Saturday, April 20, 2013

April 2013 Woman of Wonderosity!

"Miss M. This is it. Are you ready?" How was I supposed to answer my mentor April O'Neil? What was I going to be ready for?

"Miss M, stop playing. You know what I am referring to. This month is going to be a huge event for the Woman of Wonderosity. Now get your act together and make sure you step through the portal on the left."

Yes, I have big eyes. And really small feet.
I was nervous, "What's wrong with the portal to the right?" April has never been one to play games, "You don't even want to know. Now go Miss M! Your interview awaits!" Taking a deep breath, I took my first steps through the portal and prepared to enter into the most magical of places...
April 2013 Woman of Wonderosity

Diary of a Dorkette: So, all I need to do is step through these doors and she should be inside...

Diary: Hello? Anyone home?
???: Why hello, welcome to the Crystal Castle...
Diary: Oh. My. Goodness. It's you. It's really you. She-Ra!

She-Ra: Yes, that is my name. It is nice to meet you Miss M.
Diary: I feel like I need to pinch myself. Quick, is this real?
She-Ra: (chuckling) It is only as real as you want it to be.
Diary: You don't understand, April O'Neil never said anything about interviewing the one and only Princess of Power!
She-Ra: Well who were you expecting?
Diary: I don't know. Madame Razz? Glimmer?
She-Ra: Maybe they'll stop by at some point.
Diary: I won't hold my breath. Fans everywhere have been waiting for them and they just seem nowhere to be found.
She-Ra: Hopefully no one will have to wait too long. Shall we sit for the interview?

Diary: Sure. Why not! I'm actually inside the Crystal Castle! This is crazy.
She-Ra: I can assure you, it is still crazy for me and I practically live here! Well, depending on which canon you prefer.
Diary: I can only imagine. I'd live here too if I could. So, before I forget, congratulations are totally in order! Your variant comic cover debuted this week and according to some sources it is set to be the highest grossing comic cover ever!
She-Ra: Now Miss M, tell the truth.
Diary: Ok. Maybe I am embellishing just a bit, but I think the variant cover was simply stunning! I felt like I was in the air with you. Have you read the new comic series?

That variant cover can't compare to the real thing!
She-Ra: Of course I have. I try my best to keep up with what is put out there regarding my experiences and those of my brother. (Editor's note: Her brother is He-Man, you may have heard of him. If not, head here.) There are so many talented people that provide both official and unofficial entertainment and collectible opportunities for the brand, it is a lot to keep up with, but I do my best.
Diary: What do you think of the new comic?
She-Ra: (pausing) I am not sure yet. There are things that I liked in this first issue and there are things that I simply did not. I will be very curious to see where the story goes. I hope that the good people at DC will also focus on the other members of the Great Rebellion. My friends have certainly been spoiled with the attention you bring upon them with Adora's Search for Honor.
Diary: (blushing) Stop! Y'all don't read that fluffy fanfic.
She-Ra: No. We really do Miss M. Honestly. We all get together and catch up on the latest chapter. Perfuma brings snacks, and afterwards we dissect the story and guess what will happen next.
Diary: I don't believe this. So, how did y'all even know about the story?
She-Ra: Well it is the best kept secret out there, but I have to thank Frosta for introducing us to your story. Frosta can be a bit... vain. And one day she was busy googling images of He-Man and her, and she somehow stumbled upon your blog and became a dedicated reader. She particularly enjoys how you write her. I'll have to introduce you two sometime.
Diary: Oh you must. I would be thrilled to meet her. So with the story I write every She-Ra Saturday, how are you hoping it ends?
She-Ra: I have no idea. You are very good with throwing out some twists for sure.
Diary: Well I am not going to give anything away, but I hope there will be some major enjoyable twists and turns for everyone who reads.
She-Ra: I can't wait.
Diary: Good! So who is this little guy?

She-Ra: My friends the Manchines found me another Manchine puppy.
Diary: Oh no, did something happen to Relay?
She-Ra: Relay was just fine. We actually sent him to Eternia. There was a highly interested person who wanted to care for little Relay.
Diary: Interesting, do you know who wanted to adopt Relay?
She-Ra: I can't divulge any names, but I can tell you this much: the owner has blue skin and a bone face.
Diary: Wow! Really? Who would have thought he'd want to care for something.
She-Ra: You have no idea. He may be an Evil Lord of Destruction, but he is a total softie when the cameras aren't on him.
Diary: Amazing. I always sort of thought that would be the case. Anyways, since it will be just a few years from now that POP celebrates a 30th Anniversary, what are some things that you can share with us about the beginning?

She-Ra: Sure. I remember feeling like I was a part of something huge. We all did. I clearly remember meeting with the POP cast and figuring out how we were going to make sense of this fame. After all we were going to be associated with He-Man! It was such an honor.
Diary: Who did you bond with at first?
She-Ra: Oh that is easy, Bow and Catra. The three of us were very close. We knew that our roles with the show were going to be important and we really needed to deliver something to the audience. Not everybody was going to get their special episode or story arc. Everyone thought they had job security because they had action dolls made in their likeness! But that wasn't always the case.
Diary: I think of Double Trouble.
She-Ra: Yes. That is a sad story indeed. We were so excited to have her join the show. She was going to bring this mysterious element. Her toy release was highly popular. There was a dedicated fan base, but she never made it into the show.
Diary: Why was that?
She-Ra: It was the 80's. Double Trouble was living up to her namesake. The studio was not happy with her behavior. She was always out partying, usually with casts from other shows. She'd arrive to the set late, sometimes incoherent. We all felt so bad for her. The writers of the show had crafted such a magnificent story, but it was cut. She was let go from the show. However per her contract she did get the chance to appear in some smaller stories for print.
Diary: That is so sad to hear, I can't help but wonder what kinds of stories could have been told with her.
She-Ra: True. Who knows, maybe one day.

Diary: Talk a little bit about your rivalry with Catra. How much was real and how much was for the cameras?
She-Ra: It was all for the cameras. The gossip magazines always enjoyed creating rumors that there was conflict behind the scenes, but it was all made up. Catra enjoyed working on the show and we were very close. We don't speak to each other much now as she is involved in her own projects, but we got along very well.
Diary: You got to star with some handsome men too, who was a better kisser? Bow or Sea Hawk?
She-Ra: Oh Miss M, I can't give that away. I have to leave something to the fan's imaginations.

(Editor's note: only Bow was able to appear for the photo shoot, Sea Hawk had declined to participate.)
Diary: I am sure there is a story there. However, I want to hear your thoughts on the current environment of POP. Anything we can look forward to?

She-Ra: Of course. Mattel and the Four Horsemen are continuing to celebrate the vast worlds of MOTU and POP with the Masters of the Universe Classics line. Castaspella is thrilled for her figure release this Summer. There is of course a slew of fan based stories, art, customized items... I am just in awe at what the community is putting out there for the POP franchise. I hope it can only bolster any efforts for more releases in the future.
Diary: Yes. We can all hope. Well, I know your time is very precious. I want to thank you for taking the time to sit with me and be interviewed for this month's Woman of Wonderosity. There is so much more I want to talk to you about!
She-Ra: Of course. I am more than happy to sit with you, anytime. This was a wonderful experience and I hope to talk with you again. I am in a hurry though, I have to give an interview for cereal:geek.
Diary: Oh how nice! Tell James I said hello. We've never met, but I think he is just fabulous.
She-Ra: I will. He is pretty great. I was the first person to be featured on the very first issue of cereal:geek.
Diary: I know! Such an honor, and an iconic cover at that! Well She-Ra, I am glad we got to do this.
She-Ra: As am I Miss M. Please keep in touch, and I look forward to how you wrap up Adora's Search for Honor. We'll all be reading!
Diary: I hope to do it justice. Take care She-Ra.

April 2013 Woman of Wonderosity

So that's it for this month's W.O.W. Enjoy the pictures and never go too far! This coming week I will be interviewing the purr-fect counterpart to this interview! All I can say is that the claws will come out! Meow!   


  1. Ha! Fun as always and wow, has anyone ever told you that you look just like Blythe!

    So Double Trouble was the Lindsey Lohan / Shannen Doherty of the POP cast, huh? Who knew that was the reason she never made it on camera?

    And guess who finally has Wee Wild Things! ^.~*

    1. No Milky, no one has, you are the first! ; ) lol When I saw that Bythe doll I was like, "I totally have to get her and have her be a stand in for me with all my high profile interviews." lol A mess.

      All I could think with Double Trouble's name was that she must have been trouble behind the scenes. lol

      And OMG is in order for you finally owning a Wee Wild Thing1 So have you posted this at Have you posted pics or anything anywhere? I want to see, and this is totally a cause for celebration! I am so happy to hear from you too, I hope you have been doing well. : )

    2. You have me sooo tempted to buy that Pet Shop Blythe, LOL. But I'm not really into Pet Shop and, cute as she is (hey, she IS you!), she's kind of a weird amalgamation of Blythe and Polly Pocket. I wonder if the more Blythe-like mini-Blythes they were releasing with Pet Shop stuff just didn't go over well with kids. It's odd how she is so hugely popular in Japan and with adult doll collectors, and yet she's non-existent with children.

      And don't freak, I didn't get 1 Wee Wild Thing... or 2... I got the whole freakin' set of 8! And all of them NRFC. I picked up Kicky Nicky first, and she is on my Flickr...

      Then had an "is this for real?" moment on ebay and was able to get the rest at a decent price. They're all lined up on my wall now, and after 25 years I am finally enjoyin' their Wee Wild world!

      PS - I'm following you on FB now too!

    3. Well you know what I think you should do about the new Blythe doll! lol But my ideas and thoughts are why I should be on an episode of Hoarders, so... lol I also don't understand why Blythe hasn't caught on more with kids. They do have a great appeal to them!

      And I am sooo happy for you! Kicky Nicky was the very first one I got as a kid, and she is my favorite! I am so happy for you! This is just the coolest thing ever. Those pics are good. I also didn't know that you collected Lalaoopsie? I have the bubble gum one and a few others.

      I can totally imagine that you had an "is this for real?" moment! This is truly momentous! And I noticed your were following me on FB, but I don't think I can follow you. I can only follow other fan pages, but I am also trying to get the hang of the whole site. It is confusing for me. lol

  2. I like how you found a character that looks like you. I hade to get my made special.

    1. lol! I did my best! I mean I guess if I looked like a Blythe doll this is what I would look like. Though my eyes aren't really that big and my feet aren't really that tiny. lol

  3. Wow Miss M! That's so much fun! Great to see you in doll form , I always thought that my figure/cartoon look alike is Shaggy from Scoobie Doo xD.

    1. Hey Nastyroker! I have long been trying to find something that could resemble me slightly in the toy world! lol I love that your figure/cartoon look alike is Shaggy! I wish I could say my counterpart was Daphne. But I haven't been a read head since 1999. lol I hope you are doing well.