Sunday, October 20, 2013

It's a strange thing how the world can be. If there is ever anything I need to know I merely need to log on to Twitter or Facebook. It was Friday that I logged on to tweet about the Heroic Hottie when I saw a tweet from PixelDan that Lou Scheimer had passed away. I could only stare at my screen before replying with a tweet of my sadness.

For those who do not know, Lou Scheimer was one of the founders of Filmation Studios and essentially the face of Filmation. He was behind many wonderful live action and animated shows that most of us grew up on. He was of course attached to He-Man and She-Ra.

I want to share some reflections of this man. I never met him, our paths never crossed, but what he helped to share with this world forever changed me. Mattel may have created the She-Ra toy line, but it was Lou and Filmation that brought her to life. (Among other various characters.) There are of course many Filmation shows I enjoyed watching when I was younger, not to mention finding out about others as I got older, but She-Ra was the one that stuck with me and has always had a special place in my heart.

Growing up the only thing I really knew of Lou Scheimer was his name in that magical cursive signature across the television screen before the end of the She-Ra opening scene. I knew that his name was a stamp of approval, that what I was about to watch was going to be wonderful. It wasn't until I was older and I saw interviews or read articles about this wonderful man that I truly learned more about him.

He loved his work and the fans that continued to watch, never content to let go. There was such a fondness for what he had done with Filmation. He loved these characters and the people who all worked together to bring the work to television screens. I also loved hearing him talk about his family. There was so much love and care in his words. To watch all of this, to hear this man talk so joyfully about these topics along with a character that I still love so much, it was just magical. So upon hearing of his passing, I am sad. My heart goes out to his family, a family that continues to discuss and share in his legacy. With my sadness is also a sense of celebration. I want to celebrate and honor Lou Scheimer and his legacy. He leaves behind so much for all of us as well as future generations to enjoy. And enjoy we will. I hope you are all doing well. Take care everyone.


  1. Fantastic tribute, Miss M. I loathe to imagine how much emptier my childhood would have been without Lou Scheimer's many contributions.

  2. I need you to know that you were the person who told me about this. I was at a spoken word show of Henry Rollin's on the day Johnny Ramone died. I heard from Henry Rollins that Johnny Ramone died. It was special. It was perfect. Hearing about Lou from you, is perfect in the same way. It is perfectly appropriate.
    I posted about it on Facebook, I doubt that anyone on there will give a shit.But you do. I will carry his influence with me always. As I am sure you will.
    Thank you for this.

  3. This is sad news indeed. There is a Lou shaped hole in us all now.

  4. a real touching tribute to Lou for the legend and man left a legacy and a gift for all with his work.and the world now is real darker that Lou has sadly passed on.

  5. He will live on in our hearts! The man deserves his own holiday.