Monday, October 24, 2011

Miss M wants you... join the dork side! I have been incredibly busy as of late, but I wanted to share with you all this really great website I am a part of. It is called and it is just the best.

The site is a place for people to get together and talk about all types of geeky cool culture. Toys, video games, movies, tv, comics, you name it, everything is covered. (And if it isn't, it can be!) Everyone is friendly and great as well. So stop by and join. It is free and you can really find out everything you need to know about the past, current, and future pulse of geekdom!

If I can join a forum, you can too! Here is the thing, for as long as I have been logging on the internet I have been going to toy forums and other nerdy sites trying to find whatever information I could on my favorite things. I never joined those sites because I was scared that people would be like, "You aren't geeky enough." Or, "What's a girl like you doing collecting toys? This is a club for boys only!" I mean I don't know, I had a lot of neurotic stuff going on in my head about joining forums.

Well anyways, a couple years ago I joined the MattyCollector forums, and my goodness I had so much fun. Since then there has been a ton of drama on that site, so I am happy to now be a part of where everyone can respect each other's opinions and no one acts all cray-cray (that is the ultimate in crazy.)

Anyways like I mentioned earlier, I have been incredibly busy. These next few weeks will see me going through the depths of Snake Mountain and back, so i hope I will survive. However, get ready because I do have some great things coming up. We have Toy Chest Tuesday. There is the Jem fanfic, which I got a nice email about! So I know there is at least one person that likes it. We also need to catch up on some Night of the Living Roach stuff. Since Halloween is approaching, I am sure the Roaches might have some horrific things in store for our lovely heroine! Also I plan on watching Once Upon a Time on my dvr, and writing about it. So be sure to keep it back here!

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