Thursday, August 13, 2015

Toy Stores Galore!

Life is a toy store old chum! And I love, a great toy find! Click the link and check out where this Dorkette has been toy shoppin...

I don't do as much toy shopping like I used to. Ha. Who am I kidding? I am always looking for toys. If there is a toy aisle in a store I will stop by to look. I can't help it. I have had it hardwired into my brain that if there is a toy anywhere in a store, I will sniff it out and see what is there for my well manicured greedy little hands. However with the battleground of a real brick and mortar store being riddled with obstacles and other collectors encroaching on what used to be my own personal shopping space, well, it has changed how and where I shop for toys. I peruse places online, I have even made a full turn around with collecting at second hand stores, and it never hurts to have people in my life that know to look for me too.

Cosmic Collectables

Recently my dear man friend Jason went out of town for business and when he had free time on his trip he made his way over to a lovely comic store called Cosmic Collectables. There he was able to peruse a nice assortment of items including tons of comics for a dollar and a rather impressive toy section.

Being the delightful and loving man friend that he is, he came across these artifacts and thought of me.

Up first was this Demona figure from Gargoyles. I loved this line growing up and Demona has always been one of my favorites. In fact I've owned a variety of Demona figures throughout the years which I tend to give away because I'll find out that other people are fans of her too. I like other people being able to enjoy toys. I do think I will be keeping this one for sure though! The card is a bit faded from the sun, but the figure is still colorful. I am also leaning towards opening this one up.

Other lovely things Jason came across was a barrel full of Mac Tonight toys.

He was able to pick some out of the barrel for a nice price and he basically grabbed the entire collection of Mac Tonight toys. These are just too cool and will look familiar to some dear readers since they have already been featured in the Diary.

Next up are two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle items that I never expected to own in my entire life. First up is Wyrm!

I used to think this was the grossest most grody figure ever. I can't help but think he is so cool now though with that weird leg. I've never interacted with this toy before so I had no idea that the mouth could open and the eyes could bulge out. Wyrm is giving me some Mantenna like toy-ness. I am thrilled to have him included in my collection.

Finally the piece that was such a surprise, it can only be said in three words: Krang's Freakin Android.

This was an item that was an instant iconic toy for TMNT. When I think of that beloved toy line from my youth this figure comes to mind. I had a friend growing up who had this thing and I always thought it was the weirdest toy. It reminded me of Master Blaster from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome meets a colorful look that would be right at home with Pee Wee's Playhouse. It was simply the strangest thing and I always wondered what it would be like to have him interact with my other toys. He isn't fully complete but I don't care. It's really fun to be able to own something like this.

I can't thank Jason enough for these items. He is a dream boat hunk and I am forever thankful that he takes the time to think about me. I'm a very very lucky girl.

Also, if you are ever in Saint Joseph, Missouri head to Cosmic Collectables. From the pictures I have seen there is plenty to go gaga over. If you never make it to Saint Joseph you can call the store and ask the owner for what you are looking for. If he has it in stock he will ship. You can learn more about the comic store by heading to its Facebook page.

Hollywood Heroes

While I love going inside a brick and mortar store to get my toy fix, I don't have access to every single brick and mortar store in my area. So until I am able to learn how to teleport, more and more of my toy shopping needs occur online. It removes some of the thrill of the hunt that I get with going inside a store, however, there is a sort of thrill with online shopping. First of all you really don't know what you will find when you go to an online toy store. There are toy surprises everywhere and while some toy surprises might make you shriek at such high prices, sometimes you can come across something at a great deal.

Anyways, I am rambling. One store that I am really going gaga over is Hollywood Heroes. The owner is Jordan Hembrough. You know him from the super fun TV show on the Travel Channel called Toy Hunter which is also on Quest TV in England. He is the owner of Hollywood Heroes and in 2014 an actual brick and mortar store was opened in Westwood New Jersey.

I have no idea that I will ever make it to the actual store, but I sure as heck have enjoyed perusing the store's website. So just what can you expect to find at Hollywood Heroes?

For starter's they have a ton of Funko products, like this Napoleon Dynamite Vinyl Idolz figure. Funko does it again and they do it with the crispy smell of your favorite tots.

I just love this thing. There is no articulation, but when something is this awesome it doesn't need to have articulation. He comes in at 8 inches tall and is wanting to remind us that even in 2016, we'll still be voting for Pedro. Also included but was not photographed is a stand. Napoleon can stand rather well on his own but if one prefers the security of a base, that is always an option. (On a side note, bases are not always becoming of a figure. I have a few DC Direct figures that fall over badly when attached to a stand. It can be frustrating. Either way, let's carry on!)

That face is just pure perfection! When my brother and I first saw Napoleon Dynamite we instantly fell in love. The movie was so awkward and hilarious. I loved the music so much I ran out to buy the soundtrack, it was wonderful. I cried by the end of this movie. That end scene with the tether ball and The Promise by When In Rome playing in the background gets me every time. Once he starts going HAM on the tether ball I kinda stop crying, but the moment I hear that song and those two star crossed loves see each other, I'm done. I'm just done. I love this toy, it captures the social awkwardness of Napoleon while also making it a kitschy pop culture item.

There are other things to check out besides toys too. All your clothing needs can be met at Hollywood Heroes. Like this lovely shirt. Please ignore my paleness in these pictures.

The shirt says, "Still Plays with Toys." The images are of toys from the pink aisle. Some of you have probably seen the version that has images of "boy" toys. Either shirt is awesome to me because I collect anything and everything, however, I grew up in the pink aisle. It was my second home and the place I daydreamed about when I should have been focusing on work in school. I did graduate though. Barely. Algebra was a real pain in the butt.

Either way, the t-shirt is super comfy. I love how it fits. I also really love having a shirt that embraces my love for toy collecting. I've always said there isn't much I can get right in life, but I feel like I have done a great job amassing a giant toy collection and knowing a lot of information on She-Ra. One day when the aliens come to take over the world, the only thing that will be able to stop them will be a She-Ra trivia round. Sorry Adam Sandler, we do not go quietly into the night by pixelated video game sprites.

Anyways, I had to revisit Hollywood Heroes again for more items.

I've always been a fan of April O'Neil and this mint April was only $11.99! I have my original one as a kid and another one with a different card back, but I couldn't resist another April O'Neil for $11.99!

My original April has lost some of the blush to her cheeks so it's nice to have a newer vintage one. I have issues. I remember being a kid and eventually purchasing doubles of certain figures. My mom could not understand, but my reasoning was, "I need extras in case I lose one." Who was I kidding? My dorky behind was not losing any toy.

I also had to throw in a Garbage Pail Kids big mystery mini blind box figure from Funko. (Seriously, Funko is trying to rule the world.) The moment I first heard of these I knew the 8 year old me was shouting in the past, "I knew there'd be a reason to be an adult one day!" These are fun. Simple as that. I can only think of the word "fun" in describing this item. Slightly grody, but fun. Leaky Lindsay is one I must find as is Teevee Stevie. I mean come on, who hasn't been able to relate to Linsay's leaky nose problem? Allergy season happens all year round people.

Ali Gator is the mystery figure I received. He is pretty gross. I love him like he was one of my own though. Of course now I want more, more, more.

They are only 8.99 from the website which isn't bad. I have yet to see them in stores in my area. It's nice to have one. The detailing looks great (check out that hair!) and the box looks like a giant pack of GPK cards. Oh my goodness I loved those cards! I'd have my dad get them at the gas station down the street and sneak them to me because my mom thought it was vulgar for her southern belle daughter to have them. I plastered those GPK card stickers over everything in my room. I of course am kicking myself for being so stupid, but what can ya do?

Actually, there is one thing you can do. You can take a moment and check out the cool items over at Hollywood It's really fun to see what they have for sale. Some things are at a good price and others are simply made for me to window screen shop. (Vintage Castle Grayskulls, She-Ras, and Snake Mountain oh my!) Either way enjoy some toy shopping!

Value Village

Now I have some dear toy friends who opened my eyes to the ways of hunting loose toys at second hand stores. These toy titans have shared stories that almost seemed like tall tales but were the real deal. The zest for toy hunting that folks like Derek, Laura, Brian, Stacey, Jason R. and others have is very very contagious.

So recently I made a trip out into the wild and wonderful world of Value Village. The outside of the store looks like it is directly from the 60's or 70's. I love it and recently I walked in with a toy hunting mission on my mind.

It was a slow day, but I was able to come across this super fun item that was hiding in a corner for a few dollars: Bebop! Oh Bebop!

He was a little dirty but I gave him a luxury all day pass to the Sink Spa where he was pampered within every inch of his life. A toy should be so lucky! My cousin had a Bebop growing up and I always thought he was such a strange and interesting figure. It's fun owning one now!

I know I'm always shouting out my love for She-Ra, but TMNT was one of those toy lines that I really enjoyed collecting as a kid. Granted a majority of my collection was every version of April ever made, but I had some of the other ones too. It was one of those toy lines that lasted for so long. I was always thrilled to see what would be released next. I look forward to adding more too.

That's really it for my toy collecting ways. I'm always searching and looking for things, but these have been some of the fun spots I've enjoyed checking out. I wanted to share them with you all.

I've also got some more fun stuff planned for the month of August. As I am typing this out right now, there is a ferocious great white slowly making its way to me which means my dreams of a toy telling of Jaws 5 is that much closer to happening. I hope you are all doing well!


  1. Krang's Android Body! Awesome score!

  2. Those are all great figures but I love the Demona the best. The one you gifted me is sitting right in front of me where she belongs. I miss that cartoon so much. I could use a good cartoon series to rewatch and I think this time it will be Gargoyles. I love Kieth David's voice. He is so great as Goliath.

  3. Hey now you scored an elusive Android Krang! Great post as always.

  4. nice haul there miss M. including krangs android body for that is one toy every tmnt fan would proably love to have in their collection. and also love those cool garbage pail kid figures. hoping funko winds up doing the whole line in the future

  5. Isn't it kind of a conflict of interest for your boyfriend to be buying you toys that you then subsequently used for OUR date? I would think that would be awkward.
    I want a WYRM!! I have always wanted that toy!!!