Saturday, July 10, 2021

All My Toys: 244

Previously on All My Toys,

Dr. Sarah Kamen aka Quick Charge has been developing a slow romance with Winston Zeddemore aka the best Ghostbuster ever, but there are gaps in their knowledge of each other. Both have experienced incredible loss in their lives, and for Sarah, she has not been keen on sharing about that loss. Also, the lovebirds are very suspicious of the sudden disappearance of Miss M.

In recent months, Yvie has been experiencing visions of the evil Dragon Queen, a barbaric mad woman that was friends with Yvie's mother Moth Lady. Moth Lady is certain that Dragon Queen will come for Yvie, especially to learn what happened to their other barbaric friend Barbarocious! (Barbarocious turned out to be Barb from Stranger Things turned into a shadow queen that tortured Yvie as a baby!) Now, Moth Lady and Bruce Wayne have traveled to a safe location at the Wayne family beach house to hideout until Dragon Queen can lose interest and find other barbarian type things to do with her time...

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