Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bits and Pieces! Wave 2

The Latest in Toy News!!!

Masters of the Universe Classics in Trouble?
The popular MOTUC toyline sold on is facing a bit of an uphill battle in terms of sales. Club Eternia Subscriptions are at a low and in order for the line to continue more subs need to be sold according to Scott Neitlich (Toyguru) the brand manager along with the Four Horsemen, Sculpt-ors of the awesome toy line. Club Eternia is the program created by Mattel to lock in customers for the year's release of figures. In the past sub sales have been great, but there were some changes with the 2013 subscription process that have not sat well with fans. Some do not like the five dollar increase as the increase effects the shipping for international customers. Also some fans are not thrilled with the items shown so far for the 2013 sub at this year's San Diego Comic Con and are unhappy that the full 2013 line up is not being released. (Due to legal reasons, the full lineup will not be released, but so far the items for 2013 do look pretty nice.)

These are just a few things that have lit some fans up, though the real reason behind the lower number in sub sells could really be anything. In all reality a pointed finger is not what fans need. What has come out of this new predicament is actually a rallying of fans wanting to see MOTUC continue and thrive. The toy line is an ultimate love letter to fans of He-Man and She-Ra as all manner of characters from the entire universe have been released since 2008. Next year has high hopes of very interesting and highly fan demanded characters seeing the light of day. Now all any one can do is get a sub, which is what fans are doing everywhere. From emailing online retailers with requests for bulk sub purchasing to special fan made videos, the He-Fans and She-Ravers are in full force to make sure this wonderful toy line continues. The enrollment period for purchasing a sub ends on August 6th, 2012. So for those interested, get a MOTUC sub. Like yesterday.

After SDCC
Well the 2012 San Diego Comic Con came and went in a flash a couple weeks ago, which means that a lot of fans are searching and hoping to get their hands on some cool exclusives. Some items are going to be difficult to come by. Who knew Derpy would reach such dizzying heights on the secondary market? Let's not even broach the subject of the exclusive Hollywood Jem doll. I've seen prices start from $350 all the way to $999 on the secondary market. I can only hope that Integrity Toys and Hasbro make the new Jem line in ample numbers. For fabulous Jem talk, head on over to It is free to join and is the perfect place to talk with other fans of Jem!

If you can't find an exclusive Hollywood Jem doll, I highly suggest purchasing the Haute Doll magazine. The August issue was given a special cover of the new Jem doll exclusively for SDCC. They are still going for a decent price on ebay and the magazine features a nice article by Carie Ferg with some pictures of Hollywood Jem on the inside. It is a nice magazine with all kinds of other articles for the doll collector too! 

Most of the exclusives from Hasbro are sold out, but there are a few items still available by Mattel on (Items like the Monster High doll are gone.) The exclusives from Toysrus are slowly finding their way into the fantastic toy stores as well. However, that lovely Zecora from My Little Pony will be showing up in the fall.

And buyer beware, there are certain items that can be found that are not exactly what they seem. For example there is an Exclusive Sneak Preview Monster High item from SDCC that can be found fairly inexpensive on ebay, but this is not a sneak peek of any upcoming dolls (like I thought it would be.) The item actually contains a snippet of an upcoming MH book (Ghoulfriends Forever) with illustrations that might also show up in the book when it is released. The new story is written by Gitty Daneshvari and will debut this September at bookstores everywhere.

Gone for Good?
There were two lines I was hoping for new information on at SDCC. Sadly the new Thundercats relaunch is over and done. The Bandai line is scrapped and as of right now the animated show has been axed. I hate to see that, but don't count the 'Cats out yet, there may hopefully be some interest elsewhere for the line. Hopefully.

Strawberry Shortcake was also noticeably absent from all the SDCC festivities. With My Little Pony currently having a moment at Hasbro, I hope everyones sweet smelling friend is just chillin' in the kitchen and hasn't reached her expiration date. I'll be putting my Nancy Drew skills to the test and will get back to you all with any news on the matter!

Turtle Power!
Now that the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy line from Playmates is slowly finding its way out of the sewers and onto toy shelves, I have a very cool review for you that can be found on NerdSociety. Yes, yours truly, will be writing every now and then on the wonderful and super cool NerdSociety website. Paladin, faithful reader to Diary, asked me to join the great folks on NerdSociety. So I did! And I am taking the opportunity to hone my writing skills and open myself to even more readers! More will be detailed later, but that is it for now. Until next time!


  1. I'm done with mattycollector .I hadn't bought anything from them in 2 years because the site was a mess with the loading screens ,error screens and all of the other issue that came up every time I tried to buy from them. 2 years later I'm on early giving them another chance and I'm hit with all the same old problems. 20 minutes to put my sdcc Monster high Sarah Screams in the cart then 20 more minutes to the check out screen then I'm told its sold out.I can see why Mattel is having a hard time getting the sales they need .

    1. Yeah the shopping experience can be very unnerving. I have many stories about having an item in my cart and suddenly poof, the item is gone because it is now sold out. It is a faulty system, that I think (and want to believe) they are trying to fix. But it might be too late. I mean at the end of the day price increases and not knowing which items will be for sale 9 months from now is not the problem, it is the shopping experience. If people have to wait and fight for an item that is quickly gone, it doesn't help. On the flipside, the site contains items that aren't produced in large numbers, so there is a bit of fight to the death so to speak for purchasing anything. Though I would have liked the Monster High doll to be a lil higher in numbers. She went by way too quickly.

  2. I think one of the reasons that the MOTUC line would end up dead is the fact that the price hike is really too much--I've said it before that its not labor cost (an extra bowl of rice and a few cents are nothing) its the fact that the executives just want more money--greed, pure and simple. I'd live with wondering if all that was coming out would be lame no-name characters that were in the cartoon for 1 episode and a REAL character would come every 3 months. There is so much risk involved with the line. The figures don't really suck, most of them are really cool, well-sculpted, ect... I love most of them--Stinkor, for instance is awesome in every way! For me however, its the amount, I don't have the room anymore and I want to collect other things and my budget has been strangled by MOTU for the past 2 years and Voltron with MOTU for this year, its time to move on. Doing this doesn't make me any less of a fan, I'm as old-school as you can get--its just time to move on, I am looking for vintage toys now like adding to my M.A.S.K. collection.

    Thundercats is a shame, I blame Cartoon Network for not showing it on a good schedule, there would be a few episodes and then it would be in re-runs or just not on for weeks or over a month. The cartoon was great though--REALLY GREAT!

    I said it before, if someone wants Jem, they are better off paying for the vintage dolls. Hollywood Jem is really exceptional, but the aftermarket is just ridiculous. The magazine is awesome by the way. The Rockin' Roadster is on the back cover?

    With Monster High, I'm hoping that "Robecca" is available to buy, even if for a little bit--I really have to stop with MH...really, really, really...::shakes head:: LOL!!!

    Officially, on your blog--WELCOME TO NERDSOCIETY.COM! And everyone reading this, click the link for M's article on April, lots of great photos and a great article!!!
    The Turtles line of toys looks nice, but man...they used some cheap CG for the cartoon. I'll try to sit through one episode and I'll see where I go from there. I hope it comes on at a good time.

    I never mentioned it, but your She-Ra Magazine background is really cool.

    1. Well I think regardless if people get subs or not, it doesn't make anyone less a fan of He-Man and She-Ra. I think people do what they can, and in the end everyone is a fan but there are circumstances that will work for some and not others. It is what it is and I only hope that Mattel can realize this. I hope the line continues, I have been waiting since 2008 for some long awaited POP characters.

      I've given up on the new Jem, I will wait to see what happens when the line debuts and there are decent numbers for items. I can't over pay for an exclusive like that, I just can't. Now the Rockin' Roadster was on a smaller card that came with the magazine. On the flip side of the card were some coupons codes for Jem products, like a online t-shirt store, the Shout! Factory store, and the Spirit Halloween store.

      I really hope to get a Robecca too. I think she looks like a really cool doll! And after that, I am totally sure you will stop collecting MH. : )

      And thank you, I am very happy to be a part of! It is a really wonderful site! The cg for the Turtles does look a lil cheapy, but I do like the toyline a lot. I just hope it lasts longer than the poor Thundercats. They were robbed.

  3. Which Turtles are we talking here?Are these toys for the new Michael Bay Turtles movie that's in the works? I heard the tmnt are like aliens or something in that. I just think Michael Bay should be legally arrested. There should be some kind of a childhood memory-raping law where if you've defiled the sacred memory of a cherished franchise and put Shia Laboof in it you can just be arrested and put somewhere where you can't do it again.
    And I'm not even that big of a transformers fan! But if he does turtles I will have something to really be mad about. If he does turtles and then gets his hands on motu he will have officially retroactively voided my entire childhood.
    I didn't see the thundercats new cartoon-was it any good?
    and what are the planned motu classics characters coming out this year? Anyone you are looking forward to?

    1. The Turtles toys have nothing to do with any planned Michael Bay movie. These toys are from the new cartoon on Nickelodeon. There are figures for the new show and they are also doing a sort of TMNT Classics line to pay homage to the vintage toon.

      The new Thundercats toon was very good. The storylines were nice and i could see how they appealed to kids and adults. I just wish they had put more faith in it.

      The rest of the line up for MOTUC in 2012 is a Snake Men army builder two pack, Frosta, Mosquitor, Procrustus, and I am drawing a blank, oh yes, Rattlor.

      For 2013 there is Netossa (who I am really looking forward to) Fang Man, Fighting Foe Men, Filmation Randor, Ram Man, and Jitsu. I think I have named the sub items. There are some exclusive characters and such like Strobo that are coming out too, but I don't know what the deal is on Strobo.

      I can't wait for Frosta and Netossa though.

    2. just looked up the website for motu classics 2012 figures thus far cuz I haven't been keeping up with whats been coming out-I don't know how I feel about the "mighty spector" character idea as far as the new characters go-tho I kinda like the Dragon man character they came up with. I really dig that they made a figure for "Fearless Photog" the character that was designed by a fan for a contest in he man magazine back in the 80's. I like the idea of the gimmick of the character-he captures the likeness of his enemies he defeats on his chest-he kind of sucks them in him by taking their picture. I can imagine the original would have come with colorform type stickers of various characters to stick on his chest.Or maybe a revolving kind of a thing like the battle damage he man that could change the image on his chest. Kinda surprises me that a kid came up with the gimick cuz it seems real toy-company like.
      But have you seen the other entries in the contest? look at this link:

      I think the four hordesman should make "Neeta" and "Eye Beam" as well. I like how Eye Beam is essentially just a mad ball with arms and legs.

      What did you think of the horde prime figure? I kinda like it with the giant red hordak face-but I thought he was supposed to have two heads? didnt they say that in the toon? and who are the "star sisters"?

    3. 2012 did see a lot of great releases for MOTUC. I have enjoyed the year so far and I was not entirely sure what to expect. The new characters for the anniversary aren't bad, but i have not bought them. I just have gotten the stuff from the sub, though I do really like the Fearless Photog. i think he is an interesting character. The other voting choices from that link are cool, but i also wonder if Eye Beam was later used to inspire Optikk from the New Adventures of He-Man.

      I like the Horde Prime figure. I think the design is interesting and he has various options for display. the helmet. The head that looks similar to Hordak, and then the extra head that was packed inside to be swapped. That head was based off of a UK mini comic and kinda resembles a catfish.

      Now the Star Sisters are really special (at least to me) They were featured in one episode of the She-Ra cartoon but Mattel had plans to make them for a 4th series of She-Ra dolls. They only made it to the prototype phase because interest in the line basically waned. There are some pictures of the Star sisters though in their vintage form, because they were really close to being made. Each had a unique power and helped fight with the Great Rebellion. i have hinted at them in my fan fiction, though their role in the story is much bigger than their story in the cartoon.

  4. Love the toy news roundup. What a great post... and something you could consider adding as a new feature. Wouldn't have to be every week or anything, but maybe every other month depending on how much toy activity is taking place among all of the lines you cherish and collect. I don't collect Masters Classics or TMNT or Thundercats or Transformers, but I'm always curious to know what's going on, what's getting released, what was an untapped flop that had so much potential, especially on these series that are reintroductions or continuations of the brands I grew up with. I'm still curious if we'll see any new Shortcake stuff or if she's being tabled for another revamp (hey, the girl has had almost as many "new looks" over the years as Madonna). And hello, I'm so excited about new Jem stuff!! Keep rockin', Miss M!!

    - TJ

    1. Thank you TJ! I decided to do another one of these, it has been awhile since I did a Bits and Pieces. I think I will keep it up every month to month in a half. I am also thinking of contacting Hasbro and asking them about Strawberry Shortcake. I want to know what is going on. And the new Jem stuff is just awesome isn't it?

  5. PS - I actually had (still have somewhere) that He-Man magazine with Fearless Photog as the contest winner. I agree, how cool was it that they made the character after all these years. I do think they spend a bit too much time on obscure characters though (like those Foe Men... who?). I can see making some of the Filmation characters like Fang Man, even Icer and Shakoti would be cool, but I have to think even diehard He-Man and She-Ra fans would rather be spending their money on more well known characters considering how much the figures cost, buying that subscription deal, etc. Who wants to pay all that money for a subscription to something and then have it be characters you don't know or care less about...? (I don't really know how the program works though, so maybe I have it all wrong... just seems like if an investment in a sub was to for sure bring you Glimmer, SeaHawk, Saurod, Double Trouble, characters that you know - characters that were actually toys or featured on the cartoon - rather than some of the obscure or miscellaneous characters, more people might sign up... that's a lot of money to be getting characters you don't want in hopes that your favorites might be made one day if the line keeps going...)

    1. OMG i love that you have that magazine! The Fearless Photog is really cool. And even though the Fighting Foe Men are slightly growing on me, I do hope that the line can go back to basics and release these characters that fans have been demanding. I just feel like time is of the essence and it is crazy that we haven't seen the important ones from POP. The vintage MOTU character have pretty much been released, so I really want to see Glimmer, Mermista, Double Trouble. Perfuma. I mean all of them! lol I'm greedy.

  6. Funny story about "Optikk" I had him as a kid, but I have no recollection of ever seeing the space he-man cartoon ever. I liked optikk-but I think an Eye Beam would have been cooler because -think about the special feature-you could take his arms and legs off and turn him into a ball that you could roll into the other characters as an attack feature! A motu toy and a mad ball all in one!
    And I saw they remade optikk for the motu classics, which is cool, but I really like that "Slush Head" character they made from space he man. Not just cause he's a lizard guy in a helmet thing-but because he has a real cartoony look and his name is SLUSH HEAD!
    I looked up the "upcoming sales release" page which is I guess where you see the pics of the new ones. Frosta does look cool-do you think maybe they have made less PoP characters because there are more "He-Man" geeks than "she-ra" geeks willing to pay for the characters -and they assume that most of the subscribers are males? I personally would want the girl characters=but maybe other guys don't.
    I'm personally excited about Mosquitor. As I said, I had the original and liked him, I LOVE the Fang Man because he looks very filmation-as does the Randor. They really should put out some alternative "filmation design" characters. Filmation leech, filmation mantenna, filmation hordak etc. etc..
    One thing that sucked about the original toys was how vastly different they were from the cartoon characters. Meanwhile, I think the Filmation Ghostbusters toys really did capture the cartoony feel of that show. (another line that captured a feel of a cartoon was the Darkwing Duck toy line-which was sadly short lived. Sucks they never made a Liquidator toy!)
    Is Sir Laser Lot a new character? I love his name!
    I really like the new spikor, and am kinda surprised it took them this long to make a Ram Man.Who are the snake men in the two pack? Are they just random soldiers of the snake army? maybe they were in the 2003 cartoon.
    Also was castle gray skull man from anything? I can't see it clearly , but it looks like his face looks like castle gray skulls! that is cool if I'm seeing it right.
    I have NO idea who the "fighting foe men" are. I don't know who "Dekker" is either, but don't we all wish we had an "alternate young head"?

    1. Hey Spazzblister! I never had the vintage toys from the New Adventures of He-Man, mostly because I just wasn't into the whole Space He-Man concept. I was also slightly bitter that She-Ra was gone. lol And I do agree, Eye Beam would have made a really cool action figure. The idea of a character removing his limbs and rolling his giant eye after someone is gross in a fun way. Slush Head was also a nice looking character.

      Frosta looks amazing. And I think the line deos lean more towards the vintage MOTU characters because it seems like the majority of the fanbase is male that only wants He-Man characters, but there are a lot of female fans that want both He-Man and She-Ra characters as well as male fans too. I think the problem is that female figures have always had a stigma in the world of toy collecting. I think the assumption is that female figures won't sell as much or aren't as popular, but there are a lot of fans that want to see POP stuff.

      I'm not going crazy for Fang Man, but I am glad to see a Filmation character. The line will probably be seeing more Filmation characters now that Mattel has the licensing rights for those specific Filmation characters and designs. And the Filmation Ghostbusters toys really did capture the look of the cartoon toys unlike certain characters from MOTU. I would love to see a Filmation Mantenna. And I love Darkwing Duck, who may show up on a Toy Chest Tuesday at some point.

      Sir Laser Lot is a new character to celebrate the 30th anniversary of He-Man. Castle Grayskullman was the winning fan created character that was a part of the 30th anniversary contest. His face does indeed look like Castle Grayskull. The figure looks really cool.

      Ram Man took awhile to show up because of the cost it will take for his nique sculpt. the characters that share parts usually get made first, so characters that will have unique tooling (like wings, or Ram Man's overall size) will take longer to be seen in the line. The Snake Men two pack are just soldiers, they will have a bio I'm sure, but they aren't main characters of the Snake Men.

      The Figthing Foe Men are basically pilots from the box art for certain MOTU vehicles. They've been fleshed out more and will come with removeable chest pieces so they can be "good" or "bad." And Dekker was the trainer of Man-At-Arms I believe. He showed up in the 2003 He-Man cartoon. And I totally wish I had a younger alternate head. lol

  7. Characters I'd like to see are Modulok (gotta be hard to produce)Multi-Bot (ditto) Evil Seed, Suarad, Ninjor, Vultak, Inspector Darkney, Dyla-Mug, (another hard to one make I bet)
    Probably a good one to appeal to girls and and guys would be Octavia-since she's a monster and a girl all in one.

    Plundor would be pretty funny-I mean he's kinda lame, but they made "Mo-lar" for christ's sake! Strongarm would be pretty bad ass. Ssssqueze and Snake Face
    -man there are a lot I want.
    But I do think that before they do a lot of those they could at least do a Glimmer -I mean, even if they only plan on doing one PoP chick for every ten MOTU characters they should do her next. the Frosta looks amazing enough to inspire great confidence in how a Glimmer might come out. Kinda odd they made a Frosta first, but it's totally insane that they made those Star Sisters first!
    And how is they've made the fighting foe men and the snake men army builder thing but not a Horde Trooper?
    p.s- what's with all the hate for Fang Man? Dumb as he is as a character, the sculpt looks to be one of the more Filmationy I've seen. Me thinks you doth protest because they decided to go with such an obscure character instead of a more important PoP girl figure, which is a valid complaint,especially with the lines future in question, but one of the cool things about this line is that we get to see characters who never appeared in any type of figure form before. I really dig that-now of they made Fang Man AND Lizard Man before making Glimmer that would be unacceptable.

    1. I personally can't wait for Modulok and Mantenna. I am so ready for them to show up. The other ones that you listed would be cool too, and I would love to see Octavia. I think sets like the Star sisters and Fighting Foe Men were released sooner rather than later was most likely because there fandom is not super great, so the longer they waited the harder it would be to see them fully realized. I mean ever since I knew of their existence i have wanted them. But honestly, Glimmer does need to show up this year or next. It is a travesty that we haven't seen her yet.

      And I don't hate Fang Man, he just isn't one I'm super psyched about. Of course I would prefer a POP character, but I also understand that this line is for a whole slew of chaacters that everyone wants. So I am ok with him, I just guess I have more of an attachment to other Filmation characters. That said, he does look really good. But then again, the 4H are amazing at anything they do.

  8. do you have an order of importance in which you wish to see the POP chicks released? if so I'd like to see it.

    and what would be your top pics for male pop characters you most wish to see? I.E Horde Members, monsters,townsfolk, Sea Hawk (I'm thinking he's the number one male you'd like to see since they already made Bow)

    1. In terms of POP gals being released, I want to see Mermista next. After that I would like to see in order, Glimmer, Double Trouble, Castaspella, Entrapta, Spinnerella, Perfuma, Peekablue, Flutterina, Sweet Bee, and Angella. I think I have mentioned the regular line up of the figures. I would also like some other Catra variants, but with the way the lin is going, I would like the other ones released before any variants. I would also like to see Madame Razz, Scorpia, and Octavia too, because they've never been made into figures.

      And in terms of the men, I would love to see Sea Hawk and Mantenna. And of course Kowl.

      What about you?

  9. First I think they should do a Vampra figure based on your character and say it's for the 30th anniversary line of original characters! ( though I think they are only making so many of those)
    As far as an order for the other POP girls I think Glimmer should come soon because I remember her as being a pretty prominent character. I'd like to see peekablue next because of the cool tail and green hair she has, Perfuma then, because I remember her pretty vividly from the episode Flowers for Hordak,
    then I would be interested to see an Entrapa and see what they do for her hair feature. I mean, the hair is molded in this line after all. probably then double trouble for her action feature, Mermista then for the blue hair and fishyness, then Octavia and I suppose sweet bee, flutterina, spinerella, Angella and Castaspella.

    I kinda wasn't a fan of the Catra Sculpt. It's like, I dunno she isn't hot enough, maybe she should have been more feminine or more brightly colored. I don't know if they used any of her parts on Frosta because for some reason Frosta came out looking hot!and girly.
    I hate how I can't write these posts without getting one thousand red lines under everything I write because the spell check doesn't recognize motu characters names as real words!
    For the Horde guys and stuff I think Mantenna is the next essential character, Then either a Horde Trooper or Modulock,and if they do him they might as well do mutli-bot so you can do the mix and match.
    then I don't have a particular order really of importance but the never been made guys are pretty important like Dylamug and Vultak.
    I would also like to see some playsets and vehicles, the fright zone, Mantisaur, the slime pit, but I'm sure that's just wishful thinking! Were probably lucky that we're getting anything at all!
    (but what the heck is that 80 dollar dragon mask thing that they have in the upcoming releases?)

    1. I would love to have a Vampra figure! lol I didn't send her in to the contest because I had already created her and put her out in the universe before the the contest began, and I believe the rules were that the create-a-characters had to be totally brand new. And I'm not sure how people would have received the idea of Vampra anyway. But I do think she has that total charm of cheesy name and what-not that is such a hallmark of the line.

      I would like a new Catra. I like the one we got, but I would also like one that is more based from the toy. I think the toy Catra looked really pretty. This Catra Classics is very severe looking, plus I like Catra in black, red, and silver.

      Dylamug and Vultak are highly demanded by many fans. I'm sure we will see them at some point soon. And the 80 dollar dragon is Granymyr (I'm probably spelling that wrong) and it was a character from the He-Man cartoon. I don't recall his exact story, but I think he was in an episode or two.

      I love that you like Flowers for Hordak. In an upcoming chapter Perfuma has a lil moment that pays tribute to that fun episode. that is one of my favorite episodes.

  10. Even if they don't do Vampra, wou would think their would have been a vampire character in Motu by now. "Vampire-man" or "Bite-or" or really "Fang Man" just should have been a vampire.
    I guess Mosuiror is kind of a vampire but not really, they still could have made a separate actual vampire character.

    Flowers for Hordak is one of the most vivid memories of watching PoP as a kid. I think even as a child the concept of throwing perfuma into the "dankest, darkest, dingiest,dungeon" in the fright zone must have aroused some kinky bondage thoughts in me before I even knew what kinky bondage was.Maybe because Perfuma was so feminine and a dungeon is so horrible..the disparity between the two concepts stood out to me. And I vividly recall the bit with the trapdoor being filled with flowers, and it made me wonder "how the hell did she fill the entire trapdoor pit up with flowers"? Isn't it supposed to be huge? In one episode we see mantenna like being swept away by a huge ocean of water, so I never got that. Also, if Hordak was so annoyed with her, I wonder why he didn't just slime her to make her less perky. That would have been a better strategy than caving in to she-ra like he did.Though, the slime pit on the show really was different than the toy, I don't think it had the power to brainwash.
    Or maybe perfuma's love for flowers and perkyness would have been too powerful to slime and she would have stayed the same. Or been a really annoying slime slave.
    Also, the episode seemed to make Perfuma the most powerful member of the rebellion. It's like, they should have just left her there in the fright zone. She would have ended the horde in a week. Like the Dexter's Laboratory episode where Dee Dee destroys Mandark's lab.

    1. I am not sure why there was never any real vampire like characters on He-Man and She-Ra. I think there were some characters that could have come close to being a vampire like character, but there wasn't any true vampire character.

      I always loved Flowers for Hordak because it was nice to see an episode that did focus on Perfuma. I feel like out of all the characters she was seen as the big airhead, and there isn't anything wrong with that, but sometimes that just annoys people. I actually thought she was a great character that provided so much humor. The flowers everywhere. The conga line with the Horde Troopers. It was just a great episode. And the Sline Pit was incredibly different from the show and toy. I would like to think that if Perfuma had been slimed, it just wouldn't have done anything, like she'd be, "Has it done anything yet? Am I a horde slave now?" lol