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Adora's Search for Honor Part 1: Chapter 21

Alright She-Ra fans, the time has finally come. Part 1 comes to an end. I have been posting these chapters for some time and now everything is ready to be wrapped up! I thank everyone who has read and enjoyed my She-Ra fanfiction. This final chapter will hopefully leave you all wanting more. So let's begin!

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 1
Chapter 21

Previously: The evil Horde has been occupying the world of Etheria for a rather long time. Led by Hordak, the Horde has been hard at work trying to take over the remaining free kingdoms on Etheria. Castle Chill in the Kingdom of Snows most recently fell to the Horde. A hard battle was fought and now the Empress of Chill, Frosta, is living in the Whispering Woods, home to Castle Bright Moon and the Great Rebellion. The Great Rebellion consists of a group of heroes striving for freedom from the tyranny of the Horde. Some of these rebels were once involved in the Horde Academy, an training program that brainwashed the children of Etheria into becoming fighting soldiers for the Horde. One such member was Adora, a young woman with a rather interesting past. After being "murdered" by arch enemy Catra, Adora was told fabulous secrets that would help her become She-Ra, the most powerful woman in the universe. Now Adora is reunited with her friends and, with the use of She-Ra, is going to help free Etheria from the evil forces of Hordak. As the saying goes, only a few people know her secret... Now the rebels have a new problem to contend with, one of their own is about to be executed. Spira a.k.a. Double Trouble has been a glamorous double agent spying on the Horde for the Great Rebellion. Hordak knows this and is planning a huge execution to help remind the people of Etheria that the Horde is not to be messed with... In other news, on Eternia, Teela was trying to have some sort of conversation with her uncle Fisto, and in space a group of explorers from the Hive are trying to safely land on a planet after their tiny ship was shot down by a large ship bearing the symbol of the Horde... Oh yes, before I forget, Adora's brother Adam has traveled from Eternia to save her. Only it would seem that he needs to be saved since he is actually a prisoner of the Horde. Now we can begin!

Chapter 21

Off to the side of Castle Bright Moon is a small pond. The water is lush and dazzles as a few rays of sunlight trickle across the surface. Standing before this scene of beauty in nature is Frosta. Still getting used to her new environment, Frosta prepares to say goodbye to some of her people. "I know I should have been stronger. I let you all down and for payment you gave up your lives." Frosta kneels to the ground and looks over the wooden markers she made with Netossa. They had made these wooden markers to honor the soldiers and chancellor who fell during the battle at Castle Chill. "I wanted to give you all proper burials, but this is all I can do for now. You all served your kingdom well, and I will never forget what was sacrificed." Frosta begins sending the decorated wooden markers into the pond. They float peacefully in the water.

Holding onto one last marker, Frosta wipes tears from her eyes. "Goodbye Chancellor Vivi. I can only hope you are with my parents and that you are all looking down at me. Please forgive me." Frosta sheds a tear that begins to freeze as her body temperature drops. With powers over ice, Frosta is used to a colder temperature rather than the warmer climate in the Whispering Woods. Her thoughts drift to the night the Horde ambushed Chill. She cannot fathom what Vivi must have been going through as his throat was slit.

Frosta is brought back to reality upon hearing her name. "Frosta! Frosta! Hurry!" Turning to look, Frosta notices Glimmer running towards her. Out of breath Glimmer chokes out, "Hurry. We need you in the throne room. It is urgent." Glimmer races back into the castle. Frosta quickly follows.

Everyone is standing in Queen Angella's throne room. Angella is sitting on her throne with her angelic wings folded downward. Mermista, Perfuma, and Madame Razz stand to the side, their complexions pale. Adora, Bow, and Sea Hawk have their heads hung low while Netossa and the healer Minwu are sitting on a bench. Standing next to Angella is their friend Castaspella from Mystacor, another free kingdom on Etheria. Glimmer rushes into the room with Frosta close behind.

"What is going on? Why is Castaspella here?" Frosta asks noticing everyone's somber mood. "It is nice to see you Frosta, though I wish I was here on more celebratory concerns." Castaspella gives Frosta a hug. Pulling away Frosta looks around, "Darling there is hardly anything to really celebrate about these days. Could someone please tell me what is going on?"

"I had sent some of my mages out on a run for specific ingredients for a spell. They returned with rather awful news. Double Trouble has been 'had' by the Horde. They know she is a spy. They have plans to kill her." Castaspella says this with ease, though it pains her deeply. Everyone is still shocked. Frosta shakes her head, "Impossible. This is a ruse by Hordak." Glimmer is the first to speak up, "It is true. Casta even went to the Sun Tower. Peekablue confirmed it with her vision." That statement is enough to annoy Frosta greatly, "Oh that crackpot? Honestly, I don't even know why we are friends with her."

"It is true though Frosta. Peekablue saw Double Trouble in a cell. She even saw Kowl too. This is very real." Castaspella says, wishing that Frosta would lighten up her attitude towards Peekablue. This bit of information worries Frosta.

Further confirmation is handed out by Adora, "I saw this flyer when we were getting the supplies earlier. It was hanging on a wall inside a bar. It is issued by the Horde and clearly the message is very clear: they are going to execute Double Trouble." Looking over the flyer, Frosta feels her heart grow heavy, "Spira may have annoyed me, but I would never wish this on her. What are we going to do?" Frosta looks over at Angella. Sitting up straight in her throne, Angella whispers, "We are going to save her. She has long risked her life for the Rebellion. We cannot let her down now." Looking over at Adora, Angella asks, "Do you think She-Ra could help?"

"Yes, I am sure she can. Madame Razz and I will find a way to contact her." Motioning towards Madame Razz, Adora tilts her head in some form of knowing communication. They quickly leave the throne room.

Crossing her arms, Frosta asks, "What do the rest of us do? I don't really have a line to powerful women who fly around on unicorns, but I do intend to fight with all I've got." The remaining rebels in the room all nod. Standing up from her throne, Angella looks at the people before her, "We will gather what we need. This execution is going to be open to the public. Knowing Hordak it is meant for fear to be driven home into the hearts of the Etherians that will be there, but I am sure he is expecting a fight. He knows the Great Rebellion will show. We must make sure our numbers are great to put up a decent fight."

Plans are made. Mermista leaves to talk to other members of the rebellion who may be strong enough to fight. Sea Hawk knows his crew of pirates will be ready and able. Perfuma hurries to her courtyard for some flowers. Castaspella talks to Netossa, they are both willing to do whatever it takes to save Double Trouble. Frosta joins as well, full of great determination to make up for the lives that have already been lost. Minwu actually plans on joining as well and leaves to find someone that can look over those who are in the healing rooms.

Bow is ready to fight too. Before Glimmer rushes off for preparations, he tries to catch up to her, "Glimmer, wait. I need to talk to you." Turning to look at Bow, Glimmer puts up a strong front, "About what Bow?" Knowing he has been oblivious to her feelings, Bow wants to begin the process of making it right, "I know we are about to face great challenges, I just wanted to talk about what an idiot I have been. I am so sorry, I had no idea..." Trying to hide her embarassment, Glimmer throws a hand up to stop him, "Don't. Please do not say another word."

Unsure how to handle this current situation, Bow soldiers on, "Glimmer, please. I need to explain, I never meant to hurt your feelings. I had no idea..." Shaking her head vehemently, Glimmer moans, "Stop saying that! I don't care that you had no idea. I don't wish to talk about this. My cousin is a prisoner of the Horde. Right now I do not care about my heart. I do not care about whatever answer you have to give. I just want my cousin home and safe." Glimmer turns to run far away from him. Tears are in her eyes. I am not used to this, I just want a normal life, Glimmer cries to herself.  Staring off into the distance, watching Glimmer turn the corner, Bow mumbles to himself, "Way to go Bow."


Alone in her room with Madame Razz, Adora shares her private fears, "Is this really happening? Can it be true that Spira is a prisoner of the Horde? I never should have left her alone. I should have joined her back to the Fright Zone." Madame Razz feels for Adora, "Dearie, none of us knew this was going to happen. Spira has been risking her life as a double agent for a long time. That has been a risk from the beginning. She has us though, and you have She-Ra. We will save her." Adora nods, wanting to believe the words that Madame Razz speaks. We were so close, she helped me to see the Horde's true colors. She has been my friend and I will save her. We've been through too much to give up now, Adora thinks to herself.

Adora looks at Madame Razz, "I will make sure She-Ra shows up. First things first though, we will have to sneak in undetected." Madame Razz nods, they all have a fight before them...


Among the dark twisted halls inside the Fright Zone, loud screams can be heard emanating from Catra's room. Earlier in the night, Catra and a group of Horde Troopers had gotten word that a bar owner was handing over supplies and resources to a pirate and potential members of the rebellion. The tip had been true and Catra had fought against Bow and She-Ra. Cursing out loud, Catra is still bitter that the rebels had gotten away.

"Did you actually expect to win Catra?" The hairs on her neck stand on end as Catra turns to see her familiar visitor, Adora. "Not you again. Get out of my head." The image of Adora glides across the room, "It is not that easy Catra. You can't let go of me, now can you?" Catra glares and spits out, "I killed you. If that is not letting go, I do not know what is..." Adora smiles walking closer towards the Horde villainess, "Death is but a new state of being. I'm still here because you want me to be here. You feel guilty. Were there not other plans you would have rather had for me?"

Looking on aghast, Catra growls, "What sort of plans? The kind that are filled with sentiment? I don't want you." Whispering in Catra's ear, Adora grins, "You seemed to want me earlier, when I was on top of you. Remember? Your breathing was hard, your pulse electrified at the prospect of what could happen."

"Disgusting. I would never seek that sort of connection with anyone. That experience is for lesser fools." Catra is angry, she can feel her heart beating faster. Adora continues to whisper, "That is the problem Catra. You hate the very thing that you secretly want." Shaking her head, Catra lashes out at the image of Adora, "I hate you! I have always hated you."

Laughing while missing the swings, Adora grins, "No. I think that hatred is misdirected, don't you? I think the person you really hate is yourself. You refuse to give in and enjoy something that you have felt for a long time. It kills you to want some connection. Any sort of connection." Beginning to shake with anger, Catra spits out, "Get out of my head! Be gone!"

Adora slides right next to Catra, "You should explore more Catra. We are all alien territory. See what is just out there on the horizon..." Catra closes her eyes, the bubbling feeling of magic courses through her body. Releasing a large wave of magic that ripples across the room, Catra screams, "GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" Opening her eyes, Catra looks around her room. Everything is a mess. Items are tossed every which way. There is no sign of Adora.

Catra breathes a sigh of relief, until she feels something on her back. Quickly turning, the Horde member is caught off gaurd. Adora is standing before her, just like before. Adora whispers, "I am not in your head Catra. I'm right in here..." Adora traces a finger over Catra's heart. The mere act creates a wave of revulsion over Catra. I don't want you there, Catra whispers to herself. She begins to claw and scratch at her chest, hoping to reach her heart.

"Catra? Catra?" A voice calls out in the distance. Catra is in a daze until she feels hands start to shake her. "What are you doing to yourself. Catra!" Suddenly everything becomes focused. Catra stares at Entrapta, "What are you doing here?" Entrapta shakes her head, "I heard you screaming. Catra, you are bleeding everywhere, you are cutting yourself."

Looking down at her chest, Catra notices the lines of scratch  and cut marks. The sight of her blood is comforting. "So it appears." Entrapta leaves briefly to get some towels. Catra notices her reflection in the mirror. It is just her. Adora is gone. There is no one else there. Catra has no other choice but to look at herself.


Else where across the galaxy on another planet, two estranged family members finish a rather awkward dinner. After Teela dropped dinner at her uncle Fisto's feet, the drunken man quickly sobered up. He realized that his grown niece standing before him was not going to be leaving quickly into the night. After stumbling around a make shift kitchen, Fisto began cooking the animal. At first he was silent, refusing to speak to her. He had no idea why she was even there. During their meal, silence continued to rage its battle between the two.

Eventually the awkward meal ended and now Teela finds herself ready to break the void of silence, "Normally I would continue to play this game with you, but I am here for a reason." Fisto opens a new bottle of spirits and chugs it back liberally, "I have nothing for you."

"I will be the judge of that. It has been a very long time since I last saw you. I seem to recall you being a much more loving man." Fisto burps loudly, "Time changes a person." Shaking her head Teela groans, "Not time. More like circumstances. I am your niece though. Surely I do not deserve such treatment from a man who was once very kind to me."

"Listen kid, that was a long time ago. People change. You look like you've changed. I've changed..." Smirking at her uncle, Teela spits out, "Oh I know you have changed. You reek of alcohol and I think you feel a little too sorry for yourself."

Fisto jumps up loosing some of his balance, "I don't feel sorry for nobody. Now listen young lady, you got some dinner in your gut, now you can go on and leave. There is nothing here for you." Closing her eyes, Teela realizes this journey would not be an easy one, "There is something here for me. I need answers to questions I never knew I would have. I have just found out that my whole life has been a lie and I suspect that you can fill in some of the gaps, since no one else will. Now if I have to, I will go out and hunt a damn meal every night until you stop feeling sorry for yourself and help me. I am not going to leave."

Slamming his giant metal fist onto a table, Teela's uncle shouts, "Damn it! You are annoying, has anyone ever told you that? Damn head strong kid." Fisto accidentally kicks his bottle of hooch over, "Aww shit. Made me spill my drink." Rolling her eyes, Teela grabs another bottle of alcohol and tosses it at her uncle. He quickly grabs ahold of it before it hits the floor. "You don't seem like such a mess after all." Teela grins making direct eye contact with her uncle. Fisto shrugs, "There are some things I don't want broken. Now tell me, how have things been at the great Palace of Eternos? Is Skeletor still trying to make a mess of things?"

Finally, the old man is willing to talk. Teela sits down and shares some information, "No. Skeletor is currently behind bars in the Eternos prison." Fisto is surprised to hear this, "Hot damn. I never would have figured old bone face for a prisoner. How did that happen?" Teela gives away further details, "Well the Masters of the Universe ended up getting help from He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe. We didn't really know where he came from though his appearance is connected to Castle Grayskull. He-Man has actually helped save Eternia on numerous occasions against Skeletor and the Evil Warriors as well as a would-be assualt by the Snake Men."

The mention of the Snake Men gives Fisto the chills, "I hate snakes. So the Snake Men tried to make a come back. Hmm. I remember fighting against the Snake Men many moons ago. Nasty little bastards." Teela nods, "Yes, they are rather troublesome, thankfully though He-Man has really been a great help. Eternia has not had to face any new threats. I take that back, there was a recent invasion attempt by the Horde, though that ended quickly and actually was the catalyst for Skeletor becoming a prisoner. So aside from a few Evil Warriors still on the loose, things have been pretty peaceful."

Nodding at the information, Fisto asks, "So Eternia has this He-Man to save the day. Interesting." Sitting still, Teela adds, "Had. Eternia had He-Man. No one has really seen him in awhile. I guess with the threat of evil vanquished, there is really no need for him..." Something about that statement rings odd for Teela. She just realized that Adam is on another planet and He-Man has faded from everyone's presence. How odd that both men she cares about are no longer around...

"Teela? Are you with me?" Fisto asks looking at his niece. "Excuse me?" Teela realizes that her uncle had asked a question that she missed. Fisto asks again, "How is my brother?"

Pausing before her answer, Teela begins to tell her uncle how Duncan has been doing. The story eventually leads to the knowledge that the Sorceress is Teela's mother and then it is Teela's turn to ask a question, "I have reason to believe that the Sorceress was involved with both you and Duncan. I need to know more of this information, because you could very well be my father." This sudden bomb takes its time to detonate, and when it does Fisto realizes many things. He grabs his bottle of hooch and looks at Teela, "Kid, I think I need a drink. You?" Teela nods and grabs hold of another bottle, pausing before taking a sip. She wonders what happens next, as well as how Adam is doing.


Back on Etheria, the prisoners of the Fright Zone get a rude awakening from the Horde. Leech and Grizzlor are rattling the bars of the cells, screaming and growling. The day for an execution has finally arrived. Catra and a gaggle of Horde Troopers follow behind the loud Horde members. Sitting in his cell, Prince Adam listens to them approaching. He knows they are there for Spira. She has become a friend to him in the recent days as they have withered away in the slave cells. He looks across his cell. "Spira." She looks over at him, doing her best to avoid any fear showing through her eyes. "Adam."

They give each other a look. Adam so wishes he had his power sword. He would give anything to turn into He-Man at this moment and end this madness. Instead he watches in horror as her cell is opened. Trying to fight the Horde off, Spira is no match for the group. They kick her down, Catra drags her out by the hair. Spira struggles, still trying to fight, though she eventually gives in. There is no escape for her. Adam throws his hands against his cell, rattling the bars. He shouts out, "Hold on! Hold on to your spirit Spira!"

Dragging Spira down the hall, Catra looks back, "Don't listen to that man traitor. Where you are going, there won't be need for a spirit." Feeling the gravel beneath her body, Spira closes her eyes. Maybe this will all have turned out to be a dream...


Meanwhile in the Whispering Woods a group of heroes are ready to embark on their rescue for their friend. Perfuma stands next to Minwu, she turns to him, "I'm so glad you will be joining us." Minwu smiles, unable to do anything else in her presence, "I would follow you into any danger Perfuma." They give each other a look, both realizing that something serious is blooming between them both.

Netossa is all ready to go after visiting Spinnerella in the healing bay. Mermista walks up to the new member of the Rebellion, "Netossa, I am so happy that you found your dear friend." Netossa nods, "Me too Mermista. And what I do today is for her. I will make sure that the Horde pays for the awful things they have done."

Mother and daughter are together discussing final plans, "My dear daughter, I can't believe we will be reunited with Kowl." Angella smiles, hugging Glimmer. Glimmer looks at her mother, "I feel so strong, I know that Spira would be proud." Angella tilts her head completely aware that her daughter has been experiencing all kinds of emotions recently, "Are you alright?" Glimmer looks over towards Bow and then back to her mother, "Yes. I will be fine."

Castaspella and Madame Razz look over a few items. Castaspella seems a bit distant, Madame Razz notices this."Dearie, you with us?" Castaspella shakes her head, "Oh yes, of course I am Madame Razz. I was just remembering something Peekablue said to us awhile back." Madame Razz shrugs as she was not there with the group when they trekked through the Crystal Sands. "What exactly did she say?" Madame Razz asks full of curiosity. Castaspella looks at her dear friends. "Nothing Madame Razz. Let's save Double Trouble." Madame Razz reminds the enchantress, "And Kowl too."

Frosta is trying to fix her cape when Sea Hawk offers to help. "Thank you darling, but I can handle myself." Sea Hawk throws his arms up, "I know, just trying to be helpful." The two make some small talk. Sea Hawk soon motions towards Bow and Adora, "What's the deal with those two?" Frosta looks over and shrugs, "What do you mean?" Sea Hawk whispers, "Well that Bow guy always seems to follow her around like a lost puppy dog." Frosta laughs and pinches the pirate's chin, "It's called love darling. Don't be so dense." Sea Hawk looks back at Bow and Adora.

Adora is unaware of the look she is getting from Sea Hawk, but she is fully aware that Bow is working hard to talk to her. "Adora, I know we are about to be going into battle, but could I just tell you something..." Adora looks at Bow, "I know what you are going to say Bow. And I just want you to know..." They are interrupted by Sea Hawk, "What's going on guys? Are we ready to save one of our own or what?" Bow clenches his teeth while Adora looks at him apologetically. "Yes, we are ready. On to the Fright Zone." Adora says as the group heads out to stop an execution.


Spira is hoisted up onto a seat. Hordak is overseeing the whole process as Grizzlor and Leech begin tying tight coils around her wrists and ankles. Hordak sneers, "Oh my dear Spira. The day has finally arrived, your execution. Are you excited?"

"You're a bastard." Spira spits out. She can't move. They have tied her firmly to a large chair that is seated under a skull. Hordak leans over her, "Now that is no way to talk to your former boss. Of course no one can say I never did anything for you. I firmly believe in the power of choices. You see Spira, I want to give people a show. Your death is going to inspire the masses to do the right thing: to follow the word of the Horde. Or face imminent death. The public will see your death and wish to avoid their's at all costs."

"Just kill me now, get it over with." Spira says, sick at just the mere sight of Hordak. Grinning, Hordak snorts, "I won't be killing you Spira. That will be up to you. I believe in the power of choice. Which is why a good old fashioned Horde execution is completely up to the victim. You can choose to die under this skull, that will ooze slime over your body..." Hordak reaches out to stroke Spira's face. She turns her head in disgust.

The Horde leader continues, "I just love slime, it is such an interesting substance. Just a little can lead to mind poisoning while a heavy dose can melt the hair and skin right off your skull." Hordak wraps Spira's hair around his fist. Yanking the hair hard, Spira's head turns to look at the fearsome monster, "Your choice will be to feel your flesh melt away by slime, or you can push this little lever on the arm rest..." Hordak points to a small bone shaped lever on the chair. He then motions towards the ground at two large panels of metal that are different from the rest of the ground.

"As much as I love slime, I also love a good trap door, and this one is my favorite. It will be open during your execution. After pushing this lever, the chair you are in will spring load down to the pit below. You will land on a bed of feathers and soft cushions." Spira looks at Hordak as if he is mad. Hordak snorts out a loud laugh, "No my dear, that would be too nice, now wouldn't it? No, no, below you will find jagged rocks and other debris that will rip your body to pieces. Those will be your choices, very exciting don't you think? I wonder how long you will last under the slime before you take the fall?" Hordak laughs and asks Grizzlor and Leech for any bets.

Spira looks at the Horde members mocking her and awaiting her death. She chokes out, "Laugh. It will be entirely funny when She-Ra arrives to take quick care of you all." Hordak sneers, "I'm hoping on it. I want a rematch, and desire very much to be rid of you all."

Closing her eyes, Spira hopes that She-Ra will show up. Hordak breaks up her thoughts and asks, "Tell me Spira, how did you do it? How were you able to be so perfect at playing a double agent? I truly had no idea."

"It was rather easy to fool someone that is an idiot." Spira spits out, trying to get comfortable, and finding it impossible. "Oh my dear, I am no idiot. And I don't think it was so easy for you. I saw the things you did as a member of the Horde. I saw the people you imprisoned. I watched you torch homes and round people up to be killed. You played your part perfectly. So much potential, and for what? Some information? A waste. Tell me, do the screams of innocents keep you awake at night? Was it all worth it?" Closing her eyes and recalling the things she did to preserve her place as a double agent, Spira nods, "Yes it was worth it. You are no longer able to poison the water supply. Queen Angella is free. The Rebellion is growing in stronger numbers. We have She-Ra. Your days are numbered Hordak."

"Not as numbered as your's my dear Spira." Hordak snorts. Preparing to walk away, Hordak looks back, "The crowd will be here soon. This arena will be packed." Leech and Grizzlor follow behind Hordak. They leave her alone. There are many thoughts racing through her mind.

Inside the Fright Zone, Hordak finds Shadow Weaver. "Weaver, I want full detail on the Fright Zone. We will be having many guests soon and some of them we will want to detain." Shadow Weaver nods, "Everyone will be available except for Multi Bot. I have him in the Horde Labs. The final Winged Warrior is barely hanging on, and he is going to try one last procedure to get the program to work." Hordak nods, pleased that many things seem to be in the Horde's favor.


While tied up in the chair, Spira wonders back to a time long past. She recalls one of the first conversations she had with Adora, right after joining the Horde. The two had instantly become friends. "It's easy talking to you Adora, you have been the kindest person here." Smiling at Spira, Adora gave her thanks, "Just wait Spira, everyone is nice here, you just have to get to know them more." The statement had been quite false. Most members of the Horde had not been completely welcoming. In time though the two women had become close. "Adora, you are different."

"What do you mean Spira?" The words had been true, "I just feel like you are destined for great things." Spira had wanted to add, you will be the one to save us, I just know it. It was not by chance that Spira had become friends with Adora during her time with the Horde. There was a light about Adora. Spira sensed it immediately.

"Help me Adora..."

Spira's eyes open as sunlight pours in. Waking from a dream of the past, Spira can hear the noise of a crowd. She looks around in terror. The arena that the execution is taking place has suddenly swollen with people. "How long was I sleeping?" Spira asks out loud, looking out in a sea of faces.

Above the slime filled skull is a balcony. Hordak walks out to address the crowd. Catra, Entrapta, and Shadow Weaver stand behind the Horde leader. Spira can barely make them out, though she can see other members of the Horde standing around in the arena. For a second Spira thinks she notices Adora in the crowd.

Spira is not the only one who notices Adora as well. Scanning over the crowd, Catra feels that she is going mad when she notices a woman that looks just like Adora. "Impossible." Catra whispers. Hordak motions for the crowd to quiet down. "Citizens of Etheria! Please, lend me your attention. Look around you. We are all citizens of Etheria. As citizens of this wonderful world we must remember to work together. Has the Horde not made your lives easier? Are you not better off since the Horde arrived so long ago? I know some of you might be starting to think clearer and as such there might be some confusion. But know this, the Horde is here for all of you. We are in this together. The woman below me is a traitor to the Horde, and as such, a traitor to all of you. She has done unspeakable things, which have made the Horde look unfavorable. Citizens of Etheria, this woman is a member of the Great Rebellion."

Catra has her eyes on the crowd and is fairly certain she can see a woman that looks just like Adora. Excusing herself from the balcony, Catra leaves just as the woman in the crowd disappears. Catra needs to be alone, she is starting to shake. "Get out of my head Adora..."

Overlooking the crowd, Hordak continues, "Is there anything the Great Rebellion will not do? They strive to feed lies to us all. This is why they must be stopped. Starting with the woman below me. This traitor to us all deserves a proper execution." Hordak looks down at the slime, it is almost time...

Suddenly a voice calls out in the crowd. "Hear me, my sisters and brothers!" Hordak scans the arena and stifles a smile. "Perfect." He whispers.

Queen Angella flies up from the sea of people. Some people in the crowd start to mumble, "Is that Queen Angella?" Flying high enough, Angella firmly speaks, "This man lies. The Horde are not here to help us, they never have been. I am Queen Angella of Bright Moon. I was held against my will by the Horde. Freed from my horrific bonds, I am here to implore you all... The Horde will not stop until they have drained this world of its natural resources. They do not seek our betterment. We are filled with stories and I beg of you to create your own story. Rise up and fight against these monsters. We deserve to live in a world full of peace, where we can all live together instead of being picked apart. You all know this to be true, let us rise up together..." The crowd is growing anxious. People are realizing that Angella speaks the truth.

"SILENCE!" Hordak booms, firing out shots from his arm canon. The crowd is growing nervous. Hordak is furious, "Start the execution." Looking over to Entrapta, Hordak groans, "No one leaves this place. Gather up the weak and put them in the slave mines. Kill everyone else. If anyone should escape, let them. Their account of this day will live on. The Horde is playing a new game now."

Off to the side, Catra can hear commotion going on but she does not care. She is looking for someone. Catra has no idea what is happening to her, but she is not going to lose her mind. A sound is heard in the distance, and Catra turns, looking right at She-Ra. In a quick moment, She-Ra pulls back to toss out a huge punch that knocks the wind out of Catra. The princess of power has arrived, ready to save the day.

In the arena Castaspella looks over at Netossa, "Hurry my dear, before the slime leaves the skull."

Spira cannot move but she can see the trap door begin to open at her feet. The gears in the skull start to churn, the slime is making its way down, almost out of the skull's mouth. "No..." Spira trails off. She suddenly hears a scream come from the crowd. Breaking from the mass, Netossa comes running towards the execution. Stopping before the pit, Netossa throws a tiny round ball towards the skull.

Once the ball hits the skull, a micro-lined net is released wrapping around the entire skull, preventing any slime from touching Spira. Hordak catches all of this and screams. Chaos erupts as Horde Troopers open fire on the crowd. Angella swoops down trying to stop any more carnage. Minwu ducks around trying to heal the injured.

Glimmer and Bow look over at Perfuma, "Go, get Kowl." Perfuma, Mermista, Frosta, and Madame Razz take off towards the inner workings of the Fright Zone. They make their way through the crowd, "Hurry, we have to get to the slave cells." Mermista calls out.

In the arena, Angella and Glimmer team up to take down Horde Troopers. Netossa and Bow reach Spira and begin the process of untying her. "Oh thank you." Spira says, shaking. Bow nods but struggles to untie the coils, "Damn it, Netossa you have any undone?" Shaking her head, Netossa groans, "No. These are wrapped so tight. We must hurry though."

Sea Hawk and his crew of pirates bombard the Horde Troopers firing freeze rays and slashing through with swords. Entrapta swoops in ready, whipping people around with her hair. Hordak watches the madness in the distance, he is looking for one special person...

Soon She-Ra makes her appearance known and helps Bow and Netossa free Spira. "She-Ra. I knew you'd show up." Spira smiles weakly. "Are you ok my friend?" She-Ra asks, unsure how strong Spira is. Nodding Spira smiles, "Yes, I am strong enough to fight." Almost free from her seat, a Horde Trooper approaches ready to pull the lever. She-Ra gets Spira free in time, as Bow shoves the Horde Trooper onto the seat as the lever is pushed. Screaming in defeat, the Horde Trooper plummets to the bottom of the pit hitting the rocks hard.

Inside the Fright Zone, the rebels make their way past Horror Hall and come up to the Horde Labs. They have to go through the Horde Labs to make it into the area with the slave cells. Perfuma pauses before going anywhere, "Do you all hear that?" Everyone stops. Frosta shrugs, "Darling, stop fooling around." Perfuma looks inside the Horde Labs. "You all go ahead, I will catch up. Something in the labs, it is calling for me. I need to help." Mermista and Frosta just shrug, as they run off with Madame Razz quickly following.

Perfuma quietly walks into the Horde Labs. Covering her mouth from the stench, Perfuma wants to pass out, "This is more like a torture chamber..." Looking around, Perfuma can see many failed experiments all over the place. There are carcasses and viles of unknown parts lined up against the wall. Perfuma walks slowly and is sad at all the losses of life in this place. Then she comes across an area simply marked Winged Warriors. Sitting in the middle of all this death is a lone cocoon.

"This is where the voice was coming from." The cocoon is too large to carry, so Perfuma produces some flower petals, "Alright Shrinking Violets, do your magic." The flower maiden crumples up the petals and begins to sprinkle them over the cocoon, "Now you are going to feel some pressure, but I will have you back to normal in no time." Perfuma watches the cocoon shrink to a smaller size. Placing the cocoon into a pouch, Perfuma turns to leave, until she hears a sound. Multi Bot enters the Labs, "Who goes there?" Perfuma quickly ducks under a table, trying not to gag from the remains of a failed Winged Warrior looking back at her. She is not sure how she will get out of this one...

Outside in the arena She-Ra, Spira, and Bow fight off some Horde Troopers by the pit while Netossa races off to help Glimmer and Angella. The ground starts to shake, as Grizzlor opens a large gate. A noise rumbles from the darkness, "Mod... U... Lok... Mod... U... Lok... Modulok... Modulok... MODULOK!" Out of the darkness comes this imposing beast made up of multiple body parts. Numerous legs and limbs abound as two heads quickly move around looking at all the potential people to crush. Netossa turns to the sound and chills ring down her spine. "It can't be... The beast from Poft." Netossa loses track of her footing as she stares at the monster that wrecked the sea side village and put her on a painful journey.

Modulok charges through the crowd, slashing and ripping people every which way. Netossa runs right for him, "Do you remember me beast?!" Netossa flings a net over Modulok, catching it off gaurd. Modulok growls, swinging for the captivating beauty. Dodging the attack, Netossa swings in the air, grabbing a gun on the ground. Taking aim, Netossa fires over and over again. Modulok swings around and bats an arm at Netossa. Sea Hawk catches this scene and leaps into the air with his sword. Slicing an arm off, Modulok recoils in pain. Sea Hawk looks at his friend, "Netossa, are you alright?"

Picking herself up, Netossa nods "Yes. We must kill this thing, this is the beast that attacked that night!" The two rebels look on in awe as Modulok scoops up his arm on the ground and places it somewhere else on its body. The skin opens up and receives the arm. Fully working again, the arm moves just as quickly as before. Sea Hawk looks at Netossa, "This might be harder than I thought." They jump in fighting the beast for all they've got.

Across the arena, Shadow Weaver raises her wand and prepares to cast a deadly spell on Angella and Glimmer. A hand grabs hold of Weaver's wrist, "I don't think so Light Spinner." Shadow Weaver turns to look at an old friend, "Ah, Castaspella. No one has called me by my old name in quite some time..." Castaspella grits her teeth, "Such a shame you took on a new moniker. Of course I guess that suits the new you." Shadow Weaver breaks free, "Unhand me Castaspella. We have unfinished business." Castaspella nods, "That we do." Shadow Weaver screeches as a beam of electric energy shoots from her wand. Castaspella dodges it, and creates a whirlwind of electirc fire around her, unleashing it towards Shadow Weaver. The two women engage in magical combat...

Inside the Fright Zone, the Rebels make it to the slave cells. "Hurry, this way!" Mermista calls out as they race down the cells. "Kowl, if you can hear us, say something!" Madame Razz shouts. Frosta motions to her friends, "We have company." Some Horde Troopers try to stop the Rebels from going any further, Frosta takes care of them with her powers of ice, "We'll be out of here before they thaw."

Soon the rebels hear Kowl's familiar voice. "Here! He's here!" Madame Razz shouts with glee. Kowl looks out from the cell. Mermista grins, "Oh Kowl! It is so good to see you!" The rebels manage to free the colorful talking owl, when another voice calls out, "Wait. Let me go too." Frosta looks over at a blonde muscular man imprisoned in a cell, "We don't have time to let you out." Kowl quiets the room, "There is always time. We must find a way to free everyone in these cells. It would not be right." Madame Razz nods. Frosta mutters, "Fine, someone better do something fast." 

Twitching her nose, Madame Razz crosses her fingers, "I hope this spell will work, hold onto your britches dearies!" After chanting out a few words, the row of cell doors begin to shake. In no time at all the cell doors explode open. Prisoners find themselves free. There are cries of joy and excitement everywhere. "We are free! We are free!" Frosta nods, "That is fine and all, but you are all on your own. Get out now, while you can." Mermista agrees, "And try to follow us to the Whispering Woods if you can. Let's go get Perfuma." The rebels turn to leave. The blonde muscular man quickly stops Madame Razz, "Thank you." Madame Razz looks at the man, something sees so familiar about him, "You're welcome dearie." They run off as Prince Adam watches them leave. He follows behind, wondering how he will escape...

Inside the Horde Labs, Perfuma quietly crawls to the escape door. Multi Bot walks around the lab and realizes that the remaining Winged Warrior is missing, "Hmm. This is not good." Perfuma is close to escaping, when she feels a cold metal hand wrap around her foot, "And look what we have here." Perfuma screams as Multi Bot tosses her across the room. Scrambling to get up, Perfuma panics as the large two-headed robot approaches her. Swinging multiple arms at her, Perfuma dodges the attack. "You don't want to mess with me." Perfuma says.

Multi Bot looks at the flower maiden, "After scanning you, we have come to the conclusion that you do not pose a threat, other than the fact that you have an annoyingly sweet odor." Perfuma smirks, "Really? That's it. I'm soo much more than a scent." Perfuma quickly releases a pocket of flower bombs and tosses them towards Multi Bot. They explode on impact causing flashes of light and a heavy smoke to fill the room. Multi Bot screeches, "Our system! It is malfunctioning!" The robot shuts down.

Perfuma quickly leaves and runs into her friends just in time. "Perfect timing!" Mermista shouts. Perfuma looks back at all the freed prisoners, "I see you found more than just Kowl." Frosta nods, "Yes darling. It appears that even rebels have a conscious." Perfuma reaches out to hug Kowl, "So glad to see you!" The rebels race out, heading towards the arena.

She-Ra, Bow, and Spira continue to fight by the pit, tossing numerous Horde Troopers into the deadly space below. Catra soon lunges from the balcony knocking Bow to the ground. She kicks him to the side and soon sets her sights on She-Ra and Spira. "Don't even think about it Catra. Just give it up." Spira says.

Catra purrs, "Now why would I do that?" The villainess lunges towards the two women, slicing her sword through the air. She goes after both She-Ra and Spira. Soon the numbers are even as Entrapta joins in the mix, "I believe in fair fights." Entrapta slaps at Spira with her hair. Waving it away Spira groans, "Now that hardly seems fair!" Spira moves out of the way as the living hair hits Catra. The four women continue to fight each other. Hordak is in the distance taking everything in, doing what he does best, calculating his next move...

Sea Hawk and Netossa are able to stun Modulok for the time being. They race to help Angella and Glimmer from an attack by Mantenna and Leech. Castaspella makes quick work of Shadow Weaver. Grizzlor is about to slice Bow with a machete, but Bow fires a stun arrow at the hairy beast. The rebels exit out of the Fright Zone to witness what is transpiring out in the arena. Prince Adam notices the fight by the open pit. His eyes catch hold of She-Ra, and he finds himself mesmerized. Could that be... he wonders.

Entrapta is kicked hard in the stomach by Spira. Catra tries to lob a magical sphere towards both She-Ra and Spira. It backfires and knocks Entrapta out. She-Ra shouts and finally lands a swift kick towards the feline, knocking her against a wall. Catra slumps to the ground, dazed.

Both She-Ra and Spira are out of breath. They have been fighting for what seems like an eternity. The two friends look at each other, "You ok?" She-Ra asks as Spira nods. "Yes, I am fine. Just like I knew. You saved us." The two women hug each other. Spira breaks away to look at She-Ra, "I know who you really are. I know that you are Adora." She-Ra looks surprised, unsure how Spira has found out. Spira smiles touching She-Ra's face, "This is the light. I saw it the first time I met you. Oh Adora, I knew you would save us. You are amazing..."

Spira looks past She-Ra, something has caught her eye in the brief distance. Hordak is standing across the pit with a giant skull crossbow. He fires a metal arrow. "She-Ra!" Spira screams. It happens in an instant, yet time seems to stand still. Everyone is looking on in horror, unable to help. Spira shoves She-Ra to the ground as the metal arrow hurtles itself through Spira's chest. Looking down at her wound, Spira starts to feel the spirit leave her body. I can't catch it fast enough... Turning to look at everyone, Spira looses her balance. She-Ra screams and reaches out to catch her friend. It is too late, Spira is too weak. She falls into the pit below, landing on the jagged rocks. She-Ra can only scream.

Adam looks on in the distance, sadness smeared across his face. Glimmer cries out in pain and rushes to the pit. Angella holds her daughter back. Mermista and Perfuma fall to the floor. Frosta can not move. Madame Razz and Kowl have tears streaming down their face. Bow runs towards She-Ra. Netossa and Sea Hawk look after everyone, realizing that they will need to all leave before it is too late for all of them. Minwu wonders if he can heal Spira, though he knows instantly that it is too late. Castaspella looks on in shock, realizing that Peekablue's glimpse into the future had been all too true.

She-Ra stands tall, looking across the pit at Hordak, "You..." She is seething with anger. Hordak snorts, "That's right my dear. Build that anger up, unleash it on me!" Hordak pulls out Adam's power sword, inviting She-Ra for a battle. "Don't do it She-Ra, it is a trap!" Glimmer screams.

Adam looks on in the distance and can see that Hordak is weilding his sword, he whispers to himself, "Time to get it back." She-Ra jumps over the pit, sliding towards Hordak. They stand up staring at each other, "I will kill you Hordak." Continuing to grin, Hordak realizes something. "I can't believe it. This whole time... The truth was staring right at me... You are Adora... Impossible!" Hordak is not sure how he knows this, but he does. They both raise their swords up and with each mustering as much strength as they can, both collide their powers swords together. The act causes a power wave to reverberate knocking everyone in the arena to the ground. Hordak's head is ringing. Unconscious from the sheer forces of two similar powers colliding, Hordak is motionless. She-Ra staggers up and looks at Hordak's sword, "How did he get that?" She asks out loud. Feeling a little weak, She-Ra picks the sword up. "This is so much like my sword..." She-Ra stumbles, but still holds onto both power swords. Bow and Angella approach, "She-Ra, are you alright?"

Turning to look, She-Ra notices that many people are injured. She also remembers that Spira fell down the pit, "We have to get Spira..." Angella shakes her head, wiping away some tears, "No, Spira is gone. We can't get to her. She-Ra, I don't want to do this, but we have to get out of here." Bow nods, "Yes, She-Ra, we've taken too much of a beating. We must hurry." She-Ra turns to look at the pit. She is unable to look down, but she knows Spira's body is there. It is all too much, there is too much happening all at once. The Rebels converge around She-Ra, helping her up. Many things need to be taken care of, but for now the most important thing is to escape. Adam watches on as the Rebels leave.

A mass of people are hurrying to escape the Fright Zone before they can be rounded up. While trying to catch up, Adam gets lost in the crowd. No one notices, and why would they? She-Ra has no idea that she was a few yards away from her brother...

Back in the arena, Shadow Weaver approaches a dazed Hordak, "Mighty Hordak, the Rebels have escaped." Hordak can barely hear her. The ringing in his head is too loud. In fact, he can't even recall what happened mere moments ago. "Why is there ringing in my head Shadow Weaver?" Hordak snorts, while trying to stand up. He falls back to the ground. Shadow Weaver looks around at all the destruction. She calls out to Catra, "Get up. We need to take care of a few things." Catra looks around, "Where are the rebels?" Shadow Weaver is battle worn, "They have escaped. For now..."


In the depths of space, a small ship is close to entering a planet's atmosphere. Inside the tiny ship, Sweet Bee looks at her co-pilots, "We are preparing to descend. Are we ready?" After they were shot at by a large ship in space, the members of the Hive floated towards a planet that would provide them with enough resources to be back on their journey. Stingor looks over at Sweet Bee, "Yes, let's get ready for a safe landing." They had to conserve fuel and their food. They had no way of knowing what would be awaiting them on this new world. Honey Comb calls out, "Alright, we are entering the atmosphere, prepare for landing." Sweet Bee nods.

The ship enters the world as the three pilots navigate towards a location for perfect landing. Something goes horribly wrong though. The ship starts to rattle heavily. "What is happening?" Sweet Bee calls out. Stingor pauses, "I'm not sure. The ship is suddenly losing control!" They have no idea what is occuring. Sweet Bee takes action though and prepares for impact. Their control systems are buzzing and short circuiting. No amount of training would save them now. The three pilots reach out and squeeze each other's hands as the ship makes impact. All they can see is whiteness. The landing is hard and parts of the ship shatter. The last thing Sweet Bee remembers is Stingor's happiness over finally getting a date with her, and then there is darkness...


After the ringing has worn off, Hordak demands an audience with Shadow Weaver. "How are you mighty Hordak?"

"I'd rather not say Weaver. I cannot remember what happened. The sword is gone. She-Ra did something to me, my memory is faltered. What of the prisoners?" Shadow Weaver hangs her head low, "They are gone. Many things have gone awry mighty Hordak." Slamming his fists down, Hordak shouts, "Damn those Rebels! This was not supposed to happen. At least tell me that you retrieved the body."

"Yes. The body was removed from the pit." Hordak grins, "Wonderful. Begin the process of reanimation." Shadow Weaver pauses, "But Hordak, you are asking me to do something that has little history of working successfully. I don't believe this will work in our favor. This will require a certain amount of dark magic, we could end up creating a monster..." Hordak glares at Shadow Weaver, "I don't care. You will do as I say. Now go and reanimate the lifeless Spira. I still have uses for her." Shadow Weaver turns to leave as Hordak snorts out a trail of laughter that echoes throughout the Fright Zone. The battle between the Horde and the Great Rebellion has only just begun...


  1. Well this was awesome but I have to think you were catering to your fans here-you included slime, trapdoors and Modulok and you I am fascinated by all of them.
    Really liked the Modulok-it did seem like a new version of the character. Modulok only really appeared as a monster in the motu mini comic from the 80's. Otherwise he is a scientist in the cartoons -apparently he also created multi-bot in some mythologies. I liked the description of the way he puts the limbs into his body. I always thought of him as having to stick things into holes on his body. He seems even more powerful this way. But tell me, was the "modu-lock, modulock!" chant a reference to the toy commercial where they say his name over and over again? If it is, it would only make me love your stuff even more, because you give the nods to the cartoon, comic AND toy lovers when you write the stories.
    After all this though I really think catra deserves another dumping down the trapdoor. She keeps failing-because she thinks shes going insane- and hordak himself has to do the shit! Really wanted he-man to bust out during that story-but he didn't have the sword. Imagine how quickly it all would have been resolved if he-man was there. "Sorry Hordak" bam bam -it's done-haha . It woulda been like luke getting his lightsabre when they were gonna throw them in the sarlacc pit!But good work.

    1. Well you certainly pay attention to stuff! So here is the thing, some things that were in this last chapter I had already written about long before anyone was reading it, but there were some things that needed to be changed last minute so I added some stuff that I thought people would enjoy. I always had planed for Modulok to fully appear in this chapter. I've always thought of him as a monster, something just fearsome and creepy. Part of that is from the toy commercial. So I'm very glad that you got the toy commercial reference! The chanting was a total nod to that commercial. Part of the reason I do this fanfiction is to also celebrate the cartoon, mini-comics, toys, books, commercials. I want to tell a fun updated story that also can wink at the old stuff. Also with Modulok's arm, I envisioned him just like the toy, where you could remove certain pieces and put them throughout other parts. I also wanted it to be kinda icky, like the skin opens and takes the new arm.

      Now the trapdoor and slime was totally added at the last minute. I always had plans for Double Trouble and the execution, but the process of that occuring was different. There was going to be a contraption that simply hung her, but I realized that I in the process something needed to happen to her body. because when the arrow shot her, She-Ra would never leave the body behind. And I needed the body to be left behind so that Hordak could reanimate her. So I thought about a trap door, which then made no sense with the hanging device, so I went with another slime pit device too. In the end it just made sense, especially since the slime part is a hit with people.

      Now Catra is kinda going insane isn't she? Just wait and see what she does in part 2.

      And He-Man probably would have changed the tides if he had his sword. He-Man and She-Ra together would have made quick work of Hordak. But Adam is a free man now, so maybe he'll reunite with his sword in part 2.

      I also really thank you for reading and enjoying spazzblister. Your comments are always wonderful and I'm so glad you picked up on the Modolok toy commercial!