Friday, July 20, 2012

I have been trying to do some writing, but I have not been able to really concentrate. I wanted to see how you were all doing. I woke up early this morning to await my nurse and at-home infusion so the first thing I saw was the news. I am so saddened and heartbroken by what happened in Aurora, Colorado. I can't even fathom what the victims and survivors were/are going through.

So I just want my thoughts and prayers to be out there for those who were killed. For those who are fighting to stay alive. For those who survived. For the family and friends of those involved. For all of us. The world is such a crazy place at times. I just don't understand any of it.

I hope you are all doing well. I had to turn the news off. It is just too much. I'm an old broad and have seen a lot of horrific news events and these things are always shocking. I am in awe of the bravery that the movie goers possessed while trying to be safe and survive. And for all the negativity that social media can possess, I don't know what we'd do without sites like Twitter or Facebook. The tweets and manner in which people were able to report what they were going through, it is astonishing how people were reaching out to let others know how they were doing. Not to mention the sense of community and outpouring of support from those sites as well. It is just astonishing. I hope everyone is well.


  1. Hey Miss M - glad you posted this. I just posted something along the same lines over on JemCon. I think sometimes our silly scrambling over a doll or our excitement over our geeky obsessions, or a crappy day at a job where we feel sorry for ourselves, or whatever we've got going on in our brains when we're sitting in traffic... these things kind of seem so small when something like this happens. I need to turn off the news too. I've just been sick over this all day. We watch the news to try to understand why it happened, but really... no one can tell us why. It's senseless. It makes no sense. Here in America we're used to our lives where we feel relatively safe and privilaged, and we can get so used to and even forget about the senseless violence in the rest of the world. When it happens here at home... I think it wakes us up a little to what really matters in life. Toys and geek stuff are fun and a way for people to come together as a community. And please don't let this stop you from enjoying your life, your writing, sharing with all of us who visit you here. But you're right, it's hard to focus on that kind of stuff when your mind is on the violence, the victims, the families, and hopefully on our own families, friends, and loved ones. This is an act of senseless violence that shakes us and reminds us of how lucky we are to have the special people in our lives, or the little hobbies and treasures that make us happy. I'm going to be sad over this for awhile, but hopefully a little more appreciative of each and every day too.

    Stay safe, Miss M! - TJ

    1. Hey TJ. That is all so true. It is so important to hold onto life and enjoy every moment. Love and care for those in your life! Not just family anf friends, but even the people you come across in the most random of ways, at a store or in school. Or anywhere. I just think we all need to care for one another and be thoughtful.

      I hope you are well. It is nice to hear from you. I will talk to you later!

  2. don't worry m for we all are trying to figure out why this tragedy happen . for its a shock for every one. so if you have to take a break from writing here as a way to deal like every one else trying to figure out why this tragedy happen do so. for if this thing has taught us that get out all you can in life. and do what makes you happy other wise nutcases like the shooter in Aauro win in their goal to make every one become afraid of lie any more