Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th everybody!

Hey everybody! I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July. I hope that you are all having a nice day. I also wanted to just say hi and see how everyone has been doing. A great deal has been going on this past week. For instance, I got bangs to hide my giant forehead that you could project a movie off of-

I like having some form of bang, especially after getting a little older. It makes me look less harsh and ghostly.

I also was out of town last weekend with my mom. We had a girl's weekend getaway which we have not done in ages. It was so nice! We got our toes done and we just had a nice time. As a result I have been way behind on posting but I am happy to report that I have now completed my responses to all the kind comments that you have left in the last couple of weeks. I just get so behind. It drives me crazy because I am trying to manipulate time and make the days longer, but nothing is happening yet.

Also I want to thank Kal from the Cave of Cool and Derek from the Goodwill Geek. They both sent me lovely packages of items that I have been meaning to talk about because the packages were filled with some amazing stuff. So a big thanks to those guys and I'll be sharing that soon.

I also went ahead and got one of those fancy schmancy phone apps with special effects for pictures! I have been having the best time, it's like the perfect way of cheating with my pictures. Not that I condone cheating. Cheating is incredibly wrong. But here are some of my pictures that I have been playing around with.

My first picture was this effect on Butterfly from Kenner Shimmers. It seemed really cool, but I felt this effect was best suited for someone else.

So I ended up using this one for the Shimmer. I think this is just so much fun. And the app is easy to use too.

My love for this fire burst effect had to be used on She-Ra, my ultimate hero. It looked ok with this vintage one, but it was missing some fun pizazz.

So I simply did a new picture with Bubble Power She-Ra! I think this is a great representation of the Princess of Power. I really have the best time with this star effects app, so be expecting more photos like this in the various toy stories. 

Speaking of those toy stories, it is now July and we are getting closer to the Conference of Evil. I am planning on emailing those of you interested very soon with the guidelines for participating in the One Shot toy stories. We still have plenty of time because nothing is happening until after SDCC. So, if you are still on the fence about being a part of this epic sized toy story, email me at to be added to the list for the guidelines. This is going to be a lot of fun. I hope you are all doing well and again, Happy 4th of July!


  1. I like the bang, its fashionably asymmetrical. But I think we all know your best facial features are your chin and cheekbones. They're the honor guard for your winning smile!

    Speaking of projected movies, I was thinking about you while spending my Fourth of July evening watching "The Rocketeer" (the video store was out of copies of "Captain America", surprise surprise). The scene of were the Italian gangsters team up with the G-Men after learning that Timothy Dalton is a Nazi reminded me of a another movie from the 40s called "All Through the Night" were Humphrey Bogart plays a gangster who is falsely accused of sabotage and uncovers a secret Nazi spy ring in the US. Given your Dad's preference for gangster movies you were talking about earlier, I thought it might be something he'd like or would have shown you and your brother when you were kids.

    Eager to see your thoughts on Kal's care package. He actually asked me for advice on what you might like. I told him you were a big X-Men fan and that sending the Katniss Barbie could only help his karma. haha.

    Oh good, you are planning on sending out guidelines. Great! I was worried I'd have to fly blind on this one. Looking forward to it.

    The future is looking bright as the sun this summer for sure. My brother got the job in Wisconsin and is moving out, we had a big celebration for my Dad's birthday, Chris is penciling me in for more Geek Fallout, I'm making more sketch appearances and may have some other opportunities on the horizon that I don't want to jinx just yet!

    1. I have seen the Rocketeer, which was a good one. All Through the Night is familiar, though I am not sure if I saw it or not. In terms of older movies, my dad was really big into the old Western movies. He loved that stuff. It wasn't until the 70's and 80's wave of crime/mob movies that my dad really began to get into things.

      Thanks for the compliment on my bangs.

      There will also be guidelines. I am planning on sending those out soon. I keep thinking SDCC is a few days away and when I look at the calendar I'm like, "Wow, I mentioned this whole thing way too soon!" lol We still have some time.

      I am glad to hear how things have been going for you in your personal and professional life! That is awesome. And congratulations for your brother. I am happy for him. Also, how fun was it to finally be on a podcast together? I was so excited to get the chance to talk to you. It was awesome. I hope you are doing well, and I will talk to you later!

    2. Sounds like thats a no on All Through the Night since that would have predated post Godfather crime wave by several decades.

      Maybe I should compare Western notes with you instead. I tend to favor the John Wayne/ John Ford type westerns moreso than the Clint Eastwood Sergio Leone type, but I'm probably biased because I've seen more of the former than the later.

      Thats right SDCC is coming up. I imagine they'll be huge influx of nerd news for us to talk about on the podcast soon. You're spot on about how fun that was to do! It felt so freeing to have people to talk to and bounce off of all these geeky subject, especially something like movies that I'm very passionate about. I've been holding grudges against some of the titles I mentioned for a long time so it felt good to get it out there. Looking at the calendar, it looks like we'll be talking again real soon! I'm looking forward to it already.

  2. OK, so, when you didn't have the bangs, I must admit, you looked like an 18 year old HAG! With the bangs, you look hardcore 16! You are beautiful either way, but I am glad you got to hang with your mom for the weekend, that is cool. I still haven't friended you on facebook but you have to again tell me what your name is on there. I've been doing an art challenge with my cartoonist friends lately,(This week the character is Snake Plissken, and I am doing an "Escape From Eternia" theme with Snake. Using Snake stuff, like Snake Mountain and the Snake Men for gags.) but I hope to to fit this story challenge into my schedule too cuz I really want to. Problem is I got summer school too,(I will graduate college before I am 32! I swear!) so I don't get to spend as much time as I'd like on this kind of the stuff that I love.
    P.S I think you should come to Ohio so we can nervously clutch each others hands watching the new TMNT movie. I am more scared of that movie than the most extreme horror movie I've ever seen (Which, for the record, I think was "Make Them Die Slowly" I have it on bootleg tape, and most my friends cant get through the trailer for the movie that's tacked on at the start of the tape!))

    1. Haha! An 18 year old hag! Now that's good living! lol And you should friend me on FB. My name is Michael Lynn P. I should be pretty easy to find. Your art challenge sounds pretty cool. I like the snake theme. That is awesome!

      My story challenge isn't starting until after the weekend of SDCC and it will be going on for a few weeks. So there should be plenty of time, if you want to do it. It won't take much anyway.

      I would totally go and watch the new TMNT movie with you in fear of how good or bad it will turn out to be. I am really hoping it will be good. Make Them Die Slowly. I've never seen it, but I have heard about it. And upon watching the trailer, I have to say this movie looks like a hot mess in the best way possible. I think the only movies I have had a hard time watching are the Faces of Death videos. I can't watch those, and I could not sit through that Centipede movie. I just thought it was too much for me. Anyways, I hope you are doing well! Talk to you later!

    2. I agree with you! The Human Centipede, that is a gross concept! I haven't even watched that one yet! For the most part, the only thing that grosses me out is anything mucus related, I can't deal with boogers, even the word booger makes me ill! I am OK with slime! Just not when it's coming from a nose! Gotta harden myself for if I ever have kids! Cuz they get all snotty.(uggh) But any blood and guts stuff, I can handle. Now faces of death, that is bothersome move, because of the way it is presented, but that is not real! Some of it is real, but not all of it, and I think the way they present it makes it even more disturbing then it would be! -but really, I can relate, cuz I remember thinking It would be OK to see those car crash movies in drivers ed-like "I'm so tough! I can handle this!"-but because real people died, I did feel pretty bad about watching them. -I will look you up and friend you on Facebook!

  3. Despite the downpour last night, the neighborhood still sounded like a warzone late into the night. Luckily the worst of the storm hit south of us, saw news footage of cars getting stuck on roads because the water was 1'-2' deep!

    Bangs +1 :)

    1. Wow! And I thought we had some crazy weather. Sounds like it was nuts over there! It has actually been a rather strange Summer for sure. And thanks for the bangs +1! I needed to do it. lol I hope you are doing well!

  4. I can't wait to hear about your reaction to the package I sent. The reaction is the best part of any gift from a friend. btw those cheekbones are the cheekbones of a god!

  5. Happy 4th although it's the 5th :)

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you! I was hoping they wouldn't be cheesy, but I really like using them. I won't use them all the time, but I think they can be a lot of fun.