dance school. Well you know, after she spun out of control at prom last year, I think her parents wanted her to have a change of pace...
Other social circles get smaller...

Clamp Champ: Senior year! Woo! I feel like we've lost some friends though...
Adam: Nah Champ. Everyone is just getting settled. I'm sure we'll see the rest of the crew at lunch. Besides, I've got my new honey of a girlfriend with me. Life is good.
Sweet Bee: Oh, you just say the sweetest things.
Teela: I think I just threw up in my mouth.
Orko: I can get you a wet towel Teela. If you aren't feeling well...
Adam: Orko, don't run off too far. Now that we are starting school again, I'm gonna need you to help me pass this year. I have to graduate with everyone else.
Teela: Well if you studied like the rest of us...
Orko: Don't worry about studying Adam! I'll help you.

Ms. Hoover: (looks at the students) Edna, are you going to start your class? The bell rang awhile ago. What do you think they are even talking about?
Ms. Krabappel: Who knows. The teens these days look more and more like adults. I'm not about to interrupt them.
Ms. Hoover: I don't blame you, I wouldn't want to mess with them either. I heard that the one in the purple pants takes steroids! I'm not going to discipline these students only to have one come after me on 'roid rage. The youth of today is going to bring this world into despair. I hate my job.
Ms. Krabappel: Who are we to judge Elizabeth? I brought a flask of hooch with me today, it will probably last until lunch. Things can't be all that bad.
Ms. Hoover: I can't believe I am hearing this. You sound so... optimistic.
Ms. Krabappel: I'm no longer teaching Bart Simpson. My life is like one big vacation now. But yeah. I hate my job too.
Gossip spreads in the lunch room...

Castaspella: I'm just really worried Champ. Perfuma has been acting funny. Mermista and I have been noticing it all summer.
Clamp Champ: I'll do some digging and see if there is any word on the street. We'll figure out what's wrong with her...
Adam gets into some mischief...

Adam: Did you find the Scantron answer sheets? I know Ms. Krabappel keeps everything in her desk.
Orko: I'm not so sure we should be digging through her desk for answers to the tests Adam. I'll find another way to cheat for you, but not through stealing... (pauses with a gasp) No way!
Adam: What is it Orko?
Orko: I found a flask!
Adam: Awesome! Take it Orko.
Orko: I don't know Adam...
Adam: Look, don't be lame. Do you want to be in the group or not?
Orko: Ok...
New cast members join She-Ra: Senior Year!

Glimmer: I can't believe I am a Freshman student...
The Star Sisters: (in unison) Let's hope we'll fit in at this school...

Adora: Don't worry Glimmer. We're seniors now, and we will look out for you as a freshman. There are some people you will want to stay away from in this school. Not everyone is cool.
Bow: Yeah, but don't worry. You have a lot of people looking out for you.
Glimmer: Oh thank you guys so much! I feel so welcomed. I can't wait until I can look as cool as you Adora! I feel like I'm never going to grow.
Adora: Don't worry Glimmer. You won't be some short little fish for long.

Starla: Ok sisters, let's see where we can sit.
Jewelstar: I feel like everyone is staring at us.
Tallstar: Yeah, I do too.
Starla: Don't worry, we'll make friends.

Shadow Weaver: Who are the new girls?
Octavia: I don't know. What are they wearing?
Shadow Weaver: They look ugly.
Octavia: I hate them!
Shadow Weaver: Yeah. I just bet they are going to ruin senior year...
The evil stoners try to make a new school year work...

Skeletor: I can feel it, this year I will graduate.
Mer-Man: Yeah. It is pretty sad that even your niece and nephew will probably graduate and you'll still be here next year. Man we are so old to still be in high school.
Trap Jaw: I think I just took some acid...
Evil-Lyn: Why would you do that on your first day? You have to be joking...
Moments later...

Evil-Lyn: Nope, he wasn't joking.
Mer-Man: Is he chewing his tongue? Should we take him to the nurse?
Skeletor: Oh quiet you two, you're both messing up my high!

Evil-Lyn: I take it you won't be graduating this year. Again.
Skeletor: What if this isn't even real?
Evil-Lyn: What do you mean?
Skeletor: What if this wasn't really our world? What if we really lived in a mountain or something? And we were really trying to rule the world. We could be, like, evil warriors or some shit.
Mer-Man: Man, you really are high.
The mean kids seek to make everyone's life a living hell...
Hordak: It's senior year and we rule this school!
Shadow Weaver: Of course we do mighty Hordak.
Leech: Nothing beats being the most feared group in all of Etheria High!
Octavia: I can't stop thinking about those annoying new girls. They just look so lame.
Grizzlor: And they will never fit in at this school.
Catra: (purrs in annoyance) Shut up all of you! The most important thing I can do this year is finally find a way to bring Adora down. I'm going to rip her off her pedestal...
Hordak: Trust me Catra. We're going to make everyone's life at this school a living fright zone.

Frosta: I just don't get it Casta. Why would he leave me for her? I mean what kind of name is Sweet Bee anyway? She just seems so common.
Castaspella: Oh goodness, this is our first day back to school! I don't think I can handle you going on about this all year long.
Both women scream as Castaspella opens her locker door and is sloshed with slime.

Hordak: You got locker slimed yo!
Castaspella: Oh my goddess! It is everywhere!
Frosta: You are such an ass hat Hordak!
Hordak: Come on Frosta, I'm just having some fun. Now that you're single, will you wanna go to the Back to the School Dance with me?
Frosta: I'd rather have bees sting my anus. And I hate bees. So there's your answer.

Adora: Adam! I'm really worried. Some of my items have been stolen from my backpack. I'm really nervous that our secrets will be uncovered.
Adam: Stop with this worrying Adora. It is annoying.
Adora: (smells her brother's breath) Have you been drinking? At school?

Catra: (continues to spy) Oh this is just perfect. Perfect indeed...

Mermista: Has anyone seen Perfuma?
Castaspella: I haven't.
Netossa: Wait, here comes Catra.
Catra: Meow! It's me Catra. I've come to tell you all some most disturbing news.
Clamp Champ: We don't care Catra. Go bother someone else.
Mermista: Yeah, your jealousy is just pathetic.

Catra: I'm far from jealous. I just thought you should know the true nature of your friends. Adora and Adam are far from what they seem...
As word gets out, will the truth about Adora tear her relationship with Bow apart?

Adora: Oh Bow, I love you so much. I can't believe after everything we've been through, we are still so much in love.
Bow: I know. I don't know what I'd do without you. No one knows me like you do.
Adora: (pauses with sadness) Oh Bow, I must confess something. I have not been honest...

Catra: (interrupts the love birds) Sorry Bow, but Adora has been lying to you this whole time. She is not who she seems.
Bow: What is she talking about?
Adora: Catra, how could you?!
Catra: Easily Adora. I've hated you since Pre-K. She's not a royal Bow!

Bow: Is this true? I don't care if it is or not Adora. I love you, not your family name.
Adora: Oh Bow, it's much more than that...
Bow: Tell me. What is going on?

Adora: My family is royalty in name only. We are actually very... poor.
Bow: But you live in that big castle.
Adora: No Bow. My family and I have been squatting in that castle. The original owners couldn't afford the castle note, and they were going to foreclose. But my father made a pact that we'd just squat there and say it was our home. That's why my parents never leave.
Bow: Why couldn't you tell me?
Adora: Because! It only gets worse! Since we aren't a rich royal family, Adam and I have had to take on late night jobs. Oh Bow! I don't even know how to say this... I moonlight as a sultry lounge singer at a gay piano bar. If I want those old gay men to tip me well I have to wear fancy headdresses and fantastic fashions. They've dubbed me She-Ra: Songstress of Soul. And Adam, well, Adam works next door at a strip club. He's a male stripper for wealthy socialite cougars. His stage name is He-Man the Barbarian. I'm so sorry I have kept this from you!
Bow: I don't know that I can talk to you right now. (Bow rushes off)
Adora: Bow! Wait! Don't leave me!
Adora: How could you Catra? Are you that jealous?!
Catra: Shut up Adora! You had it coming. Sweet perfect Adora. You're nothing but a piece of poor white trash.
Adora: Oh really? Well this piece of poor white trash is going to totally kick your ass!
Catra: (hisses) Bring it bitch!
Mermista: (screams out in the background) Someone come quick! I need help! Perfuma has passed out in the restroom!
With so much drama on the first day back, there can only be more at the Back to School Dance...
Voices fill the decorated auditorium...

Bow: I hope Perfuma is going to be ok.
Mermista: I'm not so sure Bow. This is really bad.
Bow: But she is going to have to be ok.
Mermista: Bow! She overdosed on Miracle Grow.
Bow: I know. It's just sad.
Mermista: Have you spoken to Adora at all?
Bow: No. I just haven't been able to look at her.
Mermista: Oh Bow...

Catra: (strides in with a purr directed at Mermista) I see you're rocking the old trend of going without pants. How sad.
Mermista: Oh shut up Catra.
Catra: (ignores Mermista) You look good Bow. Did you come here alone?
Bow: Yeah, I did.

Catra: Purrfect! Maybe we could dance?
Bow: I don't know...
Catra: (Grabs hold of him) Come on, dancing isn't dangerous. Aren't you going to say something about my dress?
Bow: You look nice.
Catra: Oh Bow, you deserve someone better than poor old Adora. She's from the wrong side of the tracks. Just think about what your life could be like if we were to date...
Bow: Catra, I...

He-Man and She-Ra crash the dance!
She-Ra: Keep your claws to yourself Catra!
He-Man: (addresses the crowd) I know that you all must think my sister and I are lame.
She-Ra: And you all probably think we are nothing but liars. So we decided to attend this dance and show you all who we are. I'm She-Ra: Songstress of Soul.
He-Man: And I'm He-Man the Barbarian. Tips are appreciated. Oh, and don't hate the stripper name.
She-Ra: We're really sorry we kept so many things from you all. We hope that you can understand and forgive us. It's senior year. We don't want to lose our friends.

She-Ra: And I don't want to lose you. I'm so sorry Bow that I couldn't trust you with my problems. But I love you.
Bow: (stands in silence)
Frosta: Well go on Bow! Go kiss her!
The crowd erupts in cheers as Bow and his love reunite.

Bow: I'm so sorry I acted the way I did. I just didn't understand why you kept it all from me.
She-Ra: I know. I should have been honest. But with Adam possibly having a drinking problem and Perfuma over dosing in the bathroom, I've realized that life is way too short. I'm a lounge singer at a gay piano bar. I'm going to own that.
Bow: That's actually not that bad, kinda cool actually. For a second I thought you were going to say you were a hooker.
She-Ra: Does this outfit look like something a hooker would wear?
Bow: (smiling) I don't know, you do look pretty hot in it.
She-Ra: Oh Bow!
They both kiss as Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark play their hit If You Leave.
She-Ra: Bow?
Bow: Yes She-Ra?
She-Ra: Do you think we'll get through senior year together? Look at everything that just happened with us only going back to school...
Bow: Of course we're going to make it. It's not like there's anyone in our way. I don't see any love pirates out there trying to steal our love. Our love will make it all the way to prom and graduation.
She-Ra: And college?
Bow: Oh yeah. College is going to be awesome. We're going to be together forever.
She-Ra: Well I like the sound of that.
With such an explosive beginning to She-Ra: Senior Year, be sure to stay tuned as the teens work through the challenges of high school life and find out what happens when a mysterious new student joins mid year. Prepare to be shocked once Sea Hawk joins the cast of She-Ra: Senior Year! Nothing will ever be the same...
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    1. Thank you John! I had been working on it all week, and I was so excited to finally get it finished.

  2. Wow, is that classic or what!

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    I see Trap-Jaw is bringing guns to school at least the others aren't wussies and have swords and such.

    Very funny, and fun at the same time, I could see a G-rated version of this, apparently it was either fake or it was in the planning stage, but there was talk about a Batman in high school cartoon, so if you wish really hard, maybe something like this can be a reality.

    1. Well, you may not be ale to have a Castaspella right now, but I am sure at some point you will get one. And who knows, when that time comes she might end up being much cheaper than what she was originally going for.

      I could see a G-rated version too, but I would have to be wishing extra extra hard for it to become a reality. lol And I had thought about Trap Jaw having his other arm, but then I realized that Adora had her sword and freeze ray, so it was like on their planet, everyone walks around with a sword or laser canon or whatever. So I never knew about the Batman in high school concept, but hasn't there been an Iron Man cartoon recently where Tony was in high school?

  3. Locker Slimed was the best.
    Are you going to do more of these?
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    1. I don't know if I will be doing more of these or not. I did love the locker slime. That was one of the first things I wanted to include. I really wish there were some Princess Peach spiral note books. That would be awesome! I still buy school supply notebooks when they pour onto shelves and I haven't been in school for awhile now. lol

  4. Wow. This was frakking awesome. More entertaining than half the stuff on tv. Please, please do more of these!

    1. Thank you Patrick! I'm glad you liked it. I might do more of these, it all depends on what I can come up with. Thanks for the comment!

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  6. lol that was really a cool way to write on the blogger topic miss m. espically loved the part about she ra and he-men having to work as strippers. for one has to admit he-men kind of sounds like a male stripper name plus also the part of perfuma od on mircle grow. cool

    1. Hey demoncat! Well I wanted to make it this mix of so many different things. Parts of it were like 90210 through a goofy She-Ra lense, but there are other parts that were also about the way some of these characters are mostly seen by the fandom. Like the part with the Star Sisters. And I just wanted it to be fun and about aspects of going back to school that have stuck with me. I'm glad you liked this! I hope you are doing well.

  7. SO MUCH DRAMA! How very soapy ;)
    And that last shot where She-Ra and Bow are embracing and the crowd is faded in the background... brilliant!
    Killin me, Miss M!

    1. Thank you Laura! I wanted it to be like 90210 meets She-Ra with a dose of humor.

      I also love that photo of She-Ra and Bow! I was trying to make something romantic and fun, and I am really glad with how it turned out.