Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to throw out some well wishes for a Merry Christmas to you all. This has obviously been a very surreal holiday this year for me. I am in the process of so many changes and I don't know what is going to happen from day to day, but I am just in awe over the wonderful friendships I am creating with all of you. I say friendships because I'm a southern girl that says "ya'll" and the word friend and acquaintance might as well be the same thing. (I realize that on many levels it is not, but I am just a very sweet person that enjoys talking to everyone.)

I have also been fortunate enough to receive lovely holiday cards from people. I am so honored that people thought to think of me. I also have received some surprise packages at my door that were totally unexpected. Beyond unexpected and I can't thank those people enough. (Trust me, once the madness of the holiday wears off, I will be writing about it all!)

Anyways, I just wanted to leave this quick note to you all. I hope that things are well wherever you all are. If I could, I'd have a huge festive holiday party with each and every one of you. As it stands, the work that I am doing to create a teleportation device is taking me, like, forever. So... yeah.

I also think you should stay tuned, because I have some fun things coming up! 2013 ain't over until the Dorkette says it's over! Find out if toy Miss M survives the sewer lair explosion. And will Velvet Sky get away with all her heinous crimes? Only one way to find out... For now, enjoy some of my most favorite Christmas images! (Spoiler alert, She-Ra is featured a lot.)

Merry Christmas!


  1. Your southern customs both fascinate and perplex someone like me who has lived up north my whole life. I couldn't imagine living any place that I didn't need a sweater. My pale complexion would go up like flash paper!

    I'm honored to have contributed to the Christmas card collection and am eager to see what others have done to give you the Dorkiest Christmas ever!

    I'm also thankful for a Christmas post like this that I can read while waiting for the rest of the family to get up. I found a sticky note on the inside of a drawer yesterday reminding me that no one else got up before 10am last Christmas. Oh, I suffer the curse of the early riser!

    I thought I could pass the time on TV Christmas specials, but this early theres just paid programming and informercials! And scanning the schedules I can't find a single channel showing "Die Hard"! What new spore of madness is this?! If only I'd have known, I wouldn't have done my annual viewing of "Christmas Carol" and "Its a Wonderful Life" yesterday. Ah well.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    1. lol I do have some southern customs that are a bit perplexing. I too am very pale so I have to always be very careful when I am out in the sun. And I don't even own a sweater! lol So I am in grave danger of going up in smoke. lol

      I adore your holiday card. I am always impressed by the talent you possess.

      So I have to ask, did anything else end up coming on TV to keep you company while waiting for everyone else to wake? It's a Wonderful Life is such a great movie. I believe my parents own it, but it might be on VHS. Now that I am living with them again I will need to check and see.

      I hope you are doing well and that your Christmas was wonderful as well as your New Year! (I say this as we face February in about a week. lol)

    2. I don't know that I ended up watching any specials on Christmas day. It wasn't long after answering this post that a number of Christmas day blog updates starting coming in through the feed reader, so that kept me occupied for a while.

      I likewise own a copy of Its a Wonderful Life on VHS tape. I've been meaning to buy a DVD version during the off season, be it at Wal Mart or Amazon were it'll probably only cost about $5, but someone uploaded the whole movie to YouTube in HD three years ago, and its still there, so I haven't had any real "push" to upgrade yet.

      As ungrateful as it may sound I was a bit disappointed that I got six sketchbooks for Christmas. I imagine its like being a Dad who gets a tie from their kids for Father's Day every year. Theres love put into it for sure, but its distressing how everyone only knows one narrow interest that is a part of your large and complicated life.

      However, the more I thought about it the more I realized that I should view this as an opportunity. Use all that paper in a year! So I started my new habit of daily warm up drawings which feed into my weekly sketchbook postings for my blog. More posts, more attention, more real work! So I'd say those Christmas gifts worked out quite well. Thanks for asking.

  2. I'm watching the He-Man She Ra Christmas special right now!! It never ceases to amaze me how "wacky" the evil Horde is! Like when they all scurry away from the "Manchines" with the Scooby Doo style sound effects!! Well, I still love this special! I also watched Gremlins-but you are one of the only few I know who agree with me that Gremlins is an indispensable Holiday classic!!

    Favorite line from She Ra He-man xmas special: "Christmas is a time when you send presents to people! Skeletor: And then when they open them-they EXPLODE right!?" haha! I never get over Skeletor in that special! If you didn't already think it before that special, you would know -Skeletor is the best character in the Filmation universe! Anyway Merry Christmas,Wookie Life Day, Christmakuh etc.!

    1. The Christmas special is truly one of the best. I live for it. Skeletor probably has the best lines ever. The Horde also truly gets to shine too. And yes, the Gremlins is totally a holiday classic for sure! I love that movie.

      Great comment as always! And I feel like the worst person in the world for taking the longest time ever to reply. lol I hope you are doing well.

  3. Merry Christmas! I'm glad we got to become bloggy blog blog friends over the past year. I love reading everything you post, keeps me entertained throughout my boring day to day. Hop you have a great New Year!

    1. Merry belated Christmas! I have enjoyed your blog as well and getting to know you! It is nice to see that there are other like minded people in the world! : )