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Adora's Search for Honor Part 3! Chapter 56!

Wow, how can this chapter top the last one? Chapter 55 was good, but this story is just going to get better. Let's get this She-Ra Saturday started, on Sunday!

Previously: Mermista and Mer-Man found their way out of the Zazark... With everyone thinking Skeletor dead, Skeletor and Shadow Weaver left Eternia. Skeletor asked Scare Glow to pretend to be the evil ghost of Skeletor and watch over Snake Mountain... Octavia and Scorpia abruptly left Snake Mountain to return to Etheria (thanks to Shadow Weaver) and as they stepped through the portal, two Snake Men also jumped in for the fun of it all... Adora has long found herself in a complicated situation. She loves Bow, yet she also has shared some moments with Sea Hawk, and it is all just too much for her to deal with... Hordak has the powerful Chaos Sword, and Ultimera has finally found the location of the sword. With her presence in the Sun Tower, one can only wonder, who will possess the Chaos Sword now?

And now...
Adora's Search for Honor
Part 3
Chapter 56

"I am doing my best, but I cannot locate her with my vision." Peekablue looks over at the Star Sisters. The trio of sisters look concerned. Starla nods in understanding, "I know we keep pressing this issue, but Peekablue, you must not give up. You are the only one with the unique talents to locate this evil sorceress."

Peekablue takes a deep breath and takes a seat at her vanity, "I understand. But Ultimera is doing something to cloak herself from my magical vision. There are moments where I feel as if I will peek in on her, but then nothing happens." Jewelstar shakes her head, "I think we need to start relying on someone else. We are overextending her powers." Tallstar agrees, "We shouldn't be asking this of Peekablue. We need to give her body a break."

Starla shakes her head in frustration, "No. We must not give up. We have to find Ultimera. The long that evil sorceress is free to roam this world the closer we are to our doom. You are doing fine, right Peekablue?" Starla looks at the watchful friend for confirmation. Peekablue is too meek and shy to say anything else, so she simply agrees, "Yes. I am perfectly fine."

Continuing with her work, Peekablue closes her eyes and focuses on locating the evil sorceress called Ultimera. Her magical vision reaches out across Etheria, trying to find any trace of the evil woman. Concentrating with all her energy, Peekablue feels her heart speed up. Something is happening, images are flying at her as her feathers fan out behind her. Lighting up erratically, Peekablue's feathers find a slight image of Ultimera. Letting out a loud groan, Peekablue shudders.

The Star Sisters crowd around her, trying to see if everything is fine. Peekablue furiously shakes her head trying to focus harder, her heart beating even faster. The images are flying at her, she can't make sense of them, but one thing is for certain: Ultimera is in the middle of a terrifying power struggle. Peekablue can feel Etheria move and tremble. She soon realizes that the movement is from her. The Star Sisters gasp as Peekablue's eyes roll into the back of her head as she collapses to the floor...

The power struggle between Hordak and Ultimera rattles the inner walls of the Sun Tower. Ultimera screeches as she unleashes her magical energy, trying to stop Hordak. Snorting loudly, Hordak is swinging the Chaos Sword in the air, absorbing all of Ultimera's magic, "Fool. You won't be able to stop the mighty power of Hordak!" The two titans continue to battle as the other members of the Horde hide out in the sidelines.

Multi Bot's systems are overriding from all the energy in the air. Modulok is figuring out how they will be bale to fight off Ultimera if Hordak loses. Grizzlor continues to find ways to cool himself off from the hot flashes due to the desert air. Leech is watching intently, unsure how this is all going to end. None of them are aware of Huntara in a nearby corner. The warrior woman pays careful attention to both Hordak and Ultimera. She knows they are strong, but she firmly believes that everyone has a weakness, and if need be, she will destroy them both if she has to.

Hordak slams his foot onto the ground as a thunderous boom snaps into the air. Ultimera falters slightly. Screaming in agony, Ultimera hurls herself in a last show of strength. Her magical energy whips around her trying to strike Hordak, but the mighty leader of the Horde has one last trick up his sleeve. He removes a chunk of sparkly rock and aims it towards Ultimera, "This ends now sorceress." Ultimera's inky purple eyes widen in terror as she realizes what is front of her. Turning to escape, Ultimera finds herself being pulled towards the sparkly rock. Falling to the ground, Ultimera rakes her nails across the gilded tiled floor of the Sun Tower. The rock is distorting the shape of her body, sucking her in. Screaming in defeat, Ultimera is folly absorbed into the sparkly rock.

The absence of so much energy shatters parts of the Sun Tower. The Horde members all cautiously approach Hordak. Imp flies down from the ceiling and lands on Hordak's shoulder. Modulok is in disbelief, "What did you just do mighty Hordak?"

His red eyes glow, "It was nothing Modulok. This little sparkly rock is a part of the comet that Ultimera was trapped in for so long under Skydancer Mountain. I made sure to take a piece for myself. Look around boys, the Horde is making a comeback." He snorts out in more laughter as the other Horde members silently look at each other in worry. They now have even more reason to fear Hordak...

Far away from the Sun Tower, two deadly women rummage through the emptiness of Horror Hall in the abandoned Fright Zone. Catra and Entrapta are looking through Shadow Weaver's various leather bound spell books. Purring softly, Catra smirks, "That old witch could have made this easier. How am I going to find the book in all this mess?" Entrapta's long hair moves some items around, tossing empty glass vials every which way while also thumbing through books. When she is satisfied that the books are not to her liking, she tosses them on the floor, "Catra, are you sure it is here?"

Snapping her head up as her black hair falls into her face, Catra's green eyes narrow, "Of course I am sure. Shadow Weaver had everything in here. I need to find that book! It is full of knowledge and power. If I am going to destroy Adora I must have that book!"

The sounds of Bright Moon guards patrolling the remains of the Fright Zone can be heard in the distance. Entrapta stops her work, "We should be leaving soon Catra. We can always return. Come on, before those guards find us in here!" Entrapta is ready to leave but Catra is not quite finished. The jealous beauty grabs hold of a few more heavy bound books, "Hold on! Give me just one more moment!" Combing over a strange book with a golden cover, Catra flips it open. It isn't the book she is looking for, but it does seem to be full of its own strangeness, "Despondos?" Catra whispers to herself before tucking the book under her arm and rushing out of Horror Hall. Wondering what kind of information she can find in this book, Catra hurries off with Entrapta. Neither know where to go next. Entrapta charges through empty halls doing her best to lead them away from the Bright Moon Guards. Entrapta pauses for a quick moment, "I know what to do next. There may be something of use in Multi Bot's lab." Catra nods and in a flash the pair run off to find their next location...

In another section of the Fright Zone, Octavia and Scorpia try to compose themselves from their trip through the portal. Scorpia looks around at the familiar walls of the Fright Zone, "She really did it. Shadow Weaver got us back to Etheria." Octavia nods, "Was there any doubt?" Scorpia looks back at where the portal just was a second ago. Her mind races to those last few seconds of Clawful racing towards the portal, "Did we do the right thing? I just jumped in without saying goodbye."

Octavia stands up to stretch, "Say goodbye to who? Those Evil Warriors were not our real friends. Eternia was never meant to be our real home. I knew that the moment that insipid Mer-Man was swallowed up by some sea creature. We belong here on Etheria Scorpia."

Scorpia isn't so sure. She finds herself missing Clawful and she doesn't even know why, "What have I done? Why would I just leave like that?" Octavia rolls her eyes and grabs hold of Scorpia, "You need to snap out of this! Act like a grown woman and not some sniffling little child! There was nothing for us back there! You know that!" Listening and only half believing, Scorpia looks on in silence. Nothing makes sense anymore. Scorpia is conflicted. A part of Octavia's words ring true: this is their home. It is nice to be back on Etheria. Scorpia also wishes that things could have been slightly different, that she could have a life on both worlds. The idea is ludicrous. "You're right Octavia. This is our home. What do we do now?"

Shaking her head, Octavia whips one of her tentacles at the two unconscious Snake Men on the ground, "More importantly what do we do with them?" Neither have a clue, but they both feel somewhat better when Catra and Entrapta round a corner bumping into them. Explanations are made as the group of women express their growing interests to leave the Fright Zone immediately. Entrapta smiles at her friends, "Catra and I found something in Multi Bot's lab. A homing beacon device. If there are any other Horde members on Etheria, the beacon should lead us to their location." With a new plan set, the Horde women gather the two Snake Men and prepare to trek their way to the Sun Tower...

Inside the Whispering Woods, Flutterina and Sweet Bee spend some time eating a light lunch. Flutterina is starving, yet she is nervous to really eat anything for fear of upsetting her stomach. Sweet Bee takes a bite out of some bread with a bit of honey on it, "Flutterina, you aren't really eating anything..."

Flutterina explains how she has been feeling strange, "I just want to be. Normal." Sweet Bee continues to take some bites of food, "What does that mean? You seem normal to me." Flutterina nods with a sigh and clutches her stomach, "I am not. Normal." Sweet Bee scrunches her face, "Is this about your speech problem? I thought Roboto was working with you on that."

"He has. But it is not that." The two women look at each other. Sweet Bee is confused and wants to know more. Flutterina leans in for a whisper, "We share a similar. Structure. I wonder. Are we the same. In other areas?" Flutterina then proceeds to address her life and how she came to be, "The Horde made me in a... lab. I came out of a cocoon. There was something about me. The others stared too much. I have something extra. Between my legs."

Sweet Bee looks at her in concern, "What is it? Are you going to die?" Flutterina shakes her head, "No. I don't think so. Do you have anything. Extra between your legs?" Sweet Bee slowly shakes her head and tries to smile, "I'm afraid not Flutterina. I just have extra big hair." Sweet Bee points to her mass of golden curls. The two women laugh. Sweet Bee grabs hold of Flutterina's hands, "Listen, I don't know how or why you ended up the way that you did, but it doesn't matter. As far as I am concerned, you are normal. Flutterina, don't get too hard on yourself."

Wistfully looking away, Flutterina has no idea how to express her feelings, that she indeed does not feel normal and only truly wants to fit in. She knows that some of the members in the Great Rebellion are not thrilled to be around her. They regard her as something strange, especially some of those who recall her hatching out of the cocoon.

Sweet Bee and Flutterina continue to talk and make light of things. Sweet Bee firmly believes that life is far too short to get concerned on much. She reminds Flutterina that there are people on her side, and that Flutterina never has to be alone.

As their lunch winds down, both women notice He-Man approaching. Sweet Bee slightly blushes while mumbling something to herself. Looking down at the lunch, He-Man asks if he is interrupting anything. Flutterina gathers some of her items and smiles, "We were having lunch. I will leave you two. Alone. I need to find. Roboto." Flutterina says her goodbyes and flutters away with her wings.

Sweet Bee smooths out her skirt while calmly looking at He-Man as he takes a seat next to her. He-Man asks how she has been doing, "We haven't really talked to each other much." Sweet Bee nods feeling awkward, "I know." He-Man looks down at the remnants of the ladies' lunch, "Have you been trying to avoid me?"

Her eyes widen at the abrupt question, "I don't understand what you mean..." He-Man looks crestfallen, "Ever since we kissed, things have been strange. You are distant. It is OK to be honest with me Sweet Bee, have I done something wrong?"

Shaking her head and trying to smooth the situation, Sweet Bee sighs, "Oh you have done nothing wrong. I am truly sorry for how I have handled things. I suppose I have been misleading. You are a remarkable man, but..." Sweet Bee pauses, she isn't sure what to say. He-Man tries to offer some words of assistance, "...but... you aren't interested in me anymore." She is silent, but her face speaks truthfully. "I'm terribly sorry He-Man. You are remarkable, that part is true. I just don't know that there is enough of a spark there. If I am to be honest, when we kissed... it felt off."

He-Man smiles at her, "Well we only had one kiss Sweet Bee. Maybe a second chance could change your mind?" Sweet Bee shakes her head, "I'm afraid not. As a member of the Hive, I know when something is working or not. It is built into my structure." He-Man has absolutely no idea what she is talking about, but he knows when to walk away. Smiling at her before standing up, He-Man warmly looks at her, "Don't worry. Thank you for being honest Sweet Bee. You are remarkable as well. I'll see you around." He walks away feeling as if he is missing out on a great romance. Sweet Bee watches him walk away and for a moment there is a sliver of doubt, is she doing the right thing? Then she remembers the kiss and realizes that no matter how attractive a man may be, it will not account for everything. Content with her choices, Sweet Bee simply picks up the rest of the items around her and heads back to Bright Moon.

On the grounds outside of Bright Moon, Glimmer and Romeo are tending to the flowers in Double Trouble's memorial garden. They tend to work together on flowers and plants enjoying the time to talk and know each other more. Glimmer isn't quite sure what she is doing, but every time Romeo looks at her, her heart swoons. His dark eyes and black hair are dashing. The slight muscular tone to his arms makes her want to reach out and trace her fingers over them. Not even when Glimmer was crushing on Bow as she become so enamoured with a man like Romeo. Their eyes meet and they laugh. He is chuckling because of the dirt on Glimmer's cheek, and she is simply laughing because he is. It is infectious.

Soon Romeo reaches out to wipe the dirt off her face. Looking down, Glimmer realizes her face has dirt on it, "Oh, so that is why you were laughing. Now I feel silly." Romeo shakes his head, "No reason to feel silly. I thought it was cute." Her cheeks blush, "Oh." Glimmer wants this moment to last forever. It doesn't. "Glimmer!" The rebel princess looks up to see her mother on the other side of the garden. "Oh, hello mother."

Angella stares at her daughter, "Glimmer, I need you immediately." Glimmer stands up and excuses herself from the work with Romeo. "Yes mother?" Glimmer notices her mom has a pained expression on her face. Angella nervously smiles, "It is Peekablue. Something happened to her while she was using her powers, we need to check on her."

They walk away and Glimmer inquires about more information. Angella explains that Peekablue is helping the Star Sisters look for Ultimera, "I believe that Peekablue may have located them, but at a price." Glimmer shakes her head, saddened at the news. Before the mother and daughter duo enter into Peekablue's room, Angella turns to her daughter, "Glimmer, what is happening between you and that man from the Horde?" Glimmer stares at her mother. With a slight air of attitude, Glimmer smiles pointedly, "That man from the Horde is named Romeo. And I do not know what you mean by 'what is happening.' Would you care to elaborate?" Angella takes a deep breath, "Glimmer, he may be helping out around Bright Moon, but he is still a prisoner as far as I am concerned. I would like you to keep your distance." Glimmer opens the door to Peekablue's room, she turns to look back at her mother, "I am a grown woman. I can make my own decisions on distance."

Holding her breath, Angella walks into the room. They look in on Peekablue. the watchful friend is resting as the Star Sisters explain something interesting, "Peekablue was peeking on these flashes of Ultimera, but then something happened. The feeling of Ultimera was just... gone." Angella shakes her head, "I don't understand. What does this mean?" Starla tries to make sense of things, "I'm not sure exactly what it means. We need Peekablue to rest, and once she is ready again, she can hopefully tell us just exactly what is going on." And so they all wait...

In another section of Bright Moon, Spinnerella runs into He-Man. The most powerful man in the universe looks distant, but Spinnerella is able to gather his thoughts, "He-Man, it is nice to see you." He-Man nods in agreement. Talking for a little while, Spinnerella pulls the mighty man to the side, "Could you do something for me please? Frosta has been in her room ever since she returned from her castle. We keep trying to motivate her to get up and out, but she refuses to leave her bed. I'm just growing concerned for her. Maybe you can talk to her?" He-Man nods, "I can try."

He-Man walks towards Frosta's room and as he enters he nearly stops in his tracks. Frosta is laying in her bed. Her long blue hair is in need of a wash. There is a slight sweet smell in the air that seems to be covering up something. Frosta is looking over a book and is not aware of who is visiting her, she calls out, "Spinnerella darling, I told you, I do not require anything else for the time being. I only hope this book will be somewhat interesting..." Frosta looks up as her eyes widen in surprise, "He-Man!? What are you doing here?"

He-Man steps forward feeling slightly out of place, "I came to check on you. I've heard you haven't really been getting out." Frosta sits up with eyes rolled, "Oh darling, I get out all the time. I'm just fine." She doesn't look fine. He-Man is concerned, "You've been through a lot lately Frosta. I think your reaction to things is normal. But maybe you should get up. We could go for a walk?"

Frosta tilts her head with a coy smile, "Now what would Sweet Bee think of that darling? I wouldn't want to make her jealous." He-Man hangs his head, "There is no reason to think that. Sweet Bee and I are nothing but friends." Frosta smiles in a strange way, "Oh really darling? You got tired of the blond with the really big... eyes."

Shaking his head, He-Man sighs, "She seems to be the one who became tired." Throwing a hand to her mouth, Frosta holds back a laugh, "Sweet Bee got tired of you! Now isn't that a funny twist?" He-Man looks at her, "How so?" Frosta begins laughing, "You, the most powerful man in the universe, got rejected by a twit with bad hair!? I find that absolutely hilarious darling!"

"Well it's not funny Frosta. And from where I'm standing, the only one with bad hair is you." He-Man stares at her in annoyance. Frosta can't stop laughing, "My hair is lovely darling." He-Man folds his arms, "When is the last time you had bathed?" Frosta glares at him, "I have been giving myself ice baths. I'm fine."

"Not from where I am. You need to get out of bed and clean yourself up Frosta. This is not like you." Frosta points a finger at him, "And what would you know of me darling?" He-Man rolls his eyes, "I know plenty Frosta. More than you know. Now come on, you can't stay in bed forever." He removes the sheets exposing Frosta in a worn-in nightgown. She stares at him in shock, "What on Etheria are you doing!" She grabs the sheets from him, "Just who do you think you are! You can't come in here like that!" He-Man pulls the sheets away again, "Frosta, you need to grow up. Come on, get out of bed!"

She sits back in shock, "How dare you! You should leave me alone this instant!" He-Man tries to slide the sheets out from under her, but Frosta won't budge. He-Man groans, "Come on Frosta, you can't stay in here forever!" Frosta smirks, "Good luck moving me. I'm not going anywhere!" She has a white hot glare that burns through his flesh. He shakes his head and simply picks her up, tossing her over his shoulder. She shrieks, "Put me down this instant! What are you doing?!"

"Come on Frosta, enough of this. Time to grow up and be responsible." He carries her out of the room as she pounds her fists on his back, "Put me down! I cannot leave my room in just a robe! You incorrigible man! Oh I hate you!" He-Man whistles a tune, ignoring her yelling. He heads towards a large lavatory as Frosta demands to know where they are going.

He places her on a tiled floor underneath a fancy shower head, "I'm making sure you wash yourself and freshen up. This woman before me is not the Frosta I know." He turns the water on warm, and Frosta screams as water sprays over her, clinging the robe to her nude body, "Oh you bastard! I loathe you!"

He-Man looks at her, "No you don't. And when you are refreshed, you'll be thanking me." He turns, walking away. As he is walking off, he feels a wet mass hit him in the back. He-Man looks down and notices Frosta's soaked robe on the tiled floor, "Did you just throw that at me?" He turns and is caught off guard. Frosta is standing under the water, nude. He stares at her nude form and has to catch himself. Looking away, he stares her in the eyes. A moment occurs between them both, neither are quite sure what is happening.

They keep staring, as a warmness spreads inside them both. Frosta parts her lips, "You should go. I'm showering." He-Man nods, "Yes. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare." He begins to blush and turns to leave. She forms a slick trail of ice on the floor and slides up behind him. Before he can go anywhere, he feels her cold hands on his back, "I don't want you to go." He-Man turns to look at her. Swallowing before speaking, He-Man mumbles, "I shouldn't be here, you need your privacy."

Frosta shakes her head and presses herself towards him, she can feel him, "There are other parts of you that would beg to differ. Please..." She looks at him, wanting nothing more than to share in his embrace. He-Man can't help himself. Their eyes lock and soon their lips meet into a passionate kiss. Walking backwards to the shower faucet, Frosta presses herself against a tiled wall as He-Man continues to kiss her. The water is cold, and He-Man whispers in between kisses, "I thought the water was warm?" Frosta bites her lower lip, "I like the water cold. Don't worry, we'll warm each other." Steam begins to rise as the cold water hits their hot skin. They can't stop what is happening between them. She unhooks his harness and prepares to remove his loin cloth.

Lifting her up, He-Man places his hands under her bottom as her legs wrap around his waist. "Oh my." Frosta heavily breathes. They are about to make love, when He-Man falters. Her body feels amazing and he can't quite believe that this is actually happening, but it all just hits him. He is making a mistake, "I can't do this."

Frosta is breathing hard, lost in her lust, she shakes her head, "Of course you can. Do you want me to show you what to do?" He-Man shakes his head, "No, I know what to do, but I can't." He lets go of her carefully. Her feet back on the tiled floor, Frosta sighs, "Darling, you are ruining my sex buzz, what is this?" He-Man tilts his head into hers, "I can't keep making the same mistakes." Frosta snaps, "I'm a mistake?!"

"No, no, not at all Frosta. I just can't do this. I have to be honest with you. I keep lying to people close to me, and I can't keep doing that." Frosta is lost. Asking for more clarification, Frosta listens as He-Man admits, "I am not who you think I am. I am Prince Adam." Frosta holds back a laugh, "Darling, what sort of joke is this? You don't need to make up lies if sleeping with me is going to be too much on you..." He-Man shakes his head, "I'm not making anything up. I am Prince Adam."

Frosta can tell that he is being serious, "What? You are Adora's brother? I don't understand. Adam is wimpy, he is strange and awkward." He-Man hangs his head, "Thank you for that Frosta." Covering a hand to her mouth, Frosta holds onto his chest, "I'm sorry darling. That was rude. I just don't understand what you are talking about, how can you be Adam? You are He-Man."

"I am He-Man. I am also Adam. I transform into this person before you." Frosta looks him over, "You are serious. Oh my." The water is still running down their bodies, but the sexual heat between them is diminishing. He-Man explains why he keeps his identity a secret. Frosta understands and tries to kiss him again, "It's ok though. We can still do this, I can find you attractive either way..." Frosta kisses him again and then pauses, "Wait a minute. If you are Prince Adam, does that mean that your sister is... Oh my..." He-Man looks at her nodding.

"I don't believe this. Adora is She-Ra? Oh my..." Frosta stands there trying to take in all this new information. "Exactly Frosta." He-Man looks at her, it feels good to be this honest with someone. Frosta slightly breaks away from him, "I can't believe Adora has been living with that secret for so long." He-Man adds, "It is not an easy secret to hold onto. I've hurt plenty of people by having a double identity." He thinks of Teela and all the hurt he has caused her. Frosta can tell that his mind and heart is elsewhere, she can just sense it. She smiles and points between them, "This isn't going to happen is it?"

He-Man shakes his head, "I don't think so. You are such a beautiful woman and I do think of you as a friend..." Frosta nods and holds her breath, "There is someone else though, isn't there? And I'm not referring to that half twit Sweet Bee either." He-Man nods, "Yes, there is someone else. Someone that I really hurt, and I can't keep doing that." Frosta nods, "I oddly understand, which is not like me darling. At all." He-Man gives off a strange look, "So you are ok that we did not, ya know..." He motions between their naked bodies. Frosta smirks, "Darling, you are my dear friend's brother. It would have been far too awkward to go that far with anything anyway. Thank you He-Man."

"For what? I feel like I have just broken your heart." Frosta holds her head back and laughs, "Darling, you may have broken my sex buzz, but hardly my heart. I made a pact with myself awhile ago that no one will ever break my heart. I thank you for being honest with me. For getting me out of my bed and making me see that I have a life to live, no matter the terrible things that have gone on recently." She hugs him tightly. Breaking away, Frosta smiles, "Now I think I need to be alone." He-Man sheepishly smiles and walks away putting his clothes back on. Leaning against the water, Frosta can only shake her head, "Now what do I do?" She closes her eyes as she feels the cold water rain and slide down her body. She smiles to herself, Frosta knows she is going to be just fine.

Far away on Eternia, two lovers are catching up, sharing some time together. Bow and Adora lay together in bed talking and holding onto each other tight. Adora is amazed at the recent events with the Snake Men and Skeletor, "Bow, I killed my uncle. The same uncle that helped orchestrate my kidnapping as a baby. I feel so strange." Bow has an arm wrapped around her, he kisses her forehead, "I thought that he had been merged with some evil demon or something? Would that still make him your uncle?" Adora sits up and shrugs, "I am not sure. None of it really makes sense. I just don't know if I did the right thing by killing him. Maybe he should have been held accountable for his crimes?"

Bow shakes his head, "Come on, you are being too hard on yourself. From what we have been told, nothing would stop Skeletor from his own devious plans. Your father had even tried that before, Skeletor had found a way to escape." Adora looks at Bow, "You are right. I just feel so weird. How did it all get so twisted? How did our lives become so complicated?" Her mind is racing towards so many other topics, "I just want to feel better, and not feel like such a terrible person."

Holding her tight, Bow whispers, "You are not a terrible person. How could you even think that? Don't think those thoughts. Everything is going to be just fine Adora. You have your family and friends. You have me. There is nothing to worry about. I'll always be honest with you, if I thought you were a terrible person, I would let you know."

Adora's face is in his chest, her heart is beating so fast. She looks up at him, "I know you kissed Mermista." Bow is completely lost, he isn't sure where this is coming from, "That was awhile ago." Adora nods, "I know. But you never told me..." Bow interrupts her, "I never told you because there was nothing to tell Adora. I was drowning, and Mermista was breathing air into my mouth. We did kiss, but it was nothing. I promise you."

Adora nods, sadness creeping across her face, "I know, and I believe you. But Bow, we've both kept things from each other, and whatever the reasons, it has just been on my mind. If we love each other so much, why would we do something like that to each other?" Bow is getting nervous, "What are you talking about Adora, you are scaring me."

She looks him in the face and breaks his heart, "Sea Hawk kissed me. Well... he kissed me first, but then we kissed each other. I never told you, because I think it may have meant something, though I couldn't tell you what it meant exactly." Bow is gutted, he isn't sure what to think or say. He looks at her in silence. Adora takes a deep breath and prepares to explain what has been on her mind for months now. She is fully aware that this is not going to end pretty...

To be Continued! (Obviously!)

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  1. Well it will be interesting to see if those fists belong to Sea Hawk and Bow.
    Now as for this He-Man and Frosta thing-it was a hot scene, but is the reason he pulling away still because of Teela? she is so lame! Frosta is hotter(well in a cold way) and I'm starting to doubt He-Man's taste in women. But at least this might pave the way for Stratos and Frosta to happen. Alhough I am surprised you didn't pair him with Sweet Bee-what with the birds and the bees and all! That would be crazy if Sweet Bee ended up involved with him and she and Frosta had to fight over another guy!
    I like that Scorpia likes Clawful, but I would rather Mermista be with Merman than Octavia. -Octavia seems like a bitch.
    As for the She-Ra thinking she killed Skeletor thing, it's interesting because while I could see her doing something like that, I could never see He-Man killing Skeletor. Maybe it's because Adora worked with the Horde or maybe it's just cause the female of the species is always deadlier than the male, but I see He-Man as pure morality. He probably would have stopped her from killing him. If anyone would be the one Skeletor had to be taken out by it would be him, the whole arch enemy thing, but it's like Batman can't kill the Joker, Superman can't kill Luthor, that's just the way it is when your a hero. (if you are anti-hero on the other hand taking out your enemy is expected!So look out Bow! don't get on Sea Hawks bad side!)

    1. Well I hope that whoever gets into the fist fight next chapter, that it will be entertaining. lol And Teela is the reason that He-Man couldn't go all the way with Frosta. Not that he didn't want to, but he feels bad about what went down with Teela and I don't know that he will be able to move on from that because he is beginning to realize that he does love Teela. As for Stratos and Frosta, I dunno, I have started changing my tune on those two. I am not really sure what I will have transpire with them, but I do intend to make sure that Frosta and Sweet Bee have a prickly relationship for sure.

      Scorpia does like Clawful, but her desire to be on Etheria overrides any feelings. And i don't see Mer-Man and Octavia ever being together. Octavia is just a cold blooded killing machine. At least that is how I view her.

      And with She-Ra and Skeletor, I really wanted it to be like she had no other choice to kill him. It wasn't something in cold blood, it was more like she had to save her own life. And I agree with you, it could not have been He-Man, because it just would not have felt right. As the story is, Adora has killed before as part of the Horde, so she is more familiar with that aspect even though she was doing those actions under false pretenses. And I do think that He-Man would have tried to stop it from happening if he had been there. Had he been there that fight would have looked entirely different. But since Skeletor isn't really dead, that just makes the story all the more juicy.

  2. yes He-Man is the superman of this universe.
    there is a great episode of the Justice League animated series (one of the best cartoons EVER!)where everyone thinks Toyman has killed Superman. In reality he gets sent into the future and isn't really dead, but everyone thinks he is. Anyway Wonder Woman is going to KILL toyman! she has him by the throat and is about to end him. then the Flash stops her! He grabs her and says "we don't kill our enemies!" then she says "speak for yourself!" and the Flash says, "I was trying to speak for Superman" -so Wonder Woman puts Toyman down and lets him live.
    How awesome is that writing wise!!?
    also in that episode they have a funeral for Superman and Luthor shows up! He is "reformed" at this point in the series so he is there to pay his respects-Lois Lane goes ape shit beating on his chest and screaming about how many times he tried to kill superman-then she starts sobbing actually kind of in his arms and Luthor says "believe it or not, I'm going to miss him too." now how awesome is that? MOTU deserves a cartoon that awesome.

    1. I had always heard good things about the JL animated series. I never got to watch it though. I had some of the toys, but I never really watched it. It does sound good. I love the funeral plot. That sounds like the perfect soap staple. I really wish there was a good MOTU cartoon too. I would really love a really good She-Ra cartoon, or at least something that would have both.