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Adora's Search for Honor Part 2: Chapter 35

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Previously: Sweet Bee fought off a zombie Double Trouble disguised as She-Ra. The honey of a guide is stranded on Etheria in the Kingdom of Snows, hoping to find her way home... Hordak and Skeletor are both feeling the stress by Horde Prime to capture both Eternia and Etheria for their magical energy... Adora has met her brother Adam, as such She-Ra and He-Man have also met and plan to work together to get rid of Hordak on Etheria... Finally a free man on Eternia, Skeletor has been doing his best to take full control over Eternia. Having grown tired of her complicated relationship with Skeletor, Evil-Lyn began having an affair with Tri-Klops... Teela has been staying in Castle Grayskull, ever since Skeletor's escape from prison. Her stay in the castle has begun to reveal all kinds of secrets, secrets that she is not sure how to handle... She-Ra and He-Man joined Mermista and Frosta on a trip to see the remnants of Frosta's home. Frosta wants to see her home, but she is also becoming highly enamored with He-Man, much to his chagrin.

And now...

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 2
Chapter 35

Evil-Lyn is naked. She is wrapped in nothing but a black fur cape, but she is still naked. Laying on the floor inside of Snake Mountain, the evil warrior goddess looks in front of her at the empty base that once stood Skeletor's throne. The old throne is new and shiny in the Eternos Palace. A hand grazes her shoulder and she turns to look at Tri-Klops, who is also naked. "What are you looking at Evil-Lyn?"

She turns away from her secret lover and stares at the empty space, "It is strange, to be here. For so long this mountain was our home. Now that Skeletor has taken over Eternia, no one is here anymore. It is so empty." Tri-Klops understands what she means, "Many plots to take over the world have happened here."

"And now we use it as a place to enjoy in our desires." Evil-Lyn says, her closely shorn hair still sweaty from their bodies connecting. "Our admiration for each other's flesh will have to end though. This wasn't going to go on forever..." She motions to her body, covered in the rich fur. Tri-Klops is leaning in to caress her bare shoulder with his lips, but he quickly refrains, "What do you mean?"

Turning to stare at her lover, Evil-Lyn cocks an eyebrow, "Isn't it clear? Skeletor is mere moments from ripping the gates of Grayskull wide open. Immeasurable power will finally be his. I must take my place by his side. I've earned it." Her mind races through all the twists and turns of her relationship with Skeletor. The Evil Warriors stand the chance of becoming invincible.

"You would stand by his side? After everything he has done to you?" Tri-Klops stares at her in shock. They have known each other a long time. He cares for her. The physical meetings of their flesh do much for him, but he also loves her. Evil-Lyn shakes her head, slicing into his thoughts and feelings, "Skeletor has done much to me, this is true. He has taken his anger out on me. On all of us. He even left for a time and fell in favor with another woman." She grimaces at the memories and at the life he shared with Shadow Weaver once upon a time.

Grimacing in disgust, Evil-Lyn turns dropping the fur around her. Revealing her nude form, Evil-Lyn grins, "He has done much to me. However, I have done things to him as well. After all, it was me who summoned the Snake Men. I wanted to see Skeletor sweat, to see him worry that he might not make it, that Eternia and his precious Grayskull might never be his. And of course there is the intimacy between you and I."

Confused by her statements, Tri-Klops tries to understand, "Skeletor does not know about us. Are you planning on telling him? For what reason?" His eye follows after Evil-Lyn as she stands up. Stretching, Evil-Lyn walks towards her clothing that is scattered across the ground. Slowly covering herself, Evil-Lyn laughs, "Oh why would I tell Skeletor? What would that do? But I will say this, every time I look at him ready to do his bidding, I will know. I will know that you and I explored each other's bodies all over this mountain. I will know that Skeletor is not the only one who can fool around with someone else. I will know my own sordid secret that will warm my body when nothing else can..."

Tri-Klops spits out, "You are a crazy bitch. You've been using me? I care about you Evil-Lyn!" His ego is bruised. Evil-Lyn kneels before him, "Oh don't play the wounded animal. You are better than that. Come on Tri-Klops." Her hands motion across the floor, "What did you think this would all mean? It was only sex you fool! You got what you wanted, just as I have."

Clenching his fists, Tri-Klops reaches out grabbing hold of her shoulders. Evil-Lyn's eyes widen open, "Go ahead. Treat me like Skeletor does. Do it." Tri-Klops let's her go and stands up, "I'm not like him. I have no need to hurt you like he has. I can't believe you are still so attached to him. It is bullshit."

Some part of her knows that this is true. But she cannot help it. Ever since she first laid eyes on Keldor, Evil-Lyn has been unable to truly care for anyone else. Now that Keldor is Skeletor, no manner of circumstances will dissuade her; Evil-Lyn will follow him. Even if it leads to her own demise. Tri-Klops caresses her cheek, "You are making a mistake. His thirst for the ultimate power, it is not worth it. Not at all. We could have had our own path, forged our own team to have this world for our own."

"Oh Tri-Klops, who is the crazy one now? Everyone wants a piece of Eternia, but this world will belong to Skeletor. You and I both know there is no other way." She looks up at him with deranged honesty in her eyes. He finds this sad. Kissing her cheek, Tri-Klops gathers his clothes and walks away. They are finished.

Evil-Lyn watches him walk away. Still sitting on the floor, the evil warrior goddess turns to look back at Skeletor's throne base. There is nothing there. Snake Mountain is empty, just like Evil-Lyn. She gets up. Fastening her halter armor in place, Evil-Lyn walks away. She is going to the Eternos Palace, her new home. Turning one last time at the once familiar passageways and corridors of Snake Mountain, Evil-Lyn wonders if she will ever return. With so many changes occurring on Eternia, she quietly leaves to see what will happen next.


In another part of Eternia, Teela sits inside Castle Grayskull. Sitting in a room that has been her own place for the last few weeks, Teela holds back her tears. There is much fighting outside the castle, but it is the shocking truth about the man she loves that hits her the hardest. The voices Teela hears in Grayskull finally make sense. "They are the remnants of conversations from the past. Why am I just now realizing this?" Closing her eyes and wishing she could wake from a terrible dream, Teela realizes some hard hitting truths. Spending all this time in Grayskull is awakening some kind of power within her. The whispers and conversations from various periods of Grayskull also come alive in revealing ways.

"Adam and He-Man are both one in the same. How did I not see it? How could I have fallen for both men and not realize they are the same... person. He lied to me..." She is hurt and knows that the anger will follow. For now she is trying to make sense of her actions. The world is in chaos and near ruin. She thought she had cheated on her boyfriend, but is it cheating when the other man is actually the same person? "This is all too much. All of it. The issues with my parents. Skeletor running amok. Adam and He-Man. I can't take much more..." Sitting in silence, Teela finds herself descending into a mess of emotions that eat away at her skin.

Sy-Klone quickly runs into the room, interrupting her from herself, "Teela. We have a big problem." Looking up in a daze, Teela focuses, "What is it?" Sy-Klone takes a breath, "Your mother is losing her strength. The magic barrier around Grayskull is beginning to tremble and Skeletor is fighting as hard as he can. The remaining Masters are planning on using full force against the Evil Warriors. But they will need us too. Can you fight?"

Relishing the thought of hitting something, Teela stands up, "Yes I can fight. We can't let Skeletor inside this castle. It will be up to us and no one else." Because Adam is He-Man and they are both on another planet, Teela wants to scream out. She refrains though. Grabbing hold of her sword, the warrior goddess rushes out with Sy-Klone to fight with a dwindling number of Masters of the Universe ready to vanquish Skeletor and his Evil Warriors...


Inside the Fright Zone on Etheria, Hordak and Entrapta catch up. Hordak wants to know a few things, "What do you know of the Ice Diamond and Eye of Fire? Can they unlock what I am looking for?" Entrapta twists around in a chair, her moveable hair working on other various projects, "I won't fully be able to answer that until I have the Lunar Crystal. From what I understand though Hordak, the magical Star Sisters were trapped in a shooting star by an evil sorceress. For many generations, Etherians have tried to communicate with the shooting star hoping to bring the sisters back to Etheria. The Sun Tower was one such tower that sought out that communication during the day, as did the Lunar Tower at night. But have we been able to find the Lunar Tower on Etheria? I believe that tower will be the key to us finding the Lunar Crystal."

Hordak snorts, "I have no idea where this blasted Lunar Tower is! I just want the crystal! What happens once I have the Lunar Crystal?" Entrapta shrugs, "I am not sure Hordak. It should call forth the Star Sisters and they will then free the ultimate power. It all sounds like a ridiculous riddle, are you even sure it is real?"

Slamming a fist down in annoyance, Hordak snorts again, "Of course it is real! Why wouldn't it be? Do you have any idea how important this is to me? I want those sisters and I want the ultimate power they possess. I am long past ready to take the rightful place as the supreme ruler of the Horde." Entrapta's eyes widen, "Are you planning something devious Hordak?"

Grinning a row of sharp teeth, Hordak divulges his plan, "Horde Prime never should have been the supreme leader of the Horde. My deceased sister married him so she could hold onto the throne. Now that she is dead I am stuck with her miserable king. I am done following Horde Prime's orders to gather magic energy to sustain his life. Once we have gotten the magic energy from Eternia and Etheria that will be it. Horde Prime will be satiated and able to survive, only to die by my hands. Now find me that blasted Lunar Crystal!"

"Of course Hordak. I am doing my best." Entrapta gets a buzz from her speaker, "Yes?" Catra screeches from the speaker, "That wretched living dead Double Trouble is back and she is trying to eat Mantenna! I need help dealing with this creature!" Entrapta explains she is on her way, "Coming with me Hordak? Our She-Ra doppelganger may have seen new things on Etheria..." Hordak snorts out, "Yes. I will be on my way." Entrapta walks out as Hordak remains behind. Something is eating away at him. He is missing something, "What could it be though? Why do I feel as if I already know where the Lunar Tower is?" Hordak wishes he still had Peekablue as a prisoner of the Horde.

"That feathered hair brained woman lived in the Sun Tower. Surely she could have helped me locate the Lunar Tower..." And then he realizes it. The knowledge hits him, "Of course. The answer has been here this whole time. The Lunar Tower isn't really the Lunar Tower. It is Castle Bright Moon. It just has to be..." He snorts out in glee, "Looks like the Horde will actually be ambushing the Whispering Woods for multiple reasons..." Hordak tosses his head back and snorts a big laugh. The true leader of the Horde leaves to follow Entrapta. His plans were going to be glorious.

Snow continues to fall on the icy grounds of Castle Chill. The Kingdom of Snows is colder than usual, a fact that does not pass He-Man or Frosta. They both step away from Enchanta and await the arrival of She-Ra and Mermista on Swiftwind. "Are you cold He-Man? I could warm you..." Frosta sighs dreamily looking at the most handsome man she has ever seen. Standing in a harness and loin cloth, He-Man tries not to give away that it is slightly chilly. "No Frosta, I am just fine. Thank you."

Not listening to a word, Frosta reaches out wrapping her arms around He-Man's broad shoulders, "Oh! Your skin is so cold!" She glides her hands across his arms and shoulders, grinning in a haze. "Here, isn't this better darling?" Blinking her eyes at He-Man, Frosta bites her lower lip begging for a kiss.

Suddenly they both turn at the arrival of She-Ra and Mermista. He-Man smiles in relief, "There you are! I thought you'd never get here..." He walks away from Frosta. She crosses her arms in annoyance. Mermista looks at her friends, "We tried to catch up, but Frosta flew off with Enchanta like a Horde bat out of..."

Frosta snaps, "Oh come on darling! I wasn't flying that fast! Enchanta needs the exercise anyway..." They all look over at the magi-swan who is incredibly exhausted. Looking beyond the swan, She-Ra stares at the rubble left behind of Castle Chill. She also notices something else. "What is that?" She asks as she walks towards what looks like a space ship.

He-Man quickly follows explaining to She-Ra that he cannot be alone with Frosta under any circumstances. Mermista and Frosta walk on talking about the Kingdom of Snows, "Your home looks alright Frosta. I'm surprised the Horde are gone from the outpost. It looked abandoned." Frosta shakes her head, "Yes, yes, yes darling. The Horde are gone and my castle is still destroyed. Can we please talk about He-Man? I want him."

Mermista smiles to herself, "Of course you do Frosta. I don't know that he feels the same way though, I think you are maybe being too pushy?" Knowing that her friend means well, Frosta tilts her head, "Mermista, you can never be too pushy. I have to have that man, wrapped around my little finger so I can really have some fun. Have you ever seen a more handsome man? He puts Etherian men to shame!" Thinking of other men on Etheria, like Bow, Mermista shrugs, "I don't think there is anything wrong with Etherian men Frosta."

"Of course you wouldn't darling. When is the last time you've ever gone after someone? Men these days no longer care to woo a woman, they've completely forgotten. We practically rule the world if it weren't for the blasted Horde. As such women have to take what they want, and I so badly want He-Man..." Just the way she sighs out his name causes Mermista to laugh. She has never seen her friend so incredibly lost in lust.

The chatter of attraction and romance is cut short though once Frosta lays her eyes on an abandoned space craft, "What is this? What is this?! Who would dare land their ugly ship in my front yard?" Frosta looks over the ship. She-Ra calls out, "It doesn't appear to be a Horde craft."

Frosta walks around and shouts, "I don't care if it is Horde or not! What is this thing doing here? Now we have to be worried about ships falling from the sky? You must be joking!" They all look around trying to understand what is going on. The ship is locked, so they cannot get inside. Mermista though stumbles upon what appears to be grave markers. She-Ra pauses, "If these markings represent the bodies of those from the ship, than there must be survivors." Mermista looks around, "Do you think they could be in the castle?"

Trying to stand closer to He-Man, Frosta's mouth quickly drops open, "The cellar!" Rushing off towards the remains of Castle Chill, Frosta stomps through the snow and ice with determination. The others quickly rush to catch up.

Reaching the scratched up cellar doors, Frosta can see that it seems like a struggle occurred, "Oh how wonderful..." She-Ra, He-Man, and mermista quickly make it to the doors as well. They are locked, but She-Ra manages to open the door. Frosta huffs, "Don't mess it up too much darling!" She breezes down the stairs into the cellar as She-Ra rolls her eyes.

The cellar is dark, but Frosta already notices that some of her heirlooms and other various belongings have been messed with, "Someone has been living in my cellar!" Looking every which way for an intruder, Frosta ignores Mermista's pleas, "Frosta, calm down. You'll scare away whoever is in here." Frosta snaps, "They should be scared! Entirely scared darling! They broke into the wrong property!"

She-Ra and He-Man light up some lanterns and other manners of illumination. "Is she always this abrupt?" He asks looking at She-Ra with just a hint of fear. Trying not to laugh, She-Ra grins, "Oh this is a good day for Frosta. Don't be scared. It looks like she likes you a lot, something tells me you could get away with anything..." He-Man shivers, "That worries me."

Suddenly a scream and a curse echoes through the cellar. She-Ra and He-Man rush towards Frosta and Mermista. She-Ra looks at what appears to be a woman laying on top of an expensive looking bench. The face is covered in a helmet. There is the rise and fall of her chest, that causes Mermista to be concerned, "I think she is breathing, should we let her rest?" Frosta has her fists clenched, "There is a body on my great-great-grandmother's parlor lounge! A body!" Frosta turns to Mermista, "Get her off!"

He-Man and She-Ra pick the body up carefully and sit her on the floor. "There isn't much movement, I think she might be dead," She-Ra says quietly, wondering what this person's story is. Frosta stands to the side with her arms crossed, "Oh I don't believe this! A dead body on my heirloom furniture!?" Mermista looks at her friend, "Frosta, please calm down."

Looking at the helmet, He-Man kneels behind the stranger and works on removing the helmet. She-Ra notices scratch marks across the helmet, her fingers graze the markings, "What happened to her?" They all sit still as a strange sound is released from the helmet. He-Man slowly takes it off, revealing a stunning sleeping beauty with long curly golden hair and lips so full they beg to be kissed. He-Man finds himself stunned, unable to think of anything else. Frosta's eyes open wide in shock as she notices the look on He-Man's face. Her eyes narrow in annoyance at the golden curled blond in his lap.

Mermista catches a glimpse at Frosta and then looks at She-Ra. "Oh boy." They both give each other a grin and realize they are all in for a world of pain. She-Ra hovers over the sleeping blond, "She does appear to be breathing. I wonder if she'll wake soon?" As if on cue, the woman slowly opens her eyes, blinking them wide open.

Awaking from a much needed nap from exhaustion, Sweet Bee focuses her gaze on She-Ra. Recalling her own terrifying ordeal with a similar looking woman only a quick time ago, Sweet Bee panics and tries to back away. He-Man holds onto her, "It's alright. I've got you, there is nothing to be scared of."

Sweet Bee's face darts back and forth, looking at all the people around her. She let's out a painful scream and tries to get up. "Don't hurt me! Please!" Sweet Bee struggles to free herself. She-Ra reaches out, "Please, we aren't going to hurt you. My name is She-Ra. What is your name?" Breathing heavily and trying not to be scared, "My name is... Sweet Bee. I am from the Hive." Everyone except Frosta wants to know more about the Hive. Sweet Bee, feeling calmer, tells her tale of the Hive. "I am a pilot for the Hive, my co-pilots and I were on our way back home from a scouting mission. We were shot down though, by a large ship. I've never seen such a thing before... we ended up crashing here. My crew did not make it. I've lost my friends and been alone, luckily I found this place."

"My home!" Frosta smirks. Everyone ignores her as Sweet Bee continues talking, "I've been trying to get my ship back in order, but I need a strong source of energy to get it started." She-Ra nods, "I'm sure we can take a look at that for you." Sweet Bee shakes her head, "Why are you helping me? You just tried to kill me earlier today..." The comments throw She-Ra off guard. "I would remember something like that. I can assure you, I did not try to kill you."

Nearly collapsing from exhaustion, Sweet Bee stumbles and He-Man catches her. Clutching her hand to her head, Sweet Bee sighs, "Oh what is happening to me... I do not understand..." Mermista produces some liquids from a pouch around her waist, "Here, give her this to drink." He-Man helps Sweet Bee. Frosta stares on in disgust.

She-Ra asks again about Sweet Bee's attack. Sweet Bee sighs, "I don't know what to say. This woman came from the sky on a horse with metal wings. She smelled like death. But her clothing and features... they looked like you." Sweet Bee says to She-Ra. "But now that I look closer at you, I can see that you are not the same person." She-Ra nods, "Yes. Yes indeed. Now I just need to find out who is pretending to be me..." Sweet Bee is yet another person who has talked about another She-Ra roaming Etheria. This information strongly upsets She-Ra; what type of destruction is being made in her name?

Huffing with arms still crossed Frosta looks at everyone, "Well what now?" Sweet Bee looks at everyone, "I thank you for saving me." He-Man is still holding onto her, to which Frosta is annoyingly aware. "That is what we are here for," He-Man says smiling at her, completely flustered by her beauty. Frosta continues to glare.

She-Ra asks, "Would you like to rest further Sweet Bee? Or do you want us to fix your ship?" Frosta jumps in, "We can totally get your shipped fix and get you going on your way darling." Clapping her hands together, Frosta tries to grab Sweet Bee away from He-Man. Sweet Bee steadies herself on her own two feet. "As much as I would like to stay, I must be going. I have been too far away from the Hive. They will be awaiting my return. Is there anyway you can help me?"

She-Ra and He-Man look at each other, "We could maybe help." They explain what they could possibly do to jump start the ship. Frosta smiles excitedly, "Sounds like a plan! Let's get going! We don't want to keep your Hive waiting." Frosta begins ushering Sweet Bee towards the exit. He-Man follows them in a daze, he doesn't want Sweet Bee to leave, even though he knows he shouldn't be feeling that way. After all he is in a relationship with Teela. She-Ra and Mermista follow shaking their heads, "Never a dull a moment." Mermista agrees.

Outside in the cold snow, the group makes their way to Sweet Bee's ship. Sweet Bee explains that the engine of the ship needs a jolt of energy to get it started up. She-Ra and He-Man both know they can fix this. Before they begin though, a loud siren blares from above, "Halt! Under Horde rule this ship is not to be removed and is now sole property of the Horde."

"Oh you've got to be kidding." Frosta sighs as a Horde ship arrives. Frosta wants Sweet Bee gone. Hordak is aboard with Entrapta and Catra. A group of Horde Troopers are also there. "Ah! She-Ra!" Catra purrs, ready to take her anger out on one of her arch enemies. Hordak looks at the people below and snorts, "How I am just finding out about our new visitor is beyond me! Horde, apprehend them all!"

Entrapta and Catra both descend quickly towards She-Ra and He-Man. Frosta looks at Mermista, "Looks like we aren't in high demand." Tilting her head, Mermista forms a few spheres of water that start to freeze, "We are always in high demand!" Tossing a few spheres of semi frozen water at Catra, the balls explode with shards of ice and water. Hairs standing on end, Catra turns and lobs some magic energy towards Frosta and Mermista. "Watch out Frosta!" Mermista shouts.

Momentarily caught staring at He-Man and Sweet Bee, Frosta groans in annoyance and is then hit with Catra's magic. Flying to the ground, Frosta lays there motionless. Mermista wants to check on her, but can't move. Horde Troopers are firing from above. Catra stalks her way towards She-Ra, "Who are your new friends She-Ra? Do they like to play?" He-Man motions for Sweet Bee to stay behind, "Try to get inside your ship." She shakes her head, "No. You have all helped me, and I will help you." Sweet Bee zips in the air, buzzing away.

Catra smirks, "Your friend left." Entrapta grins and points towards He-Man, her hair moving all about, "What of this new friend?" Hordak lands near the group, "I'd like to know that too." He eyes He-Man's power sword, and something stirs within him.

"I am He-Man!" The large muscular hero rushes towards Hordak. Catra and Entrapta circle around She-Ra, "There's two of them now?!" Entrapta whips her around, snaking hair around She-Ra's ankle. She-Ra groans, "Didn't I already take care of you before?" Struggling to get free, She-Ra and Entrapta collide, a flurry of fists and kicks commencing. Catra tries to stab a dagger in She-Ra's back.

He-Man and Hordak get to know each other a little more. "She-Ra may have more help, but there will be no stopping me!" Hordak tries to fire a blast at He-Man. The muscle man dodges the attack and tries to slice his sword into Hordak.

She-Ra struggles, but eventually frees her ankle from Entrapta's hair. Mermista flips into the air and knocks the golden beauty to the ground. "She-Ra! Watch out!" Turning in time, She-Ra dodges an attack by Catra. The princess of power gives a swift kick to Catra's chest, knocking the jealous beauty to the ground.

Buzzing through the air, Sweet Bee flies under the Horde ship. She notices their red bat symbols, "Could this be the same group that fired me out of space?" Releasing some sticky honey into the control system, the honey of a guide grins, "I don't think they'll be able to get very far!" Buzzing away as the ship starts to make strange noises, Sweet Bee glides near her ship.

The Horde Troopers still fire in as many ways as they can. She-Ra looks over at Mermista, "Help protect Sweet Bee's ship at all costs!" She-Ra joins in with her brother to stop Hordak. He-Man is struggling to fight against the mighty Hordseman, "I could use the help She-Ra!"

Jumping in to battle, She-Ra produces her sword and golden axe, "Hordak, when will you get it? You can't keep doing this!" The siblings fight against this evil man for what feels like an eternity. It doesn't seem to stop him. Hordak snorts, "I will keep doing this until I have what is mine!" Hordak turns to shoot a blast at Sweet Bee's ship. He isn't sure why the ship is there and he doesn't care. He just wants to control everything in his power. "No!" She-Ra shouts and rushes to stop the blast. She doesn't make it in time.

The blast hits the ship. Feeling successful, Hordak turns to his own ship. The Horde Troopers are announcing that something is wrong. "Catra, Entrapta! Let's go!" The group of villains quickly depart. Mermista tries to attack them, but refrains. Instead she joins He-Man and She-Ra. "Is the ship alright?"

Sweet Bee pops out from the ship and assesses the damage, "Oh this is nothing that a dash of honey can't fix." Sweet Bee dazzles a web of glowing honey around the damage. "I can repair this later. For now I will be able to fly. Who were those people just now?" She-Ra shakes her head, "That was the Horde. They control this world under oppressive forces." Looking at the horde fly away, Sweet Bee nods, "I've seen them before. The ship in space, that shot me down, had a red bat symbol; much like the ones on the monsters we just saw..."

She-Ra nods, hating to hear that, "Their goal is to take what they can get from this universe, consequences mean nothing. We need to hurry and get you out of here!" Sweet Bee nods and says her quick good byes to She-Ra, Mermista and He-man. She kisses He-Man on the cheek which causes him to blush profusely, "Thank you for looking after me the way you did." He-Man stutters, "I would do it again."

Waving goodbye, Sweet Bee gets into her ship. Once the hatches are secured properly, She-Ra nods to her brother, "Are you ready He-Man?" Nodding in preparation, the two most powerful people in the universe use their swords to whip up an electrical current that sparks new life into Sweet Bee's ship.

From her cockpit window, Sweet Bee waves ecstatically. The ship is working! Thrusters and jets whiz and hum as the ship lifts up from the ground. Inside Sweet Bee looks at the empty seats once filled by her friends, "Well Honey Comb and Stingor, your bodies may be here on Etheria, but your friendship will live on through me. Back to the Hive!" The space ship flies off, leaving Etheria behind.

She-Ra, He-Man, and Mermista watch their new friend fly off. "I hope she makes it back home safely." She-Ra says. Mermista nods and then looks around, "Wait. Oh no! Frosta! She was hit with Catra's magic!"

He-Man turns to find the icy empress. Locating her motionless body in the snow, He-Man darts towards Frosta. She is laying in the snow, her blue hair fanned out. He looks down at her, highly aware of how beautiful she is too. "Frosta, can you hear me? Are you alright?" He looks down at her, hoping she is not hurt. Suddenly her eyes open wide and she pulls him towards her, "Couldn't be better!" Her voice melts as she leans in for a kiss. He-Man is caught off guard.

She-Ra and Mermista both make a noise, interrupting the moment, "He-Man, if you could just leave Frosta alone for a second..." She-Ra is holding back her laughter. Mermista is shaking her head. Frosta glints her eyes, "He wasn't bothering me, darling!" They both stand up and He-Man whispers to himself, "You are much more pleasant when motionless."

"What was that He-Man?" Frosta says, batting her eyes and looping her arm around his. "Uhh, I am just glad you are safe Frosta." She grins, "I'm always safe... with you He-Man." The empress turns to look around, "Where did Sweet Bee go?" Mermista explains that She-Ra and He-Man got her ship flying again. Frosta is relieved, "Oh I am just so happy she is now on her way! Hopefully she'll never need to return to this dangerous place again!" She-Ra and Mermista can't help but laugh as He-man tries to free his arm.

"Looks like some of us are still in danger." She-Ra laughs as the heroes prepare to leave the Kingdom of Snows. They enjoyed meeting Sweet Bee, but there is now more work to do than ever before...

As Hordak and his team travel back to the Fright Zone on their small aircraft, Catra looks out at the water, "Must we always have to fly over water to get back to the Fright Zone?" Hordak snorts, "Quit complaining Catra. We needed to check out what was going on in the Kingdom of Snows." Entrapta smiles, "Besides, the place is an island. We'll be away from the water soon Catra. The important thing we should be talking about is the arrival of this He-Man. Together with She-Ra, they could both pose a problem for the Horde." Hordak is listening but trying not to think about it, "I am not worried about two muscle bound fools. Let them try to do their best, nothing will stop the Horde! We are invincible!"

A Horde Trooper is flying the ship and motions to Hordak, "Mighty Hordak, something is not right with the controls. We may have to make an emergency landing." Catra screeches, "An emergency landing! There is no place to land! We are over an ocean!" The sticky web of honey that Sweet Bee left earlier, begins to melt affecting the ship's over all system. A loud boom is made followed by a flurry of sparks. Hordak snorts in anger as the ship they are on trembles and heads towards the water. Cursing up a storm as the ship crashes into the water, Hordak tries to call in some extra help. Catra is fuming and all wet while Entrapta tries to keep her hair dry. Hordak fires shots in the air out of anger, "Curse you She-Ra and He-Man!" The Horde would be saved. Eventually.

Up next!

Part 2 is getting close to the end!
Adora struggles with her feelings...
The Whispering Woods get even more visitors!   


  1. He-man was being kind of a dick for He-man! I mean the whole "you are much more pleasant while motionless"-line!-ouch! Though I don't see what his problem with Frosta is, I mean if he knows Teela's been unfaithful to him WITH him. I mean you said yourself Frosta may be the sexiest of all the Etherian women-albeit with the worst personality-and no matter how bitchy a girl is it's hard to not give in to the carnal side of things when they are in your arms and all "come hithery" -you have to wonder though, how the hell does He-man have sex with these women without tearing them apart? I've always wondered the same thing about Superman.
    And was Catra getting soaked a running gag on She-ra? I remember in an episode where she gets the trapdoor on the show she is REALLY pleading with Hordak not to do it to her,even though in the show the pit only had water in it-I thought this may have been a residual cat thing with her. The other Hordseman take the plunge without much complaint but Catra is all like "ANYTHING but that!!" -if this is the case I wonder why they didn't have the trapdoor running gag happen to her all the time instead of Mantenna. Seems like that would've made more sense character wise.
    In other news, I thought you might be interested to know that two comic super heroines made their TV debuts tonight-on the first episode of "Arrow" the new CW show about Green Arrow- they are featuring Dinah Laurel Lance as the main female potential love interest character-and if you know your comics you know that's the secret identity of Black Canary! She didn't do any hero costumed stuff yet but my guess is she will! She is being played by the lovely Katie Cassidy who you may or may not have seen in the Melrose Place reboot or when she did a stint on Gossip Girl.
    Also they made "Speedy"-who in the comics is Green Arrow's side kick (the Robin to his Batman) -into Green Arrow's little sister! She is being played by Willah Holland-A.K.A Caitlin Cooper from the O.C. (-who also had a role on Gossip Girl) I hope she gets to put on some tights and gets to do some heroics as a female Speedy! ( also drama will most likely ensue as Speedy was a drug addict in the comics. I know, that's a funny and appropriate name for a drug addict character.)
    -and don't forget, tonight Elena starts her heroic super vampire girl journey on Vampire Diaries!

    1. Well here is my idea for He-Man. He is this upstanding hero type that is not used to having women throw themselves at him. So he is slightly terrified of Frosta's abruptness, and he finds her lying motionless in a pleasant way. as a safe thing in the sense that she isn't all over him. Because he does love Teela, though there will be some 'splainin to do once he talks to her. But I don't think he was trying to be mean by the comment, he just has never met a badass woman like Frosta before. I also like to think of He-Man as this traditional kinda guy that is being exposed to a whole new world on Etheria, and it sort of scares him. I also see it as a slight metaphor in that Etheria is the world where the majority of the characters are female, and He-Man is a bit out of his element.

      And Catra with the water issue, is partly based from the cartoon and partly based on her feline nature. I like the idea of Catra hating water much like most cats. Like in an earlier chapter when the slime was dumped on her.

      And I have Arrow taped on my dvr! If only because of the hints I have read about Katie Cassidy being the Black Canary! I am really in love with that idea. I love Katie Cassidy, she was fantastic on the Melrose Place reboot and in the Nightmare on Elm Street reboot. I think it is high time that she is a part of another show.

      And I know a little bit about Speedy, so I am glad they are putting her in the show too. And I totally think Willah Holland is a great actress too, I love her on the O.C.

      Vampire Diaries is also on my dvr list tonight. I look forward to what happens with Elena!

  2. Which chapter did Catra get slimed? I don't remember that.

    You will have to let me know your opinion's about this week in shows: I liked Arrow even though they didn't get much of a chance to show Oliver Queen's personality-but the actor they got certainly is ripped and I love the idea of Green Arrow being a total bad ass because he never gets enough love from the fans. I mean they don't hate him as much as they hate Aquaman ( don't get me started on that because I LOVE Aquaman!) but he's still relegated to B status by the League.
    -in honor of the Arrow debut I ordered a book I've wanted for a while -it's the Showcase Presents: Green Arrow volume 1. Which is a collection of almost 70 of the silver age Green Arrow stories-some illustrated by Jack Kirby. Though they are reprinted in black and white it is still fun to read the stuff from that era.(I have one of the Justice League
    Showcase volumes as well)because the silver age is so campy. Though I doubt he'll be using the "Arrow-Car" fighting "Bonzo the Ape Archer" or using any boxing glove tipped arrows in the new show.
    I too loved Katy Cassidy in the Melrose reboot-but I hated just about every other character. Her character was so hot and fun and bad ass it was such a shame that she had to be surrounded by so many duds.
    and related to that, as far as the new season of 90210 goes I am pissed that they decided to write Ivy out of the show. Not because she was a great character or even important to the plot at all -I just thought she was hot.
    I don't know if you've watched VD yet so I won't say anything about it to avoid giving any spoilers. I also watched that Beauty and the Beast reboot ( I don't remember the old show very well so I don't know if it's technically a "reeboot" or not) and it wasn't bad. Kristen Kreuk seems to have gotten even hotter since she was on Smallville.

    1. Well the chapter with Catra getting slimed was back in part 1. It was the chapter when she started kissing an amnesiac Prince Adam and then started seeing Bow and Adora in a fantasy vision. Mantenna was actually carrying a vat of slime and it got dumped on her. I don't remember the exact chapter, but just that it was from Part 1.

      I have no seen Arrow or VD yet. But I did watch 90210. I was not impressed. I kept expecting something really sad and epic since the season finale was so good, but there is nothing. At all. I don't know, I hope it gets better.

      And Katie Cassidy, so amazing! I love her. I liked the MP reboot, but only when Amanda got back on the scene. I would have also liked more of the older cast to have a bigger role in it all. The first half of the season seemed to really try hard at trying to find its footing.