Friday, September 14, 2012

September 2012 Heroic Hottie!

A new Heroic Hottie is mere moments from being revealed, but let's do a recap. So far some major hunks have graced the online centerfold spread. We've seen some Marvel heroes. A ThunderCat. Even a blocky nerd, just to name a few. But among all those fantastic plastic pieces of man toy goodness, there has yet to be a shout out to the hottest and most powerful man in the universe. Diary was thrilled to sit down with He-Man to catch up a little, and to have him flex those muscles for some Heroic pics. The September 2012 Heroic Hottie is here: He-Man!

Diary: A little bird told us that 2012 marks the 30th Anniversary for Masters of the Universe. What has that been like?
He-Man: Oh did the Sorceress tell you? She always knows things. I can't believe I've been around for 30 years. I have been more than thrilled that I've made it this long.
Diary: Has anything changed?
He-Man: I feel like I've gotten taller. And my gun show is just pumped. Look at these arms, they don't look vintage.
Diary: What are your plans to really make this anniversary memorable?
He-Man: Well let's see... I helped rally the masses to make sure that Masters of the Universe Classics went through for 2013. We all have the power. I also had a really big party at Grayskull. It was out of control. Cringer was hanging from the rafters. Orko was passed out in a corner. It was awesome.
Diary: Sounds like it. Did any unwanted guests show up?

He-Man: Ya know, I invited Skeletor. Just to let bygones be bygones, but he kept wanting to snoop around Grayskull. So he was kicked out. Frosta also showed up, so I was constantly dodging her. Things got awkward to say the least.
Diary: Speaking of Frosta, there has been quite a lot of women that have fawned over you. Care to share any special thoughts about the women you have loved?
He-Man: (Getting sheepish) I... uh... well... the thing is... Being the most powerful man in the universe means that there will be times that love may bloom. There have been some amazing loves in my life. I have been dazed by the buzz from a honey of a guide. I've even gotten a little chill from a woman that may have warmed my heart behind the scenes. Of course, for me, I think my greatest love has always been Teela. She's put up with a lot of my crap, but I think she is one of the best things that has come out of Masters of the Universe throughout these 30 years.

Diary: Oh goodness that is so sweet. Teela is one lucky gal. But what of the other women you know. Has She-Ra been helping you celebrate? After all, she may have appeared in our consciousness a few years after you, but technically you are both the same age. Being twins and all.
He-Man: Well ever since I found out about my twin, I have made sure she has been in my life. I love my sister and she has been a part of the celebration for sure.
Diary: Some have said that there has been a great deal of attention focused on you. The numerous cartoon shows. All the various toy lines. Not too mention the comics and even a movie. (And a rumored new movie.) Where does She-Ra fit into all that? The last time the public really saw her in action was in the '80s.
He-Man: I know. It doesn't seem fair does it? We were actually talking about that the other day. She misses being in a show. Or a comic. Or even a movie. I personally feel that my sister would carry a movie rather well. She has such a wealth of amazing characters and friends to join her for a great movie, and adventure.
Diary: And yet all fans have are some new figures.
He-Man: I know. But, doesn't her latest version look great? I am so glad that there are people rooting for her.
Diary: Well, there are also people rooting for you too.

He-Man: Yes. I think there is something about our story that has never been able to go away. We have so many dedicated fans that this 30th anniversary means a great deal. There is certainly an energy about where the property will be going. I hope it continues for another 30 years and beyond.
Diary: Which will no doubt see you looking amazing while a broad like me will look positively ancient. So let's talk looks. What are your thoughts on being named the September Heroic Hottie?

He-Man: (Laughing) I'm not quite sure what to think. I'm a guy that runs around in a leather harness and loin cloth, so you think I'd have no problem being a Heroic Hottie. But I guess I am humbled. I really do feel honored to be mentioned on this site. Especially since I know you are a larger fan of my sister!

Diary: Well now wait a minute! As much as I am obsessed with your sister and her friends, if it wasn't for you I am not sure I would have been introduced to that wonderful world of POP.
He-Man: Well thank you. Doubly so for thinking of me for this feature.

Diary: No problem! So let's talk rumors. Can you share with me any details about a new MOTU movie?
He-Man: I wish I could, but I just have nothing to tell you. I haven't been approached with a script or anything yet. Though I'm sure the Sorceress knows a thing or two.
Diary: I'm sure she does. Is there anything else you would like to let the readers know?

He-Man: Just a big thank you for everyone who has supported and rallied for the all encompassing world of MOTU. This year has been fantastic, but I think everyone is going to love and enjoy the future of He-Man and She-Ra. I also thank you, Diary of a Dorkette, for letting your dorkette flag fly and celebrating all that is dorky.
Diary: Why thank you He-Man!
He-Man: No problem. By the power of Grayskull, this heroic hottie is off!

There you have it folks, the September Heroic Hottie! Enjoy the pictures of He-Man and be sure to keep it here! He-Man may be the hottie, but She-Ra is the driving force that keeps the story going. So be sure to come back tomorrow for She-Ra Saturday! An all new Adora's Search for Honor will be ready and it will be awesome! Keep it real dorky!


  1. Cringer should have been the heroic hottie, he has a soft gut that you can rub and he'll love you if you put food in his bowl!

    I liked the use of the words "gun show" I never heard it used like that--very funny!

    Pretty cool, it looks like Castle Grayskull needs some sticker replacement, however, the photos were really cool.

    What is the background from?

    1. Well there is still hope for Cringer to be a Heroic Hottie for sure. lol

      And for some reason I just couldn't help but use the word gun show in here.

      The Grayskull does need new stickers. I had to take the old ones off so I could clean the castle. I'm glad you think the photos were cool! I was trying to make it fun.

      There were two backgrounds. The one with Skeletor is the cardback from the MOTUC double pack with He-Man and Superman that was a TRU exclusive. The other background was from a vintage He-Man colorforms set. I was going to post this last week, but I wanted to wait until I had better items to have He-Man pose with.

  2. lol love how greyskull turned out plus the way he-men kept saying oh the sorceress must have told. not to mention the part where he pushes for a she -ra movie. and actuly loved the back ground around greyskull of skeletor

    1. Thank you Demoncat4! Well I will find a way to push a She-Ra movie in just about everything I do. It gets so bad, I know I must annoy my family friends, not to mention other folk on message boards and whatnot. I would completely flip for a She-Ra movie. And tha background with Skeletor was actually just the card from the MOTUC vs. DCUC line that was exclusive to Toysrus stores. I am always finding ways to take pictures with interesting backgrounds.

  3. Wow that was very nice! I really enjoy the part on the Grayskull party!
    Nice pictures my fav is the one with Cringer :)
    Great one Miss M! :)

    1. Thank you Nastyroker! I know, I liked the idea of a party at Grayskull and how skeletor would be invited, but totally party crahin. lol I don't have a Battle Cat so Cringer had to factor in somehow. Thansk for commenting and I hope you are well.