Friday, January 11, 2013

Bits and Pieces! Wave 6

Ok so I wanted to post a brief Bits and Pieces as I get some really fun posts finished. (As in an all new chapter for tomorrow's She-Ra Saturday!) My recent post on the custom Catra I did has received a lot of nice comments as well as some questions. One reader emailed me to ask for more information on the Elmer's Painters Pens that I partially used on the paint job for Catra.

Paint on!

These pens are very helpful and all the information you could ever need to know can be found here: Elmer's Painters Pens. They can be found at Wal-Mart and most craft stores. I love them because they come in handy and are really easy to use. The paint is permanent and works really well on certain types of plastic that may be tricky when using other types of paints. I love the Testors enamel paints I used for Catra too, the paint was streak free and very easy to apply with a brush. However for certain jobs those Elmer's Painters Pens are just a dream. I have even used the silver and gold pens to fix up my vintage She-Ra toys like for boots and arm cuffs. My old She-Ra doll had golden boots that were turning green with age, but they look as good as new now!

Winx Tartrix

So does anyone else like the Winx Club? Some odd number of months ago the U.S. finally caught up to what the rest of the world as already been loving, and I do find myself drawn to this series. Part of it is because it is the first Italian cartoon series to make it stateside, so the half of me that is Italian is like, "Go stuff from Italy!" But the other thing is that the concept and characters seem really fun. I mean yes most of the dolls do look like they are dressed for a tarty Halloween, or a night club. (Seriously, Bloom sports an outfit that I swear I used to wear when I was tearin' it up at the clubs in my early twenties.) All kidding aside, there is a fun charm about it. Plus this is a line aimed at girls that does not shy away from having villains mix it up with the heroes. I love that! It brings me back to the days when it was ok for a doll line to have a Catra, Sour Grapes, or Nastina.

The only thing I don't like is that Jakks Pacific has picked up the license and though their dolls are made nicely, the paint applications for the faces are just flat out ratchet. The eyes are always messy and look off, like the Winx girls were really living it up at the club. So I like them but I also am slightly annoyed with the way some things look. Does anyone else share this attitude?

Catch Yourself the Perfect POP!

Fans of She-Ra should have their bank accounts ready. will be offering up Netossa from the Masters of the Universe Classics line this Tuesday January 15th. The sale will start 9 am Pacific/noon Eastern. This is actually a big deal for She-Ra fans because Netossa was one of the rare POP releases back in the day, so to finally have a chance to own one is nice. Quantities will be limited as all MOTUC 2013 items will be, so if you want this captivating beauty make sure to be there on sale day. Once she is gone I highly doubt Mattel will reissue her. Here is the link to the store sale page if you are interested- Netossa.

Also once I am able too, I will provide a fun review on Netossa for There will no doubt be countless wonderful reviews from other places about Netossa and other MOTUC items, but I hope you'll want to check mine out. I will post more when the time comes.

So everyone enjoy the rest of their Friday. I am off to finish typing up the all new chapter for Adora's Search for Honor Part 3! Take care!

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