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Adora's Search for Honor Part 3: Chapter 45

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Previously: After the events on Horde World, our heroes were left trying to pick up the pieces of their lives. The portal between Etheria and Eternia now closed, no one was quite sure how to handle such sudden life changes... Mermista found out more than she ever bargained for from her father and new found sister. This left her wanting to be back home, on Etheria... Skeletor ordered Shadow Weaver and her fellow travellers from the Horde to leave Snake Mountain... Castaspella was coming face to face with a truly smelly situation in the hidden tunnels under Snake Mountain... Not one to give up on his lady love, Bow raced off with He-Man, Man-At-Arms, and Flutterina to the Fright Zone to find Shadow Weaver and maybe the hope of some magic to jump start a new portal to Eternia. What they found instead was a very very angry Huntara... Meanwhile, She-Ra, Mermista, Perfuma, and Sea Hawk were following Stratos to the Eternos Palace to see what kind of help they could get before they were suddenly attacked by a tough brute by the name of Moss Man...

and now...

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 3
Chapter 45

Bow prepares for his death in the only way he knows how: by fighting. Warring against a sabre wielding Huntara, Bow rolls away as she slices her deadly sabres into the ground. Growling out a curse, Huntara looks at her adversaries calculating her next move. Something seems off to her. She goes in for another attack, but pauses. He-Man and Man-At-Arms circle around Huntara as Flutterina helps steady Bow.

Continuing to glare, Huntara sneers, "I know you. You were with the strong woman at the waterfall." A fresh spark of memory flitters across Bow's brain, "Yes. You attacked us then too!" Huntara puts down her sabres, "I will not attack you now. Accept my apologies for any harm done." She stands tall her light purple skin nearly glowing in the shadows of the Fright Zone.

Flutterina nods in acceptance of the apology while rubbing her shoulder. He-Man and Man-At-Arms are still awaiting another fight. Bow is confused, "Why would you fight us? I thought She-Ra worked something out with you."

Recalling the fight with She-Ra, Huntara grimaces, "I had made a mistake fighting her. She-Ra helped me to see who my real enemy was. I came back here to destroy Hordak, only I was tricked into a trap. A few traps actually. The Shadow witch placed a spell on me, and now I seek her head as well as Hordak's." Bow looks at his friends, "We are looking for Shadow Weaver too. Maybe we could join forces."

Huntara crosses her arms, "I am a Silax Warrior. I join no one." Bow laughs nervously, "Of course. But we really need to find Shadow Weaver." Huntara looks at the party curiously, "Then look for her. I shall hunt down Hordak." He-Man steps forward, "That will be difficult." Huntara listens as He-Man continues, "I just returned from Horde World and I can assure you Hordak has already lost his head." Bow turns in surprise. He realizes he knows nothing about his friends and their adventure on Horde World. Huntara glares.

"Explain man of muscles. How do you know Hordak is done for?" Huntara stares with intensity. He-Man continues, detailing the destruction of Horde Prime, "Alarms were going off. Explosions were detonating throughout the system. We left before the entire place was destroyed. Unless Hordak could fly through space, I hardly think he will ever return much less be found." Huntara listens. She is surprised to hear such things about Horde World. "I was a prisoner there. That place is massive. I believe you that it may be no more, but man of muscles, Hordak is not easy to kill. I will make sure he is gone."

They all think she is slightly deranged or something. He-Man knows the portal connecting Horde World to Etheria is gone. There is no way it will open again. He isn't completely sure of that, but he knows what he saw up there. Hordak will never be a threat. Flutterina looks around, she is aware they are all waisting their time. "We. Should. Go." Flutterina motions for Bow. Turning towards Huntara, Bow speaks, "I guess this is it. If you get tired of searching for Hordak, you should find us in the Whispering Woods at Bright Moon Castle." Huntara nods in understanding. "Thank you."

Bow turns to Flutterina before remembering something else, "Oh if you would like to know the directions..." They all notice that she is gone. Bow stands there in surprise, "She was just standing here, right?" He-Man and Flutterina both nod. Man-At-Arms looks around the corridor. All kinds of sounds echo throughout the Fright Zone, "I think we should get back to our search." Bow nods and in an instant they are off to continue looking for Shadow Weaver.

Inside the Eternos Palace, Netossa is laughing with new friends courtesy of Clamp Champ. Netossa is sitting around a table in a grand dining hall with Teela, Man-E-Faces, Clamp Champ, Mekaneck, and a very sore Ram Man. Man-E-Faces laughs pointing at the block of strength they call Ram Man, "So let me understand this. You slammed through a moving drill, head first, and the only thing that hurts is your backside?"

Ram Man takes a big swig from a mug, "Fer the last time. I landed on my ass. Badly. It hurts. Now leave me alone, it's not funny!" Everyone just laughs harder. Mekaneck grins, "You have to admit, it is somewhat funny. Sy-Klone walks up to the group and pats Ram Man on the back, "Maybe I spun you in the air too fast? Next time I'll go slower. Or maybe you are just getting too old for this?" They all laugh more. Ram Man slams his hands on the table nearly knocking his drink over, "Stop trying to embarrass me!"

Clamp Champ chuckles, "Yes. We don't want to tarnish your image in front of our new company." Netossa smiles at everyone, "This is nice. It feels good to laugh." She looks over at Clamp Champ, "Thank you for introducing me to everyone."

Sy-Klone takes a seat next to Teela and offers her a drink. "So Netossa, you must be excited that some of your friends are here." Netossa nods, "I am. It is nice to know that Mermista and Perfuma are here. Have you met them yet?" Sy-Klone nods, "Only briefly." Teela adds, "They are so nice." Netossa smiles, "They are." She thinks on Spinnerella for a moment and feels a pang of guilt. Netossa knows she should be heading back to Etheria soon, at least to make sure everyone is alright there.

Teela points towards the captivating beauty's net cape, "Netossa, the Champ was telling us that you actually made that net yourself?" Netossa nods. Teela is amazed, "I am just in awe of that, you are so talented. The intricate detail, how did you learn this?" Teela asks looking at the cape. Netossa sits there taking the experience in. She is filling a mix of emotions. There is much excitement with these new people but she can't help but feel sad at those who were left behind on Etheria.

"I come from a long line of family who net. My parents have a small business in the village where I am from." Netossa further explains the business her father is in with using nets to capture various types of food to sell while her mother uses the craft of netting to construct fabulous fashions. Netossa goes on even further, "I have managed to combine what my family has taught me to create nets to be worn as garment and even forms of defensive as well as offensive weaponry."

The group is sitting in awe. Teela smiles, "That is amazing! Now you will really need to teach me how to do this!" She marvels at the cape. Everyone continues to talk and bond, especially over the most recent set of hair raising events. Clamp Champ inquires about the health of Fisto. Teela hangs her head, "He still hasn't woken from his wounds, much like King Randor..." Netossa listens to the conversations around and she begins to wonder heavily about Spinnerella and her other friends on Etheria.

Good times are soon cut short though as Stratos zooms in the dining room. Sy-Klone beams with a smile, "Ah! Stratos has returned from Horde World! Sit with us, regale us with how you single handily stopped the Horde!" They all laugh, but the laughs soon diminish as they all notice the worry on Stratos's face. Teela looks worried, "Stratos?"

The winged leader of Avion catches his breath, "Hurry. I need you all. There is trouble at Grayskull." The Masters all get up. Teela grabs hold of her sword, "Don't tell me it's Skeletor again..." Stratos shakes his head, "No. It's one of our own."

She-Ra and Mermista struggle to escape out of the man made crevasse, courtesy of Moss Man. The ground is beginning to close around them. Above, Sea Hawk slides across hanging over a gap of open ground that was not there moments ago. Reaching down to She-Ra, the pirate shouts, "Give me your hands! I'll try to pull you out!" Sea Hawk strains his arm and feels a slight tickle crawling up his side and over his shoulder. He looks over to see the familiar mouse that just won't leave him alone, "Oh how thrilling. Of course you'd still be with me." The mouse races down Sea Hawk's arm and balances on the pirate's hand. The cute furry friend reaches down to She-Ra, squeaking his vote of confidence and help.

Moss Man growls and shakes the ground. The mouse loses his balance and falls in the crevasse with She-Ra and Mermista. "Shit!" Sea Hawk screams, "Perfuma, where are you?" The pirate turns for help but soon feels a gnarled branch wrap around his ankle. "Oh no." Sea Hawk curses out loud as Moss Man throws the pirate across the ground.

Rolling up, Perfuma looks at the damage around her and screams, "Leave us alone! Just leave us alone!" Moss Man ignores her and continues to focus on closing the ground around Perfuma's friends.

She-Ra looks over at Mermista. The mer-maiden is clawing at the stone and dirt around them, "Mermista, I don't think we'll be able to dig our way out of this one." Mermista shakes her head, "I'm searching for some extra moisture in the ground, just save us some time She-Ra!" The princess of power nods and slams her power sword into one side of the closing ground. Bracing herself, She-Ra reaches out to touch the other side of stone and dirt. She is trying to hold the chasm open.

Moss Man can feel what the two women are trying to do and he becomes enraged, "You must all pay!" Perfuma shakes her head, "I won't be bullied by another tough guy. Never again!" The flower maiden throws her hands in the air and releases a stream of magical flower power energy. She has no idea what her powers will be like on another planet, but she is willing to try anything.

The botanical beast growls out as he notices brightly colored flowers growing out from his body, "What is this?" He looks down and then glares at Perfuma. Shaking his head in anger, Moss Man controls his body to remove the bright flower blooms.

In the enclosing gap below, She-Ra struggles to keep the ground open. Mermista looks at her friend, "I'm feeling some moisture! Let's see him try and stop us now." With her power over water, Mermista is able to combat the effects of the ground around them. She makes the ground under Moss Man very wet. He soon starts to sink in. Busy trying to fight off this new problem, Moss Man growls again and slams his hands together. The ground shakes and Mermista screams as the walls close in even more.

Perfuma shakes her head and lunges across the gap, colliding with Moss Man in the wet sinking ground. "Stop this! Please! Just stop this!" Perfuma tries shaking the evergreen man before her. She has his face in her hands. He feels heavenly, almost as if she is touching the whole of Eternia in her bare hands. "Please." Perfuma whispers. There is much pain radiating from his body, she can feel it. Leaning in, Perfuma plants her lips on Moss Man. His lips are fuzzy, but their lip lock becomes an intense shared experience of free flowing feelings. He can feel and understand the pain she has experienced, and she does the same from him. Tears stream down her face as she takes on the sadness from his life. They are covered in mud and memories.

Down below, She-Ra and Mermista feel the ground stop moving. "What's going on up there?" Mermista asks. She-Ra shrugs, "I'm not sure, but let's just find a way out of here." Mermista nods and snaps her fingers, "We'll hop up." A flurry of large bouncy bubbles emerge from Mermista's finger tips. The two women start to float up, being careful to hop towards another bubble when one pops.

Perfuma parts from Moss Man and she can see some form of clarity in his eyes. He looks at her, aware of what has been done to her and what she has lost. Grabbing hold of her hands, Moss Man whispers in a gruff way, "I am sorry." Perfuma nods smiling at him, "I am sorry too." She wants to protect the world, to protect the fragile grounds and life that Moss Man is now a part of.

He is about to say something else to her, but looks up in the sky. Growling slightly, Moss Man let's go of Perfuma. Feeling energy around him, Perfuma looks up as Moss Man travels away on a wave of plants and grass. She-Ra and Mermista both look at the flower maiden, "Perfuma. Eternia to Perfuma. Are you there?"

She touches a hand to her cheek and nods, "Yes." Sea Hawk stumbles towards the women, "I think I really need a drink." She-Ra checks in on everyone and looks up as the Masters of the Universe arrive with Stratos leading the way. Netossa waves to her friends, giving a hug to Mermista.

Clamp Champ surveys the land. Stratos goes on, "Where did he go?" She-Ra looks around, "The green man rushed off. Who was he?" Stratos goes on, "His name is Moss Man. He was once a Master of the Universe. He was a heroic spy and master of camouflage. But he went through something bad. Really bad. Our friend changed and became this different person. He left the Masters of the Universe and dedicated his life to protecting the environment, however sometimes he goes overboard." Perfuma is still sitting on the ground, "I understand what he has been through..."

Introductions are officially made as the Masters meet She-Ra and her friends. Standing in the group, She-Ra feels something tickle her scalp. She maintains her calm though as Sea Hawk's pet mouse races down her back and leg hopping back towards the pirate. "Sorry She-Ra, I can't seem to shake the little guy." He shrugs it off as She-Ra laughs at the cute furry rodent.

"So what next?" Clamp Champ asks. She-Ra nods, "I need to find Man-At-Arms, is he back at the palace?" No one has seen him, a fact that worries She-Ra greatly. The issue of the closed portal is brought up and Netossa's heart sinks, "We can't get back to Etheria now?" Mermista nods, "For the time being at least." Everyone stands around until a decision is made to head back to the Eternos Palace. The group heads back, talking and getting to know each other. As they walk away, Perfuma turns back one last time hoping to see Moss Man. She can't see him, but she can certainly feel him.

Down below the depths of Snake Mountain, Castaspella tries to remain calm. Her screams have ceased, but her nerves are frazzled. She is becoming acquainted with an unpleasant smelling man by the name of Stinkor. "If I am to believe what you say to be true, then we are underneath a place called Snake Mountain on Eternia?" Castaspella asks trying to hold her breath. Stinkor gurgles out under a convenient mask, "Yes. Master Skeletor reigns supreme here. This is his domain."

Castaspella is beginning to realize she is in over her head, "So tell me again, exactly why are you here and not with the rest of the Evil Warriors?" She supposes she should be grateful. After all, she is talking to someone associated with a group of people called the Evil Warriors. So far, the only thing evil about Stinkor is his, well, stench. Stinkor sighs, "Master Skeletor does not like Stinkor's smell. He has banished Stinkor to find hidden treasures underneath Snake Mountain and to guard large green slither door. Stinkor has not found treasures, but Stinkor does guard slither door."

Castaspella thinks back to the strange door she saw earlier with the special carvings, "Yes, I think I saw that door recently. So if you don't mind my asking, since Master Skeletor never told me to search for treasures, do you think you could point me in the direction out of here?" Stinkor sits on the ground trying to start a fire, "No, no. Stinkor can't leave here. Master Skeletor would be mad."

"I understand Stinkor, but you see, I am looking for someone. You haven't seen a group of women around here, have you?" Castaspella wants to add that these women are deranged and obnoxious, but she refrains. Stinkor shakes his head. Castaspella sighs, "Come now Stinkor, think about this. I'm looking for a woman with long black hair and green eyes that dazzle so bright." Stinkor tilts his head before burping, "What does this green eyed woman mean to you?"

Castaspella thinks about the answer, "I once had a sister with the same green eyes. This woman is my kin. I must find her for we have unfinished business." Stinkor smiles in glee as he gets a fire going, "Well Stinkor cannot leave this area per Master Skeletor's orders." Castaspella counts in her head, trying not to grow annoyed, "Yes. I understand Stinkor. But I just need you to tell me, just me, a way to get out."

Stinkor looks at her, "But Stinkor can't do that. You are friend of Stinkor now. We stay here together, looking for treasures and guarding the slither door." Castaspella nods, "Yes of course. We are friends. I like you. I think you are a very nice guy. And since we are friends, friends help each other out. And if you can help me find my way out of these caverns, I will find a way to help you." Stinkor looks up, "You'd help Stinkor?" Castaspella smiles, "Of course. That's what friends are for." She smiles and prepares a plan, because Castaspella is a very busy woman with many places to go...

Above the caverns of Snake Mountain, Shadow Weaver looks at her group outside of Skeletor's throne room, "We have to leave." Catra looks over at Entrapta, "Fine, works for me. This place seems boring." Evil-Lyn looks at the exchange and smiles to herself. Walking towards Skeletor, Evil-Lyn pulls him aside for a conversation, "Thank you Skeletor."

"For what Evil-Lyn?" The evil warrior goddess smiles, "For taking out the trash of course." Skeletor turns with a red glare brightening in his eye sockets, "If that were the case, you should be leaving too." Evil-Lyn cocks her head to the side, "Oh stop being so hard. I think now is the perfect time to just start everything anew."

Skeletor laughs to himself, "Starting anew? After everything?" Evil-Lyn smiles, "Well isn't that what we do? You hurt me, I hurt you. It is the deadly little dance we do." Skeletor tries to walk away biting back, "Right. I sleep with someone else, you try to kill me by unleashing the Snake Men." Evil-Lyn blocks his path, "Come now Skeletor. We always agreed that trying to kill each other only meant we loved each other that much more."

He looks back to Shadow Weaver and the Horde women in her company. Glancing over at his Evil Warriors in the same room, Skeletor's eyes fall upon Tri-Klops. Turning back to Evil-Lyn, he spits out, "I'm tired of you. Whatever we had between us... it all died the day Keldor died." Evil-Lyn rolls her eyes, "It's always about the day Keldor died. Stop lying to me Skeletor. I am ready for things to go back to the way they were, and I know you must feel the same. You wouldn't have agreed for her to leave otherwise."

Skeletor smiles and pulls Evil-Lyn into his throne room. He slams the door shut and slides up to Evil-Lyn's cold unflinching body. She looks up at him, "That's right Skeletor. Now you're recalling the fun we once had." Skeletor presses his body against hers, his breath hot on her neck, "Maybe we should try to see if we still have it Evil-Lyn. Tell me something though, are you still going to be writhing around on the floor with Tri-Klops?" Her skin grows even colder, "What are you talking about?"

He pulls away from her, disgust etched across his skull face, "I know the kind of deadly dance you do. What? You didn't think I'd find out?" Evil-Lyn puts up a brave front, "Find out what Skeletor?" He shouts, "That you were sleeping with Tri-Klops while I was rotting in the Eternos prison! The rest of the Evil Warriors were either locked up or scattered through out, and all the while you were a very busy woman indeed, playing house with one of my Evil Warriors." Evil-Lyn breaks away from him, "You have a lot of nerve! You bastard! How dare you try to throw anything else in my face, not after everything you have done to me."

Skeletor crosses his arms tilting his head back, "But I thought this is what we did? Our deadly little dance?" Evil-Lyn growls, "I can show you a deadly dance. Don't dare cross me Skeletor." He glares at her, grabbing her arms and slightly shaking her, "And don't you cross me, my dear." He turns away from her throwing his throne room doors open. He looks at Shadow Weaver and the other women preparing to leave.

"Shadow Weaver! Stop." Shadow Weaver turns to look back in silence. The rest of the Evil Warriors look back and forth between the silent exchange. Mer-Man and Clawful are both ready to follow Octavia and Scorpia anywhere. Skeletor crosses his arms and spits out, "You can stay here if you want." Evil-Lyn whips her head around in shock and burning anger.

Catra looks over at Entrapta, "Looks like we didn't leave fast enough. Now we'll be stuck here." Entrapta nods in agreement. Octavia and Scorpia stand there in menacing silence. Shadow Weaver takes a few steps in Skeletor's direction, "A change of heart?" Skeletor grins, "I don't have one of those." He knows this new living situation will drive Evil-Lyn insane, and that is just fine by him. Shadow Weaver knows this must be the case as well, and it certainly won't stop her. "Fine Skeletor. We'll stay." The only two people who seem excited by this development are Mer-Man and Clawful...

A large group of Masters and members of the Great Rebellion make their way back into the Eternos Palace. Perfuma can't stop thinking of Moss Man, but she is glad to be back at the palace. Sea Hawk calls out to the Masters, "Is there a bar around here?" Ram Man smiles, "Of course, I'll show you just the place to drown yer sorrows." Sea Hawk is glad to hear that.

Mermista and Netossa talk with Teela and a few others. This is going to be their new home for awhile, so both Etherian women want to make the best of it. There is much chatter at the Palace. All eyes from the guards to the citizens of Eternos seem to be on She-Ra. There are celebratory shouts and claps as people are thrilled to see a new hero in their midst. Questions abound about the whereabouts of He-Man, but the sense of fear and desolation are gone. The Palace is returning back to normal, life is looking to be positive again.

She-Ra looks around the palace. It is a very heavy and emotional experience for her. This is the place she was born. She is standing in her home. Reaching behind her, She-Ra grabs hold of her half of Bow's magical arrow that was sliced in half from the closing portal. Squeezing it tight, She-Ra tries to breathe. This is her only connection to Bow, "I so wish you were here..." She whispers.

Suddenly her thoughts become cloudy as a regal woman walks through the crowd. Dressed in a green gown with a simple crown adorning her head, She-Ra immediately knows who this woman is. "My mother..."

Queen Marlena carefully walks towards She-Ra. The queen knows. She knows who She-Ra is, but she also knows that she must remain calm. Marlena is far from a dummy. She knows that her children were destined for a magical life, but this magical secret cannot be announced to the whole world. Mother and daughter approach each other. They both look at each other, an electric feeling pouring between them. She-Ra stands tall holding back the tears.

Marlena's lower lip trembles. She closes her eyes briefly before speaking, "It's ok. You don't have to hold anything back my dear daughter. You are simply incredible." She-Ra crumbles in that instant. She collapses into her mother's arms. They hug each other tightly tears streaming down their eyes. No one around them seems to notice since the mood in the air is such a celebratory one.

But for Marlena and She-Ra, the moment is just quiet. They hug each other tightly afraid that if they let go it won't be real. Neither believe that this moment is happening. "Mother?" She-Ra asks out loud. Marlena quiets her, "I know. I... I can't believe you are here." She-Ra nods, "But this isn't the real me." Marlena shakes her head, "Whether you are this glorious person before me or my glorious Adora, I do not care. I know you are mine. I know I brought you into this world and I know that you were taken from me in the darkest hour. But, you are here, and we have so much to catch up with." She-Ra nods, smiling, "I look forward to that. Very much." Marlena nods.

She-Ra looks around and is saddened, "Oh no." Marlena looks worried. She-Ra sighs, "My brother. He is on Etheria and we have to find a way to get the portal open..." Marlena nods, "Ok. We will find a way to get him home, but for now we need to talk. I must know of your life and learn how you have become this wonderful woman I see before me." She-Ra nods, "Yes, well, it is not the sweetest of stories." Marlena shakes her head, "I can only imagine. Come now, we'll see your father. He has been recovering from his wounds and has yet to wake, but maybe that will change." She-Ra nods, and both mother and daughter walk towards the inner chambers of the palace, both hold onto each other making sure that they can make this moment last.

Back on Etheria inside Bright Moon, Frosta is sitting up in her bed trying to rest. Waking from a restless nap, Frosta nearly jumps at the sound of someone entering her room. Glimmer walks in with He-Man. "Frosta, you have some company." Glimmer says motioning for He-Man to take a seat at a nearby chair. Frosta nearly falls out of the bed, "Get out!"

He-Man stands there in shock, "Excuse me?" Glimmer looks at Frosta as if she were crazy, "Umm, Frosta, He-Man just returned from the Fright Zone and he wanted to check on you. I thought out of anyone, he'd be the one you'd want visiting." Frosta pulls her sheets up, trying to cover them over her head, "Oh darling, must everyone around here be so dense! I am not decent! Just stand outside for five seconds so I can look somewhat put together! After the ordeal I have been through, I deserve that at the very least!"

Glimmer looks over at He-Man, "Looks like she is back to normal." Glimmer and He-Man step outside and await more orders from the icy empress. He-Man asks how Frosta is doing. Glimmer shrugs, "She was in a daze for awhile, but I cleaned her up and she took a nap. This is the most I've heard her talk since you all returned from Horde World." He-Man nods and is about to say something when Frosta calls for him. Glimmer smiles, "Good luck."

He-Man smiles. He knows that Frosta has an intense crush or lust or something on him. He isn't quite sure what the score is, but it doesn't matter at the moment. Because after what they have been through, he just wants to make sure she is alright. "Everything good now Frosta?" He-Man asks pausing at the sight of Frosta in her bed. Her hair is impeccable while her lips are bright red. He-Man has no idea how she made herself up so fast.

"Hello He-Man." Frosta sits up, trying to arch her back a certain way, but quickly giving up as her body is worn out. He-Man smiles to himself, "Frosta, you know you can just be yourself around me, right?" Frosta sits back trying to maintain some sense of attractiveness. She enjoys his company and even though her attraction towards him is maxed out, she also really likes him. There has never been a man ever in her life to make her heart feel this way, "Of course I can be myself around you He-Man. I just don't like to look unflattering. Ever."

He-Man laughs, "Yes, I understand. I just know that we went through a major ordeal on Horde World, and I just want you to be alright." Frosta raises an eyebrow, "Oh I'm always alright when your near He-Man." Batting her eyelashes Frosta simply smiles.

"About that Frosta... I wanted to talk to you about something. We're friends right?" He asks looking at her cautiously. Frosta sits still and nods, "Yes, of course we are darling." He-Man smiles, "Yes. Well, I do notice that sometimes it seems like you would maybe want more..." Frosta perks up. He-Man continues, "And you are a very beautiful, stunning, woman full of strength and vivacity. But I am just not really wanting to start something romantic with anyone right now. And I just want you to know this, because I can notice that you might be interested in something more..."

Frosta pauses him with her hand, "Stop right there. No need to go any further. Of course we are friends darling. I certainly can't help myself sometimes because I am rather taken aback at your... muscles. That's all. You're just a very good looking man and I sometimes have no clue how to behave. But yes, we are friends." He-Man looks relieved, "Ok good. I am happy we talked about this, because it was something that I have noticed." Frosta nods trying to hold back her disappointment. They make a little bit of small talk before Frosta announces her need for another nap. He-Man nods and hugs her, glad to know she is feeling better. But she isn't feeling better, not by a long shot. Sitting alone in her room, Frosta sighs heavily, "Well let's see. This hasn't been my year now has it?" Looking around her room in Bright Moon, Frosta misses Castle Chill. She misses a great deal, to say nothing of a missed chance at finding love with the most powerful man in the universe. A single tear rolls down her cheek, freezing in its track. Breathing smooth and calmly, Frosta drags a well manicured nail across her cheek, chipping the frozen tear off. "Time to start a new chapter." She says aloud.

Elsewhere in Castle Bright Moon, Madame Razz is sitting up in her own bed recuperating from a head wound, courtesy of Hordak. Pouring over one of her spell books, the grandmotherly figure tries to focus on the words spread across the pages. It is challenging for her, but she is more than pleased for a distraction as Bow walks into her room. Smiling brightly, Madame Razz beams, "Bow! Dearie!"

Bow smiles leaning over to give Madame Razz a hug, "It is good to see you. How are you feeling?" The witchy woman gives Bow a funny look, "I feel old dearie. I've been confined to this bed. My head still hurts from when Hordak struck me. I just feel old. And tired." Bow nods and asks if there is anything he can do. She is every one's grandmother, and he cares for her. Madame Razz grabs hold of Bow's hands, "Nothing you can do for me dearie. These old bones are full of stories and they won't stop telling them now. So tell me a new story. How are the others, She-Ra and the group that went to Horde World?" Bow explains the recent events involving Horde World and how the group got separated. He also explains that they are looking for a way to bring the portal back up between Etheria and Eternia as well as the problem of trying to hunt down Shadow Weaver.

"She-Ra is there on Eternia, which means Adora is there as well." Bow says giving a knowing look to Razz. The old woman sits there in silence. Bow shakes his head, "I know her secret Madame Razz. I also know that you have known this whole time. It's ok."

Madame Razz let's out a loud breath, "Well don't startle me like that again dearie! Just come out with it!" They both laugh and she looks at him with honesty, "I know you love her." Bow nods his eyes getting watery, "I just want to make sure she is ok." Madame Razz tilts her head back, "Ah young love. I remember what young love was. I think often of my love with..." She remembers Light Hope vividly. Their love was epic, but now is not the time for that story. Madame Razz shakes her head, "Dearie, don't you go worryin about Adora. She is She-Ra. That woman has grit to spare. She'll make it back home. She always finds her way back."

Nodding in agreement, Bow smiles, "Yes, I suppose she will Madame Razz." They both smile and Madame Razz makes a slight request, "I need something to eat, and these old bones don't feel like visiting the dining hall. Could you be a dear and get me something special to snack on?" Bow laughs and hugs the woman tightly, "Of course. One delicious meal coming right up." Bow walks off, but before he leaves, Madame Razz calls out, "Dearie? Everything will work out." He looks back with a far off smile, "You know best Madame Razz." She nods to herself and lays back in bed. Of course she does.

In yet anther area of Castle Bright Moon, Roboto and Kowl continue to look over the ancient texts that for the longest time could only be read by Kowl. Now Kowl is meeting his match with the technological savvy of Eternia's heroic mechanical warrior. Chirping out some new data, Roboto buzzes and whirs, "We have been reading these texts and passages incorrectly. The opposite holds true of what you originally understood." Kowl looks over everything, studying to make sure, "My goodness you are correct my metal friend. I had it wrong, and here I thought I was the know-it-all." He grabs hold of a passage and rushes off with Roboto close behind. They travel to Queen Angella's throne.

Inside the throne room, Man-At-Arms is helping adjust some devices around Angella's legs. "I think this will work even better than before." Angella looks down at his work, "Thank you Duncan. I still can't help but feel terrible. I had really hoped the group would have found answers in the Fright Zone to get a portal back open." The noble man looks up at the glowing queen of Bright Moon, "These things happen. I'll find a way to open the portal again, I am not worried about that." His hands caress her calves as he fixes some of the snaps on her walking device, "Besides, like I said earlier, I do like it here. I find it to be very refreshing."

Angella looks at him, studying his rugged face, "Oh, is that so?" Man-At-Arms nods, smiling, "I also want to see you walk again..." Before he can say anything else, Kowl and Roboto rush in with the urgent findings from the old texts.

"What do you mean Kowl? We were misinterpreting the texts this whole time?" Angella asks with confusion. Kowl tilts his head, "Technically we were partially correct. It was written from word that the Star Sisters born of the brightest star landed on Etheria to protect and guard. We were also correct that a jealous and evil sorceress trapped them into a shooting star, to essentially banish them for good. But... everything else was wrong. We originally thought the purpose of the Sun and Lunar Towers were to seek communication with the Star Sisters, to call them back to Etheria with the hope of unleashing their power to protect this great world. We were so terribly wrong..."

Angella is concerned and glances towards Man-At-Arms. Kowl continues, "The Towers were chanting an entirely different message. For centuries Etheria has been trying to keep the Star Sisters from ever returning."

"That makes no sense! Kowl, why would we not want the power of the Star Sisters? They were supposed to protect us." Angella is trying to understand. Kowl looks towards Roboto, "With the help of Roboto and his ability to decode these ancient words even better than I ever could, we found out much more. For instance, the evil sorceress had a name: Ultimera. She trapped the Star Sisters in a shooting star, but the Star Sisters dragged the evil sorceress with them. They were all stuck together in an endless flight throughout the galaxy. Don't you understand now Angella? Etheria cannot require the help of the Star Sisters ever, for once we do, we will also awaken the ultimate evil that is Ultimera."

Angella sits back, stunned, "Is this why Hordak was so interested in the Star Sisters? And what of the three artifacts, like the Ice Diamond and such?" Kowl shakes his head, "It is still not clear why Hordak would want to have access to the Star Sisters. It must not matter much. As for the three artifacts, neither Roboto nor I understand how they fit into this puzzle."

Man-At-Arms looks at everyone, "Has anyone been making sure that these Sun and Lunar Towers keep working to tell the shooting star to stay away?" Angella pauses for a second, "I believe so. Peekablue was in the Sun Tower for awhile, before living here at least. Hordak had partially destroyed the Sun Tower awhile ago. But the funny thing is that Castle Bright Moon is in the location of where the once fabled Lunar Tower stood. How have we been communicating to the Star Sisters to stay away from Etheria this whole time?" No one has an answer. Kowl and Roboto pledge to work harder on solving the mystery surrounding the Star Sisters.

Of course the answer is clear as day. All one needs to do is travel to Sky Dancer Mountain where a gleaming streak of special pink rock hidden inside the mountain resides. A chunk at the top of the mountain is missing, as if something crashed through. And maybe something did. Maybe below the gleaming and majestic walls of the Crystal Castle rests the remnants of a fallen star. Maybe there are three sisters still resting inside while the evil once trapped with them now already roams free on Etheria. Maybe, just maybe, the greatest threat to Etheria was never the Horde, but instead a powerful and evil sorceress calling herself Ultimera...

Up Next!
Sea Hawk tests out the liquor on Eternia...
Mermista is confronted by someone...
Glimmer visits with some special prisoners...


  1. Well you have to know right off the bat that one of my favorite things is the fact that Sea Hawk is gonna get a drink-and even better, he is gonna get a drink with Ram Man! (And now that I think about it, that name is really gay sounding!)but I think your portrayal of Ram Man as a sort of curmudgeon and having him hang with another heavy drinker could lead to high hilarity in the next chapter!
    But on to the more somber aspects, what you did with Frosta really made me feel sad, but in a good way-you took a character that anyone could easily hate, a shallow, narcissistic, bitchy LITERAL princess, and made everyone feel sorry for her! That is no easy task my friend. I don't just like her because she is beautiful anymore, I liken her because I see she has a soul. The frozen tear was a great touch.It made my heart hurt! At first I thought He-man telling her that at the time he did was a bit cold(no pun intended) but then I thought, it's He-man! He is trying to be good! He isn't trying to hurt her, he is trying to make her not get her hopes up just to be dashed. But, as we all know, He-man is the strongest man in the universe, not the smartest. Poor girl must be devastated.
    And on to my fave thing about this chapter-drum roll please-STINKOR!
    Somehow, last chapter I thought the smell was Moss man -because you said it smelled like pine, but I forgot that you said a smell was also under snake mountain at a different time. Stinkor was really cute in this. He seems sympathetic. I know skunks smell bad, but I think they are adorable. Do you like skunks? I think he could be made heroic if the story goes in that direction.
    speaking of possible heel/face turn types-what about Mantenna? Is he still dancing? And I wonder what the ultimate involvement of the star sisters will be. And will the snake men re-emerge? And of course, Hordak will be back, but when? Where? and why?
    I look forward to the next part as I look forward to every part. It brightens my week to see someone giving this attention to these characters who deserve it so much.
    And I hope you are spending every waking minute of your life trying to figure out a way to work Scare Glow into all this!

    1. Well I love the idea of Sea Hawk having a drinking buddy. I don't know that Ram Man will really be the type to keep up with Sea Hawk, but he will be fun. I have always thought of Ram Man as this party type of character. Like he hits his head a lot. Part of his power is ramming through stuff without a care in the world. So I liked the idea of him being able to be responsible but also needing a drink or two because he has got to have a bad headache. And a lot of the characters from MOTU do sound sexual. I mean I obviously never noticed that when I was younger, but as an adult I'm like, "Some of those names sounds like a bit of a stretch."

      And I really wanted the Frosta part to be good. I knew He-Man would be coming from the right place, but the problem was that he was going to hurt her no matter what, because even though she acts googly about him, there was something about him that she realy liked too. It wasn't just his muscles.

      And I have been wanting to put Stinkor in this story for so long. I love the idea of him being this sort of wayward clueless Evil Warrior. I mean Skeletor sent him off to avoid having to deal with the smell, and all Stinkor knows is that he is following orders trying to do the right thing, completely unaware that Skeletor just does not want to deal with the skunky guy. And I do like skunks. Not in real life, but I love skunks in cartoons and what not. The skunk from Bambi (Flower) was my favorite character from that movie.

      Mantenna will be back next chapter. The Star Sisters are going to have a huge story. I mean Part 3 will in some ways be all about them. The Snake Men might come back. But in the story, the Snake Men have already returned and been dealt with. (It was event that occurred right before Chapter 1) And Hordak might return, and I am still working on Scare Glow. lol

      I'm also really glad you like looking forward to these. I love writing them, and I hope that once the story is completely told, it will be something really special. I also have just finished reading over your blog. I love your comics and think you are very talented. You really need to start marketing your work more now, because it is good stuff.

  2. It is already something really special to me! I hope others are reading it too even if they aren't commenting.

    I want to start marketing my stuff, I just have to come up with a plan on how to put it out there so more people can see it.
    Were you able to find a way to put a link for my blog on this one? Or do I have to put some kind of button on my site for people to befriend it or something?

    1. Well I can very easily put a link to your blog on my blog, it will appear on the side under, "Very cool spots." I would have already done it, but I guess I read one of your comments wrong and thought you were still wanting to add more posts. But I am going to add it. And I believe there is something you can do on your edits to had a link for people to click on to follow. Because I couldn't find the spot on your blog to follow it, though it is saved in my favorites.