Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Adora's Search for Honor Part 3! Chapter 66!

So here we go! An all new chapter of Adora's Search for Honor! After Chapter 65, how will our favorite heroes reach the inevitable end of Part 3? Read on to find out!

Previously: Mantenna snuck away from the Great Rebellion to join the Horde... Catra wanted cooperation with Entrapta and Bow both. Her plans were simple enough, but nothing with Catra can ever be simple. She snapped and killed her friend Entrapta while also stabbing Bow... She-Ra did her best to save Bow, but sadly she could not... The Whispering Woods are all but burned down, Adora has lost her love, and there are dangerous people still roaming, ready to claim the universe as their own...

And now...

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 3
Chapter 66

Looking out into the vastness of space, Skeletor wonders exactly what he is doing with his life. His presence on the floating remnants of Horde World is not going exactly has he had hoped. Thoughts of his Evil Warriors on Eternia flash through his mind. He wants to be back home. Shadow Weaver breezes in joining Skeletor in the spatial chamber looking out into space, "I've been looking for you Skeletor."

Turning in annoyance, Skeletor groans, "What is it you want? Haven't I already done enough? I'm on this infernal floating piece of junk, following you into an abyss. Meanwhile I'm sure Hordak is alive and taking over our own worlds as we speak. Why did I ever agree to follow you here?" Skeletor breathes hard, growing impatient and lost with the amount of time that has passed. Shadow Weaver rasps, "Trust me Skeletor. We are in the right place."

"The right place? Look around you Shadow Weaver! You foolish woman! Half of this space station is destroyed. Gone. The remaining servants of Hordak could care less to follow my words. This is far from the right place." Shadow Weaver ignores him as she traces her disfigured hands across the glass, as if she is trying to reach the stars, "Did you know that this was not Hordak's birth home? His home world was a planet far away. The Horde he knew was mighty, mightier than he could ever hope to be. They had technological powers that fused magic and science together in the most profound ways. They could have unlocked everything they needed to ruling the universe in all its glory."

Sneering ever so slightly, Skeletor taps his foot impatiently, "So then why did they end up floating in space?" Peering over her shoulder, Shadow Weaver sighs, "I thought you would have known this story since you were once his apprentice." Ignoring her words, Skeletor listens on, hoping for a point to be made. Shadow Weaver continues, "The Horde had visitors. A group of mutants sought refuge on the planet. The Space Mutants brought with them a new perspective, new curiosities that sought to partner with the Horde. However that was not all they brought. The Space Mutants also unknowingly infected the populace with a techno organic virus. The remaining Horde built Horde World to escape."

Skeletor is thoroughly bored, "Wonderful Shadow Weaver. In other words we're stuck in space." He wants to hit something. None of this is what he wanted. Cackling a sinister laugh, Shadow Weaver shakes her head, "Oh you foolish man. Let me be clear. If we were to make it back to Hordak's world, there could be enough knowledge and technology left behind to make the universe ours." The thought sounds promising enough, but Skeletor still isn't budging, "We don't even know where this planet is Shadow Weaver. Your stories are simply hopeless. Find a way to open the portal back, I demand that we return to Eternia."

Shaking her head at his request, Shadow Weaver turns back to the giant window looking out into space, "Oh Skeletor, nothing is hopeless. There is a way we can find the planet." Pointing at the vast void of darkness before them, Shadow Weaver rasps, "They're coming for us. The Space Mutants will lead us to Hordak's home world. They are going to help us unlock the secrets to the universe." The two forces of evil look at each other. Skeletor finally starts to realize that he might just be in the right place afterall...

Back on Etheria, a somber mood travels across the members of the Great Rebellion. Hanging over them like a blanket, the somber mood casts a shadow that makes it hard for some to see. A group gathers in the courtyard to plant some flowers for their fallen friend. Glimmer can't refrain from shedding tears. Mermista and Frosta lean on each other, both trying to understand how Bow is gone. Angella is quiet. She looks around at everyone as if in a daze. Castaspella helps Perfuma with some flowers. The flower maiden can't look at anyone, her focus is solely placed on the flowers. She knows that if she makes eye contact with her friends, her sadness will overwhelm her. Netossa and Spinnerella each stand still wiping their eyes. To the side of everyone Peekablue looks on as she tries to focus her powers on locating the evils in the world. The Star Sisters band together with the hopes that they can shake their thoughts on Bow, "Should we tell her?" Jewelstar asks her tow sisters. Starla can only shake her head, "Let us leave the past alone."

While still mending from her injuries, Flutterina looks on from a nearby window at the activity in the courtyard. Huntara stands in the distance. She feels for these people, though all she wants to do is hunt down Hordak. Sweet Bee stands close to Adam as they look on at Adora. Madame Razz and Kowl look towards Adora as well. The sadness of her loss is being felt all over her body.

There are moments where she feels numb and other times she wants to tear the skin off her body from the sheer burning force of how she is taking in all the sadness. Feeling a shortness of breath, Adora steps away from everyone. She is feeling the raw burn of a broken heart trying to explode in her chest. Feeling a safe distance from everyone, Adora stands alone crying. There are many things to be concerned about, many threats that must be dealt with, but all Adora can do is mourn the loss of her love. Kowl slowly approaches her, "Adora, I don't mean to bother you, but I felt it necessary to give you this."

Turning to see her familiar friend, Adora reaches out as Kowl gives her a rolled up piece of golden paper, "Bow had been writing you a song. His emotions had gotten the best of him and he burned the original copy. Somehow he had the song set to memory and was able to write it down again. He was going to give this to you after the wedding. It is a shame you will never get to hear the song..."

A smile of happiness spreads across her face as Adora holds onto the sheet of music, "But I did. I did get to hear it." She is going to cherish this sheet of music for the rest of her life. Reaching out to Kowl, Adora chokes out, "Oh Kowl, what are we going to do? I can't believe he is gone. I keep expecting him to walk around the corner or to hear him playing his music. I don't know what to do. I feel so stupid! I wasted so much time. I should have ran off with him when we were in the Horde Academy, but I was so stuck on my ideals. I truly believed that the Horde was correct. I was so wrong, and now so much time went by when we could have been enjoying every moment together..." Her mind wanders her brief time spent with Sea Hawk. She curses herself for ever having to be torn between two men. All she wants is Bow back.

Reaching out to her, Kowl sighs, "Oh Adora, you can't do this to yourself. There is no time to look back at the past as a waste. We are here right now. You had a love like no other." His words are touching but she can't help feeling that her sense of time has been flawed.

The group in the courtyard is momentarily stunned when a familiar face walks into the group. Frosta's eyes widen in shock, "What is he doing here?" Everyone looks as Sea Hawk makes his way to the group. Angella plans on stopping him, but before anything can happen, Sea Hawk raises his arms in the air, "Look, I know I'm not welcome here. And normally I'd follow the word of a Queen, but I heard about the Whispering Woods. Talk has spread quickly that Hordak is back and I wanted to see if I could help. I hate seeing all this destruction."

As Queen of Bright Moon, Angella speaks first, "We will not be requiring your help Sea Hawk. Kindly leave." Netossa shakes her head at the exchange, "No, stop this! Sea Hawk did wrong, we all know he did. He knows he did too! But Angella, please, we've lost too much. We need all the help we can get."

The pirate smiles to himself, he is glad to know that there is at least one person in his corner. The pirate smiles, "I'm serious. I want to help. Besides, the trees can grow back right? No reason for you all to look like someone just died." Trying to lighten the mood slightly, Sea Hawk realizes that he is working with a tough crowd. Frosta rolls her eyes, "Oh you fool. Someone did die. Ass." Sea Hawk looks around trying to understand, when Netossa quietly tells him that Bow was killed.

"Oh shit. Bow is gone?" He immediately looks for Adora. No matter the change in feelings between them, he doesn't want to see her hurting. Adora steps into the crowd looking at him. Her face makes his heart break, he can see she is hurting terribly. Standing tall though, Adora confirms, "Bow is dead. He was killed by Catra."

Nodding at the news, Sea Hawk shrugs, "Alright. We know who to go after. When do we get Catra? I'm ready now, the ship is all fueled up." Adora looks at him with determination, "Catra is a threat for sure, but our bigger threat is Hordak. As much as I want to see Catra pay for her crimes, we have to be rational. Hordak has the ability to wipe us all out, and we need to stop him at all costs." Holding out for Angella's hand, Adora sighs, "Angella, we need Sea Hawk's help. I agree with Netossa. Unless you know of anyone else with an air ship?" Angella looks at everyone, "Fine. Sea Hawk can help."

Bringing Peekablue further into the group, Adora pleads for her friend to find something, anything, that can lead them to Hordak. Shaking her head in defeat, Peekablue sighs, "I have been doing my best to search for Hordak, but he has somehow cloaked the Horde and himself from the rest of us. I don't know what to do..." Pausing slightly, Peekablue pops her eyes wide open, "Wait! Of course!" Everyone looks at each other in anxious breath trying to understand the shy Peekablue.

"Mantenna is gone." Peekablue says aloud as if everyone will understand her words. Frosta whispers to Mermista, "Gone is right. We never should have started trusting that fool." Peekablue's feathers fan out and begin lighting up, "He left for us. I can see him. He joined the Horde to help us." Peekablue is in shock, "Somehow Hordak did not cloak him. I can see him, I can see all of them now. I know where Hordak is at. I can't believe this, Mantenna left to show us the way."

A ripple of excitement builds in the group. Adora tries to calm everyone down, "This may be good news, but we need to think this through." Frosta folds her arms, "What is there to think Adora? We know where Hordak is, so why don't we ambush him like he has done to us so many times. It only seems fair." There is a rising consensus with this line of thought. Adora shakes her head, "An ambush could work. We would need to do it soon though. I don't like that we haven't heard anything from him since the last attack. With all this power, if he really wanted us gone he would have done it by now."

Huntara speaks up, her accent cutting through the air in a menacing way, "He is waiting for us. I can feel it. Ambush or not, he is waiting for us to make a move. We should finish this now, no more watching time trickle away from us." Perfuma isn't sure she is ready to fight against the Horde, not when she is still processing the loss of Bow. However, everyone is going to need to rely on each other to go into a war against a great evil. Plans are formed as the Great Rebellion prepares to carry out a full fledged attack on Hordak. Everyone is angry and hurting, so much adrenaline flowing through their veins. They are ready for this. Adora steps away to prepare for her transformation into She-Ra. Her brother stops her quickly, "Are you sure you want to do this now Adora?" She nods, "Yes Adam. This has gone on long enough. Hordak must be stopped." Adam understands, "Fine. I'm joining you, and a few of the Masters are still here, I'll get them to join us too." Adam races off to find the few remaining Masters still on Etheria while also slipping away to transform into He-Man.

Flutterina will be sitting this battle out, but she gathers her Winged Warriors to assist the Great Rebellion. The countless butterflies from her stomach gather together forming a giant butterfly with the slight image of Flutterina at the front. The giant Butterflyer will carry eight members into battle. Frosta groans at the sight of it, "Ugh. I'm not riding in that thing." Sea Hawk stands next to her, "Well darlin, you could always ride with me on my ship." Grimacing at her options, Frosta sighs, "I'll take my chances with the giant insect." Stepping into the Butterflyer, Frosta gags, "Everything is squishy!"

Mermista, Glimmer, Romeo, Castaspella, Perfuma, Spinnerella, and Sweet Bee all gather into the Butterflyer. She-Ra arrives on Swift Wind ready to make her way to the location of a new Fright Zone.

Netossa hops onto Sea Hawk's air ship with the Star Sisters and Huntara. The familiarity of the ship is comforting for Netossa and in a flash Sea Hawk is piloting the ship high into the air after She-Ra and the Butterflyer. Peekablue and Angella look on as the heroes fly off across the sky. They stay behind with Flutterina to make sure that the rest of Bright Moon is safe.

Unaware to them all though is Catra. Slinking around in the shadows, Catra watches the heroes leave. Racing away from Bright Moon on Clawdeen, Catra follows as fast as she can trying to keep up. Deranged and furious, Catra knows she is not going to miss out on any of the fun.

Back inside of Bright Moon, Angella feels a bit of regret. Grabbing hold of Peekablue's hand, the Queen of Bright Moon sighs, "Hurry Peekablue. Keep your vision open, I need you to tell me how to get there. We need to help too!" Peekablue has no choice but to agree, and she hopes that they are making the right choice.

Back on Eternia, King Randor and Queen Marlena console each other in their royal bedroom. The sadness and worry for their children is too much to handle. "Randor, do you think our children are ok?" Adam and Adora's father looks at his love, "Of course I do. Our children are truly special. They are capable of so much." Marlena nods at her husbands words, "Of course they are. I know they are."

Looking at his wife with care, Randor grabs hold of her hands, "Are we ever going to discuss the nature of our children? You may have had them in your womb, but I am their father and I am aware of just who they are too." A look of surprise flashes across Marlena's face, "Well it was just something that never came up. To be honest Randor, you were asleep for a long time." Randor holds onto his wife with tears in his eyes, "But I am awake now Marlena. Our children are more powerful than we could ever comprehend. They will stop this latest threat."

Closing her eyes while willing herself to believe the words from her husband's mouth, Marlena sighs, "I just don't know Randor. I am so worried. You saw what happened at Adora's wedding. Hordak is now just as strong as Adam and Adora. Our poor daughter has been through so much, and... we should just be there trying to help!" Shaking his head at the very thought, Randor hugs Marlena closely, "We do not belong on Etheria right now. That place is far too dangerous and we are not in the position to fight. It is up to Adam and Adora to end this. We can only hope that they both come back home safely." They hold each other in silence, both wondering just what is occurring on Etheria...

Angella and Peekablue make their way towards the new Fright Zone in the Bubble Carriage. Two Bright Moon guards steer the carriage through rough terrain. Angella inquires about Peekablue's vision, "An update please Peekablue. I want to know if they are there, has the battle begun?" Peekablue can only shake her head as images unfold, "A few are arriving right now, but something just feels strange Angella. There is no sign of the Horde at all..." Peekablue continues to look on...

At the site of the new Fright Zone, the Butterflyer safely lands as everyone prepares to step out of it. She-Ra looks around motioning for her friends to be cautious. There is a patchy fog looming around the Fright Zone. The Butterflyer is still in one piece, the Winged Warriors holding together as the remaining passengers step onto the moist ground. He-Man is not far behind the group. Accompanying him are Teela, Sy-Klone, Roboto, Stratos, Clamp Champ, and Man-At-Arms.

The structure of the new Fright Zone is certainly much smaller than the original Fright Zone. She-Ra notices that the Horde outpost has seen better days, though she is painfully aware that this spot also contains a prison below. She hopes that there aren't any innocent lives down there.

Glimmer notices what she thinks is some movement along the top half of the building, "I think I saw something, I'm going to check it out." Romeo refuses for her to go alone. Sweet Bee also decides to help. The trio head up the rocky building, stepping carefully on a mixture of ground and roof.

Standing below, She-Ra looks aver at Frosta, "Make sure they have extra help." Frosta nods creating a sled of ice that brings her up to the top. She-Ra stands with Mermista, Perfuma, Castaspella, and Spinnerella. They can hear He-Man and his allies catching up to them.

While above, Glimmer walks around surveying the area. Careful not to light up too much of the area, Glimmer tries to find a way to fight off the fog. She feels something poking at her, "Hey!" She gasps as a piece of tree branch wraps around her waist, squeezing tight. She tries to fire off more bursts of light revealing a giant tree of evil. The branches reach out to the others. Romeo reaches out to help Glimmer but finds himself caught in a branch too. The branches reach out towards Frosta, but Sweet Bee flies into her, knocking them both off the building. Frosta snaps, "What was that for?" Sweet Bee shouts, "I just saved your life!" Frosta narrows her eyes, "I can certainly save myself darling!" The two stand in front of a dark corridor arguing.

She-Ra calls out to Glimmer, "Are you both ok?" Glimmer tries to focus, she realizes that if she struggles or moves, the branches wrap even tighter, "I think I'm fine, we just can't move. The more we move the harder it is to get free. These branches have a mind of their own!" Romeo reaches out for Glimmer, experiencing great pain, "Glimmer I'm right here." The rebel princess nods, "I know, but don't move Romeo! This tree is trying to kill us!"

Perfuma calls out from below, "Don't worry! This tree doesn't stand a chance against me!" Using her powers over nature, Perfuma tries to control the tree, to weaken the branches. He-Man steps forward wanting to know what is going on, She-Ra can only shake her head, "I don't know. This is the place, Hordak should be here. But I don't think anyone is home."

Perfuma's powers over the evil tree backfire as more branches begin grabbing hold of Glimmer and Romeo. Glimmer screams, "Hurry! Someone do something, this tree is going to rip us apart!" She can feel her body stretching in ways never before. She-Ra and Spinnerella both act quickly. Spinning like a tornado, Spinnerella tries to fight off the tree. She manages to break off a few limbs, but her blinding quickness only angers the tree further. Soon even the fast Spinnerella gets caught in the gnarled and twisted tree.

She-Ra tries to help, only her feet can't move. Nobody can move. Pieces of ground and stone begin to clamp around the hero's legs. "Don't worry, I'm going to be right there!" She-Ra tries to break free from the stone clamps, but it is as if a sinister magic is keeping everything in place. Every time she breaks a stone clamp, a new one quickly rises up to bind her legs.

A low laugh ripples through the air followed by a familiar snort. Everyone turns at the sound and peers into the fog around them. Glowing red eyes burn bright as Horde Prime's image becomes clearer. His newest Horde is with him, lined up in a row are: Grizzlor, Leech, Mantenna, Modulok, Scorpia, Octavia, Tung Lashor, Rattlor, Batros, and Vampra.

Sweet Bee and Frosta both groan in agony as they try to break free. They both hear another sound, a hissing sound. They look into the corridor, trying to see if anything is there. "Where is that noise coming from?" Sweet Bee asks, looking around. Frosta points to another gaping hole in the Fright Zone that faces the other heroes, "Over there! It is coming from there!" Frosta's eyes widen in shock as a giant snake slithers out of the hole threatening to eat She-Ra and her friends.

She-Ra and He-Man try to duck as the giant snake tries to eat any moving target. Mermista falls to ground, screaming in pain as the stone clamps try to crush her ankles. Castaspella and Clamp Champ fight off the snake, both still fearful from their last run in with snakes. Stratos curses aloud as he tries to ignite his rocket pack. Man-At-Arms and Roboto both fire off as many rounds of laser ammunition. Sy-Klone watches Teela carefully, "Give me your hands." She reaches for him as he begins to spin quickly. Drilling a slight hole into the ground, Sy-Klone twists free taking Teela with him before any other stone clamps can reach them.

Horde Prime pleasantly looks on at the mayhem. With his Chaos Sword in one hand and a fistful of magic in the other, Horde Prime shoots Sy-Klone and Teela down. They crash into the side of the building. Octavia growls, ready to strike. Horde Prime shakes his head, "Not yet Octavia. I want to watch them squirm."

Roboto continues to take aim at the snake, his system processors going berserk, "It isn't real! The snake is not organic! It is robotic in nature, someone is controlling it!" He fires a laser grenade at the snake while She-Ra and He-Man both strike with their swords. Sparks and mini explosisons occur as the snake falls to the ground. Cut wide open, the heroes notice all the mechanical internal parts.

More lights and shots ring out from where the snake came from. Racing out on multiple legs, Multi-Bot tries to fight off She-Ra. Buzzing and whirring, Multi-Bot flips over her head heading towards Roboto.

Octavia looks on with murder in her eyes, "I want to fight Horde Prime!" Her knives are ready. Horde Prime ignores her and raises his arms high into the air. Glimmer, Romeo, and Spinnerella are still trapped in the tree, but their attention turns towards the giant dragon Imp. Lifting from the ground behind the Fright Zone, Imp flies into the air raining fire down below.

Acting quickly, Frosta waves out a thick sheet of ice over everyone on the ground. Fire and ice meet as the fire dances off the cold slick surface. Some of the fire reaches the evil tree though. Glimmer screams, "The tree! The tree is on fire! Hurry!"

Below the ice, Mermista creates a deep puddle of water around her. The ground and stone loosens. Unable to hold her, Mermista breaks free from the clamps racing to save her friends. As the ground reaches up to her, Mermista creates giant bubbles in the air that she uses to bounce to the top of the Fright Zone. The tree is quickly ablaze as the fire inches closer to Glimmer, Romeo, and Spinnerella. Using all the power she can, Mermista tries to stop the fire at all costs.

Angella and Peekablue finally arrive to the horrors before them. Angella covers her mouth as she watches her daughter being squeezed to near death. "Glimmer!" Angella screams for her daughter and quickly flies to her aid.

Imp soars through the sky, making another round. Preparing to breathe heavy fire once again, Imp draws his head back ready to strike. As the flames are about to fall out, Imp is struck hard with a canon. Looking across the sky, the giant dragon wails in anger at the sight of Sea Hawk's air ship. "Come on you scaly bastard! Let's dance!" Sea Hawk thrusts the ship further while his crew fires off canons and other types of weapons at the dragon.

Huntara looks down at the chaos around her from the ship. Drawing out her two sabers, the warrior woman grabs hold of a rope and slides down to the ground. Netossa removes her cape net and departs the ship as well. The Star Sisters each look at each other, familiar with epic battles. Starla looks at her sisters, "This feels like old times." Tallstar sighs, "I'd rather be eating a crapple." Jewelstar grins, "Let's finish this so we can!" The sisters put their hands together as Starla pops them into thin air with a flurry of lights. Arriving on the ground, the Star Sisters prepare to help their friends.

Horde Prime looks at everything around him, "Enough! My gruesome Horde, end their lives this instant!" Octavia smiles with delight. The Horde run off towards the heroes. She-Ra notices this and manages to struggle free as Grizzlor and Leech rush to her.

Sweet Bee and Frosta find their clamps loosening. Both grin as they prepare to run free and help, only a cage door swoops down from a secret compartment. Screaming in shock, both women are thrown back into a trap that drops them underground below the Fright Zone.

Octavia races up to the top of the Fright Zone to greet her prey. Mermista dodges an attack while also working on the evil tree. Angella calls out to her daughter, "We're gonna get you free Glimmer!" There are tears in Glimmer's eyes, the pain is becoming too much to stand, "Ok." She hopes Romeo is faring better than her, but all he can do is muster through the pain as he tries to reach for her hand. Spinnerella breathes hard through her own pain trying to think of a way out of this.

Roboto and Multi-Bot fight down below, the two robots pulling out all the stops, "You dare disrupt one of my creations?" Multi-Bot snaps and whirs as Roboto unleashes more lasers and canons from his shoulder compartments. Man-At-Arms tries to find Teela, but ends up coming face to face with the multi-limbed Modulok. The two headed beast tries to harm Duncan. Swooping in from the side, Netossa flips a net over the creature, "Hurry!" Man-At-Arms smiles escaping the fierce Modulok.

She-Ra and He-Man both try to tag team Leech and Grizzlor while Scorpia snaps her pincers furiously at Castaspella and Clamp Champ. Batros and Vampra make their way towards Perfuma. The flower maiden groans at the sight of Vampra, though she has no idea that Batros is actually her former lover Rolf. Batros glares, ready to attack her. Neither Vampra and Batros do much though as Stratos zooms by taking them both out. Perfuma looks on, trying to figure out what she should do next until she finds herself right in front of Mantenna, "You! How could you!? I trusted you!" She is tired of continually trusting the wrong man. Mantenna's giant bug eyes glare at her. Tung Lashor and Rattlor are both with him and they call out, "Kill her Mantenna! Get rid of these humans!"

Mantenna snarls at Perfuma, charging towards her. She flinches, fully expecting her death at any second. Mantenna grabs her by the waist and tilts her to the ground. He has a giant crossbow in his hand that he is preparing to drive into her chest. Their eyes meet, and she seems terrified, when all of a sudden, Mantenna winks. "Huh?" Perfuma looks at him in confusion. Mantenna grins, lifting her up. Quickly turning around, Mantenna fires the crossbow at Tung Lashor.

The bolt goes through Tung Lashor's chest. The former Snake Man looks down at his wound in shock. He falls to the ground as Rattlor hisses loudly. Perfuma whispers, "I'm sorry, I thought you had joined the Horde again." Mantenna looks at her with a proud smile, "They tried my friend, but I'm used to the slime. Doesn't do much to me anymore. Besides, I want to see the courtyard bloom again. Come on, let's get rid of these guys." Perfuma smiles as they both work together to take down Rattlor.

High above the air, Sea Hawk keeps firing at Imp, "Make sure that beast doesn't breathe a lick of fire! Take him down boys!" The crew works harder at fighting off the dragon. This continues for a little while longer, before finally Imp relents. The giant dragon is struck too many times. Feeling weak, the giant dragon slumps, falling to the ground a slight distance from the Fright Zone. Returning to his smaller form, Imp lays on the ground writhing in defeat. He lets out a slight growl, followed by a slight choking sound as the tip of a silver boot steps down onto his throat. Catra looks down at him, with a fire of her own sparkling in her green eyes, "I always hated you." Lifting her leg high, Catra brings the spike heel of her boot into Imp's skull, crushing the small dragon's head. She looks towards the battle at the Fright Zone. Grinning in delight, Catra flips her mask down quickly transforming into her panther version and charging towards the Fright Zone.

The evil tree on top of the Fright Zone is starting to splinter, and finally, Glimmer begins to feel the branches loosening. Spinnerella does too, as she begins to start her spinning speed again. Twisting and turning quickly, Spinnerella breaks away, splintering the tree. Glimmer and Romeo break free much to Angella's happiness, "Oh my Glimmer! You are safe!" Angella hugs her daughter.

To the side, Mermista and Octavia both work on who will win in their deadly fight. Dodging the knives and tentacles, Mermista releases a flurry of bubbles. Octavia screams in annoyance while trying to wipe the bubbles away. Taking a quick swipe at Mermista, Octavia curses again as Spinnerella swoops in with a speeding set of punches and kicks. Octavia is thrown towards the remains of the evil tree. Slumped to the ground, Octavia hangs her head. Mermista, Spinnerella, and Angella rush down to help everyone else while Romeo and Glimmer take a moment to catch their breath. They are happy to be safe.

Horde Prime charges into battle. Releasing a wave of energy into the air, he snorts his anger, "You aren't going to survive this!" She-Ra and He-Man shove Grizzlor and Leech out of the way as they try to focus on Horde Prime. Catra lunges into the Fright Zone. Unsure who to go for first, Catra quickly decides upon She-Ra.

Breaking away, She-Ra kicks Catra's panther version in the side, "Not you too!" The panther slides across the ground. Scrambling up, the panther quickly transforms back into Catra. Sneering ever so slightly, Catra purrs, "I want Adora. Dead. But you will do for now." Leaping into the air, Catra stalks her way to She-Ra. Both women prepare to fight.

The Star Sisters look on, helping when they can, but their eyes rest on Catra. Jewelstar looks at her sister, "This can't be possible... How are we seeing her right now?" Starla shakes her head, "This can only be a coincidence, she can't be the same person... It just isn't possible." The Star Sisters work together to help Clamp Champ and Castaspella with Scorpia. The sisters never keep their eyes off of Catra and She-Ra though.

To the side of the Fright Zone, Peekablue is helping an injured Teela and Sy-Klone. Man-At-Arms quickly joins in to help. He tries to motion for help from Sea Hawk above, "We have to get them back to Bright Moon!" Peekablue nods looking around at all the chaos. Her feathers act strangely, "Try to get them on the air ship, I must stay. I can see Frosta and Sweet Bee. They are trapped below!"

Roboto stands triumphant over a broken Multi-Bot. He looks over at Netossa. She is struggling with Modulok as the multi-limbed beast tries to break free from the net. One of his heads is screaming at her, while the other one is professing his love. Netossa looks on horrified. Trying his best to get to her, Modulok screams out as Huntara flips through the air. She slices one of his heads off while making her way to Horde Prime. Netossa looks down at the dismembered head. Modulok looks at her, "I am captivated by your beauty. Love me Netossa. Love me!" Netossa can only run the other way.

She-Ra and Catra continue to fight, both drawing their swords at each other. She-Ra is consumed with so many feelings right now and as much as she would like to be fighting Catra, she knows that she must stop Horde Prime. Elbowing Catra in the ribs, She-Ra flips her enemy over her shoulders and onto the ground. Screaming in madness, Catra claws her way to She-Ra. Lifting her arms on the ground, Catra kicks her legs up at She-Ra. Screaming out loud, Catra lunges towards She-Ra again.

A few steps away, He-Man is doing his best to stand up to Horde Prime. The giant monster is incredibly strong. "You don't seem so strong anymore He-Man. I like it." Horde Prime brings his Chaos Sword down shaking the ground. Lifting his sword high into the air, Horde Prime unleashes multiple glowing black bolts of lightening down to the ground. Everyone at the site screams as they are either shocked or thrown about. He-Man is struck the hardest and momentarily blinded.

She-Ra uses this opportunity to her benefit. Having enough of the fight with Catra, She-Ra lifts her foe in the air, tossing her to towards some of the rubble of the Fright Zone. Looking towards the giant Horde Prime, She-Ra holds onto her sword tightly. They both charge each other as Horde Prime readies himself to strike She-Ra down.

The two clash and Etheria trembles. Horde Prime snorts, "Finally! After all this time, I am going to get to kill the most powerful woman in the universe!" She-Ra refuses to listen to his words and continues to fight. She gets some much needed help from Huntara. Swooping into the fight and moving fast, Huntara wields her two sabers brilliantly. She-Ra and Huntara both work together as a solid unit. They both strike him hard. Horde Prime puts up a good fight though. The outcome of the victor is up in the air, good or evil can win this.

After what seems to be forever, Huntara manages to do a special flip into the air. Flinging both her sabers together, Huntara slices Horde Prime's giant helmet off his head. With a release of power, She-Ra grabs hold of his Chaos Sword and with all her might, shatters it in half. Magic electrical energy leaves Horde Prime's body revealing a severely weakened Hordak.

Standing up, Hordak unleashes a blast of energy at Huntara. Her body is flung across the Fright Zone as Hordak stumbles towards She-Ra. Parts of his stone face are gone, revealing more of his fleshy face underneath. He knows he has lost, "Look at this." She-Ra stands tall, "It's over Hordak."

"I wanted so much to rule this universe. Out of everyone I've fought in this universe, I should have known you would be the one to stop me. I knew you were special from the moment I stole you, I knew you were special." She-Ra stands there in surprise. Hordak knows her secret. "The answers were there weren't they? The sword. I should have realized it sooner, maybe this would have all ended differently. You and Catra, I had such plans for you both." He falls to his knees looking up at her, "Now it is up to you though. You have the chance to finally rid the world of me." She-Ra stands there unsure what to do. Can she kill the man who stole her and pretended to be her father? The man who set her on such a dark path for an earlier part of her life? She-Ra shakes her head, struggling with her choices.

Hordak grins, "What's the matter? You've done this before." He knows she isn't going to kill him, not now that she is on a different path. He knows that the darkness in her past was put there under false circumstances and manipulations by him, and that from birth Adora's heart was always meant to be pure. Now she is seeking her honor, her chance to be deserving of her powers. She-Ra kneels down in front of him, their faces looking into each other. She-Ra drops her sword to the ground as some of her friends look on in horror, wondering what she is going to do.

She-Ra places her hands to the sides of Hordak's face. She can feel a mixture of stone and strange slimy flesh. She is looking into the eyes of a man who is responsible for so much sadness and destruction. The Etherian stars shine down over the Fright Zone as She-Ra uses her own powers on Hordak. She isn't moving her hands, but Hordak feels like she is squeezing her hands like a clamp. She-Ra has nothing but sadness in her eyes as she takes Hordak's life. Her intensity and power gently short circuits his brain while causing everything inside his skull to heat up and burn.

Never once does she break contact from his eyes. Before he dies, Hordak has a wave of emotions and generations of memories slowly dimming away. His red eyes become a dull red before turning into a pure empty black. There is nothing there. Hordak no longer exists. His empty body falling to the floor, She-Ra throws her face into her hands. Sobbing uncontrollably, She-Ra screams out in agony. There are always choices in life, and some are harder than most. She knows her actions needed to happen. After all this time, Hordak is no longer a threat.

He-Man slowly begins focusing his sight again. He looks around and sees Hordak on the ground. He kneels next to his sister. She-Ra's other friends step forward, each processing the death of Hordak differently. The remaining Horde members are gone, leaving while they still can. The Star Sisters know that She-Ra's actions were not easy. Huntara feels a strange lightness about her now that the monster is finally gone. Mermista and Perfuma hold onto each other, both crying that this madness is over. Mantenna wants to mourn for Hordak, but he doesn't feel anything. He is simply relieved that there will no longer be any abuse or any trips down the trap door. Castaspella and Clamp Champ hold each other tight. Man-At-Arms is gone with Teela and Sy-Klone, though Sea Hawk promises to return to pick up anyone else. Roboto looks on with Stratos, as Peekablue explains that Frosta and Sweet Bee are both under the Fright Zone still. Spinnerella and Netossa are both exhausted but so happy to be alive. Angella looks around for her daughter, she doesn't see Glimmer or Romeo anywhere.

The group stands there, trying to take a moment to catch their breath. "Mom." Angella and everyone looks up at the sound of Glimmer's voice. Gasps ring out in the group as they watch Glimmer with a knife held against her throat by Catra, "No one take a single step." Glimmer has tears in her eyes. In the distance, Romeo is on the ground unconscious. Angella is shaking, "Catra, please. Please let my daughter go."

Catra smirks, "Shut up." Catra's green eyes rest on Hordak's body, "Good. I'm glad someone finally killed him." She-Ra stands up with her hands out in front of her, "Catra, what do you want?" The raven haired beauty purrs, digging the blade lightly into Glimmer's neck, "I want Adora. So this is what's going to happen. I'm taking Glimmer with me to Skydancer Mountain. I want Adora, and Adora alone, to meet me on the mountain. She'll know where. We have a bit of history there. I want her there before sunrise, or I'm going to splatter Glimmer's body all over the side of Skydancer Mountain. Do you understand?" Everyone is terrified. She-Ra can only nod, "I understand." Grinning from ear to ear, Catra backs away with Glimmer heading away towards Clawdeen. They both race off into the night towards Skydancer Mountain.

Crying, Angella sobs, "How are we going to get this done in time? There are only a few more hours left in the night! We have to find Adora!" Everyone is worried. She-Ra tries to calm everyones nerves, "Please, don't worry. Catra wants Adora. I'm going to go get her now, I will make sure Glimmer comes back home." She-Ra says her goodbyes and heads to find Swift Wind. Before taking off, Huntara catches up to She-Ra, "You aren't doing this alone. I'm coming with you. I can be quiet, Catra will never know I'm there. I can help her." She-Ra senses a connection between the two, and nods, "Fine. Let's go." She-Ra and Huntara take off into the night air.

The rest of the group patiently waits around in the Fright Zone for Sea Hawk's return. Mermista, Perfuma, and He-Man work on trying to free Frosta and Sweet Bee from below. Underneath the Fright Zone, Frosta and Sweet Bee both have no other choice but to talk to each other, "Do you think they are trying to save us?"

Frosta stands to the side with her arms crossed, "Of course they are. Don't be stupid." Sweet Bee shakes her head, "I love that even while we are trapped and could die down here, you still plan on being a bitch to me." Frosta smirks, "I'll even be a bitch to you after we're both long gone from this world." Frosta prepares to go into another long rant to Sweet Bee, but both women are soon silent as the ground around them trembles and shakes violently. They both scream concerned that they are going to be covered by dirt and stone. Sweet Bee looks up above and realizes that this is not part of their rescue, "I wonder what's going on outside."

Above ground in the Fright Zone, the heroes all fall to the ground from the tremor. He-Man looks at Mermista and Perfuma, "You both all right?" They nod. Castaspella stands up and calls out, "That was a force of magic. Something is very wrong." The Star Sisters each turn their heads to the remnants of the Chaos Sword, "Oh no." Magical energy swirls and rattles the ground as an ancient evil is set free. Swirling to her original form, Ultimera stands tall. Grinning, the evil sorceress looks at the heroes around her, "Is this all for me?" Her eyes turn a solid inky purple as she lets out a piercing scream before unleashing her full power.

Up next!

This is it! One more chapter to go!
Ultimera and her magic threatens to end Etheria!
There's a showdown on Skydancer Mountain!
Can Sweet Bee and Frosta get out from under the ground?

Find out this weekend with the final chapter of Adora's Search for Honor Part 3!!!     


  1. nice for hoped mantana was just faking rejoing the horde to set them up for the defeat when shera and crew came a calling and figured skelator would pop up . hordak surprised shera did not lose her powers by stopping him the only way she could figure how by killing him. and can't wait to see if andora is going to either try to save catra or finaly go for payback for bow and put the little panther down .

    1. Well I figured the part with Mantenna would be a very nice moment! And just wait, the next chapter is hopefully going to be so good! I am really excited for the confrontation between Adora and Catra. I hope everything is going well on your end!

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      The Fright Zone was a very interesting play set, it was all about trapping people which is just perfect for the Horde. And yeah, I wanted the snake to be fake, it just seemed like osmething the Horde would do, though I really like what you typed about the snake bringing them down into the bowls of the Fright Zone.

      The Butterflyer was a toy from the old line, it was like a carrying case for the figures. I mean the only part I made up was that a bunch of the Winged Warriors came together to make the vehicle up.

      I really liked the idea of seeing Vampra with the Horde line up, but I also know that she would have probably enjoyed working alone. lol She was not a big fan of hordak. I don't think I could submit her to Mattel, because she has been featured already. There rules were like, "Your creation can't be mentioned else where." Or something like that. I like your idea for the MOTU character!