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Adora's Search for Honor Part 2: Chapter 30

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Previously: The Rebels got over a vicious attack by the Pyres, but are dealing with a few problems. Namely the search for Adam, Adora's brother, and the kidnapping of Peekablue by Hordak... Catra is searching for answers to her birth... Huntara, a warrior from Silax that was a prisoner on Horde World, has now been set on a new course of action; kill She-Ra and Hordak will let her go back to her home world... Peekablue is trying her best to get used to being a prisoner in the Fright Zone, however members of the Horde, including new member Scorpia, are not making it easy...

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 2
Chapter 30

Peekablue can do nothing but scream. She is racing down a dank hall in the Fright Zone. Being chased by Entrapta and Scorpia, the poor green haired friend to the Rebellion is clutching her chest. With a heart pounding as fast as it can, Peekablue turns, heading towards her cell. Entrapta can't stop laughing, "Come back! Let us braid your hair!" Scorpia snaps her pinchers and gleefully taunts, "And let us clip those magical feathers!!!"

Peekablue continues to scream as Entrapta and Scorpia crumple against the wall laughing hysterically. Sliding into her cell door, Peekablue yells for a Horde Trooper to lock her up. Her recent taste at walking around the Fright Zone has become to much for Peekablue to handle. Hordak had given her a free pass. "I just wanted to eat something! I only wanted to feel free for a few moments!" She backs away as Scorpia emerges, sliding a pincher across the cell bars, "Well look at this? The little birdy flew back into her cage." Entrapta walks in behind the newest member of the Horde, "Oh leave her alone Scorpia. Hordak would be livid if we hurt her. After all, we were just having fun. Right Peekablue?"

Scorpia sneers, "Yeah, we won't make you extra pretty just yet. But I'd watch your back if I were you!" She snaps her pincers in a fast manner as her tail tries to whip through the cell. Peekablue cowers even further. Eventually Entrapta and Scorpia walk away as Peekablue feels her heart beat a little bit slower. Sitting in the cell in the darkness, she can only hope that the door stays locked. There is no need for her to leave, no matter how many times Hordak says she can to grab some lunch or fresh air. "There is nothing fresh about the Fright Zone." She stammers, trying to shake off the horrors of her current living environment.

Her mind drifts to her friends. Fanning her feathers out from her back, Peekablue closes her eyes and prepares to peek in on how the members of the Rebellion are faring on Etheria. Unknown to Peekablue, someone is watching her in the shadows...

Inside Bright Moon, Adora works with Angella and the main Rebels over plans to save Peekablue. There is a great deal riding on this mission, because Peekablue is the only one capable of finding Adora's brother on Etheria. A great deal of ideas and information is shared between everyone. Bow works with Mermista on a map into the Fright Zone. Sea Hawk sits to the side, sharpening a small knife. Perfuma, Serina, and Glimmer gather a list of items that they will need. Kowl and Madame Razz flit in and out of the room, helping when they can. Netossa and Frosta are busy sewing a net together of razor sharp fibers. Feeling exhausted, Frosta rubs her eyes, "I grow so tired of having to rescue someone. When are we going to finish this?" Angella places a document on a table, "We shouldn't go now. People are still on edge from the Pyre attack, and I should stay here. Those who were bitten are slowly overcoming the intense cravings. If we are going to do this, we must be at our fighting best."

Mermista looks up from a working map, "Well ever since Perfuma found those wild plants, they have helped those who were bitten." The mer-maiden looks towards Perfuma and smiles. Frosta continues working with Netossa. Stretching, Frosta sighs, "I think we should rest a bit before skipping into the Fright Zone."

"We'll get plenty of sleep before heading out Frosta." Adora says, feeling her face flush as she notices Sea Hawk staring at her. Looking away, Adora listens to Frosta moan, "I'm not referring to sleep darling. I'm talking about rest and relaxation. I've lost my home, and with it, my ice spa. I think we should take a trip to the Crystal Falls. Only for a short while."

The idea sounds nice, but it doesn't sit well with everyone. "Is that really a good idea?" Glimmer asks, raising the important question of haste in saving their friend. Frosta rolls her eyes, "When will we have time to just have some fun? Hmm? I for one would be at my fighting best if I could at least lounge by the water with a nice drink first." Mermista casually says, "If we were to go, it would give me the chance to see how things have been at the Falls. I could also gather some extra sea tonics in case anyone were to get wounded."

Frosta grins, "Perfect darling! See Adora? This idea sounds better by the minute." Frosta nudges Netossa, trying to get her to agree with her. "It would be refreshing." Netossa says calmly. Perfuma shakes her head, not feeling up to much anything. Mermista squeezes her hand, "I know things have been rough for you lately, but maybe it would be good to just get away, if only for a short while..." Perfuma still shakes her head. Mermista tilts her head, smiling at her friend, "I'll let you decorate the Crystal Falls any way you want."

Quickly looking up at Mermista, Perfuma can't hide a smile. "You'd really do that? Give me free reign with flower choice and everything?" Mermista nods. Grinning and clapping her hands, Perfuma jumps up, "Ok. This could work. And in all reality getting away would be nice. Too much doom and gloom can be so damaging!" Bow smiles to himself as everyone begins to explore their sunny dispositions, "Could I come too?" Perfuma nods, "Of course Bow, you're one of the girls! We'll have so much fun!"

The sentence causes Bow to shrink back a little bit. Mermista notices this and feels slightly embarrassed for him. The statement is certainly something the archer does not want to hear. He does not want to be seen as 'one of the girls', especially in front of Adora. Sea Hawk grins placing his knife on the table, "Don't worry Bow. I'll go too, since it's just us girls." He grins, slightly puffing his chest some. For some reason he wants to impress Adora, though he'd never admit to anyone, and truth be told, he isn't sure why he wants to impress her in the first place. Until he remembers that kiss.

Looking on at every one's growing excitement over a trip to the Crystal Falls, Serina sits back. A bit of fear rattles its way through her system. She is trying to get used to these new friends, and being in a social environment involving fun and frivolity is too new of a concept for her to handle. The group soon disperses though to get ready. A trip to the Falls can occur really quick before they begin the mission to save Peekablue. Angella plans on staying behind, as does Adora. Kowl and Madame Razz agree. "But Madame Razz, it would do you some good to enjoy the water." Glimmer says. Madame Razz rolls her eyes, "Dearie. When you are an old woman like me, the sun and water is the last place you want to be near."

Once the room is clear, Netossa rushes to her room to see Spinnerella. "Spinna! Spinna! I have wonderful news!" Sitting in a chair, facing the window, Spinnerella turns, "What?" Netossa explains that they are all going to the Crystal Falls, "Do you think you would be up for that? It would do you some good." Spinnerella snaps at her friend, "My legs still hurt. They are sore. I want to go home. When are we going back home?"

Netossa looks down, "We can't leave just yet. You aren't fully healed..." Spinnerella clenches her fists, "I am well enough! I want to go home! This is not my home. This is a castle of horrors! We are not safe here!" Gliding next to her friend, Netossa reaches out to her, "My dear sister, no where is safe. We live in dreadful times. The Horde will stop at nothing until we have all been squashed under their foot. I assure you, once the time is right, we will go back home." Spinnerella does not believe her. She refuses to go anywhere, "I don't care to be around people I do not even know." Netossa steps back, "These people have helped you. They care about you..." Spinnerella turns away from Netossa, continuing to stare out the window. She wants to be left alone. Netossa leaves and gets ready for the Crystal Falls...

The day is still shining bright as the Rebels make their way to the Crystal Falls. Mermista leads the way. Frosta and Netossa discuss Spinnerella's behavior. "Darling, she's been through a lot. I'd be a bitch too if I woke up to a bloody nightmare." Bow walks with Glimmer. He is mostly quiet, though the two have worked on speaking to one another. She is slowly getting over him, and it feels good. Sea Hawk walks alone, wishing Adora was there. He likes the group, but he can't stop thinking of their kiss. She could be the one to change me entirely, he thinks and shakes at the gravity of that thought. Perfuma and Serina follow up the group. Perfuma observes all the nature around her, and though her thoughts are on the loss of Minwu, she is glad to be visiting the Crystal Falls. She does notice though that Serina seems odd, "Everything ok Serina?" The woman with the large wings nods, "Yes. I am fine."

The Crystal Falls are stunning. A waterfall splashes into a large opening that forms into a river. Mermista smiles at the large shells and other decorations she uses to liven up the place. "Mermista, this place is beautiful!" Netossa exclaims. Having never seen anything like this, Netossa looks around. "We can change over there." Mermista points to a partition of rocks to the side of the waterfall. The women head to the area together. Sea Hawk quickly follows. Mermista stops and points towards an area of trees, "Hawk, you and Bow can go change in the trees. There should be a clearing." Sea Hawk pauses, "I thought I was one of the girls." Frosta grimaces, "Don't be a little shit darling. It is tacky."

Bow heads towards the clearing as Sea Hawk follows producing a pair of binoculars. As Bow begins to remove his armor, the sun glistens across his chest. The warmth feels good. He notices that Sea Hawk is trying to view something, "What are you doing?" Sea Hawk sighs, "Trying to get a good view." Bow soon realizes what Sea Hawk is doing, the pirate is trying to look in on the women. Stomping towards the pirate, Bow grabs the binoculars from him. "Hey! I was using those."

"You may be a slave to your own desires, but I am not going to watch you feast on my friends." Bow tosses the lenses to the ground. The pirate groans, "Aww man. Don't act so silly. I couldn't see anything anyway." Sea Hawk prepares to remove his shirt. He is ready to jump into the water, "What's your deal anyway? You must be the luckiest man on Etheria. You are surrounded by gorgeous women. Do you even know the resources that are at your disposal?"

Shaking his head, Bow goes on, "No one is at my disposal. I'm not here to use anyone pirate." There is anger and annoyance in his tone. Bow cares about those women, and know matter what they may think of him, he will look out for them no matter what. Sea Hawk raises his hands, "Alright. I get it. You are Mr. Upstanding. You don't like me much do you?" Staring at the pirate, Bow shakes his head, "I don't know you enough. But I can see this much, I don't care much for you one bit." The pirate nods, "That just might make two of us." They continue changing and soon all Sea Hawk can think about is what the women are up to.

On the other side of the Crystal Falls, the female Rebels are all in various stages of undress. They are getting into attire made for swimming. Frosta is in a light blue strapless one piece. She is snapping it in the back. "As much as I love the Crystal Falls, this heat is a bit much for me." Perfuma is braiding her hair before slipping into her swimming one piece, "Maybe you should visit the Kingdom of Snows soon?" Frosta turns, "What for darling? There is nothing there for me."

Shrugging, Perfuma suits up, "It's still your home Frosta, no matter what's there." Mermista and Glimmer both agree. Serina listens and observes. She is standing there, in her clothes staring at her new friends in their various states of undress. They may all have their own unique features, but there are certain parts that they all share. This fills Serina with dread as she looks down at her light purple skirt made up of petals. Anxiety builds as she contemplates removing her clothes and having her friends stare at her and the insectoid appendage between her legs. She does not want to be judged, and though they have seen her nude when she came out of the cocoon, things are different now.

She feels her skin growing hot. The stress of the situation is creeping up her back, spreading out across her scalp. Her hair feels like it is on fire. Serina can feel her wings flutter quickly. Glimmer looks over, "Serina? Are you going to go swimming with us? Why don't you change?" Serina shakes her head, "I have. To go." Turning away from the women, Serina rushes away. Frosta looks at Mermista, "Perfuma really should have left her in that cocoon in the Horde lab. Just odd." Everyone gives Frosta a look.

"Let me go get her." Perfuma says fastening a flower into her hair, keeping the intricate braid together. "Serina!" Perfuma rushes off, catching the sight of Serina's large wings fluttering. "Serina! Wait! Where are you going?" Perfuma communicates with the ground and causes some vines to lift her up, getting her closer to Serina. The two women end up colliding into one another. "Serina! Stop running, please! I am so confused. Why are you running?"

Sitting on the ground, her wings fluttering quickly, Serina cries out, "I am too different! I don't belong here." They talk for a little bit. Serina explains how uncomfortable she feels knowing that her body is different from the other women. "Look at me. Perfuma. I'm half insect. Half woman. I am. Different."

Perfuma hugs her friend, "Serina, stop this. It doesn't matter what is between your legs or what is on your back. No one here is going to be mean. We are all friends. I saved you from the Horde Labs because I knew that you had been hurt enough. Look at you! You are an incredibly strong and beautiful woman. We all have our hang ups. We all have our own problems, but don't let any of that deter you from making friends." They smile at each other. Perfuma stands up, looping her arm through Serina's arm, "Listen, let's have some fun. We'll decorate. And dance!" Perfuma smiles as Serina nods, "That sounds. Nice." Perfuma nods. They both walk back towards the Crystal Falls and Perfuma asks a question, "Do you remember anything before coming out of the cocoon?"

Serina isn't sure she can remember, "I don't know. At. All. Just that. I had a name. It was. Serina." Perfuma stops. An idea comes to her, "We really need to get you a new name. You are a new person now. Serina is nice, but you don't even know who Serina really is. What do you think?" Serina nods, but isn't sure what she could call herself. As they walk, Perfuma keeps hearing Serina's wings flutter. "Maybe the name is right here, with us!" Serina pauses and looks around, "The grass? Or. Water?" Perfuma smiles and claps her hands, "No! It's on you! Your wings! They flutter. Flutterina! That's it! Your new name! What do you think?"

The winged woman smiles, feeling slightly better. She doesn't know who she was before, but she knows who she can be now. "Flutterina. I like. It." The two friends smile and rush to the Crystal Falls.

A surprise awaits them. Perfuma screams, "She-Ra! What are you doing here?!" Everyone is gathered around She-Ra. Swiftwind is by the water, drinking some up. She-Ra looks at her friends, "I went to Bright Moon, and Adora told me that you were all here. I thought I'd drop by." Perfuma jumps, "Oh it is so nice to see you!" She-Ra smiles and talks with everyone.

The day is wonderful. Bow makes a few beverages that Frosta helps keep frosty. Netossa floats in the water, wishing Spinnerella had joined them. Bow soon plays some music as Perfuma twirls around dancing and growing flowers every which way. Flutterina helps with the decorating. Mermista watches on and can only hope that the Crystal Falls isn't overrun with too many flowers.

Glimmer and Frosta rest on some rocks, looking out across the water. "See Glimmer, isn't this just nice?" Glimmer nods, "Yes. It is nice." The icy Empress checks Glimmer out, "You should sit with your back arched more. Stick your chest out. Bow would appreciate it." Glimmer shakes her head, "Frosta, give it up. I'm not going to be using a tip from your book of rules. If you must know, I am getting over Bow." Caught off guard, Frosta is glad to hear it, "Good for you darling."

Rolling over, Glimmer asks Frosta a question, "For someone that knows so much about men, I never seem to see you with one. Why is that?" Frosta's eyes briefly widen in surprise, "Well aren't you getting brave with your new found independence. If you must know, I am highly picky. After you have sampled the dull offerings on Etheria, you slightly lose hope. I am holding out for a magnificent man, darling. I don't know who he is, but trust me, once I find him... I will know." Glimmer listens and knows that Frosta is very serious.

She-Ra walks by the waterfall and listens to Bow's music. She smiles as she looks at her friends. They deserve this. We have all been put through so much, She-Ra thinks. Her memories shift to Double Trouble. It is a shame you are not with us, but we will always remember you dear friend, she silently says. Suddenly She-Ra turns as Sea Hawk approaches. They make a small amount of chit chat. The pirate says something that makes her blush out of embarrassment.

"Are you forward with every woman you talk to?" She-Ra crosses her arms, raising an eye brow. Sea Hawk walks up to her, taking in her glowing beauty, "Only the special ones."

"Why do I get the feeling they are all special?" She-Ra slides past him and continues to look out at the Crystal Falls. Sea Hawk hangs his head, "I'm not sure I know what is the matter with me. I usually am much smoother..."

"You are?" She-Ra asks, trying not to laugh at that image. Sea Hawk nods, "You are stunning. And I know we would have fun, but for some reason, I just feel goofy trying to flirt with you." Feeling overwhelmed, She-Ra shakes her head, "I wouldn't call that flirting Sea Hawk. I'm not sure what is going on with you, but maybe the sun is getting to your head?"

He feels like he has been caught. Or is this feeling something else? "No, my head is fine. I just don't want to feel like I'm missing out on any, umm, potential opportunities." She-Ra looks at this man before her, and she only sort of understands what he is talking about, "You don't really know how to be yourself around people, do you? Especially women?"

Scratching the back of his head, Sea Hawk slightly grins, "I guess you got me. I've been getting used to a lot of things around here. Making friends with women has never been my thing. But someone is slowly changing that, just don't tell anyone." Her eyes grow wide, now she is really curious to know what he means, "Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me."

Thinking of his other secrets, namely the ice diamond he stole from Frosta and the strings Hordak has over him, Sea Hawk thinks about She-Ra. He doesn't really know much about her. "Do you have any secrets?" The question stuns her for a second, "I might. After all, I fly around on a winged unicorn. If there isn't some mystery about me, I must not be doing my job correctly..." They both laugh.

The laughter trickles down the waterfall towards Bow. He stops playing his harp and looks up at She-Ra and Sea Hawk. A strange wave of jealousy washes over him. He isn't certain why he is feeling that way, but something about the pirate does not sit well with him. Swimming up to the rock he is on, Mermista breaks into his thoughts, "Bow, you stopped playing. You still with us?" Bow shakes his head, "Sorry Mermista." He won't start up again, which clues Mermista into something. "Hey, how 'bout we go for a swim? I can take you somewhere very pretty."

Bow looks down at Mermista, floating in the water. She is in her element, and he can't help but smile. She is stunning. "Sure. What do you want to show me?" She guides him into the water, "When we go under, I'll put an air bubble around your head, so you can breathe. We'll be under for a little while." The bit of information raises a caution towards Bow, but he throws it to the wind. He trusts Mermista, and besides, he wants to get away.

Mermista calls out to Perfuma that they will return, and the two go underwater. Mermista uses her powers to create a bubble around Bow's head. Motioning for him to follow, the mermaid swims towards the base of the waterfall. Her legs already forming into her tail. There is an opening below that leads into a long tunnel. Bow follows closely and soon begins to realize where they are going.

As the swim further into the tunnel, Bow can see an opening up ahead. Once free, they are both in a large cavern like structure. A massive undersea kingdom sits before them. Mermista smiles and swims towards the buildings. Bow follows and marvels at the towers and empty buildings. He feels like he is flying over a city. He can't believe that a group of people once lived here, underwater.

They swim closer and even travel through some of the empty buildings. Bow looks at various artifacts. It looks as if people were living their lives, and then were just gone in a flash. Every possession was left behind. Eventually they make it to an area that rises up to a room with an air pocket. Bow loses the bubble. Mermista smiles, "Welcome to Salineas. Or what's left of it." Bow looks around, "Mermista, this place is beautiful. Is this where you come to when you travel to the Crystal Falls by yourself?"

She nods. Bow is amazed, "Has anyone else seen all this?" Mermista shakes her head, "No. I have only shown you." He feels honored, "But why?" Shrugging at her friend, Mermista isn't sure. "You looked like you were in pain. You are a dear friend Bow, and I just wanted to do something to help you feel better." Bow understands and feels grateful that he is being given this experience.

They talk. He learns about how Mermista found this place. How she learned that her entire family and kingdom were gone, destroyed by the Horde. "I often wonder what my life would have been like had my family lived. I wonder so many things." Bow asks what else she thinks about.

"I think of love. I like to imagine that if the kingdom had survived, that maybe there would have been some mer-man destined to be with me. Or something. That sounds so silly." Mermista covers her face in her hands, completely surprised to be sharing her thoughts with anyone. Bow doesn't understand why that is silly.

Mermista looks at her friend, "I have gone my whole life never really knowing what love is. I've never been the one to have that special connection with someone. And maybe there are some of us that aren't meant to experience that."

"You aren't making sense Mermista." Bow is wanting to know more, to understand. She sits next to him, swinging her tail in the water, "Well let's see. It's like you and Adora. There has always been a special connection between the two of you. The same with Perfuma. She may have bad luck with men, but there is always someone ready to fall for her. Of course Frosta, well... She invented the term man-eater. I've just never had that power, to call forth the attention of a man. To love me. To want me. Maybe there is something wrong with me..."

Bow looks at his friend and lifts her face to his, "Don't say that at all Mermista. What could be wrong with you? Mermista, you are always perceptive and aware of other's feelings. You also know so much about the seas and have such a rich knowledge of the various areas on Etheria. You are also so incredibly stunning. If things were different..." Mermista shakes her head, "Don't say that. Your heart belongs to Adora, that has been as clear as the bluest of seas."

Looking at the walls around him, Bow shrugs, "I'm not so sure anymore. Adora and I haven't been as close. There's been too much between us. I think she is scared." They talk some more about his love for Adora and how they experienced a setback with Glimmer and Adora's own issues with love. Mermista understands, "Bow, you are my friend, but Adora has been through a great deal. I could understand why she maybe wouldn't want to join you in that way..." Bow nods, understanding perfectly well the truth. Or at least what he thinks is the truth. They continue to talk and even laugh a little.

"Oh Bow, I love talking to you. We have been friends for a very long time, you know?" Bow nods, "A long time. Guess that makes me one of the perfect girls." He rolls his eyes, recalling what Perfuma said earlier. Mermista tilts her head, "I knew that bothered you. Perfuma didn't mean anything by it."

"I know, it just bugs me. I am my own man. And when I am seen as one of the girls... well... I don't even know why that should bother me. I keep excellent company. You are all the best people I could ever hope to meet. I just feel so..." Mermista helps him out, "Undesirable?"

"Yes. If I'm seen as one of the girls, than that means that I am just a friend. Some silly friend. How is Adora going to truly fall for me if I'm..." He lingers the statement in the air. It makes him think of Sea Hawk and how the pirate can be lewd and yet it works. Maybe not on everyone, but clearly Sea Hawk's abrasive way with women strikes some chord. "Maybe I should be more like Sea Hawk. Maybe that would change up my image..." Mermista chuckles at the idea, "Don't you dare change a thing about you Bow. You are perfectly fine. I look at you, and I can see why Adora has cared for you so. Let her work out what she needs to work out, believe me, you are more than just a special friend." He smiles. They soon realize that some time has gone by.

Jumping into the water, Mermista puts another bubble over Bow's head. They travel out through the abandoned kingdom and travel towards the tunnel. Bow can't stop thinking about Adora. He loves her so much. He just wishes things could be different. Mermista is swimming ahead, lost in her own world. She doesn't notice though that the bubble around Bow's head pops. He doesn't panic at first, but soon realizes that he won't be able to hold his breath the rest of the way.

Thrashing about and starting to panic, Bow makes noises trying to get Mermista's attention. Swimming up ahead, she turns at the noise. Her heart sinks as she sees Bow struggling. Swimming as fast as she can, the mermaid reaches Bow in time. He needs air badly, so she does the quickest thing she can. Placing her mouth over his, she breathes air into him. Their bodies are next to each other. Holding on, she can feel him begin to harden against her tail. Breathing the air into his mouth, their tongues lightly touch. Neither know what is going on, but Bow suddenly feels very alive. Breaking away, Mermista looks at him to make sure he is safe. He nods, and she creates another bubble around his head. They swim back, both thinking about the shared moment.

As they pass through the tunnel, they pop their heads up under the waterfall. "That was..." Bow says looking over at Mermista. She looks at him, "That was nothing, do not worry. I was just saving you. Anything else that happened was just by circumstance. Don't worry. It won't change anything. You love Adora." Bow looks sad, he wonders what all he might be missing out on in this life. He shakes those thoughts away, "I do love her. But I also care about our friendship and don't want you to be hurt in any way. I apologize."

"For what? Nearly dying? Oh Bow, never worry about being called one of the girls. You are still such a guy. I will be fine." The kiss, if it could even be called that, was nothing to derail their friendship or his feelings for Adora. It was just a brief moment between two people. Though Mermista does feel like there is still so much for her to experience in this life. She wants to live and find all that is possible for herself. They both swim out of the waterfall and rejoin the group.

Perfuma calls out, "I thought you'd never get back!" Mermista smiles and then pauses. There are tons of flowers, "Wow. You have certainly done a lot of decorating." Perfuma nods, proud of her work. She-Ra walks by Bow, "How was your swim?" His heart suddenly starts to beat very fast, he can't explain it, but he feels just the slightest bit guilty, "It was nice."

Frosta looks up, "It is getting so hot! Let's head back." Netossa shakes her head, "It feels like we just got here." Mermista smiles, glad that everyone is having such a nice time. However something quickly changes. She isn't sure if it is the air or the strange look on Flutterina's face. But suddenly a figure jumps down from the waterfall, flipping over rocks and landing right behind Mermista.

A lean and muscular woman with light purple skin and a white mohawk grabs Mermista from behind and draws a knife to her throat. Perfuma screams in terror. Bow and She-Ra stand on guard. Frosta and Glimmer cover their mouths. Netossa looks up, trying to figure out what is happening. Sea Hawk looks on, getting ready to grab hold of his knife. Flutterina's wings move rapidly, she is ready to attack. The stranger barks out, "No one make sudden moves. I will kill her."

She-Ra is calm, "We believe you. We are not going to move, but please, don't hurt her. Who are you?" The woman sneers, "I am Huntara. I am looking for the woman calling herself She-Ra. Where is she?" The Rebels all look at She-Ra. There is fear in their faces. Mermista can feel the blade against her neck. She is amazed how life can change in the blink of an eye. Huntara growls, "Well? Where is She-Ra?"

The princess of power steps forward, "I am She-Ra." Sneering and pressing the blade closer against Mermista's neck, Huntara goes on, "You don't look so special." She-Ra wants to know what is going on. Huntara continues, "I want you. We will make a trade. I will let your friend go, if you come with me." Mermista shouts, "Don't do this She-Ra!"

She-Ra remains calm, "What do you want with me?" Mermista can feel the blade slightly cutting into her flesh. Huntara snaps, "I mean to kill you warrior woman. So what will it be? You? Or your friend?" No one knows what is going on or how this is even happening. Mermista looks at her friends, "Let her kill me! She-Ra, you are Etheria's only hope. Don't give into her!"

Shaking her head, She-Ra agrees to Huntara's demand, "I will go with you, but let Mermista go. Now." She-Ra keeps her sword sheathed to show that she is going willingly. Bow hangs his head. Glimmer screams, "No! She-Ra!" Grinning, Huntara pushes Mermista into the water. Summoning forth a Horde jet sled, Huntara swoops She-Ra on board and the jet sled flies off. Bow races to grab an arrow, but it is too late. Huntara and She-Ra are gone.

Netossa looks around, "Who was that?" No one knows. Mermista holds onto her neck, "One thing is for sure, we need to follow them. We can't let this Huntara woman harm She-Ra." The Rebels agree and prepare to depart until some new visitors show up. Leech, Octavia, Scorpia, Entrapta, and Catra drop in from a flying Horde ship. They land in front of the Rebels. Entrapta looks around the Crystal Falls, "I'll be! Looks like Peekablue's vision really does work." Catra nods, pleased to see the Rebels, "We don't mean to crash this little party, but we have unfinished business." The feline purrs, "You know what to do Horde members. Attack!" The Horde charges towards the Rebels.

Zooming and zipping through the air, She-Ra bides her time as Huntara maneuvers the jet sled. The princess of power is not sure who Huntara is, but one thing seems to be certain, Huntara is not a member of the Horde. The jet sled approaches a massive clearing in a flat grassy area. She-Ra looks up at the sky, the sun is beginning to set. She can feel the sled slowing down. Acting quickly, She-Ra punches Huntara. Losing control, the jet sled spins dropping them both onto the ground.

Rolling up, She-Ra grabs her sword ready to fight. She can't see Huntara, until she feels her. Huntara is behind She-Ra, kicking her to the ground, "You will be no match for me. I am Huntara, the strongest warrior in all of Silax. In all of the galaxy. Your life will end here." The warrior produces two glowing sabres. Standing over She-Ra, Huntara points one towards her. Ready to attack, Huntara drives a sabre to the ground. She-Ra rolls out of the way. Jumping up, She-Ra grabs her sword, "This should be fun." The two women engage in a sword fight.

At first it would seem an unfair fight, Huntara wields both sabres with deadly accuracy. Slicing in the air, Huntara growls. This isn't going to be easy. They continue to fight, a flurry of sword attacks and kicks. She-Ra can do this all day, but she knows at some point this fight will have to end...

Back at the Crystal Falls, the Rebels find themselves incredibly busy. Glimmer is working to take quick care of Leech. He tries to grab her, hoping to drain her of powers. She jumps over a rock and releases a burst of light into his eyes. Octavia's tentacles hold knives, ready to cut flesh on Mermista and Sea Hawk. They try to stop her. A tentacle flings Mermista into the water. Sea Hawk looks at the Horde member, "Lady, I wouldn't mess with me. I'll be using those tentacles of yours as a delicacy to feed my crew." Octavia grins baring rows of jagged sharp teeth. Lunging towards the pirate, Octavia shoves him into the water. They begin to struggle, a tentacle wraps around his neck. He can't breathe.

Scorpia is scaring Perfuma, Flutterina, and Frosta. The Horde member snaps her pincers, "Let me give you just a lil pinch." She lunges towards Perfuma. "Eek!" Perfuma shouts and dodges out of the way. Flutterina swoops down from the air, punching Scorpia in the face. Scorpia turns to look at Flutterina, "I'm going to clip your wings!" Frosta tries to help, but finds herself struggling with Scorpia's tale. Netossa runs forward, diving into the water. Together with Mermista, they save Sea Hawk from Octavia. Dragging Octavia out, Netossa grabs a small sticky net from a pouch on her side. It slows the Horde member down.

Leech thrashes about, regaining his sight. He shoves Glimmer into a rock and looks at Netossa. Grabbing hold of a small grenade, he launches it towards Netossa. A red net is released from the grenade in the shape of a Horde bat. It misses Netossa. The captivating beauty looks at the net on the ground. She grins, "You call that a net?" Removing another net from her pouch, Netossa sweeps out a much larger blue net, "Now here's a net!" She launches it towards Leech. He shouts in defeat as the net weighs down on him.

Catra slinks up the rocks near the waterfall with Entrapta. Bow is after them both. "Get back here!" He takes aim with an arrow. Entrapta grabs the arrow with her hair, tossing it into the water. Catra grabs a rock and lunges it towards Bow. He slips and almost falls. "Catra, stop this!"

Giggling, the ferocious feline purrs, "Oh no Bow, things are just getting nice and warm!" Frosta looks up at the Horde members, "Let's make things a little cooler, hmm?" Using her powers over ice, Frosta causes the rocks to slick over with a chill. Catra and Entrapta soon start to struggle on the slippery rocks. "Entrapta, watch out!" Catra screeches as Entrapta slips. Tumbling down the rocks, Entrapta lands right on top of Octavia. Catra glares at the Rebels.

Screaming in anger, Catra jumps off the rocks, grabbing hold of Bow. "Come on Bow, die with me." Bow tries to struggle free, and he cries out as they hit the rocks sliding to the ground. The Rebels try to help. Bow is hurt slightly, but Catra jumps up, "You are all pathetic. Your time here is over." Catra shakes as magical energy summons around her fingers. Before anything else can be done, Mermista summons her own magic. A wave of water swirls up from the Crystal Falls, completely dousing the Horde Force Captain. Catra screams clenching her fists. "Go on, get out!" Mermista shouts as the beaten down Horde members scramble away. Everyone is out of breath, Perfuma checks on Bow. Mermista looks out in the distance, "We've got to get to She-Ra."

Out on the grassy field, She-Ra and Huntara are locked into battle. In one fell swoop, She-Ra breaks free and knees Huntara in the chest. Delivering one powerful punch, She-Ra gives it all she has. The blow knocks Huntara to the ground hard. The warrior from Silax trembles slightly. She realizes a few things, "This won't end. I underestimated you. I have lost and as such, you can kill me. I realize now Hordak put me in a trap. I was never going to win." She hangs her head, ready to be killed for her failure.

She-Ra stands tall and looks at this strange woman, "Please, stand up. I'm not going to kill you." Huntara keeps her head low, and shakes in disagreement, "You have clearly won. It is customary for a Silaxian warrior to sacrifice life at such a great loss." She-Ra gives Huntara a hand, "Yes, well, it is customary for an Etherian to help others. Please, stand up. I'm not going to hurt you."

Huntara gets up and holds onto She-Ra's hand. "Why won't you kill me?" She-Ra tilts her head, "I will do no such thing. Killing will not solve much of anything. Who are you exactly?" Huntara explains who she is and where she comes from. She also details how the Horde captured her planet and placed her as prisoner on Horde World. She-Ra learns many new things and listens intently, "So Horde Prime sent you to kill Hordak? But Hordak told you, if you killed me, you'd go back home?" Huntara nods. She-Ra goes on, "My new friend, I can assure you, Hordak would never follow his word. He is a monster that cannot be trusted."

"I see that now. But I must know, who are you She-Ra?" Huntara asks. The question is loaded for sure, and She-Ra thinks before speaking. "I am a protector of this world. I am striving to free Etheria from the evil forces of Hordak. Those people that were with me earlier, they are my friends; members of the Great Rebellion. You are very strong Huntara, you should join us. We could always use the extra help."

Thinking this over, Huntara soon shakes her head, "I wish you luck in your journey She-Ra. But I am here for Hordak. I will finish what I started, he will die at my hands." Huntara leans her head towards She-Ra, "Where I come from, this is a sign of respect and care. I am sorry for fighting you She-Ra. Please understand." Nodding and smiling, She-Ra hugs Huntara, "I do understand. And where I come from, this means a sign of friendship. If you change your mind..." Huntara breaks away, walking towards the Horde jet sled, "I won't She-Ra. I must destroy Hordak. Alone. It is just my way."

She-Ra understands. Huntara looks back at She-Ra, "He also has your Rebel friend. Peekablue." She-Ra nods, "Is she safe?" Huntara nods, "Somewhat. She is scared. But Hordak has plans for her, he is using her, and her powers. I would save her immediately if I were you." Huntara starts the sled and turns again, "She-Ra... this is more than just Hordak. There is an even bigger threat out there. You should be prepared. Having experienced a world crumble underneath the Horde already, I know what comes next. It hasn't even truly begun..." With that, Huntara zooms off. She-Ra watches Huntara fly off into the distance. "What does that mean?" She-Ra asks out loud.

Standing there on the grassy field, She-Ra looks up as Swiftwind descends, "Oh I knew you'd follow me here Swiftwind!" The unicorn nods, breathing hard. He communicates to She-Ra telepathically, explaining that they need to get back to the Rebels. She hops on and they fly off to the Crystal Falls. There is much that needs to be done. The time for resting is over...

Time passes by. The Horde members settle themselves into the Fright Zone and their regular duties. Leech's ego is bruised as he tells his friends what happened at the Crystal Falls. He is playing a game of cards with Mantenna, Grizzlor, and Modulok. They all have questions about who was there. Grizzlor groans, "Frosta was there? Oh, she is tough." Leech also discusses Netossa, "No, Frosta has nothing on this one Rebel. She threw a net on me!" Modulok lifts his head up, "A net? What did she look like?" Leech describes Netossa to Modulok, confused as to why the Horde member even cares. Modulok listens intently, he is sure Leech is describing the correct woman. Modulok slips his hand into the band of his metal loin garment. He produces a torn piece of shiny blue net with silver fibers woven in. He holds onto it tightly and grins to himself thinking of Netossa, you and I have unfinished business...

Peekablue sits in her cell, she closes her feathers. Having seen enough, she smiles. Her friends are going to rescue her. She will be free of this place soon. However, soon enough may be longer than she thought. Horde Troopers open her cell door and drag her out. Peekablue shakes, unsure what is happening next. They take her to Hordak's throne room. There is a strange contraption next to his throne. Hordak sits still, looking at Peekablue intently. He snorts, "Life is only what you make of it. And I want to make you an important part of my life. Your powers so far, have been annoying at best. However that changes now." He demands for the Troopers to put her into the contraption.

Tears stream down her face, they force her into a chair with these wire clips. Screaming in pain, the Horde Troopers slide her feathers out one by one. Hordak listens to Peekablue's pain, "My dear, this could have gone much easier, but you weren't giving me what I wanted. Now I am taking what I want." The wire clips hold each feather into place. Hordak presses a button that sends electric charges to each feather, sparking immense pain in Peekablue. However the sparks also trigger her powers. The magical eyes begin to blink erratically, producing images across the wall in front of her.

Hordak grins and holds onto a remote, "Thanks to Multi Bot, I have the perfect way to view what is going on around Etheria." Hordak can see a vision of townspeople running from an attack by Double Trouble. "Let's change the vision." He clicks a button, and a charge goes through Peekablue as a new scene appears from Peekablue's feathers. Hordak keeps clicking as a new sneak peek pops up. Peekablue is in pain, but she slowly becomes numb to it. Her eyes glaze over as she stares at the changing scenes before her. Hordak totally controls her. He won't stop until he finds what he is looking for...

Elsewhere in the Fright Zone, Catra is snooping through Shadow Weaver's books in Horror Hall. She is searching for something. Trying to be quiet, Catra eventually stumbles upon a book. "What is this?" Catra ponders and opens it up. It is the item she needs, a diary. She purrs, "Shadow Weaver kept a diary... How pathetic." Catra begins reading it over, searching for answers about her birth. There is a great deal of writing about a romance with Skeletor. Catra cringes at the love Shadow Weaver had for this person. She gets further along in the diary, but has to stop. There is buzzing alarms going off.

Catra slinks away rushing towards Hordak's throne room. Horde Troopers are being thrown about left and right. Rushing into the room, Catra spots Huntara. For some reason, Catra is glad to see her, surely this must mean that Huntara killed She-Ra. Catra is jealous that Huntara got to do the job, but in the end it doesn't truly matter. She-Ra is finally gone.

Huntara points a finger at Hordak, "I did not kill her. I came back to kill you!" Huntara screams, lunging towards Hordak. Catra shakes her head, realizing the many mistakes that Huntara is making. Hordak snorts, "Yes, please come closer Huntara." The warrior rushes, ready to drive her sabres into his chest, but suddenly she feels the ground open beneath her.

Opening a trap door under her, Hordak snorts in glee. Huntara screams as there is nothing for her to hold onto. She falls down the trap door, screaming with a trail of curses behind. Catra closes her eyes at what Huntara will soon be going through. The trap door closes and Hordak looks around him, "Such a shame. That warrior would have been a good addition to the Horde. Oh well, back to business as usual. Catra, tell the others that She-Ra still lives. More importantly, I've heard about what happened at the Crystal Falls. Next time, make sure the Horde isn't outnumbered. Don't disappoint me Catra." Hordak looks around at the damage and destruction by Huntara, "While you are at it, find someone to clean this mess up."

Nodding, Catra turns to leave. "Clean your own mess Hordak." Catra mutters and rushes off. If Huntara survives the fall from the trap door and the dungeon that follows, she will need help. Catra knows just where the Silaxian warrior will end up. Sneaking her way through the Fright Zone, Catra heads to the end of a dungeon. She simply waits for what happens next.

Up next!

It's back to the Fright Zone!


  1. Wow-I have to say for such a girl power show I was always mad at She-Ra for using the trapdoor gimmick so many times on Mantenna. I mean, he was male and a crazy monster guy so it felt antithetical to the theme of the show for a male character to take all the hard knocks. I mean, if your gonna have a show where the girls get to be the bad asses then they need to take the prat falls too-it's only fair, which is why I'm glad you are using the trapdoor on girls instead of guys. I know you don't use it as a joke, like it was used in the cartoon, but you use it as punishment for important members of the Horde,and the females really were some of the strongest hordse_"men"-that gets lost in certain fandom because everyone wants to own a monster figure, but the girls were really important, and often times more deserving of a tradooring than mantenna. Catra in particular being the captain should have got dumped at least ten more times than she got it in the original show.
    I like Bow and Sea Hawk hating each other-though I gotta say it seems like bow is being the bigger dick. All Hawk was trying to do was bond a bit over the fact that they are both hanging with drool-worthy women -a LOT of drool worthy women. That is just the natural male response to that sort of thing. Yes, we may seem like asses when we make flirty sexist comments towards ladies, but sometimes its all we can do because we are blinded by the hotness. If only all girls knew that in those situations they really have the upper hand and we are just grasping at straws...she-ra seems to get it, but then Adora doesn't seem to, even though they are the same woman. Maybe that transformation really does change who the person is beyond the physical look.
    Oh-and Miss M, I just got Wonder Woman 12! checkin' it out for the month. You know what else I found on the comic rack? Betty and Veronica has this "Betty the Vampire Slayer vs. Vampironica" Veronica is dressed like Vampirella ! so cute. You should check out the artwork!

    1. Well one thing I think some people (particularly people who don't like POP) tend to think that the female characters are all sweet and silly. And one thing I really want to do with this story is show that these women are not sitting around wanting to play dress up and brush each other's hair. Not that there is anything wrong with those things (I would hope they'd all brush their hair) but I want to show that they can get tough and gritty too. I mean they are fighting for their freedom from the Horde. This is not going to be easy.

      With Bow and Sea Hawk, I wanted that to be an interesting conversation. Bow has spent more time with females, so even though he may have the same desires as Hawk (as evidenced when Bow and Mermista kiss) he doesn't carry himself the same way. And I think they both feel threatened by each other for different ways. Bow doesn't have Hawk's swagger, but Hawk doesn't have the closeness with the female characters. Not that Hawk is wanting to be close so he can sleep with them all, it is more a front.

      Now the difference between Adora and She-Ra is that when Adora becomes She-Ra, there is all this confidence. As Adora, there are just too many burdens for her, like with her actions from the past or her stresses over finding her brother. Plus, Adora learns different things about people depending on when she is herself or when she transforms into She-Ra. For example, Sea Hawk is not going to try and kiss She-Ra. But he may just confide in her, which changes the dynamic for when She-Ra is Adora. I hope this makes sense. It's not that She-Ra doesn't have a care in the world, but it is more like a bigger dash of confidence and awareness.

      And I am totally going to check out that Betty and Veronica issue. That sounds like so much fun! I also need to catch up on Wonder Woman, I have really liked the issue I have read so far.

  2. I red the Betty and Veronica last night and it's insane! Something about a vampire clan cloning Riverdale citizens and the clones are vampires! So I guess Ronnie is not really a vamp.But she does look so adorable in that Vampirilla outfit! I know everyone is supposed to be either into Betty or Veronica, I like both. But I think Veronica gets the leg up on Betty because she is rich and bitchy and unattainable. Doesn't everyone want to attain the unattainable? (though, I suppose since they are both comic book characters they are both technically unattainable!) But I would want to thaw her icy heart. (maybe I should be into Frosta too now that I think of it!)
    So how different does She-ra look than Adora in your mythology?Is it a Clark Kent or a Hanna Montanna situation where it looks just like the counterpart?or is it that the two seem very different when you look at them?
    ans speaking of a Betty Veronica type question, in your mythology, do you think Catra and Adora are equal in their beauty? I always thought Catra was probably just as hot as
    adora but her jealousy made her weaker than her -and unable to realize how hot she is.

    1. Well the Betty and Veronica story sounds really cool. I will be at my comic store later this week and I will look for it. As for wanting either betty or Veronica, I feel like both of those characters can be found in some people. But since they are both comic characters they are technically unattainable. I feel like there are moments in my life where I have been a bit of Betty and sometimes a bit of Veronica. I dunno, I may be rambling too much.

      As for Adora and She-Ra, there are changes in the way she looks. As Adora her skin is fair and hair short. In my mind she is also average in body type. Like she has some meat on her bones. I do think of her as she looks for the most part in the cartoon. When she turns into She-Ra her body becomes more tone, her skin tone is more tan, the hair is longer. Her voice is more commanding. With the change in her body size with muscle and what not, that would also change her face structure. Nothing severe or anything, but just enough of s difference that no one would think they were the same. However some people may be catching on sooner than others.

      I also think of Adora and Catra as both being beautiful. Catra is not jealous of Adora's looks. Her jealousy stems from so many other factors, and what makes Catra so ugly is her personality. Or rather parts of her personality. She refuses to look at herself and what is stopping her from finding happiness. She is wanting to hate and blame other people for things. I mean that is part of it. Catra is a complicated character. I hope they all are, but especially her. And I don't think she realizes how beautiful she is, if only because she hasn't really been in a position to base things off of how she looks. It has been more about her actions and role in the Horde.