Friday, June 27, 2014

June 2014 Woman of Wonderosity!

Dear Diary,

Sometimes in life, there are things that go your way and then there are the times when things go completely awry. As of this latest entry, things are going well. Bruce Wayne and I have been getting along famously. It's nice to be needed. With Alfred still in the hospital, and Bruce all laid up in bed following that morbid attack by a giant roach, I am the only one capable of helping to care for him. He has even asked me to do his Batman work, like making sure the Batcave is in tip top shape. I get to use his cameras to look in on people and make sure they are ok. It's really great. He also really believes me. Oh Diary, he believes me when I say that I am really Miss M. It's nice. Now I just need to find that pesky dragon figurine for Maleficent. I've been searching on eBay for awhile now, and nothing. I even went to Craig's List, but all I could find was a group of people dressed as dragons looking for a 5th for toy torture, whatever that means. Ah well, I need to get going. I must check on Bruce. 

-Miss M

Miss M: Your wounds look like they are healing nicely.
Bruce Wayne: I have you to thank Miss M. I'm still not in perfect shape though. How are things going in the city?
Miss M: They are fine. People are starting to freak out about the upcoming Conference of Evil. It's crazy! There have been protests. I think there is even a Kickstarter campaign to try and finance the Conference elsewhere. It's just nuts.

Bruce Wayne: I need to be out there.
Miss M: Stop! Don't move a muscle! You need your rest. I'll go check on the city.
Bruce Wayne: You don't have to do that.
Miss M: I know, but I want to. It's nice to feel like I am able to do something to help protect people. Besides, if something is going down, I can use the Batmobile? Right?

Bruce Wayne: Umm, no. Nice try though.
Miss M: (playfully sighs) You never let me do anything fun!

Miss M gets up to leave.

Miss M: I'll go down to the Batcave and I'll let you know how things are going.

A few short footsteps later...

Miss M: I'm not really sure what I should be looking up. I mean, the city seems ok. I can't even find the Joker or any of the other residents from Arkham. Hmm...

Miss M: Oh I know what I'll do! I need to search for April. I wonder what my dear friend is doing...

Miss M: Wow, this place is so big. I am not sure how I am going to use those cameras.

Miss M: Wow, Batman Returns is playing. Hmm, I need to change the channel. Must find April.

As the cameras search through the city, Miss M soon spots April. At a Dairy Queen.

Miss M: Ok, let's listen in...

Inside a Dairy Queen, April and Irma try to rally their next interview for Diary of a Dorkette. Their thoughts are that Emma Frost will make for a great...

June 2014 Woman of Wonderosity!

Emma Frost: So this is where we are meeting?
April: Yes, your last name got Irma worked up for a frozen treat.

Irma: I'm ordering a Blizzard!
Emma Frost: Good for you.
April: Would you like something?

Emma Frost: (looks around) Hmm. No. I don't eat at places like this.
Irma: Oh you totally should though! Blizzards are really good. The burgers are nice too.

April: Anyways, we don't have to order anything. We invited you here to make a pitch. We'd like you to be the June 2014 Woman of Wonderosity. We've been in contact for months now, and it just seems like the right time.
Emma Frost: I'm surprised you didn't try to get me for a Bodacious Baddie.
Irma: We thought about it. You do tend to have murky allegiances.
Emma Frost: (glares at Irma) I could make you believe you are a 16 year old teen boy. Do you know the horrors in the mind of a 16 year old teen boy?
Irma: Gulp.
April: Irma, go and order your Blizzard.

Irma: Ok.

Emma Frost: Before you order, I want a Hunger Buster combo, add cheese and a Coke to drink.

Irma nods and quickly walks off to order.

Emma: (looks at April) You breathe a word of this and I will make things much worse for you.
April: Fine. No one has to know. I promise.
Emma Frost: Good. So... you want me to be the Woman of Wonderosity? I can do that. It'll be nice to finally do something before Jean Grey does it first.

April: Yikes. Ok, so full disclosure, we have tried reaching out to Jean for a spot as a Woman of Wonderosity, but no one knows where she is at. So I can honestly say, you will be featured on the Diary first. (Editor's note: there's jokes in them there sentences)

Emma Frost: Great. I would love to be the Woman of Wonderosity.
April: This is awesome. Now there will be hard hitting questions, we aren't going to go easy on you.
Emma Frost: What will you be asking me?

Irma arrives with food.

April: We'll be asking you about your relationship with Scott; what it was like to be a part of ruining a marriage. We'll inquire about your time as headmistress with Generation X along with surviving the genocide on Genosha and of course all the men and outfits you've gone through.
Emma Frost: Looks like you won't be holding back. That is fine. Most of my life has been in the public eye, so it's not like answering these questions will be a shock.

Irma: I want to know your thoughts on January Jones playing you in that X-Men movie.
Emma Frost: Meh. She's a sweet girl, but I would have rather them gotten me to play me.
April: I feel the exact same way! I've got a movie about my life coming out this August and they couldn't even get me to play me! They got some young pretty thing to play me. And no one can play April O'Neil, but April O'Neil!

Emma Frost: I thought that movie was about Ninja Turtles?
April: Well, that's what Hollywood wants you to think. Believe me, I've been told that this movie is a docu-drama of my rise to journalistic fame and features all my vices: snark, Botox, and wearing a lot of yellow.

Emma Frost: Sounds fascinating.
Irma: Yeah, it's gonna be a great movie. I bet it even gets nominated for an Oscar.

April: We can only hope.

As the women eat their delicious DQ food, Miss M sits back observing.

Miss M: Oh my goodness some DQ soft serve sounds so good right now. Oh my goodness. And what kind of mess is this: eating burgers with Emma Frost! That sounds like so much fun. Although, I wonder if Emma knows that Jean Grey is loose. Hmm, let's check in on someone else. I miss my favorite Turtle.

The cameras turn to Michelangelo...

Michelangelo: (hears the door knock) Ah come on bros! Do I always have to get the door? This is gnarly!

He answers the door to find Mona Lisa standing there.

Michelangelo: Whoa. Mona Lisa. It's been like a hot slice of a minute since I saw you last. What are you doing here?

Mona Lisa: Hey. Wow, since when did you become Old Man Mikey?
Michelangelo: I've been going through a lot.
Mona Lisa: Yeah. Anyways, I'm just here to drop off some stuff for Raph.
Michelangelo: I hope it's not, like, a bomb or something.

Mona Lisa: Come on Mikey. Don't be a douche.
Michelangelo: Not cool! I'm not trying to be a douche at all. It's just, ya know, you broke my brother's heart.

Mona Lisa: (strides in) Really? I broke his heart? Give me a break. We dated when we were teens, and if I recall, it was Raph that broke my heart. He wasn't ready for commitment, blah, blah, blah, I was too needy, his words, not mine. Or have you forgotten?
Michelangelo: Sha, I think I totally did forget dudette. Must have been all the pizza consumption.
Mona Lisa: Anyways. So, I recently moved, and while moving I found some old stuff of Raph's from when we were teens. I don't know if he cares, but I didn't want to just throw it away.

Michelangelo: Dudette, that's a long time ago. You could have just thrown it away, Raph doesn't care about holding onto stuff.
Mona Lisa: I know. It's good to see you though Mikey. Have you been all right? I see Splinter every now and then, he told me about your loss. Sounds like this Miss M was a great girl.
Michelangelo: Yeah, it was pretty gnarly last December when she died.

Mona Lisa: Does it ever feel weird living in her house?
Michelangelo: All the time.
Mona Lisa: Oh Mikey. Are you guys ever going back to the sewer?
Michelangelo: What sewer? There isn't a sewer to go back to. The Turtle Lair was blown to bits. For now it's just this life. In here.

Mona Lisa: That is sad Mikey. Ya know, if you ever want to get out of here for a bit and get some pizza or something, you can always contact me. We used to be real close, ya know?
Michelangelo: I know dudette. You were one of us for the longest.
Mona Lisa: Yeah. I had some good times with you guys.
Michelangelo: Totally. Maybe we should hang out some time. I would be ok to chow down on some bodacious pizza or something.
Mona Lisa: Hey, we've all been through loss Mikey. It helps to spend time with people.

Michelangelo: Totally.

Back to the Bat Cave...

Miss M: Hmm, that doesn't look right. I shouldn't be worried. It's totally ok that Michelangelo and Mona Lisa hang out. For pizza. His favorite food. Gulp. I really need to get back into my old body.

Miss M looks up at another camera.

Miss M: Hey. That's Bruce's archival room. Holy cow, he has a ton of stuff!

Bruce soon buzzes in before M can look through everything.

Bruce Wayne: M? Are you still there?
Miss M: Yep! I'm here!
Bruce Wayne: I need some help, can you come to my room?
Miss M: Sure, be right there.

As Miss M gets up, she gives one last look to the screen peering into Bruce's archival room. Unknown to Miss M, if the camera could only turn just a bit to the left, she'd notice that there is a lovely black dragon figurine in the room. Just like the one Maleficent is looking for...

Meanwhile at the X-Mansion!

Emma: (strides into the Danger Room) Where are you? I can recognize those thoughts anywhere. Come out Jean.

A moment passes.

Emma: There you are.
Jean: You aren't supposed to be here.
Emma: And neither are you. I thought you were dead.

Jean: You should know that death is fleeting for our kind.
Emma: Does anyone else know about your 34th resurrection? Scott perhaps?
Jean: No one knows. I was... taking it easy at Arkham Asylum. I left to get help, but I just got so distracted being back here. So much has changed since I... was last here. And Scott does not know about me, so your relationship is safe.
Emma: Scott and I aren't together anymore.
Jean: Oh. I would say I'm sorry it didn't work out, but you did take him from me.

Emma: Lovely darling, anything else you'd like to throw my way?
Jean: Emma, I don't have time for this. There are bigger things going on right now.
Emma: Excuse me? What could be bigger than this; Jean Grey, alive and in the flesh. Oh your return is just bloody brilliant. My dear, there are two of you running around right now.
Jean: Excuse me?
Emma: There's the teen version of you from the past that traveled to the present, and now the real you. Alive looking refreshed in an outfit that is so 1990.

Jean: What can I say? I've had a lot of spa time and I've brought back the basics.
Emma: You know, I'm stronger now. I could easily snap your mind like a twig. Make you a blubbering fool. I rather like the idea. I'm not ready for the real life Jean Grey to come back.
Jean: What do you mean?
Emma: Please. That's all we need is Scott and Logan to run around like lovesick puppy dogs for their 'Red.' You are a nuisance Jean. And I should be the one to do something about it...

Emma Frost unleashes the full force of her telepathic abilities!

Emma: No one will know you are alive...

Suddenly, Jean pushes back!

Jean: Emma, I may have been on an extended stay at a shabby asylum, but don't even try to think about it. I don't even have to unleash the Dark Phoenix to show you who you really are...
Emma: (pushes harder) Go ahead.
Jean: Sure.

A psychic battle unfolds and both women soon find themselves at a stand still.

Jean: Wow. You are pretty strong.

Emma: I did have a fragment of the Phoenix in me a few issues ago.
Jean: Oh Emma. What are we doing?
Emma: I don't even know.
Jean: I'm not staying.
Emma: What do you mean?
Jean: I can't do this. Can you keep my return a secret? For now?
Emma: Is this some sort of joke?
Jean: Read my mind, I'm telling the truth. I can't return here. Not when there is a teen version of me from the past running around. I can't handle that mind mess. Besides, I need to help Miss M.
Emma: Miss M? What does she have to do with this? Don't tell me she is back from the dead too!
Jean: It's a long story. I have to go though. It's nice to see you Emma.

Jean Grey soon leaves a baffled Emma Frost behind.

Emma: Bloody mess. All of it.

June 2014 Woman of Wonderosity!

And that is it for the month of June! Get ready folks! July kicks off the major toy story event of the year. Stick around for more details and more toy talk. Take care everyone. 



  1. Wow. A Diary Queen playset? I didn't even know they made such a thing. Pity they didn't hold off on the interview until Sunday, the Diary Queen in Midland has half price blizzards on the 29th of every month to celebrate the 29th anniversary of the Blizzard. They've been doing this for a years to keep up with the Blizzard's birthday. Makes me wonder what happens when the Blizzard turns 32 though. I'm sure the Blizzard will probably still be as sweet, and it'll write for a blog about toys on the Internet. Wait...

    Speaking as a former 16 year old boy I can tell you that kind of mind is not pleasant. In fact its quite pretentious! Actually, Laura Huey was asking if I had any of my older artwork so I did a bit of digging and found some of my artwork from high school. Not only is it really rough in its draftsmanship but the content of some it looks like it would make the late HR Geiger curl up into a fetal position and start sucking his thumb.

    Fun Fact about Mona Lisa, she was voiced by Pat Musick, who is the mother of Mae Whitman who is the current voice of April O' Neill. Mae's godfather is Rob Paulsen, who was the voice for original Raphael and the current Donatello. Theres more cast incest going on here than in The Brady Bunch!

    If nothing else I think it might be fun to bring Pat Musick on to the current Turtles show to have a part were she interacts with April the same way they brought in Corey Feldman into play off the new Turtles.

    You know, without the telekinetic soap bubble style texture, it looks like Emma and Jean are doing the wax on-wax off bit.

    We'll see whats to come then.

    1. Yes, they make a Dairy Queen play set! I have been waiting patiently to show this off for awhile now. Jakks Pacific has a toy line called Mii World or something, and it is a set of play sets that are stackable to build a mall. The teen version of me is the figure from that line. I guess the point of the toy line is to have the figures either work or shop. Not really sure how I feel about that being a message for toy lines, but, I have other uses for a DQ play set. I am also envious that the DQ in your area is doing that. I love the desserts at DQ.

      And I would love to see your old work from when you were 16. While moving back home I found a lot of my old art from when I was a teen and it was so funny. lol Of course I never really stuck with it, I've always been more of the writing about my toys type. lol For. Ever. lol

      I love all those connections with TMNT. Mae Whitman is such a great actress. And that would be so cool for Pat Musick to be the voice of a character on the show. I want to see Mona Lisa and Irma in the new toy line, stat.

      Now here's the joke about the pictures with Emma and Jean. All the effects make it seem like there will be this epic telepathic power battle, and then they are just standing there with their palms out. lol I wanted to make it silly.

      Anyways, I hope you are well. I was out of town during the weekend with my mom, so I am now playing catch up big time. lol

    2. A vacation, so thats were you disappeared. Sounds like fun.

      I have a bit of catching up to do myself... with my college colleagues that is. I was listening to a podcast about keeping in touch with your friends after graduation and apparently I've been doing everything that they tell you that you're not supposed to do to keep school connections fresh. Theres just so much about social networking that I just don't understand!

      Well if two parties are interested in my older work, others might be too. How and when would be best to post such work remains to be determined. Hm...

    3. Yep! I went away on a vacation. Just a little get away for a girls trip with my mom. It was nice.

      So how was your time with your friends? Were you able to reconnect? And i know what you mean about mastering the art of social networking. lol I still don't know what to do about all that stuff. It can be overwhelming for sure.

      And I personally think that a lot of people would be interested in your older work. Maybe like a throwback Thursday type post or something. I look forward to you one day showing them.

    4. Well I actually haven't successfully reconnected with very many. Much of my class seems to have fallen off the radar, with little in the way of social media activity since graduation.

      Not that it would have help if they had. During college I had it in my head that I had to be working all the time if I was ever going to has a chance at success and that friendships had to come second and that you could never allow it to interfere with work.

      Now I see that having friends and making connections during school is not only essential, its vital for networking as well as inspiration! So it looks like I may have shot myself in the foot on that one.

      I may put some of my old work together, we'll see what happens.

  2. oh my all toy miss m now will have to do is just sneak into bruces archives and the dragon is hers. plus love that jean and emma crossed paths and were still not buddy buddies. not to mention mikey might be ready to move on with mona lisa.

    1. Yep, toy Miss M will have to find a way to sneak into Bruce's archival room! lol Also, keep an eye out for Michelangelo and Mona Losa. lol I have plans for that story. And yeah, Emma and Jean are no where close to being buddies yet!

  3. OK-Dairy Queen!? It is clear that you are flirting with me at this point! You knew I have the character Dairy Star, and that she is based on working with a cute girl at DQ! (For future reference,If you really want to get to my heart you should mention the Nerd Blizzard. Or the Grape Kool aid Explosion! Very rare, but it was a Blizzard with both Kool Aid powder and Pop rocks in it! So, yeah, best thing in life!) But what would I call your character? "Texas Star"? -Actually, she should be called "Texaco Star"-like the Texaco Star Theater! haha!-Well, as much as I'd like for this to all be about me,in actuality, I think you came up with the dairy thing because you were doing an Emma Frost feature. But I must ask, how did you make the DQ background? Is there a DQ play-set that I don't know about? Or did you get DQ stickers and put them on some other ice cream related play-set?
    And is that Mikey figure from the new movie? UUGH! That looks terrible.

    1. Yes, I know we share a love for DQ! I keep hoping and praying that Nerds Blizzards come back, even though Sonic has Nerds slushes now. Texaco Star sounds like a great name! lol And yeah, this is a total DQ play set from the toy line Mii World. It's for girls. It's a really fun little line in terms of great play sets for these stories.

      And yeah, that Mikey is from the new movie line. He looks like an old man, which is where the joke came in for the "Old Man Mikey" like a play off of Old Man Logan. lol I hope you are doing well!

    2. Totally gonna make a Texaco Star character based on you, put her in the Dairy Star comic, and then spin her off into the "Moose Comics Presents" part of the website. Problem is, Texaco is trademarked for an oil company right? So if I use that name, I can never sell toys of you! Which would suck. I want to design a Miss M based character that I could design an action figure for! If, for no other reason, just to see you say, "Eeew! You want me in THAT outfit!?"

  4. A DQ playset? That's wild M i didn't even know one was made very cool.

  5. I tried commenting earlier but i don't think it went through so i will try again....

    A DQ playset? No way!

    1. lol I got them both! And yes, there is a DQ play set. There are actually a slew of them for this toy line called Mii World by Jakks Pacific. It's so cool! I have a nail salon too that is about to be featured very soon.

  6. I'm starting to take interest in those movie line TMNT. I've been sizing them up on Ebay and Amazon these last couple of days and now I see Michealangelo In your post lol! Only a matter of time before I snag some of em' up!

    1. Hey Tony! I do like the new movie line. It reminds me of the days when a new movie would come out and an entire toy line would be available. It reminds me of summer. I'm not exactly super crazed about the look of these turtles, but I do like the line. I'm also really excited for the moment when Megan Fox as movie April will cross paths with the real April! Hope you are doing well. And I know I have been seeing them pop up at Walmart for much cheaper than online prices.

  7. I haven't been to Wal Mart In a while but I kind of had a feeling these new Turtles would start showing up there. I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled! Thanks for the heads up!