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Adora's Search for Honor Part 3! Chapter 57!

And the chapters just keep on rolling out. She-Ra Saturday is all new! (A little late, but still new!) The ending is slowly creeping along, but this latest chapter will hopefully not disappoint.

Previously: All you need to know about the last chapter was that Adora was in the process of breaking Bow's heart with her confession that she kissed Sea Hawk and essentially was torn with her feelings. Other important hits to note is that Hordak is back and super powerful thanks to his Chaos Sword... Frosta and He-Man nearly bumped uglies, but didn't. As a result Frosta found out the truth about He-Man's identity and she had to take a very cold shower... Glimmer is involved in a romance with former Horde member from space Romeo... The Horde women were making their way to the rest of the Horde, with two unconscious Snake Men in tow...

And now...
Adora's Search for Honor
Part 3
Chapter 57

"Bow, please. Say something to me." Adora places her hands on his chest, she can feel his heart beating. Bow is silent, his expression gives nothing away. His inner turmoil upon hearing that the love of his life has kissed someone else is almost too much to take. Tears begin to form in Adora's eyes. Looking at her, Bow whispers, "When did this happen?"

"The night of the Glitterbugs, on Etheria." She is quiet as Bow takes her words in, "That was a long time ago. I don't understand Adora, why are you just now telling me this? After everything that changed between us, why?" Adora shakes her head, "I don't really know. I thought what I was feeling would just go away. And then we were bombarded with the Horde and the Horde ships. The drilling on Etheria, and the trip to Horde World. I... I didn't think we would make it, so I held onto my love for you." Bow shakes his head, "So all that talk of love and finally admitting that we were where we needed to be, was for what? Some piece of pity? Now that you know we are going to make it, you decide to revisit this bullshit with Sea Hawk?"

Adora hangs her head, "I don't know Bow. I don't know what any of it means. That is why I am wanting to be honest with you, to talk to you about this. I don't know what to do!" Bow walks away from her, feeling sick to his stomach, "What am I supposed to say Adora? What do you want me to say? You are telling me that you have feelings for two men! I mean come on Adora, Sea Hawk? Of all people, Sea Hawk? He is nothing but a dirty pirate. Why him?!"

Taking a breath, Adora tries to explain, not only for Bow's sake, but her own, "I don't know Bow. When I was working in the Fright Zone, Sea Hawk would deliver items for Hordak, and the man wore on my nerves like no other. I found him to be an annoying foolish man, but something changed... I started to see him differently, and then when we kissed..." Raising a hand up, Bow snaps, "I don't want to hear anymore. I think that is enough."

A silence hangs in the air. Bow shakes his head and mumbles, "Guess you have some Horde left in you after all..." As soon as he says it, he knows it is a mistake. Throwing her head up, Adora's eyes widen, "What is that supposed to mean?" Bow shakes his head wishing he could take it back, "Nothing." Charging towards him, Adora snaps, "No, don't say nothing. Go on, be real with me Bow. How dare you try to throw my past misdeeds in my face! My past with the Horde has nothing to do with what is going on between us! I am sorry Bow! What else do you want me to say? What do you want me to do?! I'm so sorry, I can't help this though!" Adora chokes back a sob and sighs, "I can't believe you would try to bring up my past like that. You, of all people. You know what I have done and how much it burns in my heart. I have caused so much pain and suffering..."

Tears rimming his eyes, Bow stares at her, "And here you are, causing even more. To me." Reaching out to Bow, Adora bites her lower lip, "I am not meaning to hurt you." He can't look at her, "Do you love him?" Looking around while shaking her head, Adora whispers, "I don't know. I have no idea. I am just wanting to be honest with you." She grabs his hand, "What happens to us now?"

He looks at her in so much pain. He merely wants to reach out to her, to hold onto her, but he can't, "I don't know Adora. I don't know. But I will say this, I am not some chump. I'm not going to stand by while you try to figure things out. Either you want to be with me or you don't. I'm not going to listen and help you decide." Bow brushes past her. Adora calls after him, "Where are you going?" Bow doesn't answer. He simply leaves her alone. Adora kneels down to the ground sobbing in her hands.

In another section of the Eternos Palace, a few friends gather inside the Palace Bar to pay tribute to Stinkor. Castaspella, Perfuma, Netossa, Mermista, and Sea Hawk sit around a wooden table each with a drink in their hands, "To Stinkor!" They cheer in unison before each taking a sip of their tasty concoctions. Perfuma makes a strange face as she finishes her sip of the strong drink from the bartender, "Eww. This stuff tastes stronger than I thought it'd be."

Castaspella winces from the taste, "Maybe so Perfuma, but it was something Stinkor would have enjoyed." Netossa joins in, "I still am not sure how you managed to survive down below Snake Mountain with him. I think the smell would have killed me." Castaspella thinks back to her time with the smelly Evil Warrior, "Yes, it was a rather pungent stench, but Stinkor was a wonderful being. He saved all of us by sacrificing his life. If not for him, Serpos would have eaten this world."

Sea Hawk listens and offers some cracker chips to his pet mouse, "Stinkor's smell wasn't all that bad. You should try living on a ship with my crew after we've been in the air for a few weeks." Mermista and Perfuma both exchange a look as if to say, "Thank goodness we aren't a part of that crew."

Castaspella gives a somber look to her friends, "I miss him. I never thought I would say something like that, but I miss Stinkor." Reaching out to her friend, Perfuma tries to be of help, "It's ok Casta. We may not totally get it, but we also weren't there with you. I'm just glad you are back with us." Everyone agrees.

The door to the Palace Bar opens. Everyone turns to see Clamp Champ entering into the bar. He joins the group, "What are we drinking to?" Castaspella smiles at him, "Stinkor." Clamp Champ nods, "Truly, I never thought that would be the day. But the smelly guy really came through in the end." Clamp Champ smiles at Castaspella as the bartender brings him a drink. The chatter continues between everyone. Perfuma and Mermista discuss the events leading to the mer-maiden escaping the insides of the Zazark. Netossa tries to feed the pet mouse, but can't quite get over Sea Hawk's attachment to the rodent. Castaspella and Clamp Champ discuss a few things involving her experiences at Snake Mountain.

Somehow Perfuma just breaks into song and starts singing some Etherian medley. Soon the entire Palace Bar is singing away. Even the bartender seems to be enjoying his time with his patrons. The door to the Palace Bar opens again. In the midst of her singing, Perfuma turns to see Bow stride into the bar, "Bow! Just in time, we're singing..." Her sentence hangs in the air as Bow flies past her towards Sea Hawk.

Throwing one heck of a punch, Bow's fist lands smack across Sea Hawk's face. The pirate is knocked back and tumbles to the floor as the rest of the group looks on in shock. Mermista jumps up near Bow, "What are you doing!? Bow!" The archer takes another step towards the pirate as if he is going to strike him again.

Sea Hawk stumbles up, wiping some blood from his lip, "What the fuck man?!" He tries to steady himself. Bow takes another step, but Clamp Champ and Perfuma both try to stop him. The flower maiden gasps, "Bow, what is the matter?" Pointing a finger at Sea Hawk, Bow spits out, "You just had to do it, didn't you? Out of all the low down shitty things you have done, you had to go and do it."

Sea Hawk panics wondering if Bow somehow knows of his shameful secret regarding the blackmail by Hordak, he stammers, "I don't know what you are talking about Bow, but if you intend to hit me again, know this: I will hit back." Bow shouts out, "Go ahead and hit back. I'm right here ready to kick your pathetic ass!" Perfuma and Mermista are both shocked. Castaspella is trying to make sure nothing gets knocked over as the two men ready themselves for a fight. The pirate's pet mouse flips the bowl of cracker chips over and takes cover. Clamp Champ bites his tongue, "Gentlemen, this is not the place to be starting something. I think you both need to stick to your respective corners."

Bow glares, trying to take another swipe, "You just had to do it, didn't you? You bedded countless women, why did you have to go after her? Why?!" Bow tries to take another shot, but Clamp Champ is standing his ground. The women all look at each other, a sense of dread dawning on them. Sea Hawk shakes his head, "If this has to do with Adora, I think you need to quit while you can Bow. I don't know what this is about, but it isn't what you think at all. I haven't slept with Adora." Bow huffs, "I know that. But you did kiss her."

The pirate shrugs, "So what? She can kiss whomever she chooses to kiss Bow. Adora is a grown woman. Get over it." Bow is enraged. He mutters to Clamp Champ, "I am terribly sorry for this." Clamp Champ feels a sharp punch to the side of his stomach as Bow maneuvers his way around the Champ and barrels his way into Sea Hawk.

Both men begin fighting each other. Rolling around on the ground, each one gets a few good punches at the other. Castaspella and the other women look on in horror, each trying to do something to stop the madness. Mermista shakes her head, "Netossa, I think we need a net." Nodding in agreement, Netossa produces two nets from her cape and tosses them over the dueling men. Castaspella checks on Clamp Champ as Bow and Sea Hawk struggle to still fight with heavy nets draped over them. Perfuma shakes her head sadly, "Oh Bow."

Soon both men are unable to move much. They are sore, bruised, and bleeding. The bartender calls for help mumbling something about, "This bar used to never see a fight. Those folks from Etheria show up and it all goes to shit." Mermista looks at her friends, "We should check on Adora." The women prepare to leave as Castaspella asks Clamp Champ, "Can you handle those two?" She motions towards Bow and Sea Hawk. The Champ nods, "Yes, I am sure I can." The women leave as Clamp Champ looks down at the two guys. He shakes his head and calls out for some backup...

On Etheria, inside of Castle Bright Moon, Roboto is examining Flutterina in the healing bay. Buzzing and whirring, Roboto beeps out his data, "How long has your stomach been hurting?" Flutterina lays back on an examination table closing her eyes, "A few days. Maybe. A week." Roboto turns to compute some more data into his system. They make some small talk. Flutterina is thankful that Roboto is helping her, "You have helped with my speech. So much. I thank you for helping. With this." She rubs her belly, which appears slightly larger than usual.

Roboto lights up, "I am always ready to help you Flutterina. I care about your well being." Flutterina makes a strange face, "I thought you were a... machine. Do machines care?" Roboto turns around to print out some more data, "I suppose that if a machine is programed to care, they could. I am no ordinary machine though. I have a brain." Flutterina inquires about more as Roboto explains, "The brain that helps my systems run properly belonged to a soldier from the Royal Guard, back on Eternia. He died during the Unrest and Duncan salvaged parts of his brain to merge with his technology in creating a robot that had human characteristics. I do not remember the life this brain had before me, but I am able to understand certain human traits. Like caring for someone."

Flutterina listens and thinks back to her life, "We share similar. Pasts. I do not remember the lives that made me. The Horde. Used insects and human. Cells. To create me. I am something new. From something old. And I just want to be. Normal." Roboto looks at her with his face lighting up, "We are all our own normal. You are just fine the way you are."

Wistfully looking away, Flutterina sighs, "Everyone keeps saying. That." Roboto leans in speaking with his robotic lilt, "You just need to believe it." Smiling slightly, Flutterina continues to lay on the table as Roboto goes over his data. Turning away and back again, Roboto takes out a scanning tool. He begins to rub it over Flutterina's belly. The winged woman is concerned, "Roboto? What are you doing?" Roboto shakes his head, "I'm sorry if I am scaring you. It's just the data... it isn't making sense..."

Flutterina looks down at her stomach and the tool that Roboto is using, "What do you mean? Roboto. What is. Happening..." Roboto turns to look at Flutterina, "According to my data, Flutterina, there is something living inside your body." Flutterina's eyes flitter before she passes out...

The courtyard in the center of Bright Moon is full of activity. Members from the Rebellion are walking around and taking the time to enjoy the beautiful flowers. Glimmer and Romeo are among the people enjoying the gorgeous day. They have been getting closer to each other, and for Glimmer the experience is making her feel so alive. They take some time to talk for a little bit. Romeo grabs a flower for Glimmer, "Was everything ok?"

Glimmer smells the flower and places it in her pink hair, "Huh?" Romeo smiles, "Earlier, your mom asked you to go with her. Was everything ok?" Glimmer recalls the check-in on Peekablue and the Star Sisters, "Oh yes. Everything was just fine." She also remembers her mother telling her to essentially stay away from Romeo. Glimmer simply cannot help the way she feels though. The two continue to walk through the courtyard taking in the sights. They slowly begin to broach the subject of what is occurring between them both. Glimmer's heart feels like it is going to burst, "I feel it too. I do like this time that we share together."

Romeo smiles, "I'm glad, because I really do too. Actually, I still can't believe that this is all happening. Not too long ago I was working for the enemy." Glimmer nods adding, "But you weren't always working for the enemy. I thought you were leading a normal life, before the Horde took you..." Romeo smiles, "Sort of. My life on Earth was not the simplest. I was younger then, and involved in some trouble. Of course, it involved a girl."

Glimmer's eyes widen, this is the first she is hearing of his life on his home world, "A girl?" Romeo nods looking at some flowers and thinking of his past, "It is strange. That life was so long ago. You age differently when you are with the Horde, but I remember that time very vividly." Glimmer is afraid to ask, but she does anyway, "Were you in love with this girl?"

"Yes. I was. We thought we were star crossed lovers. We were both so young. Our families hated each other. It was a war, and yet, we found each other. It didn't last though." Romeo walks forward thinking back to his life and the seed of anger that flowed so freely to allow him entrance into the Horde. Glimmer walks up to him and places a hand on his shoulder, "What happened?" Romeo shakes his head, "It doesn't matter. It is long buried in the past." Glimmer half smiles, "It doesn't seem like it is long buried. You can talk to me Romeo, I will listen."

Romeo sighs, "I thought she was dead. Our families were involved in so much fighting and so much hate, all we wanted was to love each other. Fate had other plans. Word had spread that she was dead, and I was so consumed with rage. I wanted to be with her, so I took some poison from a town merchant." Glimmer covers her mouth, "You wanted to kill yourself?" Romeo nods, "Anything to be with her. Love can drive a man to do crazy things. She wasn't actually dead. Though she did end up killing herself when she saw me lifeless from the poison."

Glimmer shakes her head in shock, "I can't believe this..." Romeo slumps his shoulders, "I was so angry when I woke. I hated myself for what happened. It was my fault, I never should have taken the poison. That is when he showed up: Hordak." Glimmer takes a step back, "Hordak?" Romeo nods, "The Horde had secretly been watching over Earth and they were partially instrumental in creating the divisiveness between the two families. They were looking for soldiers to join the Horde. Hordak had revived me and with such rage and hate in my heart for my loss, I left to join the Horde and travel the stars. Looking back, it would become a tremendous mistake. Until now of course."

Reaching out, Glimmer hugs Romeo tightly, "I'm so sorry you had to go through that Romeo." Nodding in thanks, Romeo looks at her, "Before I left I had a friend. He was a writer, I made sure that he captured the story. I couldn't let anyone know that I was leaving with the Horde, so he crafted our love story, in part to remind people the power of love and to also allow me a cloak of death." Glimmer shakes her head, "I can't believe your circumstances. I am so sorry that you were unable to be with your love."

Lifting his hand under her chin, Romeo smiles, "Though painful, my twisted life has led me to you. I care for you Glimmer. You have saved me." She smiles, "I don't really think I did much." Romeo shakes his head, "No. Your trust in me, it means the world." He leans in to kiss her. Glimmer's legs grow weak as her lips lock with his. The sweet fragrant flowers fill the air as the sun shines bright. Two lovers, met from the stars, begin an all new act, together...

Over at the Sun Tower in the Crystal Sands, Hordak finds a long forgotten audience. Catra, Entrapta, Scorpia, and Octavia arrive inside the gilded throne room inside the tower. Two Snake Men cower slightly behind them. Hordak shakes his head in disbelief, "You all made it, and from Eternia no less. I look forward to hearing how that story came to be. Where is Shadow Weaver?" As the conversation unfolds, Huntara continues to observe in the shadows.

Octavia is the first to step forward, "Shadow Weaver opened the portal for us to return to Etheria, but she stayed behind." Hordak nods listening. The other Horde members crowd around Hordak's gilded throne. Multi Bot and Modulok are surprised to see the Horde women. Grizzlor is still dying of heat, but he manages to wave to his friends. Leech motions for him to stop.

Hordak points a finger towards the Snake Men, "I see you come bearing gifts. The skin of a Snake Man makes exquisite armor." Octavia is quick to point out, "They are not here as gifts mighty Hordak." Rattlor is the first to jump up, "We wish to serve you, mighty Hordak." Rattlor and Tung Lashor both know they have nothing else going for them. Hordak snorts, "You wish to serve me? I've never seen a member of the Snake Men so willing to turn sides, I wonder what your King would think of that?"

Scorpia rolls her eyes, "Their king is dead Hordak." Hordak's red eyes widen in surprise, "Oh really? King Hiss is gone?" Scorpia nods, "Yes. He was killed by She-Ra." A strange silence fills the room. Hordak snorts looking at his Horde members, "So She-Ra killed King Hiss? Who would have known she'd be of use for something?" He snorts again for good measure and looks at the group standing before him, "Very well. I suppose we could allow some stray snakes into the Horde. What of the rest of you? Will you ladies be rejoining the Horde?"

Catra and Entrapta give each other a knowing look. Octavia walks forward, "Of course I will stay with the Horde." Hordak is pleased. He looks at the other three, "Don't rush on your decisions ladies. We only have all day." He laughs at his own sarcasm, while clasping his fingers together, "No need to be fearful. I'm a changed ruthless leader. After... recent events... I have changed my ways. I lost my way so to speak. I may not apologize, but I do realize I may have taken my fellow Horde for granted. That will change now though, because I fully intend to rule this world. It is time to bring back the darkness."

Catra crosses her arms. She looks over the scars and wounds across Hordak's body. She purrs, "And just how are you going to do that Hordak? You look like shit." Hordak wags a finger towards Catra, "I can always count on that mouth of yours Catra. You don't need to worry about that, just know that I have the perfect weapon to enact my punishment for the people of Etheria." He pats the Chaos Sword at his side.

Entrapta dims her eyes, "I don't know that our plans are going to mesh with your particular brand of vengeance Hordak." The ruthless leader carefully looks over Entrapta, he is trying to understand her motives, "What are you planning on doing?" Slinking next to Entrapta, Catra purrs with her green eyes lighting the room, "I'm going to kill Adora."

Hordak snorts, "You are still stuck on that issue, aren't you Catra?" Entrapta smiles, sticking by her friend, "Catra is the one to do it, I know it. She will kill Adora with ease. Then Etheria will be hers." Huntara listens intently, wondering exactly how Catra will kill Adora.

Hordak wonders the same thing, and so much more, "I certainly won't make you stay if you have other plans, but are you sure you want Entrapta joining you Catra? Can you truly trust her?" He is trying to plant a seed of doubt. Catra tilts her head, "Whatever do you mean?"

Standing from his throne, Hordak marches towards the two women. He points a finger towards Entrapta, "Have you forgotten her true intent? I seem to recall Entrapta delivering the heads of her family members on golden platters to me, all so that she could join the Horde and travel throughout the universe. Somehow she then betrayed her allegiance with me to run off with you. It will only be a matter of time before she does the same to you Catra. They call her the tricky golden beauty for a reason."

Lifting her head high, Entrapta steps between the two powerful titans, "I am not going to betray Catra. I believe in her Hordak. I also believed in the Horde, but you are the one who lost your way Hordak. Catra is going to be the one to bring Etheria down into the palm of her hands." Catra secretly smiles to herself, she can feel her chance at hand. Hordak nods, listening carefully, "Well. Here we are. I certainly won't be in your way, the door is right there." Hordak points to the exit of the Sun Tower. Scorpia is listening, she walks away from Entrapta and Catra. Heading to the rest of the Horde, Scorpia wonders what choice Catra will make.

The jealous beauty with the dazzling green eyes smirks. Turning away Catra walks from the Horde towards her own journey. Entrapta quickly follows calling out to Hordak, "Looks like the race for Etheria has officially begun. May the best bitch win. Ha." The two women leave the Sun Tower. Huntara slides away from the shadows to follow after Catra.

Clawdeen is waiting out front. Before Catra and Entrapta leave, Entrapta begs the question, "You don't believe him, do you?" Catra turns, "What do you mean?" Reaching out to grab her hands, Entrapta reassures Catra, "I'm not going to betray you Catra. Hordak can say what he wants. I am betting on you though. I know you have what it takes to rattle this planet to its core. I'm with you until the very end." Catra is quiet. She nods in her understanding and is thankful that there is at least one person crazy enough to be her friend. Together they ride off on Clawdeen as Huntara walks around from the Sun Tower. Trying to catch up and losing them, Huntara realizes she is just going to have to work that much harder to find the woman she has feelings for, "I'm going to find you Catra. And once I do, we are leaving this place for good."

Back inside the Sun Tower, Hordak looks around at his growing Horde, "Come now my Horde. We have plenty of work to do. We are going to light this world on fire..." The Horde cheers in approval.

Back on Eternia, Adora finds herself far from being alone as her friends visit her. Castaspella, Mermista, Netossa, and Perfuma are all in her room. Adora's eyes are bloodshot and she seems completely lost. Castaspella walks in and hugs her friend, "Oh Adora, it's going to be ok." Adora holds onto her friends for support, "I really screwed up big this time."

Mermista shakes her head, "Don't say that Adora. You didn't do anything wrong." Perfuma sits next to Adora and pipes up, "You can't control two grown men from fighting each other." Adora's eyes widen in shock, "What!?" Netossa explains about the fight between Bow and Sea Hawk. Adora panics, "Are they hurt? Oh no, this is terrible. They shouldn't be fighting."

Mermista sighs, "They shouldn't. Frosta will be positively jealous that she missed it." There is a silence in the air. Mermista quickly adds, "That was meant to be a joke." Nervous smiles form on the women's faces. Netossa squeezes Adora's hand, "How are you doing?"

Throwing her hands in the air, Adora sighs, "I don't know. I totally screwed up. I think I have feelings for two very different men, and I just don't see it ending well. What am I going to do?" Castaspella pulls Adora's hair to the side, "You are going to rest. We have all recently been through too much. You just need to rest, and clear your head. You are not the first woman to have issues with men." Perfuma smiles, "And hey Adora, at least they aren't trying to kill you or happen to already be dead. My track record is far worse than any of this." She cracks a smile, trying to infuse some humor like Mermista.

"You are all right. I just hate that I hurt Bow." Adora looks over at Castaspella before continuing, "I told him my feelings and the kiss with Sea Hawk. The look on his face, oh Bow just looked heartbroken." Castaspella nods, "I'm sure it was a lot for him to take in, but Adora, if he truly loves you he will listen and wait to see what your heart will ultimately say." Adora thinks of this sentiment, and realizes that she has a great deal of thinking to do.

As Adora is about to say something else, the women all look up as someone knocks loudly on the bedroom door. "Come in." Adora says simply as Queen Marlena rushes into the room with a strange grand smile on her face. Adora stands up wiping her eyes, "Mom? What's wrong?" Marlena shakes her head, "No, there is nothing wrong. It is all wonderful. Your father moved his hands. He has made movement, but that is not all." Adora's heart is racing quickly at the thought of her father getting better. Marlena quickly continues, "I just spoke with Duncan, he has finally opened the portals. The portal between Etheria and Eternia is open again..." That is all they need. Everyone in the room breaks out in shouts and cheers. They can return to Etheria. Adora can see her brother again. The news is enough to help Adora forget about her current heartaches for the time being. Life seems set to return to normal, and that is all Adora needs. For now.

Up Next!
Portals are open!
Reunions abound!
Love is in the air, but for who?

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