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Adora's Search for Honor Part 2: Chapter 39

She-Ra Saturday is here! Better than ever! Today's chapter is the starting off point to the end! Everything is non-stop from here on out, so get ready She-Ra fans!

Previously: The Great Rebellion was busy taking care of their wounds. Angella was laid up in bed with problems stemming from her inability to feel her legs or wings. Madame Razz was also resting from her wounds by Hordak, and actually learned a great deal about Adora. Namely Adora's torn heart over feelings for Bow and Sea Hawk... Peekablue had an intense vision that was beyond her control. It involved the goings on with Eternia, and Peekablue made sure she got to the correct source. Upon knowing that his home was in trouble, Adam quickly left with the portal key without saying goodbye to anyone... Long simmering with anger and resentment at the course of her life, Catra was working towards her own goal at taking over Etheria. Her hatred for the Great Rebellion along with her growing hatred for Hordak has led her to start her own sisterhood. Together with Entrapta, Vampra, Scorpia, and Octavia; Catra is planning on creating her own new world... Hordak is feeling the pressure of Horde Prime to take over both Etheria and Eternia, but Hordak has grown tired of Horde Prime's orders. As such Hordak has been busy finding a trio of artifacts to call forth the all powerful Star Sisters, a power that he is hoping to exploit... Meanwhile, after the grave loss of Double Trouble (at the end of Part 1) She-Ra found out the horrible truth that Double Trouble was somehow still alive. (Thanks to the Horde) This new zombie Double Trouble was actually using her powers to look like She-Ra and cause all sorts of problems...

and now...

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 2
Chapter 39

The sounds of various screams echo throughout out a small village on the outskirts of the Fright Zone. Children are being dragged from homes by Horde Troopers. Families are frantically trying to escape while others are falling apart as they have given up on any hope of a heroic warrior to save them. For them, She-Ra is now a monster that consumes live flesh. Everyone is giving up.

Except for one family. Catra screams in fury as she bashes in a door to a small home made of worn stone and a thatched roof. Catra stares at an older man and woman. They cower back in fear. Catra thinks about her checklist and snaps, "Give me your daughter." The woman shakes, "We do not have a daughter." Catra strides up to the fearful woman. Hissing in anger, Catra plants her left hand over the woman's face and screeches, "Liar!" Shoving the woman to the floor, Catra strides past them and heads to a small room towards the back. With a twisted smile, Catra flips the bed over revealing a small trembling girl. Shaking her head in disbelief, Catra reaches down grabbing the child by a frail arm, "Come now, time to join the rest."

Dragging the little girl out of the hut, she screams in terror, "Mama! Papa! Nooo!" Catra screeches, "Shut up you brat! Shut up!" Catra struggles to lift the child up, but for a scrawny little thing, the kid struggles trying to free herself. Catra continues to drag the child towards a group of Horde Troopers.

As she walks away, Catra's face contorts into a new twist of anger as a familiar voice calls out from behind, "Let her go Catra." Her green eyes dazzle with evil. Catra purrs, "She-Ra!" Whipping her cape around, Catra faces her sworn enemy. The little girl is still in Catra's clutches. "I should have known you'd show up."

She-Ra nods and looks at the scene before her. "Catra, I didn't realize you were kidnapping children now." Catra smirks, "Hardly. I loathe having to deal with these brats, but Hordak is wanting to start a new generation for the Horde Academy. He wants to fill in more ranks for the future of the Horde."

"So you just barge into these villages and drag children away from their homes?" She-Ra asks. Catra grins, "We are dragging them to their new homes: The Fright Zone. Now do the smart thing and leave." She-Ra stands tall her blond hair flowing in the wind, "I will do no such thing. Let that girl go." Catra twists the girl's arm, "Don't push me She-Ra. These children ultimately mean nothing to me. I'll end her life right here. Just turn around and go!"

"Catra, you may be a lot of things, but a child killer is not one of them." She-Ra is concerned, but holding onto a shred of hope that Catra will do the right thing. Catra sneers. Her eyes gleam with just a hint of madness, "Who are you to think that you know me? You have no idea what I can do." Catra tightens her grip on the girl's arm. Kneeling down to look the child in the eye, Catra grins, "Have you ever thought about what happens after you die? It is a question no one has been able to answer on this world. But maybe you can find out for me..." It happens in a flash. Catra slashes her clawed right hand across the girl's face. Her flesh rips open as blood and screams pour out. Catra shoves the girl to the ground. Reaching for her sword, the jealous beauty prepares to drive her sword into the child's chest.

She-Ra bounds across the space between them and slams her body into Catra. Losing her sword, Catra and She-Ra both fight each other over the weapon. Villagers quickly rush to hold onto the screaming girl. Wailing in agony, she is carried into a small hut.

She-Ra grabs hold of Catra, "What is the matter with you!? Are you insane?!" Catra purrs, "I've never been more clear. Die She-Ra!" Catra bites into She-Ra's arm. Drawing back, She-Ra unleashes a punch that meets Catra's face. Biting her lower lip, Catra hurls herself towards She-Ra. A flurry of kicks and dodges commences. She-Ra swiftly turns, driving her elbow into Catra's side. Howling in pain, Catra artfully back flips away. As she is flipping backwards, Catra slides her mask down and quickly slides into her panther version.

In cat form, Catra leans back growling. Going in for a swipe, Catra smoothly lunges forward. She-Ra backs away as a net is tossed from overhead. Catra recoils in defeat as a large net surrounds her body. She-Ra looks over at her friend Netossa. "Thank you Netossa." Netossa nods and looks down at Catra, struggling to get away. "What of her?" Walking up to the cat, She-Ra slams the heel of her boot into the cat's head. Rendering Catra unconscious, She-Ra looks back at Netossa, "Alright. We've got a prisoner. Let's get her back to Bright Moon." Bow walks up to the rebels, "The Horde Troopers are taken care of, the children are returning to their homes."

She-Ra nods and turns at the sound of Glimmer's voice, "We've got one more prisoner." Glimmer walks up to the group with Mantenna. His arms are tied with a freeze ray aimed at his back by Glimmer. Mantenna shrilly panics, "You all won't get away with this!" She-Ra shakes her head, "But we are Mantenna. Don't make this difficult for you." She-Ra crosses her arms, "Take them both to Bright Moon. There should be cells for them. I'll follow, but I want to check on the girl."

Rushing to the hut, She-Ra is about to go inside, but is stopped by a female villager, "You can't go in. We know what you are capable of flesh eater." She-Ra stands back stunned, "I do not wish that girl harm. I want to make sure that she will be alright." The female villager is shaking, but trying to be strong, "You have done enough damage. We've all seen the horrors that you possess." She-Ra sighs, "I know what you are referring too, and you are misinformed. There is an impostor, posing as me, and engaging in horrific acts. Do I look like the monster that arrives on a horse with metal wings? I am only here to help, please, you must believe me." The villager's lower lip trembles, "She-Ra? Are you real?" She-Ra nods, "Yes. I am real. And I promise I will make sure nothing happens to this village again." The villager steps out of the way and let's She-Ra in the hut to help the little girl. Crying in relief that Etheria might still be saved after all, the villager whispers, "What is happening with this world?"

Across worlds, Adam finally makes his way into Castle Grayskull. His journey through the portal left him with many unexpected problems. The world around him is a nightmare. His enemy Skeletor is in total control. The only safe spot remaining on Eternia is the great and mysterious Castle Grayskull. Entering its dark and forbidding halls, Adam makes his way to the Sorceress. He finds her and Duncan. They smile in the most joyous of ways to see Adam.

After hugs are shared, Adam looks at the Sorceress and Duncan, "I was only gone a short time... how did it get so bad?" Duncan looks worn, "We didn't have He-Man. Although I suspect that the Evil Warriors had help. They were mostly all locked up. It makes no sense that only a few would be able to free them." Adam nods, "So Skeletor is free and taking the Eternos Palace as his new home. Where are my parents?" The Sorceress looks sad, "They were prisoners in the palace. Luckily when Clamp Champ, Stratos, and Roboto returned from Etheria, things changed. Roboto managed to bring the King and Queen here."

Adam is grateful, "Where are they? I must see them at once." Duncan nods and tells Adam to follow him. The Sorceress stands there in sadness, "I hope you will be ready for what you find Adam." Her mind drifts to Adora. Now that one twin is on Eternia and the other Etheria, Sorceress wonders if the lines of telepathic communication will be open again.

Rushing with Duncan, Adam cannot wait to see his parents. There is much that needs to be said and Adam wants to also make things right by ridding Eternia of Skeletor once and for all. Duncan leads Adam into a room that is doubling as a bedroom. Marlena is sitting by a small window writing in a journal. She looks up and stares at her son. Her face melts as she realizes that Adam is home.

"Adam? Adam?" Marlena rushes to her son, embracing him tightly. She doesn't want to let him go, so she squeezes him that much tighter. Adam hugs her back but whispers, "I can't breathe. Mom, I can't breathe." Marlena let's him go and grabs hold of his face, "I'm sorry. I just am so happy to see you. I thought you'd never get back here." Duncan interrupts the moment, "I will leave you to your reunion." Marlena smiles, "Thank you Duncan." Looking back at her son, Marlena pauses, "Wait. Did you bring your sister?" She looks around, hoping to see her long lost daughter appear.

Adam hangs his head, "No. I did not bring her back. She is still on Etheria. I left as quick as I could once I knew there was a problem. But mom, we found each other. My sister is alive and well." Tears well up in Marlena's eyes. She takes in a deep breath and holds it. This is news she thought she'd never hear. Slowly letting the air out of her lungs, Marlena's chin trembles, "You found her?" Adam nods, "Yes, sort of. More like she found me. It is a long story, but Adora is alive and she is thrilled to meet you and dad. Where is my father?"

A funny look crosses over Marlena's eyes. So many emotions are washing over her. She grabs hold of Adam's hand, "Adam. There is something you need to know... Let me show you." Confused and on guard, Adam walks with his mother to a secluded room in Grayskull. "What is going on?" He asks as they walk towards a bed under a shimmering fading blue light. His father, King Randor, is laying on the bed with eyes closed.

Marlena wipes her eyes, "Your father is not doing well. He fought against Skeletor, and was badly injured. An infection settled into the wounds. We were prisoners in our own home, and Skeletor would not offer any medicine. But now we are here, and the Sorceress has been trying to help." Adam kneels down by his father, "Is he going to be alright?" Marlena walks next to Adam and places her hands on his shoulders, "I hope so. It is all I can hope for. Now that you are back, maybe he will get better."

"I should have been here." Adam curses out loud. Marlena shakes her head, "Do not talk like that Adam. You were on a very important mission. No one knew that Skeletor would break free in your absence. What matters now is that we just be strong for your father." Adam nods, "We will be strong for him and I will make sure that He-Man stops Skeletor. Once and for all."

Back on Etheria, two new prisoners sit in their respective cells inside Castle Bright Moon. Mantenna observes Glimmer sitting across from Catra's cell with arms folded, "You aren't going to escape Catra. So stop being bothersome and just answer the questions." Catra glares at the princess, "I won't answer a thing from you. How is your mother? Still cripple?" A momentary wave of sadness mixed with anger crosses over Glimmer's face. She remains calm though, "I know what you are doing, and I will not give into it. Say what you want, I still find you to be pathetic. Now will either of you tell me what Hordak has planned next?" Glimmer looks at Catra and Mantenna.

Turning back, Glimmer sighs, "Don't make this difficult for yourselves. You are both prisoners of the Great Rebellion, and nothing is going to save you now." Glimmer stands there in all seriousness while Catra rolls her eyes, "The more you speak the more I want to rip into your throat." Glimmer raises an eyebrow, brushing her pink hair behind her ears, "I'd like to see you try Catra. I really would. Because after everything you've done to the people I care about, I think I'd rip into your throat first!" She screams the last part, completely fed up with everything.

Grinning from ear to ear, Catra slinks to the bars of her cell, "Well look at this. The purrfect princess of Bright Moon is talking so tough. I'd love to play, just let me out." Glimmer glares at Catra and turns as Adora enters the cell block. "No one is going to let you out Catra. Everything alright Glimmer?"

Glimmer nods, "Fine. I'm not really getting anywhere with either of them." Adora nods and they both talk. Offering to take over with the questioning, Adora steps out of the way so Glimmer can leave. Catra purrs out another insult to Glimmer one last time. The pink haired princess holds her head high, ignoring the comment.

Turning to face the cells, Adora questions both Mantenna and Catra. "I understand that Hordak is starting the Horde Academy up again. What is next?" Mantenna is quiet. He simply sits on the floor, his bug eyes intently focused on Catra and Adora. He knows something will happen between them both, most likely something terrible.

"Now why would we say anything to you Adora? Just because you have us locked in here, it doesn't mean much. After all Adora, why would I ever help you?" The two women stare at each other. Adora knows this is going to be difficult, but she must try. "Catra, don't make this a challenge. You are locked up and won't be going anywhere. Just help us." Seething in rage, Catra's green eyes dazzle in the dimly lit room, "I would rather rot in here for an eternity than ever help you."

Completely lost, Adora shakes her head in sadness, "What happened to you? How did you become this hateful person? I don't understand..." Catra's eyes widen in anger, "You don't understand? You? You! You, are the one responsible! You!" Catra points a finger through the bars. There is so much on her mind, so much has occurred between them. Adora stands there in shock, "Me? How am I responsible for you being such a hateful woman. Look at yourself Catra! What did I ever do to you?"

Catra rattles the bars, "You did everything to me! Everything!" Adora is lost and unaware of what her actions are in this sordid drama. On the other hand Catra remembers it all. The kiss and near death experience. The jealousy mixed with love and hatred for even wanting to be in love, so much is clawing its way through Catra's mind, that she is slipping into madness.

Adora is getting angry as well, "I did everything to you? Are you insane? You tried to kill me! Catra! You threw me off a blasted mountain! What has gotten into you? They told me what you did to that little girl. You clawed her face. She nearly died! Catra, you have got to stop this."

With eyes mad, Catra stands tall with a huge smirk on her face, "Well look at this. Look at you. Wise Adora. So full of honor and decency. You may have the Rebels fooled, but you can't fool me. I remember. I remember exactly what you've done, the actions you took when you were a part of the Horde. You can stand there and act as if you are so full of honor, but you and I both know that you should be behind these bars with me. Tell me something Adora, do the screams of those you've harmed keep you up at night?"

Glaring at Catra, Adora raises her voice, "I may have done terrible things, but I was unaware of the true nature of the Horde..." Catra cackles with a quick purr, "Excuses Adora. I'm hearing excuses." Adora shakes her head furiously. Mantenna is watching as his eyes get bigger. Adora sighs, "I'm not making excuses. I know that I will always live with the horrible things I did when I was the Horde Force Captain. But the difference here Catra, is that I am striving and searching to be a better person. I am aware of more. I know that what I did was wrong. The Horde is wrong Catra. I am going to make sure that we can all be free in this world. I will strive to free Etheria from the evil forces of Hordak. So keep spouting your hatred, it won't change what I am hoping and searching for..." Adora's words leave an impact on Catra.

With clenched fists, Catra screams and rattles the bars. Reaching out to grab hold of Adora, Catra screeches, "You think you are so perfect! I've got news for you Adora! You are all going to pay. Each and every one of you! When I am done with Etheria, nothing will ever be the same!" She tries to take a swipe at Adora, but Adora steps back. Mantenna continues to watch, shock and awe spreading across his face. Catra continues trying to reach out at Adora. Shaking her head in sadness, Adora simply walks away.

Exiting the cell block, Adora has tears in her eyes as she listens to the twisted screams of Catra. "I don't understand. What has happened to her?" Adora says aloud and rushes off. She feels the need to get away, and that is just what she does. Gathering her noble steed, Adora and Spirit ride off towards Skydancer Mountain and the Crystal Castle.

On Eternia, Adam learns more about what he has missed since being away. After finding out who is able to help the forces of good, Adam looks for the one person he knows will help him feel better. Stepping away from a conversation with Clamp Champ and Roboto, Adam travels towards what he hopes is Teela's room. It has been a long time since so many people have found themselves living in Grayskull, that it is a bit strange to find out every one's new living situations.

However, once he steps in the doorway and notices her, his heart just melts. He can't hold back. Rushing towards Teela, he plants his lips across her lips, kissing her in a sweeping gesture. Pulling back, Teela catches her breath, and then decks him in the face. Stepping back in pain, Adam shakes his head, "What was that for?"

Teela glares at him, "I know about it all. How could you?" Rubbing his jaw, Adam looks on in confusion, "How could I what? I don't understand." Teela shakes her head in disbelief, "How long were you going to do this to me? Did you enjoy taking me for a fool?" She goes in for another punch, but Adam tries to hold her back, "Teela, stop this. Talk to me, what did I do?"

"What did you do? You lied to me! I have been a fool Adam. Or do I call you He-Man?" Her eyes study him, looking for an explanation. Adam stands there as the walls start to crumble around him. "Shit." He can't say anything else.

"That's all you've got Adam? Really? When were you going to tell me? After I slept with you, or after I slept with you as He-Man?" She wants answers, and Adam tries to explain, "I know I should have told you, but I never expected that things would get so complicated." He pleads with her and Teela can only shake her head, "I felt so terrible. I truly believed that I was an awful person. I thought I was cheating on you. I was so torn Adam! I had feelings for you both, but you are one in the same! How could you do this to me?" Adam reaches out to hug her, "Teela, I didn't mean for it to be like this. Who told you?"

"I figured it out on my own, though I wish you had told me. But yes, I figured it out on my own. So much has happened since you were gone. I missed you so much." Adam is hurting for her, "What happened to you?" Throwing her hands in the air, Teela sighs, "Where do I begin? I found out my mother was the Sorceress. I dragged my uncle out of obscurity to see if he was possibly my father, and now he is fighting for his life. Skeletor became free and drove us all out of the palace. And of course there is you and your secret."

Adam hangs his head, "I never meant for this to happen Teela. Believe me when I say that. I didn't know what to do either. I felt bad for what I was doing to you, but it is just confusing. It was only a few kisses, I would have told you the truth." They stand there in silence. Teela wants to run to him, but she can't. So much has happened to her. This is just something she no longer wants to deal with. "We need to be focusing on other things right now Adam. Skeletor will be planning another attack on Grayskull soon enough. We all need to create a new plan."

"Well what about us? Teela, while I was gone, I couldn't wait to get home. I met my sister. And the way I envisioned it was that I'd come home and I would introduce her to my family and to the woman that I love. I love you Teela. I am sorry that things got so..." Teela fights back tears and interrupts him, "I think we should end this." Adam is stunned, "What?"

Her heart is beating so fast, and she isn't truly sure she is making the right decision, but she is hurt. "I am happy that you met your sister Adam. I am. But I can't do this. I can't love you. Not after everything. Don't you see? This whole time I would defend you or grow annoyed with you because I thought you were some irresponsible cowardly prince. But you were none of those things. I don't even know who you are. I just can't do this, it's too much." She reaches out and touches his face with her hands, "Adam. You couldn't even trust me with who you are. Me, your best friend." Tears are forming, but before she can show him a crinkle in her emotions, Teela casually wipes her eyes and composes herself, "We have more pressing concerns. Skeletor needs to be stopped. We have to work on a new plan. I'll be with the rest of the Masters. Maybe He-Man can save us all now..." She leaves him alone. Standing in her room, Adam looks around. The weight of so much is on his shoulders. He simply wishes that this could all just be a dream. If only.

Sitting in the corner of her cell, Catra looks up as yet a new visitor approaches. Bow stands at the bars, looking sorry for her. She purrs, "Don't pity me Bow." The archer shakes his head, "I feel no pity for you." Standing up and stretching her body, Catra tilts her head as some of her jet black hair falls in her face, "Than why are you here?" Bow looks sad, "I wanted to see my old friend. We were all friends once. What happened?"

Catra slinks towards the bars, "I'll tell you what happened. We let the wrong people in. And now we are all suffering. But we don't have to suffer. Help me Bow." Their eyes meet, "Come on Bow. I've never truly wanted you out of my life. Let's leave this place. Don't you want to leave? We can start something new. I'll never look back at any of it." Bow shakes his head, "Leave what? This is my home. Catra, you've reached the end. You need to make a new story for yourself."

Holding her head high, Catra hisses, "I have my story." Her green eyes open into slits and Catra unleashes a wave of magical energy through the cell. All of her anger and hatred is pouring forth, striking Bow unexpectedly. Falling backwards, Bow lays unconscious on the ground. Mantenna is watching this all unfold. Catra reaches through the bars, taking hold of Bow. Pulling him close, she searches for any keys or items on him. Finding a small knife in his boot, Catra uses it to unlock the cell door keeping her a prisoner. Stepping free, Catra purrs, "As I said, I have my story. And it is just beginning."

She laughs to herself and thinks, foolish Rebels. You are all no might for my magic. Stepping over Bow's body, Catra turns to leave. Mantenna shrilly calls from behind, "Wait! What about me Catra? Let me out too!" Catra turns to look at her fellow Horde member, "Let yourself out Mantenna." Catra quickly exits the cell block as Mantenna's eyes bulge, "Wait! Catra! Come back!" He slumps to the ground, shocked that she is leaving him behind. It soon dawns on Mantenna, that no one will be saving him at all. He is on his own.

In another part of Etheria, Adora transforms into She-Ra. The princess of power enters into the Crystal Castle, searching for Light Hope. As she enters into the grand ballroom, She-Ra smiles at her friend. Light Hope's image glides towards her, the embers of light floating off his visage. "Something is troubling you She-Ra, what can I do for you?"

She-Ra explains the most recent set of events to him. "Everything is just out of control. My heart is heavy for the Great Rebellion. Angella may never be able to walk, and Madame Razz is just not the same. I also miss my brother terribly. He left without any warning, and I feel as if meeting him was but a dream. I don't know that anything is going to truly free Etheria from the Horde." Light Hope tilts his head, "But of course Etheria will be free from the Horde's oppression. We have you."

Looking away, She-Ra sighs, "I am nothing but the existence of a few words spoken by a woman who is damaged. How can I save Etheria? I once helped to spread this oppression." Light Hope reaches out to her, "Stop this. It does nothing to help. You must stop this. She-Ra, you have never been needed more. Others have tried to protect and save Etheria. We have all failed. When I was the protector of this world, I too had words to call upon to deliver my power. I even had Kowl to change into a soaring owl, flying me from adventure to adventure. We helped usher in a new peace that was short lived. And now that I am in-between worlds, I can only hope that you will finish this. She-Ra, you can end this suffering. You have the power." She-Ra looks at him. She had no idea the true nature of Kowl's connection to Light Hope. She thinks of Swiftwind and everyone else. Her mind races to her friends in the Great Rebellion. The same friends who have become her family. She thinks of her blood family, and her hopes to one day meet her parents. She thinks of the little girl who nearly died at the hands of Catra earlier. She thinks of other people on Etheria who are all wanting to live in a world of freedom. Then there is the love in her heart for that special person, her special friend... and just like that She-Ra believes with all her heart that she is going to stop the Horde. "I will free Etheria." She turns back to Light Hope, but he is not there. Smiling to herself, She-Ra rushes off full of resolve and urgency.

Time floats by on Etheria. Back in Bright Moon Glimmer and Frosta head down to the cell blocks to offer food to the prisoners. Frosta groans, "I honestly don't understand why we must feed them. We are already dealing with a food shortage, and now we have to worry about Catra and Mantenna getting nourishment? Honestly, Bright Moon runs things so ass backwards." Glimmer rolls her eyes, "Frosta, stop complaining. We will all be fine." As they step into the cell block, Glimmer steps back at the sight of Bow on the ground. "Bow!" She rushes to him, hoping he is alright. Feeling a bit dazed (and confused) Bow slowly opens his eyes, "What happened?"

Frosta points to the open cell door, "Catra happened. She's not here." Turning to look at Mantenna, Frosta snaps, "What happened? Where is she?" Mantenna sits there in silence. Glimmer sighs, "Mantenna! Please! What is going on?" Mantenna turns to the Rebels, "She used her magic, and picked her way out." Frosta looks surprised, "And she left you here?"

"I don't want to talk about her!" Mantenna shrilly cries. Glimmer looks at Bow, "Can you get up?" Bow nods, and carefully stands up. Glimmer motions to her friends, "Come on, everyone needs to know about this." The Rebels get ready to leave, but Mantenna stops them. Much is on his mind, and he is angry, "Wait! Not just yet." Frosta huffs, "What is it darling?" Mantenna isn't sure if he will regret this or not, but he just goes with it, "I know what Hordak is planning. I know about it all. And I'll tell you." Glimmer looks confused, "Why are you going to tell us this now?" Mantenna looks at his prison, "I have nothing else. No one is going to come for me and Catra left me here. What do I have to lose?" The Rebels stand there as Mantenna tells them everything they need to know.

Castaspella is ready to sit for a spell. Mystacor is peaceful and quiet, floating in the air yet anchored by the Four Chains of Magic. Each chain holds onto a corner of Mystacor, and without these chains some believe that Mystacor would just float away. Castaspella actually feels like she could float away. Being a high powered enchantress is not easy. Especially when she presides over one of the remaining free spaces on Etheria.

Her mind begins to play tricks on her as she enters her room to find Catra standing in there. Intently studying a small painting of Castaspella and her older sister. Catra is lost in thought. "What are you doing here Catra?" Castaspella looks on lost. Catra continues to stare at the picture. She slowly begins to speak, "I had to see for myself."

"See what? How did you get here?" Castaspella asks. Catra turns to look at Castaspella, "Many say only Mages can truly travel the Four Chains to Mystacor. Are you aware that I am able to enchant the magical arts?" Castaspella is very confused, "Is Hordak here?" Catra sighs, "No. But he will be."

Trying to remain calm, Castaspella continues, "Please hand me my canvas." Catra tilts her head, looking oddly at Castaspella. She holds the image up, "This is you. And your sister." Castaspella stands still. Catra purrs, "Her name was Incantatia." Castaspella stands there in shock, "How did you know that?" Shaking her head, Catra looks back at the painting, "I know because she is my mother."

"Impossible." Castaspella shakes her head. Catra sisgh, "Not entirely. I was told everything by Shadow Weaver, or Light Spinner as she used to be called. I know that Incantatia followed Shadow Weaver to the Fright Zone. She became a slave to the Horde, orders by Hordak. She eventually bore me through a doomed romance in the slave mines. She died giving birth to me."

Tears form in Castaspella's eyes, refusing to believe, Casta is painfully aware that this could be true, "What do you want Catra?" Catra stands there motionless, "I want a hug auntie. We are family." Casta laughs in nervousness, "Little girl, we will never be family. You are an evil nasty being who will find no solace here." Catra narrows her eyes, "Bad choices get people killed." Screaming, Catra rips the small painting in half. Casta steps back in sadness and prepares to fight as Catra lunges across the room.

Night is already under way over Mystacor, and changes are already underway. A group of Horde Troopers follow behind Grizzlor, Leech, and Hordak. The Horde leader knows something strange is going on. He has lost contact with Catra and Mantenna. He is also shocked that his arrival on Mystacor has been easy. No one seems to be around, the place is empty. Looking back at the Horde, Hordak snorts, "Stay here. Be on guard, I am going to talk to Castaspella."

He enters her throne room, fully expecting guards, mages, and other manners of force. This is all too easy. Hordak spies a shadowy figure at an ornate throne. "Castaspella, the Horde is here under full order to search Mystacor for the Lunar Stone. So far you have not posed any problems, and I would like for Mystacor to continue staying out of my way." A mysterious cackle echoes across the room. Hordak pauses, "Catra?"

Magical light slowly lights up the room as Hordak notices Catra sprawled out across Castaspella's throne. Off to the side is Casta's body, slumped against the wall. Hordak crosses his arms, "You were supposed to be gathering children for me. The Horde Academy is going to be delayed because of this." Catra sits still, "Your Horde Academy is over, much like you Hordak." Snorting in annoyance, Hordak folds his arms, "Really? So what is this all about?"

Catra stands up, drawing her sword, "This is about my chance to take what should be mine." Hordak sighs, "You are making no sense woman. Did you come here to help me find the Lunar Stone?" Catra snaps, "Screw your Lunar Stone! I came here for you. This is my rightful place. You enslaved my mother and ripped me from Shadow Weaver's hands. You placed me in the Horde Academy where you belittled me and treated me like garbage. And then you got rid of the one person that could have truly changed me..."

Hordak is growing impatient, "Oh you aren't making any sense. Who is your mother? What are you talking about? Step down from the throne Catra and help me find the Lunar Stone. I congratulate you for taking the initiative with Mystacor, but stop these theatrics." Catra points her sword at him, "What did you do with Huntara?" Hordak steps back, "Huntara? That warrior from Sylax? I dropped her down the trapdoor. I have no idea what happened to her after."

"LIES!" Catra screams. "You killed her!" She strides towards him with fury, "And now I am going to kill you!" She lunges at him, swiping at his chest. Completely surprised, Hordak is delayed from an attack. Catra slashes out with her sword again. He snorts, "I did not kill Huntara, but I will kill you if I must. No one treats Hordak this way!" His arms dissolve and transform into sharp blades.

The two engage in a bitter sword fight. Catra is finally free to unleash everything she has towards one of the people she hates most on Etheria. Using some of her magic, Catra poses quite the problem for Hordak. His plans are derailed. "Catra, this is not going to end well for you!" He slices into her cape, but she quickly turns planting a fist into his chest. Coming back for another punch, Catra knocks Hordak back. Sweeping his legs out from under him, Catra knocks Hordak to the ground. Delivering a concussive blast of magical energy into Hordak's skull, Catra kneels over him.

A bit woozy, Hordak tries to focus. He can't believe this is actually happening. Grabbing hold of her sword, Catra feels a smile of glee spread across her face as her green eyes light up like fire, "This day will forever be marked as the day that Hordak fell by the claws of CATRA!" She screams in joy as she drives her sword through Hordak's chest. Jolting up by the force of the wound, Hordak looks into her face. All he can see is her sharp grin and those dazzling green eyes...

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  1. Well this was an excellent and action packed chapter-there is a lot to say about this one-
    First of all Catra was being so vicious in this chapter I don't know if she is still supposed to be a sympathetic character anymore or if she ever was-
    although, the part where Adora doesn't even remember the event that completely ruined Catra's whole life. This made Adora seem like the classic oblivious pretty girl-although Catra is pretty too, so they are kind of evenly matched in that department.I also felt bad for how upset she still is about Huntara-but the fact that she is totally willing to slaughter a child sort of undercuts the sympathy I feel for her.
    I am very glad that Mantenna is finally standing up to the Horde. He really needs to switch sides totally. He never got any respect from the bad guys.
    The part in the cell when Catra says "you think you are so full of honor" is great -this scene sums up the reason why the fan fiction is titled Adora's Search for Honor-Catra is accusing Adora of thinking she has wiped her ledger clean but Adora knows that she has not. In fact she may never find honor and be able to make up for what she has done. Adora realizes that: " the path to salvation is narrow, and as difficult to walk as a razor's edge" and just like the main character in "the Razor's Edge", she knows it is a never ending quest. That the journey itself is the destination.
    The other highlight of this episode was hearing He-man say "shit"-lol. But I kind of hope he stays broken up with Teela and gets with Frosta. (how come up he always ends up with bitchy girls? )
    And can a sharp object through the chest really kill Hordak when he has the power to store a buzz saw in there? Does Hordak even have a heart? I guess we will find out!

    1. Well here is the thing about Catra and this fan fic. I have really wanted to make her and many of the other characters complex. Becuase on the one hand Catra has been given a raw deal, she has lived a life that has created a lot of negativity within her nad it is heartbreaking because a part of her is wanting to change that, but at the end of the day she is (to me) the ultimate villain. And hopefully a villain that we can understand. She is utterly condemned to her emotions, and the ironic thing is that she so detests the idea of anything emotional at all. Plus I really wanted Catra to do something grave that would drive the message home that this woman is capable of anything. And that makes her really unpredictable and dangerous. Besides, if this story were to span a very long time, I would want this girl that will be forever scarred, to grow up and become this awesome warrior woman that seeks vengeance for those who are harmed and under oppression.

      As for Adora being unable to really see her role with Catra, I liken that to Adora truly being a different person when she was with the Horde. She wasn't self aware. At all. She wasn't aware that the Horde was actually evil. She wasn't aware that she was losing her friends to the Great Rebellion, and though she was aware that Catra loathed her, she was never that aware to realize why.

      And that exchange in the cell between Catra and Adora was perfect for me. It was the exact moment where everything came tgether with the title and exactly how complex everything is with these people.

      Mantenna is fun, and I have always made sure to paint him as a character that was always a few steps away from turning his back on the Horde. I've left these little hints and what not. Now I'm not saying that he will become a goodguy, but Mantenna is also getting a chance at some self-awareness at what is going on around him.

      And He-Man mght get with Frosta. There is the problem of Sweet Bee...

      So a sharp object in Hordak's chest... I am not sure if that will kill him or not, but it will make for a fun answer!