Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Toy Chest Tuesday! Sour Grapes

Hello toy lovers! I have a new edition of Toy Chest Tuesday ready to go! Today we will be looking back on toys that smelled. More specifically from Strawberry Shortcake. Something strange has occured throughout Strawberry Shortcake's various incarnations and reboots. She hasn't really faced many enemies. Unless you count diabetes. I mean the only time that Shortcake and her friends had any real threats were from the original toyline. The Peculiar Purple Pie Man and Sour Grapes were the only villians to ever live in Strawberry Land. The Peculiar Purple Pie Man was an old guy that looked like a cross between Dr. Wiley and Luigi. Sour Grapes was his old partner in crime and always kind've reminded me of Ms. Havisham.

So here's the thing, old cranky people do not really make great enemies to kids that smell like fruit. Right? I don't see the threat. Unless the old cranky people are planning on baking Shortcake's friends into a dessert, I never understood why these folks were bad. In fact I always loved Sour Grapes. She smelled like grapes and her hair was purple with electric blue streaks. How could she not be cool?

I am going to show you pictures of my Sour Grapes mint in box. The one I had as a kid is at the bottom of a bin somewhere in my archival room. I have had a hard time trying to get everything out to display perfectly.

So there ya go. Sour Grapes. I could see how she might be somewhat frightening to the fruity kids of Strawberry Land. She has a pet snake wrapped around her shoulders, way before Britney Spears even knew what a snake was. The snakes name is Dregs. Her face also has those "I'm in a state of surprise" eye brows. Let's look closer...

I mean I love her. She has this tacky hot pink eye shadow on, and earrings that are clusters of grapes. She is like a crazy old grape lady. This is how I envision myself when I am Sour Grape's age. Drawn on eye brows, tacky hot pink eye shadow that I know I shouldn't be wearing. Finding ways to scare children that smell like baked goods. Wearing a live reptile for a stole. I will be the epitome of aging gracefully.

The side box explains that Sour Grapes' gown can be removed for dressing fun. I'm not sure but I think she'd slap someone for wanting to dress her up in anything other than a grape maxi dress. It also mentions that Dregs can be draped over her shoulders. Well at least she is not cruel to animals. This broad could be killing animals and wearing their furs like Cruella. No, she is more hardcore than that. She keeps the snake alive and wears him for fashion. Lady Gaga where are you? You've got your next performance outfit ready to go. Forget a meat dress, tape some real animals to you and see what happens!

Here is the back of the box. I don't know what Sour Grapes is trying to do with her arms, but she looks like she is stumbling through that broken down gate. I can't help but think, maybe the reason she loves grapes so much is that she uses the grapes to make her own special moonshine wine? Wouldn't that be great if Sour Grapes was really some wino? That would explain so much. The pet snake, the tacky make up. It all would make so much sense! Now all I need is a Robot Chicken episode to tackle Sour Grapes and her drinking ways. It would be awesome!

Anyways, that is it for this week of Toy Chest Tuesday! If all goes according to the postal service, next week should be a really cool Toy Chest Tuesday! I'm thinking something golden. And tricky...

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