Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Miss M presents: After Evil!

As toy Miss M navigates a return to life in the body of Moth Lady, something far more sinister unfolds in the After Life. While we patiently wait for the next round of interviews for the month of May, let's check in on what diabolical plot twists are occurring in the After Life. For those not in the know, the evil Maleficent escaped from beyond the evil side of the After Life and has been up to no good. She tricked Miss M into returning back to life to find some mysterious dragon figurine. One can't help but wonder what that could possibly be about...

And now...

Miss M Presents:
After Evil!

Somewhere in the hub bub of the After Life rests the headquarters of the legiondary Castle of Light.

Clouds of gloom and despair hang over the once shining beacon of the After Life. Evil has taken over, darkness has begun to spread across the After Life. Maleficent has made the castle her own base of operations. Her plans are falling into place. So let's look in...

Miss Elizabeth: How did this happen? How is it that I am a prisoner in the Castle of Light?

A macabre laugh echoes as Miss Elizabeth turns to see her captor, the vile Maleficent and her Dark Ponies!

Maleficent: I do love having the red carpet rolled out for me. Look at my work Ponies. Isn't it... perfect?

Dark Fluttershy: (monotone) Yes Maleficent.
Miss Elizabeth: You can't continue this charade Maleficent. We're all dead here. There is no good vs. evil.
Maleficent: That's where we disagree my dear. I have opened the big red doors. The After Life is under my control. And though nothing can happen here, this will all lead up to my own big plans. (Maleficent motions for the Dark Ponies to guard over Miss Elizabeth.)

Miss Elizabeth: How is it possible for you to have so much hate in your heart that you would try to disrupt the balance between good and evil?
Maleficent: (sighs) Well I don't know. Maybe you should see my movie to learn more about my hateful little heart.
Miss Elizabeth: Come now Maleficent, you know there are no theaters in the After Life. How would that even be possible?

Maleficent: Oh that's right. It won't be possible for you Miss Elizabeth, but it will be entirely within the realm of accuracy for me. I'm to return to Earth. Permanently.

Miss Elizabeth: Why? How? For what reason?

Maleficent: (turns away) My first step was getting past the doors. Taking over the After Life was much easier than I had planned. With everything in my control, it will be simple to allow the pathway to the After Life and Earth to merge. I'm just awaiting for the aid of that silly little dork girl to find something for me, my key to reclaiming my life and the chance to usher in a new darkness.

Miss Elizabeth: Are you still harboring a grudge for not being invited to some party for a baby? Is that what this is still about?
Maleficent: (turns slightly with menace) No you fool. This goes beyond that. I was offended in the most ungracious of ways at the birth of Aurora. To add insult to my social embarrassment I was killed by a dopey prince. I lost everything! And now... (laughs devilishly) And now, I plan on returning to Earth with all my powers intact. I plan on bringing with me all the evils of the After Life and tossing about curses for all who believe in love and happily ever afters. Cursing a baby was thinking small. I want to curse the world and watch those pathetic fools writhe in torment as I create my own lavish world where I get to be the star!

Miss Elizabeth: You've lost your mind.
Maleficent: And you've lost the Castle. The After Life is mine!
Miss Elizabeth: You will be stopped.

Maleficent: And who shall stop me? Your silly Angels are only worth standing around in metal lingerie like silly tarts. There's nothing that can be done. We can't truly hurt each other. All you can do is sit back and watch as I unleash my darkness upon Earth. And to think, a silly little dork girl will be the world's undoing.
Miss Elizabeth: I can't believe you tricked Miss M. I can't believe she fell for your lies.
Maleficent: It's easy to fall for anything when you are desperate. I found the perfect mindless fool to do my bidding in that half wit. She was so desperate to return to the land of the living, unaware that she was being played for a fool.
Miss Elizabeth: Poor Miss M. I can't imagine what she must be going through with the trickery you have placed on her.
Maleficent: Please. Feel not for that pale half-ling. She had it coming. Her vanity for a life once lived got in the way of her judgement. And now, she is going to help me usher my plans. (calls out for assistance)

Maleficent: Widow Maker!

Former Angel, Widow Maker flies in from the sky.
Her grotesque wings unfold as she prepares to land in the castle.

Widow Maker: Yes Maleficent?

Maleficent: Please, join the Dark Ponies and escort the lovely lady Elizabeth to her new home.
Widow Maker: What of Angela and the other Angels? They might put up a fight.
Maleficent: If they try to stop you, you know what to do.
Widow Maker: (taunts the lovely lady Elizabeth) This one is so pretty.

Miss Elizabeth: (looks away and gags) Maleficent, stop this. You can end this.
Maleficent: No my dear. This tale has just begun. After evil comes total darkness! (gives off her signature laugh.)
Widow Maker: Come on, get movin!

Miss Elizabeth: I'm moving!
Widow Maker: You can move a little faster, lest you want to be sliced!
Miss Elizabeth: Don't any of y'all get this? We are already dead! We can't hurt each other.
Widow Maker: I am the Widow Maker. I can inflict harm to anyone.

As Miss Elizabeth is taken away, an inkling of fear sprinkles down her spine. She has no idea how this story could possibly end.

Soon enough, Maleficent begins to use her magic to check up on Miss M.

Maleficent: Let me see what the dork girl is up to! Come to me special words and spells, let me find Miss M and see what that miscreant is up to!

With magic spells being chanted about, a familiar face looks on through a window.

Continuing to stare at all the evil unfolding in the Castle of Light, Ed quickly moves away from the window for fear of being caught by Maleficent.

Ed: Oh wow. So that's what happened to Miss M. Hmm, looks like the After Life is in trouble. I wonder if there is anything I can do...

As Ed hangs out by the window contemplating his options, the After Life continues to descend into darkness. There doesn't seem to be much hope left. The fate of the world rests in the hands of a pale dorky girl trapped in the body of a villainous witch from an 80's toy line. Tricked with trying to find a simple dragon figurine that will unleash darkness and open the gates of the After Life, will Miss M succeed in locating the dragon? Or will she find out the extent to which she is being used and find a way to stop Maleficent? And more importantly, will toy Miss M ever find her way back to her real body? Keep reading dear readers as the story of the summer unfolds!  


  1. Those Dark Ponies are kind of neat.

    1. They are mystery blind bag items by Funko. I love them. They look so cool!

  2. I had that Disney Castle as a kid. I used to play with Lego figures with it.

    1. The Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck figures that came with it were my favorite. I loved this castle so much as a kid.

  3. Fluttershy and Derpy Hooves are minions of darkness now?! ALL HOPE IS LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I should probably make an effort to rewatch Sleeping Beauty before Maleficent comes out. Elvind Earle's art direction in that film has had considerable influence on my work. If nothing else I'd like to watch this "Waking of Sleeping Beauty" (see the pun there?) documentary about how the film was made.

    1. lol I wouldn't say all hope is lost, but for the foreseeable future it might be. lol

      I love Sleeping Beauty. It isn't my favorite Disney film, but it is up there. Maleficent is certainly one of my favorite villains though. I love her look and her facial expressions in that movie. I haven't heard of that documentary, but I will have to check it out! I love those kinds of things.

  4. Ha! Say, that castle is really cool...!

    1. Thank you! I remember opening it up on Christmas and just freaking out with excitement. Of course, it is missing some pieces and it hasn't aged perfectly well through the years, but it still looks like fun! I hope you have been doing well!

  5. It's about time there were EVIL MY LITTLE PONIES!!!

    "The new Gothic collection for the depressed child...My EVIL Pony comes to you with jet black mane and Manic Panic hair, make you evil pony read Poe as she slits her hooves while listening to Bauhaus!"

    ...And, of course, I am just kidding around, they are cool though--I love my Junko Mizuno Pony--in its box and on a shelf where it belongs. Pretty cool.

    1. Every story needs an evil pony or two! lol That whole piece you just wrote was pretty funny. And the Junko Mizuno Pony stuff is really cool! I like that stuff.

  6. those dark pony figures are interesting along with that one called widow maker. plus interesting to see malicifient in the castle for thought she had stuck to earth in disques keeping watch on toy miss m can't wait to find out what happens next if the after life is stuck under her control or will some hero arise and save it

    1. Yeah, Funko has made some really cool blind bag minifigures where the ponies are all black but their hair is the only color. They are really cool. And Widow Maker has long been a Spawn figure I have tried to find and luckily my comic store had one sitting around for the longest so it only made sense that I'd eventually get her. lol
      I hope you are doing well!

  7. First thought: ED! FUCK YEEEAAH!! That is a different figure for him though right?
    Looks different than the one you used before.
    And what is up with that Maleficent movie coming out? Is she going to be the antagonist or the protagonist?

    1. Nope, it's the same Ed Lego figure. I just have his panda head on him. And the Maleficent movie is going to make her more understandable for why she went all evil. So I am not sure how she will end up being portrayed in the film, but I am looking forward to it.