Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday I'm In Love: A Tribute to Numbers Nightclub

I've certainly discussed my delight in a few Kickstarter projects on here before, but this latest Kickstarter project is one I am totally in love with. Read on for more details!

I love the night life. Well. Sort of. I can't hang like I used to. Back in the day I loved nothing more than going out and dancing my life away with friends and an assortment of interesting people. Now my going out is once in a blue moon. Dancing all night takes a toll. My hips creak and moan like an old house in one of those scary movies from the 70's. I still love to rattle that old house though.

So does my brother Marcus. One of the places he goes to on a weekly basis is a legendary nightclub called Numbers. The place has been around for almost 40 years and every Friday night they play the best music from the 80's. This place has been special to my brother since he was a teen and two years ago he began working on a documentary chronicling the rich and unique history of this place. The interviews he worked on involved the various owners and employees as well as the patrons who have experienced and loved Numbers.

Throughout this process he has worked tirelessly and for nothing to capture as much footage as possible. Along the way he joined cosmic forces with a production company called Dinolion (Jeromy Barber and James Templeton) and together they pulled in more interviews with those involved with the history of Numbers as well as some amazing bands that have performed there.

On February 2nd Marcus and Dinolion launched their Kickstarter campaign to help raise money to see this film through. There are production costs to any film. Some of the costs include rights to music that they want in the film as well as travel expenses to interview other bands who are not in the immediate area and are no longer touring. For example he has already interviewed Andy Bell and Vince Clarke from Erasure. Erasure! Not to sound like a total fangirl, but Erasure was one of those bands I grew up with and to see the footage of my brother talking to this band... it is awe inspiring.

Official poster for the film
I took this picture of a photo my brother originally took
Yet another fun photo I took of my brother's personal photo
Recent night out at Numbers with friend
Another fun night at Numbers with my favorite guys Patrick and David
And one of me and my brother having a blast
I am beyond thrilled and proud of my brother for what he is doing. This is a love letter he has been penning for some time now and I want to see him achieve this dream. So please check out the Numbers Documentary Kickstarter link. Donate if you'd like or share this link with other people that might be interested. I know I usually talk about toys and toy stories on here, but I am a proud big sister and I wanted to share this for those who are interested! I thank you guys and gals for checking it out.

So stick around! I've got some really fun stuff lined up for this month. There's a certain love story baking with everyone's favorite Strawberry Shortcake female villain and a mystery man. Not to mention, the drama really heats up when a few heartbreaking things happen on Friday the 13th! Take care everyone.


  1. The day before Valentine's Day is Friday the 13th? I'm both surprised and not at all surprised at the same time.

    1. lol It certainly made for an interesting set of days huh?

  2. I don't have enough cash to be able to donate, but it does sound like a great cause! A great idea! I hope it all works out, and if the doc does get made, I'd love to watch it.
    And speaking of Erasure, I LOVE Chains of Love!!! My friend used to be hardcore into them back in high school, and he would play their greatest hits on the way to school. That was always my favorite song by them, "we used to talk about the weather, makein' plans together" -great stuff! Very catchy.
    And you can't possibly feel that old and creaky, like the Last House on the Left!! Haha! You are what? Early 30's? Me too, and even though we might FEEL old, there are a lot of 60 year olds who would kill to be us!!

    1. Thank you Nick! I am hoping it will work out too for him. Erasure is such a good band! I totally agree. I have so many songs on there that I love, it is hard to pick one. So much fun.

      And you are right, there are 60 year olds that would kill to be us. I agree. lol