Friday, February 13, 2015

After Dark: Friday the 13th!

Check in on everyone's favorite toys as After Dark continues, on Friday the 13th!

Sydney: It's Friday the 13th listeners, and while some of you are dealing with matters of the heart the day before Valentine's Day, let me remind you that not all is swell for everyone this time of year. Some of us are trying to find out what is happening to those we know and love...

At Bow's Place...

Bow: What is this? My bar is about to open, why have you brought Skeletor here?

He-Man: Because. We have found out from Miss M that my sister and this piece of bone-in evil were caught in a struggle of good and evil in space. I rushed to the space ship with Teela, and we were only able to find Skeletor and his minions. No sign of She-Ra anywhere.

Bow: Well where is She-Ra?

Teela: That's what we are trying to find out. Skeletor can't speak. And his Evil Warriors have no idea what happened.

Evil-Lyn: Hey, don't hate on us for having other things to do when we were in space. We aren't always up Skeletor's butt.

He-Man: Look, you must have had some idea what happened to my sister.

Evil-Lyn: None. Optikk was there for a little bit, but he got bored with the two of them fighting and he left to the ship's cafeteria. No one knows what happened to She-Ra.

Bow: Did you look over the entire ship? 

He-Man: Top to bottom. She-Ra was no where to be found.

Bow: Curse you Skeletor! Where is She-Ra!?

Bow: Have you tried getting him to write down what happened?
He-Man: Yep. He can only write in gibberish.

Teela: I think he has been muted, like they do in those Final Fantasy games.
Bow: We need a telepath. Someone to read his mind.

He-Man: Anybody know where we can find one of those?

Moments later...

Jean Grey: Look, I thank you for needing my help, but I still want people to think that I am dead.

He-Man: I understand, but this involves my sister.

Jean Grey: Fine. I will do my best.

Jean Grey tests Skeletor's mind, only to recoil in pain and horror!

Jean Grey: Ohh! Head spinning, feels like knives slicing my brain.

He-Man: Crap. This is not good.

Bow: We must find She-Ra.
He-Man: I didn't think you cared now that you've been involved with Cheetara.

Bow: She-Ra and I might be over, but that doesn't mean I wish her harm. I don't like the sound of this.

He-Man: Me either...

Back to the radio show After Dark...

Sydney: Mutants are missing left and right. No bodies have been found yet, but the authorities are doing everything they can to solve the case of these missing mutants. In other news from around the city, rumors have begun to swirl on the whereabouts of Velvet Sky. Listeners, you will recall that she was on trial in December for the murder of a young woman. She was found guilty but struck a plea deal with the court only if she could name the bigger threat: Hordak. Now both are at large and no one knows what fate either will suffer...

At the Cat Lady's lair...

Black Cat: Do you think Catra will really find Tiger Claw?

Catwoman: We can only hope. He needs to pay for what he did to the Cat Ladies. Cheetah still hasn't recovered from her attacks.

Cheetara: Yeah. I saw her yesterday, he really tortured her.

Black Cat: That just sounds horrible. Cheetara, are you all right? You haven't said much at all lately.

Cheetara: I just have a lot on my mind. Tygra is taking me back to court over custody of Wily Kit and Wily Kat. She-Hulk has taken on my case. Plus I'm just really concerned about Catra. She has a history with Tiger Claw.

Black Cat: That bastard. Sorry jerk. Both of them. Your lousy ex and this maniacal Tiger Claw.

Cheetara: I don't know what to do, what any of us should do actually. 

Suddenly, a guest arrives.

Velvet Sky: Is this the lair of the Cat Ladies?

Black Cat: Why are you here? We don't like you very much.

Velvet Sky: I'm here because I need your help. I need you to protect me.

Catwoman: Protect you? What do you need protection from?

Velvet Sky: Hordak. He has wanted me dead for weeks now for ratting him out during the trial in December.
Black Cat: We can't help you.

Velvet Sky: Please! You must! I know I hurt your friend Miss M, but I'll do whatever. I'll pay whatever. Please, just help me.

Black Cat: Hmm. You'll do whatever?

Velvet Sky: Yes. I swear.

Black Cat: All right. Fine. We'll come up with something.

Cheetara: We will?

Black Cat: Sure. We totally will...

And now, back to After Dark...

Sydney: Welcome back listeners. I thank our sponsors for such lovely commercials. Now, back to the show. We are about to talk to a special guest. He is a leading doctor in experimental surgeries to help people who have sustained injuries from explosions to learn how to regain their physicality following those events...

At Crystal Falls...

Mermista: Who are you?

Aquaman: My name is Aquaman. I'm here from the home health care provider.

Mermista: Huh?

Aquaman: I'm here to help you with water aerobics. Ya know, to get you back on your feet again.

Mermista: I'll never be the same again. Not since the explosion.

Aquaman: Snap out of it! You're sea royalty for crying out loud! Act like it! Now get in the water. We're starting your exercises right now.

Mermista: (steadies herself) Just who do you think you are talking to me like that?!

Aquaman: I'm the one that is going to work with you. From one aquatic character to the other. Now come on.

Mermista: Fine! But don't expect me to like it.

After Dark is still on the air...

Sydney: Wow, that was a riveting segment with Dr. Krueger. His surgical work sounds fascinating. For more information please visit his office on Elm Street. Now let's get back to the main topic of this show tonight. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, the day of love. All kinds of couples will be celebrating their love tomorrow. There will be the couples who are celebrating many years of love. And those that are just beginning something new. Either way, if you are in love or not, there is no denying that we are all surrounded by nothing but love right now...

In parts unknown...

Catra: Well, well, well. You are a hard man to find.

Tiger Claw: Catra. It's been so long.

Catra: Could have been a bit longer.

Tiger Claw: You aren't happy to see me? After all we used to mean to each other...

Catra: That's old news.

Tiger Claw: Very well. I see we should finish what we started.

Catra: I'd say so.

The two enter fisticlaws!

Tiger Claw: I forgot how good this was. The raw anger and heat between us. We made the best of lovers.

Catra: That was then, and this is now.
Tiger Claw: Come on, you can't tell me you don't feel anything for me...
Catra: I feel a lot.

Tiger Claw: All right. What do you want to know? You have me in a vulnerable state.

Catra: Who hired you to take out the Cat Ladies one by one?

Tiger Claw: You know this. Your boss: Hordak.
Catra: Why?

Tiger Claw: Because your team was solving a murder that he was involved in.
Catra: I see.

Tiger Claw: I'm willing to make a deal with you though.

Catra: A deal? Some things never change.

Tiger Claw: Come on. You know you want to try a few things, for old time sake. I scratch you and you scratch me.

Catra: (grins) Of course. It is hard to resist your devilish charms...

A few moments of passion later...

Tiger Claw: I forgot how good you were in bed. Especially when you change into your panther form. I like you like that.

Catra: Well it's a trick I don't do for everyone. Only the special ones.

Tiger Claw: Are you saying I'm special?

Catra: Of course. We were lovers once.

Tiger Claw: Yes. Maybe we can rekindle that? Hmm?

Catra: Maybe...


Catra: Or maybe not.

Tiger Claw: (coughs up blood) You shot me...

Catra: That's right. And I'm about to shoot you again. You see, there's a reason we didn't last. And there's a reason we will never be.

Tiger Claw: Don't shoot me again...

Catra: You messed with the wrong Cat Lady. No one kills one of us and gets away with it. The days of you hurting us are over.

Tiger Claw: I was only doing a job...

Catra: Some am I.


After Dark enters its final act of the night!

Sydney: All right listeners, now that's a show. I appreciate you all for calling in with your questions and for listening. After Dark will be back tomorrow night with a special Valentine's episode. Good night everyone.

Sydney: Tidus, where is Kenshin?
Tidus: He left early.
Sydney: Oh. Ok.

Tidus: Good show tonight though.

Sydney: Thank you. I am going to change and finish some late night grocery shopping.
Tidus: Have fun! See you tomorrow.

Sydney: Good night.

Moments later...

Sydney: My goodness, the streets sure are empty. It's not that late, I wonder where everyone could be?

Sydney: Hey Marty! I know you'll be closing soon, but I just needed to get some items real quick. Are you here?

Sydney: Marty? Oh my goodness. Marty!

Sydney: Marty!

Ghost Face: (looks at you, yes you, the reader) Now is the part where you should be screaming at Sydney, right behind you! This is a loving send up of Scream after all, and Sydney, you need to be looking right behind you!

Sydney: Marty? Oh my goodness, I think you are dead!

Groceries: Oh no!

Ghost Face: Hello... Sydney.

Sydney: We come face to face. But who are you really?

Ghost Face chases after Sydney Rutledge!

Sydney: Help! Someone help!

Sydney: Where is everyone? Help me!

Sydney: Please, someone help. I'm being stalked by a Scream knock off!

Sydney: Kenshin! What are you doing here?

Kenshin: I was headed home when I heard screaming.

Sydney: Oh my goodness, there was someone trying to kill me...

Kenshin: Where? No one is there.

Sydney: But Marty! My grocer! Hurry, we need to call the police.

Moments later...

Chief Wiggum: And you are sure you fell?

Marty: Yes, I'm certain. I was putting bottles of tomato paste up when I fell. The sauce got all over me and Sydney must have thought it was blood.

Sydney: I understand what you are saying, but Marty, there was someone dressed as the Ghost Face killer from the Scream movies. He tried to kill me and I feel like he is the person who has been stalking me for months now.

Chief Wiggum: Ma'am, there's no sign of this stalker you have been discussing. All we have here is a simple accident involving your grocer.

Sydney: I don't believe this. I'm not losing my mind!

Chief Wiggum: Ma'am, it's Friday the 13th. All kinds of spooky things happen. Probably some teens trying to be silly. I think we are done here.

Sydney: Unbelievable.

Marty: Sorry Sydney. Why don't you just take what you need for the night, on the house.

Sydney: No, I'm ok. Thank you Marty. I'm just going to go home and lock my doors, because I just don't feel safe after dark...

As Sydney heads home, her mystery stalker looks on...

Ghost Face: Look, don't hate the lameness of this story ok? It was written back as a companion fanfic piece by some dork girl in high school. Just run with it though, because it can only get crazier. Oh, and by the by, have a fun Friday the 13th!


  1. I wonder if social networking in the Marvel Universe has a way of letting your friends know you're no longer dead. Jean Grey has changed her mortality status to "Alive, but it's complicated."

    1. lol Jean has a very complicated life. lol I can only hope that she'll get it together at some point. lol

  2. Ahh, I see you must not own a Jason Vorhees figure, as you used Ghost Face instead for a Friday the 13th post! Still, I suppose he works better with a character named Sydney!
    But speaking of Friday the 13th, do you have a favorite installment? I think mine is the "Final Chapter"-you just can't beat the cast. Crispin Glover AND Corey Feldman!! But. I have to say, the MOST fun, I have ever had seeing a movie in a theater, was Freddy Vs. Jason! I saw it with like nine of my friends, and my one friend and I, who were about to move in together with each other back in college, had bet going, I was betting on Jason, he was betting on Freddy, and whoever won, got the biggest room in the apartment. Jason won, so I got the bigger room!! ( and I don't care what anyone says, Jason had the most limbs attached to his body at the end of the movie! He won!)
    BTW, who is Tiger Claw? He is a cute figure! Not as cute as Catra though!! Did you ever get a Shower Power Catra? That may be my choice for best Catra. Though "Scratchin Sounds" is up there.

    1. Yeah I think a Jason figure would have been fun but i didn't have one at my disposal. lol Now let's see, my favorite installment... Final Chapter is pretty darn good. I do like that one. I also like Jason Goes to Hell if only for that final scene that made me gasp! It also made me super excited for the eventual Freddy Vs. Jason, which was a fun movie.

      Tiger Claw is a villain from the new TMNT show and line. He is a cute figure! I like his eye patch! And I did get a shower power Catra. She doesn't have any accessories, but I do have her. She is the nicest Catra, but I do agree, Scratchin Sound Catra is a good one!

    2. I just thought of you because I remembered we were talking about how you didn't have a Jason figure, and I just found out that they made a purple Jason based on the NES Friday the 13th game!! Have you seen it!? It looks amazing!!

  3. But, Mr. Ghost Face, dorky girl's fanfic pieces are funny!!

    1. lol Thank you so much for that Yelinna! I know it isn't exactly the most original of stories, but I just want to make people laugh and enjoy toys. lol I hope you are doing well!