Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Since today is Halloween, I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of Halloween themed toys. All the Halloween toys decided to get together and pose at Snake Mountain! Fortunately Skeletor was away trying to take over Eternia (yet again), so let's see what went on in his absence!

Here we have the Bride of Frankenstein, very spooky fun! Keep in mind the first one I opened lost her head, she was not having a good day. Neither was I, because homegirl was not cheap. I hope I can return the damaged mess.

The Werewolf was willing to jump in slime (or is it acid) for a bone.

Lego Minifigure Frankenstein's Monster is slowly making his way inside Snake Mt. He has a long ways to go to find his bride.

Mummy better watch out, or he'll get swept up! The Witch don't play.

This Dracula is sooo not a ladies man. (And yes, Willie Scott is in the middle.)

Slimer and Candy Broomsticks are making something wicked. Here's hoping Skeletor doesn't get any. Can you just imagine Skeletor's reaction to seeing a mini Lalaloopsy chillin on Snake Mountain? He'd die.

Another shot. Candy Broomsticks is actually kinda scary, she has buttons for eyes. That would freak me out.

Here is the Playmobil Witch, who also looks like a hobo. Or rather boho chic in that patchwork skirt. The Olsen twins better be taking notes!

Here are two recent things I picked up at Target because I could not resist. I am a sucker for cute stuff!
Polly Pocket Wonder Woman
Polly Pocket Super Girl

Those DC Super Hero costumes are so cute. I would love to see Hasbro's Strawberry Shortcake and friends throw on some Marvel Super Hero costumes. I could totally see Strawberry Shortcake making a great Jean Grey for Halloween.  

Ok, ok, I know I am pushing the bounds of dorkettedom. So before I get too out of control, let me wish you all a happy, fun, and safe Halloween! Be back here tomorrow, because November 1st will kick off a new Toy Chest Tuesday!

P.S. One of my best friend's birthdays is on Halloween. So on Saturday we all went out to celebrate at this huge block party. Everyone was dressed up, even your's truly. Anyways this picture captures the night perfectly. Someone lost their hair, that, or Cousin It was trampled to death. Either way it was a perfect picture! 

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