Monday, June 18, 2012

Things to come!

Welcome to a new week dorky fans! I have some brief news for you all and what to expect in the upcoming weeks on Diary of a Dorkette. As usual a new Toy Chest Tuesday will be around the corner, though I might take a break this week, since last week was a 2-parter. I have also been searching for really great items to discuss for a good number of Toy Chests to come! (And I mean some good items. I'm talking the Holy Grail of Toys. My archival room has been shedding tears of joy.)

Also, Diary of a Dorkette will be turning 1 in July. So expect a really special post on July 29th to mark such an auspicious occasion. Oh goodness it isn't that auspicious I guess. But it will be really good.

And in case anyone is wondering about what happened to She-Ra Saturday, have no fear, Adora's Search for Honor Part 2 will start this coming Saturday. I have been working hard on making Part 2 even more entertaining as well as featuring all the wonderful characters from She-Ra (and maybe a few from He-Man.)

I will also be featuring a new Toy Regrets soon, since a few people have responded favorably to those stories.

There are also some other great things in store. I've got television shows to discuss. Seriously, Dallas is that good. Movies are always on my mind, I'm really looking forward to Brave this weekend. And there is a certain cat burglar that will be getting a nice tribute in the coming weeks.

So all in all dorky folk, there is a lot to look forward to here. As always, I appreciate and thank those who take the time to read/look over this lil site as well as those who comment and follow me on Twitter. I actually kinda get Twitter! (There was a time when it made zero sense.) I feel like I am truly capable of anything now. (Parallel parking watch out.) Until next time!