Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Toy Chest Tuesday! Miss Elizabeth

Alright toy fans, this is a big week for the dorky community. San Diego Comic Con descends upon Earth this weekend. The masses will be out in full force to celebrate many wonderful aspects of popular culture. One of the things I am looking forward to are the toy releases. Toy companies large and small will be heavily teasing and promoting their items for the upcoming year.

There are a few things I am looking forward to. Obviously I'm frothing at the mouth for the new releases from the Masters of the Universe Classics line. I am also ready to scream, "Showtime Synergy" for any news or pictures on the new Jem collector line by Hasbro and Integrity toys. Hasbro also has me curious to see what they have in store for Marvel Legends. There are actually many things I am excited to see and read about on the toy blogs over next weekend.

However there is one more bit of info that I really hope to see come out of SDCC. Mattel has a line on Mattycollector.com called WWE Legends. Last year fans got to vote on who would be featured in the line. I was overjoyed when Miss Elizabeth won the vote to be made into an action figure for the WWE Legends line. With a tentative release for November, I have my fingers crossed that we see her at this year's SDCC.

Now if you've been following this lil blog, you know that I have a very fond spot for Miss Elizabeth. Growing up my dad was never big on having his toes painted or playing tea with me. He wanted to do what he wanted to do, and if I was going to have any father/daughter bonding, I'd have to just deal with it. So we watched a lot of WWE (or rather the WWF as it was called at the time.) We also enjoyed playing Jeopardy on Nintendo.

So I grew up watching the lovely lady Elizabeth. And I grew to really look up to her. I thought she was kind and compassionate. And very glamorous. I wanted to be just like her. My dad also really enjoyed watching WWE with me. He got a kick out of the stories and stunts that the characters of the wacky WWE got themselves into. We also both flipped for the Ljn Wrestling Superstars toy line. My dad couldn't believe that some of the greats were given the toy treatment. I flipped out when my cousin told us the rumors of a Miss Elizabeth figure!

Anyways before I say anymore, let me share a little detail. I grew up sick. I was born with a genetic disease that took the medical community awhile to figure out I had. Needless to say I was bounced from hospital to hospital. There were days that I would be fine and others that I'd be down for the count for awhile.

One particular day I was feeling awful, just awful. I had a bad run that lasted a few days. Severe bone pain. Vomiting. Just a complete feeling of weakness. But my dad had called to tell me that he had a surprise for me, and when he got home from work he'd give it to me. I was not even sure what kind of surprise he was talking about. But it certainly got my mind off of being so sick, if only for a little bit.

So eventually my dad came home, and I was curious to see what this surprise was. He had something in a plastic bag and once it was removed I just about jumped for joy. It was a brand new Miss Elizabeth! My dad had stopped in a Toysrus just to look and see if there was a Miss Elizabeth, and after talking to an employee, he was able to get one. I was blissfully happy.

With that all said, I thought what better way to celebrate SDCC and the hope for a sneak peek at the new Miss Elizabeth than by looking back at the old one! Toy Chest Tuesday is ready to ruuuumble!!!

The Wrestling Superstars were giant rubbery figures. They came with posters and a few came with removable articles of clothing. Miss Elizabeth had a removable gold lamé
skirt. These figures were also pretty heavy, so the card was made with thick cardboard.

Here is a closer photo of the figure. She featured loud '80s eye make up and fancy gloves. For a brief moment in time I was obsessed with wearing gloves. I felt so classy. I also believe my penchant for gold lamé came from this toy. Or it was Glitter 'n Gold Jem, I can't really recall which. But I loved this figure! These toys were billed as figures that could be twisted and turned into all kinds of wrestling positions. I don't know about other folks, but they never moved that much. I guess if one was rough with the toy it could have moved in certain places, but I was more delicate in my play.

The back of the card featured a line up of possible figures to collect as well as a cool Wrestling Superstar card. I believe Miss Elizabeth was the only female from this line. I would eventually have a Hulk Hogan, because I figured Miss Elizabeth would need a boyfriend. (Hey I tried for a Macho Man, but was not lucky.) Anyways I've always been very weird about that. I have to buy things coupled up with something. For instance my mom and I were shopping once and there were these two cute duck plates for Easter. Each had a different design and I was like, "We must buy them both! They're soul mates and can't be separated." Someone just put me on Hoarders already. Put me out of my damn misery.

The lineup of figures to collect was impressive. I was not really interested in collecting a lot of the figures. However I was always curious to own the Jesse "The Body" Ventura Superstar figure because he wore pink pants. I always thought that was cute. But for the most part I just felt indifferent about owning these figures. I mean what was I going to do with giant male wrestling figures, essentially, in their underwear? Though I will say this, Jimmy Hart reminded me of one of my uncles.

As I have mentioned before on Toy Chest, I love cut and collect cards on the back of action figures. Little bios add so much to the overall product. Miss Elizabeth managed Randy "Macho Man" Savage. She also had a rivalry with "Scary" Sherri Martel. I fondly recall their rivalry and always liked that they were actually very close in real life. Of course there was also one of my favorite angles involving Macho Man and Hulk Hogan and who Miss Elizabeth would be standing for in the ring. Such good soapy drama! (She would stand by her Macho Man though, as they'd get married and divorced in real life.) Going back to the bio card though, Miss Elizabeth was portrayed as being gorgeous and mysterious. But things kind of turn into a "huh?" moment when, describing Macho Man, the card reports, "He treats her badly and doesn't show her the respect most wrestlers show their managers, yet she takes it all in stride." That just sounds so sad and unfortunate! I mean it was part of a fictional story, but it is kinda weird to read that. And a bit sad, because Miss Elizabeth died in 2003.

I was so devastated when I found out that she was no longer alive. It was Miss Elizabeth! How could she no longer be with us? Reports were that she had died from a drug and alcohol overdose. She was with Lex Luger at the time. This is just my personal opinion, but she deserved much better outta life. She was such an important part of my childhood and imagination. I wish she were still here. This is all the more reason why I really hope we see the new Miss Elizabeth WWE Legend figure at SDCC. I think it high time a nice figure is made to celebrate and honor "The First Lady of Wrestling."

So enjoy the walk down Toy Chest Lane! And be sure to comment your memories of the Wrestling Superstars figures! As well as your hopes for what comes out of SDCC this weekend! Be sure to check back soon, as I still need to crown the Heroic Hottie for the month of July! Until next time...


  1. She was my favourite as well, I remember watching wrestling when I was a kid as well with my Dad, my brother didn't come along till I was 9 years old, so we did that kind of stuff together, and I remember reading interviews and stuff about her in the WWF magazine, lol.

    1. Hey Sarah! I never read the WWF magazines, but my cousin did and I would always look through his issues at all the pictures and interviews, whenever we would visit my aunt and uncle. So many good memories. I'm glad that Elizabeth has such a nice following, because I would have been so upset if she hadn't gotten all the votes for her Legends release later on this year.

  2. Miss M. We have similar memories! One of my greatest memories is when my Dad brought me home a Jess The Body Ventura figure. At the time it was early on in the LJN run and Jesse was hard to find. When he gave me that bag I flipped. My Miss Elizabeth story was awesome too. My sister and I used to exchange our 1 Christmas gift on Christmas Eve and the year that Elizabeth was released I wanted her so bad and my sister gave her to me on Christmas eve and I was ecstatic. I was crazy about her and Mach. I even named my first pet bird Elizabeth after her. Glad you were on board with wrestling as a kid! I LOVED playing with the LJN figures with my Dad. Good Times! ttys

    1. Oh that is so cool! Ya know things were so different back then before the internet, because I never would have known that there was a Miss Elizabeth figure had my cousin not told me. My older cousin was always keeping me informed about the latest toy news. I also love your Elizabeth story! Now I apologize for not knowing this, but have you posted anything on www.thesexyarmpit.blogspot.com about your old Ljn toys? I'd love to see your Jesse Ventura figure. I always kinda wanted his figure! And yeah, wrestling at that time was so great. I just loved all the crazy stories and characters.

  3. By the way...I still have all the posters that came in the LJN packages!

    1. I love that you still have the old posters! That is the one thing I am upset about not opening this Elizabeth, I won't get to see the poster. If I recall the poster was a drawn version of the toy in the ring with the audience in the background. I think.

  4. WOW! You know how rare Elizabeth is--RARE! What an awesome figure to have. Is this the one your dad got you, or did you open that one years ago and get this to replace it?

    I had Corporal Kirchner and Brutus Beefcake (my favorite) loved it when he would cut off someones hair or scare them away with the hedge clippers!!!

    I haven't watched wrestling in over 10 years because its nothing like it used to be, but in the 80's--its prime, it was so enjoyable.

    As for the SDCC, I'm hoping that "The Boss" of Nerdsociety.com (no plug intended) is able to get me the Shockwave HISS Tank and the White Jinx, other than that, I'll skip the rest, even Hollywood Jem, its just too much right now. I'm a big fan of G.I. Joe (not Retaliation) and I need the best of that from the con.

    Great toy chest, Elizabeth was my favorite for years and my last was Victoria/Tara--because she could actually wrestle...I also liked Amy Dumas (Lita) because she also had skills.


    1. Well I wish this was the one my dad got for me. Sadly I have no idea where my original Elizabeth is at. I fear she has melted in the attic. I search for her every now and then in my parent's attic, but I have yet to find her. I hate that I ever allowed certain things to go in the attic to begin with. But the mint Elizabeth was something I came across to replace the one I have lost. I totally remember Brutus Beefcake and the hair cutting! OMG I totally remember that! I also liked Lita. I had a thing for the Hardy Boyz, so I when Lita came on to the scene I thought she was really cool too.

      I stopped watching wrestling ages ago, but my dad gets Wrestlemania every year on payper view tv and we watch it. I have no clue what is what anymore, but I know it makes him happy. He still gets such a kick out of it.

      I am with you on the Whit Jinx, I am looking forward to her. I like some G.I. Joe (mostly the female characters.) I would love a Hollywood jem, but I don't think that will be in the cards this go around. There are some really cool things though at this year's SDCC. I hope the loot from SDCC ends up on Nerdsociety.com.

  5. I remember one yr when I was about 6 or 7, my Dad took me to a wrestlemania event, because hulk hogan came to our city, he was against the big boss man, I remember being so excited, and getting one of those huge styrafoam fingers that fits on your whole hand, fun times! lol

    1. Oh how fun! I never went to an event, but there were a few times that my dad tried to get us tickets whenever Wrestlemania or some other event would come to town.