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Adora's Search for Honor Part 1: Chapter 20

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 1
Chapter 20

Previously: Frosta found herself homeless after a brutal battle at Castle Chill. Settling into life in the Whispering Woods has not been easy for the Empress. Perfuma found herself back at her home in the Whispering Woods after purging her body from the bloody brew shakes at the Crystal Castle. Sea Hawk and Netossa are new members of the Rebellion. Sea Hawk has also found himself in a bind, what with Hordak still pulling some strings and getting the pirate to do his bidding. Sea Hawk hates it, however he has no choice. Or does he? Prince Adam is a prisoner in the Fright Zone. Catra is a prisoner of her self. And Double Trouble recently became a prisoner after being caught as a double agent. Over on planet Eternia, Teela is on a search for her uncle Fisto, who may actually be her father...

Chapter 20

Inside Bright Moon, Frosta and Netossa sit at a large wooden table in the dining hall. Frosta is wearing a scarf around her neck and over her nose and mouth. Netossa is braiding some material together, carefully wrapping it around some bare wooden markers. The two have been silent working on honoring those who fell during the battle at Castle Chill.

Mermista eventually walks by, curious to see what they are up to, "Hello, what are you two doing?" Frosta mumbles under the scarf, "Finishing up some markers for meaningless graves." Netossa looks shocked, as Frosta continues, "Well come on darling, their bodies aren't even here. Such wonderful lives, utterly wasted." Sitting with the two women, Mermista looks at the work, "The lives aren't wasted. True, we weren't able to bury them in the Whispering Woods, but we will always hold on to the memories of the brave people who fought for your home."

Slamming a hand on the table, Frosta rolls her eyes, "I love you dearly Mermista, but what a crock. Chancellor Vivi had worked with my family for generations. He was an old man. Killed senselessly by the Horde. Netossa saw it all unfold. He never had a chance to fight." Frosta misses the man dearly, he was the closest person throughout her family's history.

Reaching out to touch Frosta's hand, Mermista slowly speaks, "I'm truly sorry Frosta. I know this has been difficult, and what you are doing is wonderful. Honoring Vivi and everyone else is perfect, regardless if their bodies are here or buried under snow. That was my point, I was not trying to minimize your grief." Withdrawing her hand, Frosta mumbles, "My grief is just fine, darling."

Seeking to change the mood, Netossa jumps in, "Everything is very nice here. I have slowly become acquainted with the layout." Nodding and smiling, Mermista adds, "There is a lot to see. The Whispering Woods are a sanctuary of sorts for all of Etheria. People are always arriving for a safe place. We try to build as many bungalows in the trees that we can since there has not been much room in the castle. Bright Moon can only hold so much. I hope you have been enjoying your room?"

Netossa nods quickly, "Oh it is beautiful. I am thankfull to have a spot in Castle Bright Moon. I have truly enjoyed being here thus far." Frosta makes a slight grunting sound, "It is alright." Mermista smiles, "Frosta, you have a gorgeous room here. And by the by, why are you wearing a scarf over part of your face?" With eyes wide, Netossa jumps in again, "Don't bring that up!"

Frosta groans, "I have yet to get used to the smell. I don't know if it is the trees or the air, I just know the Kingdom of Snows never stunk quite like this place." Stifling a smile, Mermista looks at Netossa, "I have yet to really pick up on any smells. But I know I am glad that you are here Frosta. You too, Netossa." The three women continue to make small talk.

After bonding some, Mermista feels comfortable to ask a question, "Netossa, if you don't mind my asking, where are you from orginally?" Frosta works on a wooden marker as Netossa shares more of her own story, "I come from Midlaria." Mermista and Frosta both look at each other blankly, they have never heard of Midlaria. Netossa notices and speaks further, "Midlaria is a rather small town. We aren't known for much, though my family lives there."

Frosta and Mermista nod, they both think about the other small towns throughout Etheria. Those that have been destroyed by the Horde and those that remain innocent and untouched. Mermista does not know much about Netossa, only that Netossa had been at Castle Chill and had a brief stint as a pirate on Sea Hawk's ship. "So how did you go from a small town to joining the ranks of Sea Hawk's crew while also meeting Frosta?" Frosta wonders this too. The icy Empress knows some things about Netossa's journey, though they never talk much about the details.

Netossa tells her story, "I grew up with a best friend. She was nicknamed Spinnerella. From a young age we both dreamed of leaving Midlaria to see all of Etheria. Nothing seemed more fun. Our parents were not thrilled about our plans, they did their best to forbid it. However after time went by, we found ourselves ready. We were going on holiday, to tour the world. Of course our tour took a brief respite in another small town that would be our home for a good while. We had such a great time, until the Horde arrived. It was pure madness..." Reliving the horrors of that night, Netossa shares her fears from the experience with her new friends.

Frosta is unable to work on the markers as Mermista and her both listen to Netossa's story, "Spinnerella and I were split apart. I tried to save her, to help. But all I could do was run. Like a coward." Netossa shudders at her actions and the massive beast that laid waste to the sea side village. Listening on in horror, Frosta says, "You did what you could. I am sure any of us would have done the same thing." Mermista adds, "After running, what did you do?"

Wiping her eyes free of tears, Netossa calmly states, "I found a way to survive. I went back, and there was nothing. I had hoped to see someone, anyone, but there was nothing. I do not know what became of Spinnerella." Mermista asks, "Do you think she went back to Midlaria?" Shaking her head, Netossa groans, "No. It would have been too long of a journey. And I refuse to go back home until I can at least have Spinnerella with me. If I walk back into my village and tell everyone that Spinnerella is gone... I just won't be able to do that. So that is my story. The wonderful town we stayed in was destroyed, Poft was no more. After that I had to survive, and one way of doing that was by being a stowaway on Sea Hawk's ship..."

Before Netossa can say anymore, Mermista interrupts her, "Wait, what was that Netossa?" Repeating what she said, Netossa speaks, "I became a stowaway on Sea Hawk's ship. I saw a chance to travel faster and I took it..." Shaking her head, Mermista persists, "No, you said something about Poft? Was that the name of the village you were at?" Netossa nods and explains that Spinnerella and her had been visiting the sea side village of Poft, before it was destroyed by the Horde. Curious about Mermista's response, Netossa inquires to know more.

Mermista looks on at Netossa, trying to figure things out, "I'm not sure, but I believe that some of the Poft survivors made it to the Whispering Woods awhile ago. I was away at the Crystal Falls at the time, but once I returned I do believe that there were some people fom Poft here."

Her heart is beating fast, Netossa whispers, "Was Spinnerella among them?" Frosta looks on at the two. Hanging her head low, Mermista says, "I'm not sure. I haven't really spoken to anyone from Poft." Unable to give up, Netossa stands up quickly, "Where would they be? Do you know if they are in a bungalow or the castle?" Sensing her urgency, Mermista quickly answers, "I am so sorry Netossa. I am not sure where the villagers from Poft are..." Frosta seems to recall something, "What about the healing bay?"

Mermista's eyes widen, "Oh that is right! There is someone from Poft in the healing bay. Minwu or Perfuma should be there, they have been looking after her regularly. The survivors from Poft said she liked to dance..." That is enough for Netossa. It's her, Spinnerella is alive, Netossa says to herself, quickly leaving her new friends for the healing bay.

Running through Bright Moon, Netossa passes people. Some stare while others try to move out of her way. The castle halls are awash in light. The sun shines brightly through the open windows. The rays reflect across the gleaming floors as Netossa's footsteps race across. Finally making it to the healing bay, Netossa nearly collides with Minwu. "Easy Netossa! Hold on, are you alright?" The healer does not know Netossa very well, so he is not sure what is going on.

Out of breath, Netossa explains, "I must see the woman from Poft. Which room is she in?" Minwu points down the hall, "Third door on the left." Before he can say anything else, Netossa races to the room. He goes after her, "Wait, Netossa, you need to understand..."

Netossa does not hear him. She runs into the room with tears streaming down her face. "Oh my, you are alive!" Netossa shouts with excitement as her eyes rest on Spinnerella. Propped up in a bed, Spinnerella has her eyes closed. Netossa stares at her friend, "Oh you are resting!" Netossa sits by the bed, not wanting to disturb her. I can't believe it, she is alive. She has been here this whole time, safe at Bright Moon, Netossa tells herself in relief.

Minwu walks into the room, "Netossa, there is something you need to know..." Netossa turns motioning for the healer to be quiet, "She is resting right now. I am so thrilled, this is my dear friend Spinnerella. I consider her my sister. You have no idea how happy I am." Netossa does not want to take her eyes off of her friend, though Netossa does not understand why Spinnerella has not woken up from all the noise.

Standing next to Netossa, Minwu apologizes, "There is something you need to know Netossa. Your friend has not woken up for some time now." Netossa does not understand. Doing his best, Minwu explains, "When she arrived, Spinnerella was unable to wake up. At first I feared she was dead, but her breathing and heart beat are faint. She is holding on. Unfortunately I have no idea how to wake her up."

Nothing makes sense for Netossa, "I don't understand. What can I do? How can she wake up?" Netossa looks at Spinnerella with a mixture of feelings washing over her. There is happiness along with utter sadness. After all this time, Netossa has been reunited with the closest person in her life. Only this important person is asleep for an indefinite amount of time. Looking around the room, Netossa notices all the flowers. She can feel the amount of love and care that has been brought into the space, "What is all this?" Minwu follows Netossa's gaze, "Perfuma has been watching over your friend. She brings fresh flowers every day. You actually just missed her. We have been taking care of Spinnerella to the best of our ability." Looking like a weight of sadness has crushed her shoulders, Netossa slumps, "I thank you so much. You have all been so wonderful. I'm just glad to know Spinnerella is here." Clasping her friend's hands, Netossa talks to Spinnerella, "I am here too, Spinnerella, and I won't be going anywhere."


In another part of Castle Bright Moon, Bow is awaiting a meeting with Perfuma in his room. Walking around, Bow thinks about what he will exactly be needing from his friend. Eventually Perfuma walks in full of smiles. Sitting in a chair by the window, Perfuma looks outside, "I love the smell of fresh air. The Crystal Castle was stunning, but there is nothing like being in your home."

Bow nods in agreement, "I take it everything is going well for you?" Continuing to stare outside, Perfuma says, "Yes, everything is fine." Aside from the nights where I dream in blood, Perfuma says, keeping that part to herself. Turning to look at Bow, Perfuma goes on, "I just left the sleeping beauty in the healing bay. I am so concerned she will never wake up. There is so much sadness around here Bow. When will it ever get better?"

Walking next to Perfuma, Bow touches her shoulder, "I am not sure. Just when the Rebellion makes strides against the Horde, we suffer some fall from grace. I hope though that we will see better days, which is why I will require your help." Tilting her head, Perfuma grins slightly, "Help with what?" Taking a breath, Bow continues, "Music. I need your music expertise. I am wanting to write a song for someone I care deeply about, and I am at a creative loss."

Jumping up with clapping hands, Perfuma grins, "Oh Bow! What joyous news! A love song, that is perfect! Divine even! I am happy to help with the creative process. It would mean the world to me. Oh Bow, I knew you two would develope something." Bow blushes slightly, "Well, I sure hope so." Sitting back down, Perfuma sighs, "So tell me, did you say something or did Glimmer? I kept telling Glimmer to just jump on in and say it..." Perfuma trails off as she catches the look on Bow's face. Something is wrong.

The blush beginning to fade from his cheeks, Bow scrunches his face, "Perfuma, what are you talking about?" It is Perfuma's turn to blush. Covering a hand over her mouth, Perfuma squeaks, "What just happened?" The realization of Perfuma's statement dawns on Bow, "I was referring to Adora. Why did you mention Glimmer?"

Closing her eyes shut while wishing for a do-over, Perfuma groans, "Oh I should have shut up. I shouldn't even be saying this right now. Glimmer has had feelings for you, I told her to say something awhile ago. I figured she would have by now..." Bow leans against the wall recalling the conversation he had with Glimmer the night of the celebration, "She was going to tell me... but I ended up telling her about my feelings for Adora. Oh I'm an idiot."

With eyes wide, Perfuma nods in agreement, "Yes. I would think so." Bow looks hurt, "Perfuma, how was I to know Glimmer cared for me?" Standing up, Perfuma crosses her arms, "But Bow, how could you not? I mean it may not have been completely blatant, but anyone with a set of eyes could see she likes you in some way special." Bow goes back to crossing the room back and forth, "Oh this is not good. I care about Glimmer, but not in that way. I love Adora, I always have." Perfuma smiles, "I know you have Bow."

Starting to panic slightly, Bow looks at his friend, "So what do I do now? Glimmer knows how I feel and is probably hurting. What do I do to make this better? Should I talk to Glimmer?" Perfuma pauses before answering, searching for something to say, "I think you are on your own with this one, Bow. I care about all parties involved, so I will be stepping away. Good luck!" Perfuma gives her friend a hug, before quickly exiting the room. She heads to the courtyard with her flowers, where it is safe and free of emotional dramas.


In far more scarier parts of Etheria, the prisoners of the Fright Zone begin to stir. Laying on the cold stone floor of a cell, Double Trouble rolls over. Slowly waking up, the rebel rubs her eyes feeling sand and dirt all over her. She realizes where she is at, and to her dismay her circumstances are no dream. She is awake in a living nightmare, "This is my life. I am a prisoner of the Horde." Unsure how many days she has been inside the cell, Double Trouble sits up. There are footsteps approaching.

Flames of light cast a dim glow across the long hallway of slave cells. Usually the prioners are left in complete darkness, unable to see anything. It must be time for a meal, Double Trouble says to herself, dreading the nasty remnants of scraps that the Horde passes off for food. Mantenna eventually makes it to her cell. The four legged insectoid Horde member tosses a tray of slop towards Double Trouble, "There you go. Enjoy." Mantenna starts to turn when Double Trouble jumps up, rattling the cell, "Mantenna, wait!"

Turning to look, Mantenna shrills, "What is it?" She has no other choice, so she begs, "Please let me out. Help me Mantenna." Walking closer to the cell, Mantenna chuckles, "Why would I help you, Spira?"

Her throat is painfully dry, but Double Trouble goes on, "Because, if you can free me we can leave this place together. We have worked together for a long time, have we not?" Mantenna nods, "Yes, you have always been very nice to me..." Double Trouble nods, smiling, "Yes. I think of you as a friend. I could take you with me, we could leave this place. You could join the Rebellion and be yourself. I know how Hordak strikes fear in you. I've seen it. He abuses you. All of us." Mantenna does not disagree with her. She speaks the truth, Hordak is a ruthless leader.

Feeling weak, Double Trouble still pleads, "Please Mantenna. Please. Hordak is going to kill me. Let's leave this place together. You could start over in a new place, it would be safe. You would have a better life..." Mantenna thinks about this, and then he remembers something, "Do you take me for a fool?" Double Trouble stares back, stammering, "No. No, of course not. Mantenna you are an amazing person." Mantenna's large bug eyes start to glow, "But I'm not a person, now am I? I'm a monster. At least that is what all your rebel friends will say. I don't look like you nor do I look like all of your pretty friends, frolicking in the woods. I am terrifying. Something to be abhorred. They would never embrace me as one of them..."

Double Trouble panics, "But that is not true Mantenna! There is plenty of room for everyone, regardless of how they look." Mantenna let's out a loud piercing cry as he bangs his hands against the cell, "Lies! I know what your kind is like. I grew up in a place where I was persecuted for looking unsual. I know the fear that people have in their hearts. I would never be embraced by the Great Rebellion." His hands are wrapped around the cell as Double Trouble reaches out, wrapping her hands around his, "That is not true. I am sure of it. Mantenna, you are blinded by your past. A life with us would be far better than the life you think is great here, with the Horde." For a moment, just a brief moment, Mantenna believes her. A lifetime of being surrounded by loving and caring people flashes before his eyes as he settles back into the present moment. He is a member of the Horde, that is the only life he knows. Quickly removing his hands, Mantenna spits out, "You are a traitor to the Horde. As such, you deserve whatever Hordak has planned for you. Good bye Spira." Mantenna walks off, though he leaves the lights on.

Sliding to the ground, Double Trouble begins to cry. What am I going to do, she asks herself. Across her cell, a voice calls out, "I thought he was my friend once too." Double Trouble looks out of her cell to the voice across and sees a familiar yet foreign face: the muscular man with blonde hair that came from no where, Double Trouble remembers him. She whispers, "I've seen you. You were at Catra's ceremony."

The man nods, "Yes, my name is Adam." Double Trouble nods, "My name is Spira, but they also call me Double Trouble. What are you doing here?" Adam looks at his new cellmate, "I came from another planet, searching for my sister. Landing here, I was tampered with, led to believe that this was my home and that people like Mantenna and the others were my friends. Luckily I recalled my past and who I am, only to find out that what I came here for is already gone."

Double Trouble looks sad, "I am sorry your arrival was met with such torment. I wish I had known what you were here for, I would have helped." Adam nods, "Yeah, well I have found out that my sister was murdered by a mad woman. Catra. I know that you know her." Double Trouble nods as many things become apparent to her. She is looking at Adora's brother. Adora's brother is on Etheria, looking for her! How is that possible! Double Trouble exclaims to herself. Nearly ready to let Adam know that his sister is very much alive, Double Trouble refrains. The walls in the Fright Zone have ears, and Double Trouble is not sure if she wants to announce that in their current predicament.

Instead Double Trouble shares about her own life and how she ended up in the cell across from Adam. The prince looks at his new friend and asks, "Did you know my sister?" The question is painful for the glamorous double agent, "Yes I did. We were friends. Very good friends. She was a brave woman. You would have been proud." Adam nods as tears fill his eyes, I will never get to meet her... Double Trouble hates herself even more. Lies have become an artform for her since she has become a master in her field of spying. This lie, though incredibly painful, is only meant to protect Adora, Double Trouble tells herself.

"Everything will be ok, Adam." Double Trouble says. The prince nods, "I don't see how, but it is nice to hear." Double Trouble agrees, "I understand. I don't know how we will get out of this place either." She finally understands that her life might go on in this cell until the very end. As if reading her thoughts, another voice calls out. This time, the voice is in a cell next to Double Trouble's. "You will both be fine, I know this." Doing her best to look out of her cell, Double Trouble mumbles, "I know you. Your voice, it sounds so familiar..." Before she can say anything else, the flames go out. They are all in darkness again. This time though, the darkness is not as scary...


In another part of the universe, far away from Etheria, another planet slowly turns. This world is closely tied to Etheria in many ways. A young warrior goddess is on her own journey, traveling to parts unkown. Teela slowly makes her way to her uncle's little shack in the mountains. Her travels have led her through the Evergreen Forest where she met many beautiful creatures. After that she fought for her life in the Vine Jungle. After facing an injury, Teela found herself on an odd trip back into time, learning more about Eternia's history. After returning to the present, Teela realized she had been hallucinating due to her injuries. After healing just enough, Teela kept moving until finding herself deep into the Mystic Mountains. Fully healed, the warrior goddess now currently stands in front of a door. Behind this door will be yet another journey. I hope I am prepared for this, Teela tells herself.

Knocking loudly, Teela patiently waits for her uncle to answer. She wonders what he will look like, I have not seen him in so long... Eventually the door opens and a tall man appears. The stench of alcohol on his breath is introduced to Teela first. She looks at a very ragged man, this is my uncle? Underneath an unkempt beard, a part opens exposing a mouth full of gray teeth, "Go away. Now." Fisto is about to close the door, before Teela interrupts, "Fisto? You are my uncle." Gruffing loudly, Fisto bellows, "I'm nobody's uncle. I don't care who you are, get out of my door frame and leave."

"I will not leave! My name is Teela. I am a member of the Royal Gaurd from the palace of Eternos. You are my uncle, your brother is Duncan, the current Man-At-Arms. Now please let me in, I have come a long way." Teela says all of this, quickly wondering if she even wants to walk into Fisto's shanty home. Fisto looks her up and down before spitting on his own floor, "I still don't care. But if you can go get me some dinner, I will entertain a conversation with you." He quickly slams the door in her face. Startling her backwards, Teela looks around the outside of the tiny place. Shaking her head, Teela turns walking off.

Behind a dirty window pane, Fisto watches her leave. Turning around, the tall man stumbles to a battered chair. Plopping down as dust flies everywhere, Fisto reaches for a large bottle. He chugs it, feeling the burning liquid warm his throat and gut. Time passes as he starts on a second large bottle. Eventually he hears footsteps at his door again.

Before he can get up to scare the visitor away, Teela kicks the door open. "What is this?" Fisto asks stumbling up, deeply annoyed that she came back. Charging into the small place, Teela drops a large dead animal on the floor, "I got you some dinner. I hope you know how to prepare it." Teela brushes past the drunken Fisto, pausing to look around the bare makeshift home. She turns to look at her uncle, "Oh, and I'm not going anywhere." Well I'll be damned, Fisto says to himself.


Between the worlds and in the darkness of space, a small ship is flying peacefully among the stars. Inside three crew members are wrapping up their own journey. At the pilot seat is Sweet Bee. Her co-pilots are Stingor and Honey Comb. They are members of the Hive, a floating celestial colony of human/bee hybrids. Their Hive was connected to five other Hives that were separated during a powerful solar storm. The crew has been scouting parts of the universe looking for the other Hives. Running low on fuel, they are looking to regroup at their Hive before searching out again.

"Drone 7, come in Drone 7. This is Sweet Bee. We are a few days away from the Hive. We were unable to find the other Hives, but we have been mapping out a course for next journey." Sweet Bee awaits the return of Drone 7 on her control board. A fuzzy crackly image appears of Drone 7 from the Hive, he smiles, "Glad to know you are all well Sweet Bee. The Hive looks forward to your return. See you soon." The screen closes as Sweet Bee sits back in her chair. She is the Hive's best pilot. After working hard for that distinction, Sweet Bee knows she does not have that many more missions left. Once someone makes it to the top, there is only one place left to go.

Behind her Stingor buzzes, "What are your plans once we return to the Hive?" Stingor awaits an answer as Sweet Bee thinks of a good one. She knows what will inevitably follow her response. Stingor has been wanting to take Sweet Bee on a date for a long while now, and Sweet Bee always pleasently declines his offer. Honey Comb joins in the conversation, "Just say yes Sweet Bee. End this madness, I beg of you." Honey Comb is a close friend of Sweet Bee. Together the three crew members of the Hive have been on many adventures together. They were trained in the same program and know each other all very well. Honey Comb has also grown tired of Stingor's attempts at a date with Sweet Bee.

Finally Sweet Bee is ready for her answer, "Ok. I will go on a date with you Stingor." A loud cheer rings out in the cabin as Stingor claps his hands. Honey Comb jokes, "Finally! We can now get back to work." Sweet Bee smiles. She isn't sure why she has taken this long to say yes to Stingor. The very happy Stingor grins, "This is the greatest cycle of my life." Sweet Bee shakes her head, "It is just a date." Honey Comb notices something on her screen. Stingor continues, "It is more than a date Sweet Bee. It will be a moment I have waited for my whole life." Stingor has never been able to shake off his feelings for Sweet Bee.

Honey Comb has to change the subject though, "As nice as it is to watch Stingor's love unfold, I need you both to look at the screen. We are approaching something." Sweet Bee breaks away from her thoughts and follows Honey Comb's announcement. They are approaching something. "What is it?" Stingor asks. They have no idea. Soon the item on their radar becomes visible through their window in the distance. "It is a large ship." Sweet Bee says. They have never come across something quite like this. The Hive's ship looks microscopic in comparison to the monstrosity that soon begins to move above them. "Honey Comb, put on our invisi-shield. We don't want any problems." Sweet Bee says. Looking further at the large ship, she notices a large red bat emblem on the bottom, "I wonder who they are..."

Before anyone can say another word, their screens light up, "Oh no! They're firing at us!" Honey Comb shouts. "Barriers up, Stingor turn on the thrusters, we need to get away from this thing!" Sweet Bee shouts as the back of their ship is struck my a blast. "Sweet Bee! We've been hit!" Honey Comb shrieks. Stingor has the thrusters ready, "Can we divert to another path Sweet Bee? We don't want this thing following us to the Hive." Sweet Bee nods, "Yes, let me see if there is another place we can land." A mini explosion rattles the ship, "We don't have much time! Honey Comb, get the barriers up now! Turn engine 2 off. We may have to float." Sweet Bee says as she scans their mapping system.

"Ok, there seems to be a planet about a couple days away. We should be able to get their with out wasting all of our fuel. We'll head there and let the Hive know what has happened." Sweet Bee says as the three crew members go about trying to salvage their ship. Hopefully they would make it to this new planet safely...


A few days have passed on Etheria. Adora is spending some time with Glimmer. They are both concerned about Double Trouble, "I thought she would have returned by now. She was going to let us know about this Doom Dispenser the Horde was building." Glimmer nods, "I know. This isn't like her to be gone. Usually she makes a brief visit to see how things are." The two women walk into Angella's throne room. Bow is already there helping Angella with some boxes. Adora senses a change with Glimmer as they all say hello. Something slowly begins to dawn on Adora as she notices the exhange between both Bow and Glimmer.

Looking at all the boxes, Adora asks, "What is this for?" Angella smiles, "We have some resources courtesy of Sea Hawk." Bow opens up another box, "The pirate came through, though there is another pick up that needs to be made." Angella explains that Sea Hawk could not get everything delivered at once. Listening, Adora decides to help, "I can go and retrieve the other boxes." Angella is thankful. Bow quickly agrees to help Adora. Glimmer looks as if she is going to be sick once she hears Bow. Everything makes perfect sense to Adora in that moment, Glimmer cares for Bow, but he cares for me instead. Oh dear. Rubbing her head in frustration, Adora gets a helpful diversion by way of Sea Hawk. The pirate enters into the throne room making sure everything is alright with the delivery. "Yes, thank you for helping us Sea Hawk." Angella nods. Glimmer nods too, but looks off in the distance.

Adora speaks up, "Care to join Bow and me to gather the rest of the shipment?" Bow covers his disappointment. He had hoped to go alone with Adora, to at least share with her his current concerns about Glimmer. Sea Hawk is more than happy to help, "Sure. We'll take my ship. That works out just fine since I can get the guy to load the boxes up faster." Bow mumbles to himself, "Sounds perfect."

Flying high in the sky, Sea Hawk's ship heads towards a small village near the Fright Zone. "I have a buddy that owns a bar in this town we are going to. Great place to get a drink, and even better spot to gather extra food and whatever supplies one might need. He always helps me. Doesn't believe in drinking the water, just the whiskey. Says it keeps him sane." Sea Hawk calls out to Adora. Looking out at the sky, Adora nods, "Sounds wonderful. I thank you for helping the Rebellion. Any extra supplies we can get really helps. I think I misjudged you Sea Hawk. I'm surprised at how generous you are." The pirate nods trying not to show any signs of his deceit and reassures aloud, I may be under Hordak's thumb, but I won't allow him to hurt the Rebellion. I promise.

Adora notices Bow off to the side, looking down below. She walks over to him, "Are you alright Bow?" The archer shrugs, "I guess. just a lot on my mind." Adora nods. Bow looks over at Adora, studying her face. I love her so much and too much time has gone by, Bow says silently. He looks at her, "Adora, we need to talk..." Catching her breath, Adora is not sure what to expect. She does care for Bow, there is no denying that. However time always seems to be in the wrong spot when this sort of conversation is about to take place. Suddenly Sea Hawk interrupts them, "Better hold on to something. We will land soon." Adora grabs hold of Bow's hand, "Later?" Giving out a half smile, Bow nods, "Yeah, later."


Back inside Castle Bright Moon, Angella is marveling at all the supplies they have. She is thankful for Sea Hawk. She is also concerned about her daughter. Getting ready to search for Glimmer, Angella is about to leave when a surprise visitor comes racing into the throne room. "Castaspella? What are you doing here?" Angella asks. With a look of terror on her face, Castaspella goes on, "Oh Angella, I hope I am not too late. We are in trouble."


Adora, Bow, and Sea Hawk all walk into the bar. After landing the ship a safe distance away, the rebels also put on some cloaks to conceal their identities. The bar is a seedy place full of all kinds of people. Ever since the underwater Horde facility was destroyed, many townspeople were regaining their wits. Many people were angry and wanting to fight the Horde while other people were miserable and ready to drown their sorrows for the world the lived in was awful. Some people thought it was better when they were being poisoned from the slime in the water. Apathy no longer existed, everyone was feeling the Horde's oppression.

Sliding up to the bar, Sea Hawk orders a drink for Adora, "Trust me, you will like this." Bow does his best not to be annoyed at Sea Hawk and sarcastically says, "Do I get one too?" Sea Hawk chuckles, "No my friend, this drink is only for someone special." Bow rolls his eyes. Adora looks down smiling to herself, and trying not to laugh. Sea Hawk knows how to lay it on a bit thick, she thinks. Looking at Bow and Adora, Sea Hawk motions behind the bar, "Ok, you two stay here and look out. I'm going to talk to the owner about the other boxes we need. We'll get everything loaded up and be gone in no time. Enjoy your drink Adora." Sea Hawk flashes a smile before heading off.

Once the drink arrives, Adora looks at it. "You aren't going to drink it are you?" Bow asks. Adora grins, "Maybe just a taste." The liquid is sweet and warms her throat as it travels. There is just a hint of alcohol. "Well?" Bow asks. "It is alright." Adora says placing the glass back down. The two friends sit at the bar, looking around at everyone. Bow tries to focus on the task at hand, though he can't help but think about Adora. Adora has many thoughts racing in her mind. The thoughts come to a halt though once something catches Adora's eye. A piece of paper is tacked to the far wall, "Bow, I'll be right back. I need to look at something."

Making her way through the crowd, Adora fills with dread as she gets closer to the tacked piece of paper. It is a flyer from the Horde. Adora quickly grabs the flyer and prepares to head back to Bow, when Horde Troopers suddenly swarm the bar. Bow looks across the place and his eyes meet Adora's. One last Horde member walks in: Catra. "No one is leaving this place! Everyone stay where they are," Catra purrs.

Adora retreats to the corners. She is not ready for Catra to know about her being very much alive. Bow keeps his eyes on Adora. She motions to him that she'll be alright. After all this time they still know how to communicate silently. They'll meet up out front and head to the ship.

Catra is stalking through the bar, "As Horde Force Captain, it is my duty to make sure that every business upholds the practices set forth by the Horde. I've been told that there have been some shady dealings in this bar with pirates. If anyone has any information, please step forward now." Bow tries to look down as Catra slowly approaches his vicinity.

Adora is very close to sneaking out of the bar, I have to turn into She-Ra. Bow is at the bar, still looking down. Catra approaches, "Well, what do we have here? A rebel." Bow looks up and stares right at Catra. Smirking ever so slightly, Catra motions to the Horde Troopers, "Kill everyone in here." Bow swoops out from under his cloak and aims an arrow right at Catra. She purrs, "Do it. Please Bow, do your best." Catra flips in the air missing Bow's shot. Chaos soon erupts in the bar as the patrons start to fight against the Horde Troopers. Before they would have calmly been slaughtered. With no more mind control, the townspeople are not going to die easily. Catra screams as she goes after Bow.

Outside, Adora races to a safe place in the back where no one can see her. "For the honor of Grayskull, I am... She-Ra!!!" Transforming into the princess of power, She-Ra races to the front of the bar. Horde Troopers are killng people at every turn. People are being thrown through windows. She-Ra tosses two Horde Troopers to the side. A third tries to fight her, but she drives her sword through his chest.

Bow is trying to escape Catra. Taking aim, Bow fires a few shock arrows at some Horde Troopers in his way. He trips up as Catra pounces. They both fall to the ground in front of the bar. Bow rolls over with Catra on top of him, "You can't escape me forever Bow. What do you say, join me. I will make it all the more worth it. I've learned a few things since our last encounter." Catra purrs as her hands travel down his chest towards his crotch. Bow spits out, "When will you ever learn Catra? I want nothing from you." Catra screams as Bow struggles to get her off of him. Slashing out, Catra cuts across his chestplate with her claws.

She-Ra jumps in planting a kick in Catra's chest. Falling backwards, Catra scurries up, "Oh. You." She-Ra glares at Catra, "We should stop running into each other." Catra screams again lunging for She-Ra. Dodging the attack, She-Ra plants another kick, this time to Catra's backside. The Force Captain lurches forward falling to the ground. "Hurry Bow, get to the ship." Bow looks around, "What about Adora?"

"I saw her already heading over there." She-Ra says as Bow bolts off. She-Ra races back through the bar trying to take care of as many Horde Troopers as possible. Catra dusts herself off and hurries after She-Ra, only she is gone. Catra curses out loud.

At the ships' location, Bow notices that Sea Hawk is near finished loading the boxes up. "We need to hurry." Bow shouts. Sea Hawk looks off in the direction of all the madness, "I figured something would happen. Where's Adora?" Getting on the ship, Bow looks around, "She-Ra arrived to help and told me that Adora was already heading here." Shrugging, Sea Hawk says, "I haven't seen her."

To the side, Adora approaches the two men, "I'm right here. We should probably go." Bow is relieved. Sea Hawk has everything ready to go and prepares the ship to depart, "Should we wait for She-Ra too?" Adora shakes her head, "She-Ra can take care of herself. I think most of the Horde Troopers were taken care of." The pirate nods and gets the ship up in the air.

As they quickly travel back to the Whispering Woods, Adora walks over to Bow, "I need you to see this Bow. It was tacked to a wall in the bar." Bow reads over the flyer, his face growing pale, "Is this real?" Adora nods, "I'm afraid so. Our friend is in trouble."

Inside Angella's throne room, Castaspella is nearing the end of her story, "After my mages told me what they saw in town, I rushed to Peekablue to make sure it was true. Angella, it is true. The Horde knows that Double Trouble is a spy. They have her prisoner and they are planning on executing her. They've invited the neighboring towns of the Fright Zone. Now that the Horde can no longer poison the people of Etheria, they are going to perform an execution on a member of the Great Rebellion. With the world watching, the Horde will instill that fear again and we will lose our friend."

Shaking her head and full of resolve, Angella says, "Call everyone together. We will rescue Double Trouble." Castaspella nods, "Yes, I think we have to. But there is one more thing Angella, it is about another prisoner in the Fright Zone. Peekablue saw him with her own eyes... it's Kowl. He has been down in the slave cells this whole time." Bracing herself against her throne, Angella shakes, "We've found him? Oh thankful news. We now know where he is. We'll make plans accordingly. We'll save Double Trouble and Kowl. The Horde will not win this time." Castaspella and Angella both rush off to gather their frineds.

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