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Adora's Search for Honor Part 2: Chapter 24

It is She-Ra Saturday! The greatest day of the week. I've been thinking about the importance of She-Ra Saturday and how She-Ra fans everywhere should get into the spirit of honoring She-Ra. So She-Ra fans near and far listen up, get your creative minds going and do something for She-Ra today! Honor She-Ra with making some new art, photography, writing, or whatever you can think of to celebrate She-Ra and all her friends (and enemies too!) Once you have done that, feel free to tweet, blog, or share in any way you feel comfortable. It is She-Ra Saturday!

For my part, the day continues with a thrilling new chapter...

Previously- She-Ra/Adora was searching for answers from Light Hope about the appearance of a second power sword. Her concerns were that her brother was somehow on Etheria... Frosta continued her path of icy attitude searching for her own answers regarding the upcoming Night of the Glitterbugs, a Whispering Woods tradition. She also gave some fashion/love advice to Glimmer that didn't go so well... Perfuma has been hiding a cocoon that she took from the Horde Labs in the Fright Zone. A few other rebels have caught on and are slightly curious to figure out what the deal is with that... And over in the Fright Zone Hordak was thrilled to find a way to control the Horde's latest addition, the new undead beauty: Double Trouble... But first, let's check in on Eternia...

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 2
Chapter 24

Queen Marlena finds herself alone with Duncan, the current Man-At-Arms inside a side room at the Royal Palace of Eternos on Eternia. "Duncan, I must know the status of the portal key. Are you any closer to completeing the device and saving my son?" Standing regal in an emerald green gown, Queen Marlena patiently awaits an answer.

Duncan hangs his head, "I am sorry Marlena. We are still having difficulties. We are close though." Marlena closes her eyes, "I understand that with Teela returning to the palace with your brother... it has caused problems, to say the least. But I do not have the time to have your own personal problems get in the way of a team going in to save Adam."

Trying to calm the Queen's nerves, Duncan listens as Marlena continues, "I know you are doing your best. And I am also aware that my son is... quite powerful." Duncan looks at Marlena with a bit of surprise. He wonders how much she knows about Adam's transforming powers into He-Man. "I may not no all the details, but I am his mother. I know enough. However that is not important. He may be the most powerful man in the universe, but that means nothing if he travels to an unkown world and is hurt, or worse. Duncan, I have lost one child. I think of my daughter every day, but I have accepted that I may never see her again. I cannot lose both my children. Please, do something. I beg of you." Marlena has tears in her eyes.

"Marlena, I have a great deal of help on this. Clamp Champ and Roboto are both tirelessly working to get the portal key up and running. It should be any day now." Marlena rubs a hand over her face, "Yes. I know you are all working so hard. I just miss my son. I want him back home." Nodding and trying to comfort her Duncan sighs, "We all want Adam to return. Hopefully with his sister..." Breaking away, Marlena shakes her head, "No. Please, that is too much to hope for. I can't let that possibility into my heart, because if it does not come true... I just can't." Marlena leaves the side room and enters into a regal hall. Duncan follows behind helping explain to the queen where her husband is currently at.

"He is in the prison ward?" Marlena asks turning to look at Duncan. He further explains, "Randor is with King Mercier. The Mer-King and some of his guards arrived at the Palace with two new prisoners. Mer Man and Clawful failed at trying to over throw the Mer-people. Randor is seeing that the Evil Warriors are given the correct cells."

The two make their way towards the prison ward. King Mercier and his guards are leaving, "Queen Marlena, how nice to see you." Tilting her head, Marlena greets the king, "It is nice to see you King Mercier. How is your family?"

"Much better now that our threat has been dealt with. I cannot thank you and your husband enough for allowing us such refuge on this planet. We are more than willing to help protect Eternia." Glad to hear the news the queen falters when King Mercier asks a question. "How is your family Queen Marlena? Is your son well?" Marlena lies, "Oh he is fine. We are all fine." Most people do not know that Adam is on another planet seeking his long lost sister. Marlena and Randor both agreed to keep this information away from most people, if only to protect the royal family's privacy.

King Mercier takes his leave and after he is gone Randor emerges from the prison ward. Hugging his wife, Randor can tell she is upset, "My dear, are you alright?" Nodding while trying to reign herself in, Marlena whispers, "I just miss Adam." Randor misses Adam too, "We must stay strong. I know that Duncan and the other Masters will find a way to bring our son home." The two walk away as Duncan remains. "Something will change soon." He promises to no one in particular.

Back on Etheria, Angella gathers a group of rebels together in her throne room. Standing on one side of Angella is Frosta while Kowl floats in the air looking at everyone walk in. Adora, Madame Razz, and Mermista take a seat on a bench in the front. Sea Hawk stands off to the corner while Bow and Netossa take a seat at another bench. Perfuma and Minwu walk in next. Minwu heads towards Bow and Netossa as Perfuma stands next to Angella. Glimmer breezes in walking past everyone to sit at the far end of a gilded bench. Frosta looks at Angella, "Where is Castaspella?"

"Casta has returned to Mystacor for the time being, she has other duties to attend to." Looking out at everyone Angella addresses the room, "Each one of you has proven to be an integral part of the Great Rebellion. As such I trust each and everyone of you and the thoughts you may have on a particular issue that has come to my attention." Perfuma closes her eyes briefly, full of concern. She has no idea how people will react to what she has done, though she isn't sure she has done anything wrong.

Angella continues, "It has been brought to my attention that we are in possession of something from the Fright Zone. On our most recent excursion into that monstrous place, Perfuma ventured into the Horde Labs." Angella addresses Perfuma and asks the flower maiden to share her events. Perfuma looks around and wonders who already knows the whole story, "I stepped away from the group, I had been with Mermista, Frosta, and Madame Razz. We were looking to save Kowl from the slave cells. I heard a voice calling out for help so I traveled into the Horde Labs. What I found was truly gruesome. Failed experiments with dead beings littered the area. I was able to find the source of the voice, it was coming from a cocoon. I shrunk the cocoon with some shrinking violet petals and took it with me."

Frosta rolls her eyes and interrupts, "Go on and tell them the rest darling. What was the cocoon doing there in the first place? Hmm?" Angella whispers, "Frosta, calm down." Perfuma is about to speak when Frosta breaks in again, "Oh enough. They need to know. The Horde were building weapons. The project was entitled the 'Winged Warriors.' Perfuma took a damn sample that is getting larger by the day. I've seen it with my own eyes. She brought a ticking bomb into this place!"

Shaking her head, Perfuma adds, "It isn't a bomb! Please, I heard a voice calling out. Whatever is inside that cocoon needs our compassion and understanding. It needs our help." Crossing her arms and talking over Perfuma, Frosta groans, "Yes that sounds just about right. Of course some awful Horde experiment is going to beg for help. And then once it is saved it will release a steady stream of little nightmares that kill us all!" Angella motions for some guards to come into the throne room. They are carrying the large cocoon on a gurney. There is a slight smell. Perfuma mentions that she sadly cannot hear the voice at the moment, but that she still feels it is important to keep it alive. Something inside the cocoon moves. Frosta tries not to gag.

Everyone is experiencing mixed thoughts about the news and sight of the cocoon. "What should we do with this?" Adora asks. Having already seen the cocoon, Adora knows that the sample could turn out to be good or evil. Or neither.

"Well darling, isn't it obvious? We have to kill it." Frosta utters full of resolve. Perfuma jumps up, "But we mustn't! I hear its voice sometimes, I really do! I'm not making this up. We cannot just kill a living being inside that cocoon! Please, someone help me to see reason." Angella rubs her head, "No one is killing anything yet. This is why we are all here, we must discuss this. We aren't sure what is inside that thing."

"There is nothing to discuss! It came from the Horde Labs! Let me torch it and call it a day!" Frosta huffs and adds, "I've already lost one home. I'm not about to sit here and watch some creature hatch from that blasted cocoon and take Bright Moon down to the ground." Sea Hawk chimes in, "The empress has a point. Will it really matter if we kill this thing? At least we'll be safe."

Bow argues, "We may be safe once the cocoon actually hatches. Who is to say what is really inside that cocoon, except the cocoon itself?"

"Oh how deep of you darling. While you all prattle on with some philosophical debate, we have a real matter to attend to. A decision must be made." Frosta says looking gravely serious. Mermista looks at Adora, "What should we do?" Adora has no clue. Minwu looks on at Perfuma and hates that this is happening. "I could monitor the cocoon. The moment anything seems dangerous we could destroy it. I think we need to have this cocoon live." Minwu smiles at Perfuma, trying to help.

"That is your opinion though Minwu. Everyone has their own notion of what should happen. With only one cocoon, there can only be one choice." Glimmer says looking at everyone before going back to being quiet. Floating around the room, Kowl speaks loudly, "Choice seems to be the apt word for this current predicament. Everyone has their own choice they'd like to instill on what happens to this cocoon. The popular choices being to either kill it or let it live. We need to find a way that everyone's choice can be heard." Kowl speaks and everyone listens.

"I like the idea Kowl, but what next? As we have discussed, many ideas and choices aside, it comes down to one clear winner." Angella knows in her heart what must be done. As Queen of Bright Moon she could end this entire drama with her own declaration, however she goes back to her reason for the group meeting, "We will make a vote. As I mentioned, I trust you all so much. You have all proven yourselves to be mighty rebels. With that said, I am asking that you all make a vote, to either destroy the cocoon or let it live to be something else. I will give you all the night to think this through. We will meet here in the morning to cast the votes."

Frosta does a quick head count, "There is an even number of us Angella. I see this turning into a disaster darling." Nodding and standing up from the throne, Angella looks back at Frosta, "I am removing myself from this vote. You all have an opinion, use it. This cocoon is only getting bigger, and to ensure that we all have a voice in this kingdom, you will vote on it." Frosta and Perfuma both look on at Angella, "But you are the Queen! You could easily make a decision." Frosta chimes in, "Yes, make a decision Angella! You can't leave the fate of Bright Moon in our hands." Walking away from everyone, Angella turns, "This home belongs to all of us. As such everyone should have a chance to see how things are run. I will see you all tomorrow." The guards remove the cocoon to a safe place inside the castle. 

Chatter soon begins in the room. Frosta continues to argue that the cocoon should be burned. Perfuma and Minwu quickly leave to avoid anymore arguing. Kowl talks to Madame Razz about other matters. Adora let's it known to a few that her brother is on Etheria. Bow tries to talk to her, but she quickly walks away. He can't believe how far she is willing to avoid talking to him. Glimmer talks to Mermista briefly. The rebel princess eventually leaves. Sea Hawk and Frosta agree on destroying the cocoon, but even he grows tired of Frosta's increasing yammering that the cocoon has not been destroyed yet. Frosta moves on, hoping to find another person sharing her position. Netossa admits that the cocoon is a bit scary, but she is not ready to make a decision yet.

Mermista walks up to Frosta, "My, you certainly have a lot to say on the matter. Who would've thought you'd come to the defense of saving Bright Moon?"

"Don't start with me darling. Bright Moon may be a tragic place, but I know that it is no place for some deadly Horde experiment. I'm preserving our lives darling." Frosta walks to a bench to take a seat in the large throne room. Most everyone has left. Kowl and Madame Razz are off to the side working on old documents. Mermista thinks about her friend, "Is this just to prove yourself right and win something, or are you really worried about what is inside that cocoon?"

"I can't believe you'd say that Mermista! I'm not trying to be right in this. Perfuma took something from the Fright Zone, something she should have just left alone. Why can't anyone see that? We are all in danger. Don't you think so?" Frosta hopes for an agreement. Mermista shrugs, "I'm not sure what to believe. It sounds like Perfuma rescued something from being killed. I'd hate for us to kill something when we should be helping it..."

"I can't hear anymore Mermista. Honestly, I never pegged you for someone that would be so lost. It is a simple issue, you are either for it or you are against it." Doubting this logic, Mermista continues to add irritant into the wound, "This is not simple Frosta. You are foolish if you think this is a simple matter. There are multiple sides to what is happening. I understand that we may be in danger. But we don't really know that much now do we?"

Frosta gets up, "I can't talk to you about this. We don't have time to look at every perspective Mermista. Goodness, this is real life. While we sit around thinking about everyone's feelings... we may end up dead." Mermista recognizes her friend and notices that Frosta's frozen ideals need to be a little more fluid, "Why did you tell Glimmer to wear provocative clothing to get a man?"

"Where did that come from?" Frosta admonishes. Mermista stands up looking at her friend, "Adora told me before we all arrived in here." Raising an eye brow Frosta spits out, "Word sure travels fast around here." Mermista shakes her head, "Stop Frosta. No one was gossiping about you. Adora was simply filling me in on this whole cocoon business and she mentioned the detail about Glimmer. Why would you do that to her?"

Brushing it off casually Frosta groans, "Oh loosen up Mermista. It was a joke. I can't believe Glimmer actually took me seriously. When have I ever needed to dress like that to catch a man?" They look at each other and Mermista is concerned, "Glimmer has no idea of that! Frosta, what has gotten into you? Glimmer will one day be the queen of Bright Moon. She deserves our respect."

Pointing a finger Frosta glares, "She won't be my queen. I'm the Empress of the Kingdom of Snows. Don't forget that!" Sighing Mermista grabs Frosta's hand, "She'd deserve our respect regardless if she'd be a queen one day or not. Frosta... talk to me. What is going on?" Lifting her head high, Frosta turns, "I hate this place." Mermista is confused. Frosta turns and screams, "I hate this place! It is not my home! My home is gone. Damn it Mermista! I'm unhappy. I'm very unhappy and I don't know how to handle it. Everywhere I turn I see these face full of happiness in such misery. Not to mention the smell and everything else. Now we have some damn monster in a cocoon to deal with?! I hate it all."

"So then talk about it. Talk to me or who ever. But talk to someone. Frosta, you can't keep this all inside you. I don't want to see my friend turn into some huge bitch." Looking shocked, Frosta grabs hold of Mermista, "What has gotten into you darling? You've recently told me to shut up and now you are calling me a bitch? What is really going on?" She smiles which causes Mermista to smile too. The two walk off. Frosta separates though, "I just need to be alone for awhile. Good night darling." Mermista watches Frosta walk off. The mermaid smiles as Frosta heads towards Glimmer's room. The icy empress goes to speak with Glimmer. An apology is given and Frosta begins working on a friendship with Glimmer...

In another part of Bright Moon Netossa approaches Bow. He is playing a harp with a beautiful melody. "Bow, that sounds lovely." Bow nods, "Thank you Netossa. It isn't finished yet. I'm writing it for someone really special. Though I don't know why at this point." He stops playing and motions for Netossa to sit with him, "How are you Netossa? Has your friend woken yet?"

Shaking her head sadly, Netossa shrugs, "No, not yet. But Spinnerella's breath is getting better. I hope she'll wake soon." The archer nods and is happy to hear the news. He is also happy to be talking to Netossa. Bow does not know her that well, "What happens after she wakes?"

Netossa plays with some material on her skirt, "I'm not sure. For the longest time it seemed I knew what to expect out of my life. My father builds nets for the hunters in my village and my mother creates these wonderful fashions with the use of netting. I was going to follow in their footsteps. But, Bow, these last few months... I was on holiday with Spinnerella and though there have been terribly sad moments... I've gotten to see so much of the world. I'm actually a member of the Great Rebellion! I never thought that would occur in my wildest dreams. I'm not so sure I can go back. Of course I will return once Spinnerella has woken, but I'm not sure I can stay in my village. I want to continue seeing this world and experiencing everything."

Bow smiles, "I hope you get to experience it all Netossa. It sounds like a remarkable journey." Smiling and looking away, Netossa wonders if it will come true. Tradition in all its various forms could capture her, refusing to set her free. I wonder how I can make my dreams come true... Netossa ponders and continues talking with Bow, forming her own net. A net of friendship that includes so many wonderful members of the Great Rebellion...

Outside of Castle Bright Moon, Adora walks the grounds heading towards Sea Hawk's ship. It is floating in the air, but magically anchored to the ground. She climbs the ladder, reaching the top. Sea Hawk hears the commotion and approaches her, "I wasn't expecting any visitors." Adora looks at the pirate, "I wanted to talk to you."

Nodding with a devilish grin, Sea Hawk waves out his arm, "Come on, we can retire to my room." Adora stands firm folding her arms over her chest, "We can talk here. I am not interested in seeing your room." The pirate beams, "It is a lovely room. You won't regret it."

"Ugh. Is that all it usually takes for you to bed a woman? Not all of us are interested in sleeping with you." Adora comments cause the pirate to chuckle, "Princess, you are something else. What do you want to talk about?" Ignoring being called 'princess,' Adora looks around the ship, "I want to learn more about you. I know you have done a great deal for the rebellion, but I virtually know nothing of who you are. Except that you used to deliver items for Hordak."

Sea Hawk opens his arms, "Well what can I say. I'm a pirate." Adora closes her eyes, "But what does that mean? What is your character? I know you have slept with near every woman on Etheria. I know shiny treasures mean something to you. But what else? I mean is this ship even yours? Or did you steal it from someone?" Trying to make a joke and failing, Adora notices Sea Hawk's whole demeanor change. "This is my ship. My ship and no one elses. It was not stolen. If you must know princess, it belongs to my family. Passed down from generation to generation. It means the world to me."

"I'm sorry Sea Hawk. I had no idea. I did not mean to assume..." Smirking slightly, Sea Hawk tosses out, "Everyone has their own idea on who I am. I usually let them because I don't really care what people think. But we have known each other awhile haven't we?" Adora motions with her fingers, "I wouldn't say my scowling at you in the Fright Zone during your deliveries counts as knowing each other." They both laugh at that statement though Adora does acknowledge that they have certainly been in each other's orbit for some time. Adora asks if Sea Hawk has any family.

"No. My parents died when I was young. My grandmother raised me. She was the greatest pirate I've ever met. She taught me everything I know. When she died... It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with. She named me when I was born. My grandfather and her both knew that I would be the generation to bring this ship across the sea as well as roaming the skies. I proved my namesake." Sea Hawk is proud of what he has done with the ship. He smiles looking around at what he has added to his family name. Adora is surprised, "Wow. That is amazing. You are a very smart man to have made such an amazing piece of machinery." Sea Hawk nods and asks Adora if she is hungry.

"I could eat something, it has been a long day." Adora follows Sea Hawk into the tiny kitchen on the ship. He tells her to sit down as he starts working on something to eat for dinner. She looks at him in the kitchen and is slightly charmed to see a completely different side. They continue to talk. She shares more about her past and family. Having never met them, Adora is full of curiosity to see if her brother is actually on Etheria. "Do you think that is even possible?" Sea Hawk asks. "I think so. The Horde has long used portal devices for as long as I was there. It is possible that my brother opened a portal to come here. Of course, I hope." A tiny dinner of noodles, vegatables, and a gravy sauce is put together and they sit down to eat.

"Do you have anyone helping you to find your brother?" Sea Hawk asks. Adora nods taking a bite of some noodles and green vegatables, "Yes, She-Ra is helping me. She knows so much, I believe she'll find him." Taking a sip of her drink, Adora remarks on how good the food is.

Sea Hawk accepts the compliment and brings the discussion to She-Ra, "She is something else isn't she? I think I could stare at her all day, and never get tired." Trying to swallow her food and stop from choking, Adora goes on, "Excuse me?" Leaning back in his chair, Sea Hawk looks up to the ceiling, "I don't know what it is, but I find that woman to be incredibly sexy. I don't know if it is her skirt or those boots, but I just can't get enough. I just want to see her kick something..."

Adora feels uncomfortable, "Well I hardly think She-Ra wears that outfit to tease men." Sea Hawk sits forward taking a bite of his food, "Oh I'm sure she doesn't wear that for teasing and taunting. She could wear nothing but a lot of burlap and I'd still want to show her my room." Sea Hawk notices that Adora seems odd, "Oh, I'm sorry princess, is that too much? Sorry. We have just been talking and being so honest with each other, I find myself talking to you like you were one of my crew members..."

"Yes well, I am fine. I just don't see what the big deal is about what She-Ra wears. She is here to protect Etheria. She's in a white skirt, it's not that big of a deal. I mean I don't even wear pants. Mermista practically wears a skin tight strapless body suit. And then there is Frosta..." Sea Hawk lifts his arms up, "Hey, what just happened here? I never pegged you for such a prudey prudey princess."

Adora feels her chest getting hot, "I am not a prude. I just don't see why it has to matter so much about what She-Ra wears." Sea Hawk shakes his head, "Ah. I get it. You are jealous of her. Hey it's ok. I like what you wear too Adora..." Adora sits up shocked, "Believe me, I am not even close to being jealous of She-Ra. At all." Raising an eyebrow Sea Hawk grins, "You could've fooled me."

Running a hand through her hair, Adora groans, "You really are something else. I hate to break it to you Sea Hawk, but not all women are interested in the thoughts that go on between your legs." Adora stands up. Sea Hawk stands as well, "Adora, this still looks like jealousy to me." Adora grabs her plate of food and flips it over on Sea Hawk's head, the gravy and noodles getting stuck in his red hair. Adora smirks, "You are an ass. Do not assume things about me Sea Hawk, because you don't know who I am at all." Adora quickly leaves while Sea Hawk stands there with food on his head. He says aloud, "Well that was interesting."

Over in the Fright Zone, Catra is patiently waiting for Hordak. Shadow Weaver is keeping her company. "Catra, where did those marks come from on your chest?" Catra looks down and realizes her scratch marks from awhile ago are visible. She covers her chest up, "Nothing." Catra sits in silence wanting to remain in her own thoughts. Shadow Weaver has another plan, "I want to make sure you are alright. I have looked over you since you were a baby, if there is something wrong with you, please let me know. I can help. Have I not done a wonderful job teaching you the ways of your magic capabilities?"

Catra looks forward at a stone wall in front of her. She wishes Shadow Weaver would leave her alone. For some reason the mistress of dark magic has been increasing her presence in Catra's life. Catra is not sure what that means, "Shadow Weaver, my own mother tossed me away when I was born. What makes you think I need you looking out for me?" Shaking her head, Shadow Weaver rasps, "I know more than you think. Looking after you is a major priority..." Hordak soon enters the room breaking all manner of cryptic conversation.

Hordak requires an audience in the slave mines. Catra hisses, "We aren't going to find another undead woman are we?" Hordak snorts, "Of course not. Double Trouble is truly one of a kind. I wouldn't dream of having a duplicate. Now, hurry. To the slave mines." Catra and Shadow Weaver follow. As they walk down the dark shadowy halls of the Fright Zone, Cara briefly looks over at Shadow Weaver. She wonders all the things that Weaver knows, particularly anything that could relate to Catra's birth. Catra asks quietly, what type of relationship does she share with me?

The trio make it to a balcony overlooking a clearing in the slave mines. A few Horde Troopers down below spot Hordak, Catra, and Shadow Weaver. They walk towards the balcony as Hordak pulls down a ladder. None of the slaves even notice what is happening. Soon Hordak booms from the balcony, "It has been a pleasure to watch you all work so hard for the Horde. Please, take a moment to rest and listen to what I have to say..."

Frail women and men of all ages stop the work they are doing. Some people are crushing up rocks while others are digging. A group of people are pushing a large crate full of colorful rocks that momentarily stops as Hordak's words reach them. "Do know that your work is not in vain. Today will be a must thankful of days for one of you. I have lowered a ladder. The first person who can reach the top of this balcony, will be free from the work in the slave mines. Now... run to me!" Hordak snorts. The slave workers come running from various directions. People are screaming and shoving each other out of the way. A mass is forming around the ladder while a few try to reach the balcony in other ways.

Hordak looks on at the crowd with glee. He is searching for someone who has what it takes... Catra looks over at Shadow Weaver, "What is this about?" Shadow Weaver simply shakes her head.

One woman in the crowd feels her freedom at the tip of her fingers. She envisions herself climbing up that ladder no matter what. People are beginning to trample each other trying to get to the top, but she takes her time. Waiting until the moment is just right, she grabs some rocks and uses them as weapons to club people over the head. Fighting her way to the ladder, the woman kicks and claws making it higher and higher, ever closer to the top. People are bleeding and screaming. The Horde Troopers begin shooting some people with freeze rays. The crowd is becoming too massive.

The woman from the crowd eventually reaches her hands over the railing. Hordak stands, waiting patiently for her to make it over the top. "Please, I am so close, help me!" The woman calls out and Hordak snorts, "Help yourself, before they all help themselves to you." The woman screams, she can feel people reaching for her feet, trying to drag her down. She perseveres though. Her freedom is of the upmost purpose. Eventually she makes it over the railing and collapses onto the balcony floor. Catra nad Shadow Weaver look on in shock and slight admiration, though neither would never admit it.

Hordak kneels down at the woman, "What is your name my dear?" The woman looks up at him. She is shaking, "I do not have a name. I was born inside the slave mines. I only have a number." Catra looks on at the girl and thinks to herself, that could have been me. How was it that I was lucky enough to be brought into the Horde Academy? I was born from a slave in the mines, what was so different about me? Catra wonders this and looks over at Shadow Weaver, I think she has some answers...
Snorting at the woman, Hordak grins, "Well that makes no difference. You are free from the slave mines, so your number will be useless. But you will need a new name. Come, follow me." Hordak leaves the area as a large group of people begrudgingly get forced back to work. The woman with no name follows behind Hordak and looks over her shoulder at Catra and Shadow Weaver. "When will I be able to leave here?" She asks looking around the Fright Zone. Hordak is heading towards the Horde Labs, "My dear, you won't be leaving this place." Full of confusion the woman looks around, "I thought I was fighting for my freedom."

"Oh you were. Freedom from the slave mines. My dear, you will always be a part of the Horde." Hordak travels through the doors into the Horde Labs. Catra pushes the nameless woman in the room. "What is this place?" She continues to look around, very fearful and cautious. Hordak motions for Shadow Weaver to grab hold of a clear tray on a metal shelf. He looks back, "You are in the Horde Labs. I believe in the creation of new and wonderful things. Life has so much to offer, don't you think? Just look at you, a poor slave girl from the mines, on the cusp of a very important transformation." The woman cowers trying to plan an escape. Catra grabs hold of her shoulders and purrs, "Thinking of leaving? Stay. Let us get to know you more..."

Shadow Weaver places the clear tray on a table. Hordak looks at the contents inside, "One of the important things I try to do on every world I conquer is to take as many specimens as I can. Each world I have visited is full of so many interesting things. Take this little creature for example," Hordak lifts a small beast out of the tray. It has claws and a long segmented tail with a giant stinger at the end, "One such world I conquered ages ago called this little thing a scorpion. I have always been fond of the scorpion. A natural fighter with so many deadly tools at its disposal. Filled with deadly venom, I have always wanted my own scorpion warrior." Hordak looks over at the woman, "You are a natural fighter my dear. Welcome to the Horde." Hordak rushes the woman, forcing her mouth open. She twists trying to move away from the fearsome Horde leader. Catra has her firmly planted in one place.

With mouth open, Hordak places the scorpion on the woman's tongue. Quickly clasping her mouth shut, Hordak looks down at her, "Swallow. Now." The woman squirms, feeling the scorpion try to move around in her mouth. She can feel the claws pinch inside her cheeks. Eventually with nothing left to do, she swallows the scorpion. Hoping that is the end, she screams as she realizes that the scorpion has a mind all its own. She can feel it crawl down her throat.

Catra and Hordak can see the tail's stinger slide under the skin of the woman's neck. Shadow Weaver orders for them to place her in the incubation chamber. The woman continues to scream as she feels the scorpion pinch and sting her on the inside of her body. It is releasing something into her system. "What are you doing to me?"

Hordak grins, "I am giving you a new life. Enjoy." The woman is placed in the incubation chamber and screams as the door is shut on her. As Shadow Weaver messes with a keypad on the chamber door, Hordak explains something to Catra, "The Horde needs new blood. Now that She-Ra is running around giving the people of Etheria something to hope for, I believe in finding ways to fight back even harder. I want to make sure we strike fear into the hearts of all Etherians. We have a job to do, and no one is going to get in our way." Catra listens, wondering what will befall the nameless woman. Shadow Weaver looks over at Hordak, "She'll be done soon mighty Hordak." Clapping his hands, Hordak snorts, "Wonderful. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find Entrapta." Catra and Shadow Weaver remain in the room. They silently look at each other. Catra wants to ask so many questions, but doesn't. She simply leaves to retire to her room.

Hordak heads into a work area that Entrapta as fashioned into a weapons room among other things. It is a space where she works on her various projects. Modulok is with her. She is trying to convey something to the beast, "Now listen, stop grunting and focus! If you want to be more than a monster you're going to have to act a little more interested!" Entrapta looks up at Hordak. She dismisses Modulok. Watching Modulok leave the room, Hordak asks, "What was that about Entrapta?" The tricky golden beauty looks down at her work, "Modulok's regenerative tissue is interesting. We've thought him nothing more than a mash up of body parts and brute force, but I think he might be worth much more to us. Multi Bot has been working on some electronic chips for the creature's two heads. We might be able to jump start something more."

"Nice. How about my request for you, were you able to extract any memories from Double Trouble?" Hordak sits at the table next to Entrapta. One of her ponytails moves around, grabbing a pair of goggles, "I have retrieved some. Memories are so very interesting. Some have sound, but all the ones I have pulled so far have vision attached to them. You'll see some very interesting things Hordak." Grabbing hold of the goggles, Hordak flips them over his head, "How does this work?" Entrapta fiddles with some controls, "Very easy hmm? You can control the memories with the buttons over here," Entrapta hands a controller to Hordak, "And all you have to do now is enjoy." Entrapta goes back to her work as Hordak grins, "Yes, this is exactly what I wanted..."

As the night ends, the residents of Bright Moon wake up to begin a new day. After the events from the night before, the chosen rebels make their way into Angella's throne room with much on their minds. A vote is about to begin that will usher in the fate of a mysterious cocoon from the Fright Zone. For some rebels the vote is easy and simple. For other rebels the vote is difficult. Some are not comfortable voting on the fate of the cocoon. Angella looks at everyone in her throne room. "Good morning to you all. I trust you have all come to a conclusion? Are you ready to make your votes?"

The rebels all look at each other. Perfuma is the first to step forward, "I vote that we nurture and help this cocoon. Whatever is in there will have my full support..." Frosta jumps in next, "And I vote that we burn the bastard to the ground. I'll stomp the flames out under my heels." Perfuma looks over at Frosta. She can't believe how her friend is behaving, "Frosta..." Shrugging it off, Frosta smiles, "Don't worry darling. We're still friends. We just have a difference of opinion."

Mermista steps forward next, "I vote with Perfuma." Frosta stammers and is surprised by Mermista's choice. Adora also joins Mermista in voting with Perfuma. Everyone's eyes turn to Sea Hawk, "Don't worry Frosta. You won't be all cold and lonely. I agree with you, there is no place for a Horde experiment in here." Sea Hawk stands tall smiling over at Adora, while she grimaces.

Netossa hangs her head, "I dislike being in this position, but my vote is with Frosta. I don't want to experience a possible surprise attack from what's inside the cocoon." Glimmer joins the group with Frosta, "I vote with destroying the cocoon. This is my home, I don't want to risk all of our lives." Angella is proud that her daughter made a vote, but she is slightly upset with Glimmer's vote.

Minwu proudly stands by Perfuma, "I firmly believe we could handle any problems should something terrible arise from this cocoon. I feel though that Perfuma's motives were in the right place by taking the cocoon from the Fright Zone. Being a rebel means helping everyone, no matter where they came from or who they are." Perfuma smiles and holds onto Minwu's hand. Frosta rolls her eyes, "You say that now. It's all sweet until our heads start rolling."

Adora looks over at Madame Razz, "What is your vote Razz?" The old witchy woman looks at Adora, "I'm sorry dearie. I just can't trust anything that has been sitting in the Fright Zone. I think we should get rid of the cocoon." Adora understands, "That is alright Madame Razz."

Bow looks at his friends. "Can I just say, this is a shame that we have to be involved in this decision. We are all friends. Some of us have known each other only briefly while others have been dear friends for some time. We should all be able to reach a common ground. Perfuma took something from the Fright Zone, but I believe her when she says that this cocoon is not going to pose a threat. My vote is with her." Bow looks at Perfuma and smiles. She looks back at him as if to say thanks.

There is one last vote to be made. Kowl flies around looking at everyone. "Bow's words carry an important weight. We are all friends in this. No matter the outcome we should all walk away friends. I have been a prisoner for far too long with the Horde. I know the importance of us all sticking together. With that said, I am mostly in agreement with Frosta. I do not feel it safe to have this Horde experiment in Bright Moon and the Whispering Woods."

Perfuma looks crestfallen, "We can't kill it. That is just wrong." Kowl agrees, "I don't think we should destroy it. I believe we should deliver it elsewhere and let it hatch someplace else." Frosta jumps up, "Why would we do such a thing? It would merely find its way back to us." Angella chimes in, "Not necessarily. The Whispering Woods are protected by magical forces." Frosta groans, "You mean those blasted glitterbugs." Angella nods and declares a new plan. The cocoon will be removed from the castle and dropped off at a distance from the Whispering Woods. Frosta wants to be the one to do the drop off, but Perfuma speaks up, "I want to do this. I took the cocoon from the Horde Labs and I will be the one to take it away from here." Adora, Kowl, and Madame Razz agree to accompany Perfuma as proof.

With the plan set, Perfuma gathers the large cocoon up and leaves with Adora, Kowl, and Madame Razz. They travel to the far end of the Whispering Woods. Exiting the magical wooden wonderland, the group eventually travels to a stream of rushing water. Perfuma builds a basket made of flowers and explains that she'll set the cocoon on a journey down the river. Kowl and Adora begin talking with Madame Razz as Perfuma says her goodbyes.

The conversation leads to Kowl's imprisonment. Adora finds out about Kowl's fellow prison mates and their unique stories. Kowl soon realizes something, "Oh my, the answer has been in my face this whole time. I was across from a prisoner who may very well be your brother..." Adora listens to Kowl explain. She is hopeful and has an idea, "Kowl, you must come with me. I think I know who could help us..."

By the river, Perfuma places the basket on the water, "I'm so sorry for all this. I was afraid some people would be frightened, but I know how special you are. I hope you make it through your next journey. Goodbye." Perfuma closes her eyes and hopes she is doing the right thing. Walking back to the group, Perfuma senses something different. "Is everything alright?"

Adora smiles, "Yes. Hurry Perfuma, we must return to Bright Moon. We need to get a team together. We're visiting Peekablue."

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Peekablue gets some visitors!
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  1. aww-I thought there were so many adorable moments in this one. Adora was AdoraBLE with Sea Hawk! So sexy when they were flirting.(begs the question -who is hotter? She-Ra or Adora?) I hate to harp on it, but you are inadvertently making it seem like Glimmer and Frosta are-ya know-gonna happen-again. I realize it could be a mentor kind of a thing, but it's just sexy. That is a cute relationship and even if they don't end up as a lesbo-mance I would still strongly advise there be a scene where Frosta shows Glimmer how to-kiss?(gulp!) Anyway all kidding aside (not that that was kidding) good damn work and I can't wait to see that pod hatch out a baby "Buzz-Off"! Nice addition of Scorpia too-you should put in that one bad ass horde general guy that defies Hordak in the cartoon series. What the hell was his name? He was a Horde guy but he was good. Maybe you included him and I missed it,I still haven't read some of the really old ones you wrote, I came in on this narrative half way. (but what wad the good Horde Dude's name? I don't think iy was Admiral Blast-but I forget)
    Best line of the issue, and maybe of all time was by Adora
    Adora : "I don't even wear pants."
    oh, and what did you think of the chicks in Filmations Ghostbusters? Did you like Aparitia as a youth? Or Futura? Or Mysteria? I liked Aparrita personally.

    1. Well I'm glad you enjoyed this post. I personally wanted to add some humor. I also like the idea of Frosta being this woman that has a whole lot of life experiences, but really hasn't learned from them, and maybe she'll learn a thing or two by helping others. And there may not be any plans for any girl on girl kisses, Frosta will be a part of a really interesting moment. As for the cocoon, all will be revealed very very soon, and it will make for a very interesting experience.

      As for the Horde General, I believe there were two people that come to mind. One was Romeo, and he had a "romance" with Glimmer that was forbidden, but he ended up questioning a great deal of the Horde. (He will be making an appearance.) And there was one more character, but I am at a blank. I need to look it up. But yes, there was.

      And the whole dialogue between Adora and Sea Hawk was really nice. I loved that whole piece because I wanted to show that one the one hand these women are strong and tough, but how do they deal with a world where it may come down to "what is she wearing..." and how would Adora handle that.

      And i adore Filmation Ghostbusters. Mysteria was my favorite. I even did a Toy Chest Tuesday on her awhile back. I always thought she was incredibly cool. Thank you for the comment, and I hope you really like the next chapter. It is a doozy.