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Adora's Search for Honor Part 3: Chapter 46

Previously: Mermista was not too pleased with the reasons her family had for leaving her behind on Etheria. As such, Mermista walked away from wanting to talk to her father and new found sister Merlia... Adora, as She-Ra, reunited with her mom. However her father, King Randor, is still in a deep sleep from wounds he inflicted from Skeletor... Fisto was also in a deep sleep from suffering from wounds by Skeletor as well... The Rebels from Etheria: Mermista, Perfuma, Netossa, and Sea Hawk found themselves stuck on Eternia, but at the very least they were thrilled to be making new friends... Castle Bright Moon had a few prisoners to contend with like Mantenna and Romeo, and now that the Horde is done for, one can't help but wonder what will happen to them...

and now...

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 3
Chapter 46

"Hey. Bartender! Bartender! You listenin' to me? I need another drink!" Sea Hawk calls out. He is alone in the Eternos Palace bar, slumped over an old wooden bar top, nearly falling off his bar stool. "Come on man, I've been asking for another blasted refill for hours!" Finally having enough, the bartender approaches the pirate, "Sir, it has not been hours. I just refilled your glass a mere three minutes ago."

Sea Hawk squints at the tall bartender with light gray hair. His glasses look as if they might fall off his nose at any second. Sea Hawk wonders what would happen if he pushed the glasses further up the bartender's nose. This makes the pirate laugh for no reason. "I just need another drink. The last one you poured was small. And bring some more of those nibbly things. My friend and I quite like those." The bartender looks around, and sees no one else. Rolling his eyes, he grabs a small bowl of snacks and passes them to the pirate. "Your drink will be right up."

Sea Hawk slurs out a thanks and grabs some of the salty Eternian snacks. He makes a slight whistling sound as his pet mouse races out from a pouch on the pirate's pant leg. The mouse scurries up onto the bar top and helps himself to some of the snacks too. "Good huh?" Sea Hawk mumbles. The bartender notices the mouse and shouts, "You can't have that in here! That is a rodent! This is a respectable bar!"

Tugging on his red beard, Sea Hawk pauses, "This is no normal rodent. This is my good friend and partner in crime. Let me introduce you to..." Sea Hawk pauses looking down at the mouse, "We need to come up with a name for you..." The bartender rolls his eyes again and sets Sea Hawk's drink down, "You are just lucky that you have the money for all these drinks."

"Yep. Nothing else to do but spend my hard earned coin..." ...that I made through a deal with evil, Sea Hawk almost adds but refrains. No need to discuss his past dealings with Hordak. The vile Horde leader is gone now. Instead Sea Hawk pours some of his drink on the bar, letting his pet mouse have a few drops to drink from. "Not too much now..." Sea Hawk continues to sit there in his drunkenness.

A few minutes go by and Ram Man walks into the bar, catching Sea Hawk by surprise. "Hawk? You're still here?" Sea Hawk turns and smiles, "Rammy! My new good friend! Come, join us!" Ram Man looks around for the "us." He is puzzled until his eyes focus on the pet mouse. The brutish Ram Man looks back at the pirate, "Hawk, how long you been here man?"

Sea Hawk tries to think, but comes up with nothing. The bartender speaks up, "He has been here for over a week." Ram Man shakes his head, "No way. You haven't left this bar at all?" Sea Hawk coyly grins at Ram Man, "No. I only leave a bar if I plan on getting into a fight or I pass out. Neither have happened yet." The bartender speaks up again, "He has nearly drank my entire stock and he still sits with eyes wide open!"

The pirate shrugs, "What do you want me to say? The booze here on this planet are not very strong. Where I come from I would have been passed out sharing a bed with a leggy broad days ago. Come on Rammy, join me for a drink."

Ram Man shakes his head, "Hawk, man, I can't. I have a job to do. I work hard so I can play hard, har har." Sea Hawk shakes his head, "You are lame my good friend. So you have work. What is it you do exactly?" Ram Man sidles up to the bar sharing a seat next to Sea Hawk, "I am a Master of the Universe. I work with others to make sure Eternia is running smoothly. Life can't be a big party like the other night."

Sea Hawk nods recalling the wild good time he had with Ram Man and a few others. His eyes glaze over. The pet mouse keeps eating salty snacks and looking between the two men. Sea Hawk looks around, "Well, I don't have a job here. My job was on Etheria. But my freakin ship is there! I got nothing here. Not a blasted thing." He takes a big swig of his drink. Ram Man sighs, "So you don't have much here. Big deal. You've got friends. I mean I think you are a fun friend to hang with. Anyone that can throw up on my shoes and still manage to drink me under the table is good company." Sea Hawk nods, "Yeah." Ram Man shakes his head, "Come on Hawk. You've been on Eternia over a week. It doesn't look like you'll be going back to Etheria anytime soon. You're gonna have to make the best of this. Drinking like this is too much." Sea Hawk shrugs again, "Look Rammy. You've got your job to do with Universing this joint, and I've got my job to do here. Sitting on my drunk ass."

Getting up off his bar stool, Ram Man slaps his hand on Sea Hawk's back, "Alright man. I'm off. I gotta get going." Sea Hawk grins, "Yeah. When you're done come back by. I'll be here." Ram Man nods and walks off mumbling to himself, "That's what I'm worried about..."

Inside the inner sanctums of King Randor's room, Adora sits by her father's bedside. Still in a deep sleep, Adora wonders if her father will wake up. She hears footsteps behind her and turns to see her mother walking into the room, "How is he?" Adora stands up to hug her mother, "There hasn't been much of a change. His coloring is much better, but there is no signs of any movement."

Queen Marlena is crestfallen, "When Fisto finally woke earlier in the week, I had such high hopes that Randor would do the same. Their wounds were inflicted around the same time." Adora nods, "But maybe their bodies are just healing at different rates?" Looking over at her husband, Marlena sighs, "They were in similar shape. I just don't understand what is keeping him from waking. The Sorceress says that his infection is all but gone."

Mother and daughter stand by Randor's bedside. Marlena squeezes Adora's hand, "I'm really glad you transformed from She-Ra. This past week has been just wonderful, all things considered." Adora nods thinking about her life in the past week, "Well I knew I would need to transform. I was just concerned that someone would find it odd that Adora and She-Ra both happened to be on Eternia at the same time." Marlena shakes her head, "But no one has seemed to notice anything. In fact there has been nothing but joy from everyone that you are here. Though I must ask my dear daughter, do you think that you will ever tell anyone your secret?"

Adora stands there thinking about her answer, "I am not sure. For the longest time I strived to keep my dual identity a secret for fear that it would endanger the lives of those I cared about if placed in the wrong hands. But now the threat of the Horde is gone, and things do seem rather peaceful. I suppose I could share my secret with those around me... but I don't know. Something is just holding me back. I almost don't want anyone to know, and I don't know why."

Marlena sits down in a plush chair, "You told me that some people in your life know. How do you feel about those people knowing?" Adora shrugs thinking about that topic, "I am not sure. I mean everyone who knows that I am She-Ra sort of figured it out themselves. Light Hope and the Sorceress already knew long before I did. Madame Razz figured it out easily from her own experiences with Light Hope. Adam knew because we share the same secret. You knew because you are my mother."

Marlena smiles, "I had known with Adam and it only made sense to realize the same would be true with you." Adora smiles looking up at her mother, "Yes. And there was my dear friend Spira who knew. But she died..." Adora shakes away the sad memories of losing Double Trouble. Marlena closes her hands around Adora's hands, "But there is also some happiness. This young man named Bow knows too, and he seems to be a very kind man." Adora nods missing him terribly, "Yes. He found out on his own too. He is a wonderful person."

"I imagine so. I look forward to meeting him one day. In fact, I would love to meet all of your friends Adora. The few that are already on Eternia have been so kind. I just want to meet everyone, barring that one friend that tried to kill you." Adora smiles, "You mean Catra. I would hardly call her a friend. Though I wish we could have been, she was just full of so much hatred though..." Marlena nods. She is just happy to have her daughter safe. Adora is still thinking though about her dual identity, "Aside from others figuring it out, I really don't know that I could just announce that. Something within me just does not feel comfortable telling people." Marlena smooths a hand over Adora's blond hair, "That should be your choice Adora. If you don't want people to know you are also She-Ra, than you don't have to tell anyone." Adora nods and then thinks aloud, "But I just want to know why I wouldn't tell anyone..." The words hang in the air lingering around like the smell of perfume. There is much to celebrate, but for Adora, there are still many concerns to deal with as well.

Inside Castle Grayskull, Fisto finds himself fighting a losing argument with the Sorceress and his niece Teela. Tossing a heavy chest piece made of special cloth and metal to the ground, Fisto shouts, "For the last time, I am not wearing this chest piece!" Fisto slams his foot on the stone castle ground for added threat. Teela and the Sorceress stand there with arms crossed. Teela glares at her uncle, "Stop being so annoying. Just put the chest piece on!"

Fisto stands before the women huffing and puffing. His wounds are mostly healed, but they still look bad. The Sorceress calmly speaks, "Fisto, this chest piece will protect you and allow your body to heal naturally. You just woke from sustaining terrible injuries as well as a serious infection. You cannot leave Grayskull without it." Teela adds, "Yeah. The alternative could be worse. You could be dead. We nearly thought that was going to actually happen." Fisto glares, "That chest piece feels constricting. I will be just fine without it!"

He prepares to walk off, but the Sorceress uses her power over telekinesis and flings the chest piece on, snapping it in place. Fisto shouts, "What in the world is this!?" The Sorceress smiles, "This is called preemptive action. And don't dare think of removing it. The snaps will only be able to pop off by me." Fisto shakes his head while the two women smile. "I don't believe this. I was better off being alone in my cabin."

Teela shakes her head chuckling, "You don't mean that." Pointing a finger at his niece, Fisto grunts, "When your father comes back to Eternia I'm having him ground you." Shaking her head, Teela laughs, "I'm a grown woman. Good luck with that." Throwing his hands in the air, Fisto prepares to walk off. Asking where he is leaving off to, Fisto replies, "I'm going to find me a bar. I need a strong drink."

"Is that really a good idea? You are fighting off the remains of an infection." The Sorceress states. Fisto snaps back, "Ah come on. The alcohol will just sterilize my insides. I'll be fine." He walks off, but before he does he gives his niece a kiss on the forehead. "You're pretty good kid. Just don't think of pulling a stunt like this again." Teela jokingly nods, glad that her uncle is listening to her. She is also glad he didn't die, though she does wonder what sort of revelation he was going to tell her before they all thought he was done for. Shaking herself back to the present, Teela realizes she is alone in the room with her mother.

The Sorceress looks over at her daughter and smiles, "Well, I'd say we make a good team..." Things have been tough between the two ever since Teela found out the truth. Nodding in agreement, Teela sighs, "He is exhausting, but I am glad my uncle is doing better." Teela grabs some of her items in the room, preparing to leave. The Sorceress looks at this all closely, "So now that Fisto will be back at the Eternos Palace, I suppose you won't be visiting Grayskull as much anymore?"

Teela stops picking up, "I don't know. It is nice visiting here. After all, I was living here when the Palace was overrun by the Evil Warriors." The Sorceress walks up to her daughter, "I know things were rocky at first when you found out the truth of our connection. And I am truly sorry, I will never be able to apologize enough for keeping our relation from you. It was wrong of me. However, I feel as if we have bonded some. I would like you to visit as often as you'd like..."

Standing before her mother, Teela is quiet. In some ways Teela knows this woman and in other ways the Sorceress, her mother, is a complete stranger. Nodding an agreement, Teela cautiously answers, "I could come by to visit some." The Sorceress smiles, blinking back tears, "I would really love that." Teela nods trying to avoid her emotions from spilling out. The warrior goddess grabs her items and says goodbye to the Sorceress. Standing alone in the room, the Sorceress closes her eyes. Changes are happening for everyone, and for the Sorceress this change feels just right...

On the planet Etheria, Glimmer and Spinnerella walk through Castle Bright Moon, catching up on things. With the passing of a week, the women discuss the various topics occurring with everyone. "So Frosta just left?" Spinnerella asks. Glimmer nods, "Yes. She up and decided that she wanted to start building up Castle Chill again. She left so abruptly, I don't really know what is going on with her."

Spinnerella, "I feel the same way about Netossa. Peekablue used her vision to find that Netossa was indeed on Eternia, and I simply cannot understand why she left. I miss my friend." Glimmer thinks of their other friends, "I know. We're missing a few good friends for sure. Mermista, Perfuma, and Adora are there too. Bow is still working on finding a way to get to her, I feel so bad for him. And no one has seen She-Ra at all..."

"But there is really no need for She-Ra now is there? The Horde has been completely disbanded!" Spinnerella smiles at the thought of freedom spreading across Etheria. Glimmer sighs, "Yes, but there are still so many problems. We have prisoners to tend with and there are some members of the Horde still on the loose. Of course He-Man has become a great source of help." Spinnerella nods, "And don't forget there does seem to be the concern about the Star Sisters or something. I'm actually on my way right now to help Kowl and Roboto to organize some ancient texts. They need my fast moves to get the job done in a flash." Spinnerella makes a quick twirl and laughs with Glimmer.

Nodding in happiness, Glimmer sighs, "It is rather nice not to have the threat of fighting evil on our hands at every turn," Glimmer groans though, "I guess I am off to the prison cells. I have got to talk to Mantenna and that Romeo guy." Spinnerella nods, "It is a shame. Romeo is a very good looking guy, such a waste that he has to be a member of the Horde." Spinnerella pauses before turning down a different corner, "Oh wait, how is your mom doing?" Glimmer smiles, "She is actually doing pretty well. Duncan has really outfitted her with a device that helps her walk. It isn't perfect, but she is moving around."

"I'm so happy to hear that Glimmer." Spinnerella smiles. They talk for a few more moments about all the new changes around them. Soon the two women part ways and promise to meet up for dinner with everyone.

Walking away, Glimmer makes her way to the makeshift prison cells in Bright Moon. Standing in front of the cells, Glimmer looks at Mantenna and Romeo. "Dinner will be arriving soon." Mantenna sits up, "We don't usually get an announcement for dinner, what gives? Come to kill us off or something?"

Glimmer rolls her eyes, "Mantenna, when are you going to get it? No one is going to kill you. We aren't the Horde." Romeo calls out from his cell, "Mantenna, they are keeping us here until they can figure out what to do with us." Mantenna's bug eyes grow wide, "What else can they possibly do? The Horde is all gone now. There is nothing left to do but kill us! They'll probably execute us in Perfuma's smelly garden! I will not be fertilizer for her crap!" His shrill voice is growing in panic.

Glimmer waves her hands in the air, "Stop Mantenna! Stop already! For the last time, no one is going to be executed! I don't understand why you think we are the bad ones here! You two know exactly why you are locked up." Mantenna grabs hold of his cell bars, "Glimmer, I can't take it anymore! No one is going to rescue me at all! I need to get out of here! I'd rather you just execute me!"

Romeo sighs, "Goodness man, compose yourself." Mantenna spits out, "Shut up! I've been in here longer!" Glimmer looks at the two prisoners, "Are you done Mantenna? Could you please let me talk?" Mantenna calms down. Romeo rolls his eyes and stares over at Glimmer as if to say, "Go on." His eyes linger just a little bit at Glimmer's bright eyes, and the princess quickly looks away. His good looks are not going to fool her. Glimmer coughs slightly, "There is a reason I am here. After all the fighting and battles with the Horde, there has been much destruction in the Fright Zone as well as other various places across Etheria. There are many people who have been volunteering to help rebuild Etheria and to make this planet a brighter and more wonderful place. I have been talking with other members of the Rebellion and we feel that there may be a way for you both to help repay us all after the destruction you helped create."

Mantenna rolls his eyes, "What does that mean? Am I going to be executed and my parts spread throughout Etheria or something as payback?" Romeo sighs out loud in annoyance. Glimmer goes on, "Mantenna, please get it through your insectoid brain that no one is going to be executed. I am offering you both a choice. Help us rebuild all of Etheria. If you decide to say yes, you will help start first with fixing up Bright Moon from the previous Horde attack that left sections of the castle in shambles. And before either of you plan something, you will be guarded. There will be no escaping nor will there be a chance for attack."

Mantenna and Romeo both listen. Glimmer adds, "Besides, there would be no point in attacking. The Horde is over. There is nothing left. You can either sit in these cells wasting away, or you can have moments to get out and help make this world a better place."

Glimmer walks away, "I don't expect an answer just yet. Think it over. I will return with dinner soon." She leaves the room. Mantenna claps his hands, "Woo-hoo! Rebuilding a castle sure beats getting executed!" Romeo rolls his eyes and thinks of all the power and prestige he once had on Horde World. His heart sinks as he realizes it all means nothing now. "I'm just going to have to adapt." He says aloud and waits for dinner, and the chance to see Glimmer again. The guide who lights the way is leaving quite an impression on the former Horde member...

Back on Eternia, Adora, Teela, Netossa, and Perfuma are gathering for a meal. Teela is thrilled, she finds it nice to be making strong friendships with other women, "Where is Mermista?" Perfuma cuts into a piece of fruit and before biting sighs, "She is in her room. She's kinda been wanting to avoid everyone lately." Netossa and Adora both nod. The four women continue to eat and chatter about the events of their day. Perfuma rattles on about some new flowers she found. Netossa discusses the netting techniques she taught Rio Blast and Mekaneck earlier. Teela sighs about the trouble of her ornery uncle. Adora looks around and is just pleased to be in such nice company.

Suddenly though they find themselves as women interrupted by Clamp Champ, "Princess Adora, I've been looking everywhere for you." Adora smiles, "Please Clamp Champ, you can call me Adora. Is everything alright?" The Champ hurries, "Your friend, the pirate, he has been causing quite a scene in the Palace bar. The bartender asked me to fix it, but I thought you could get through to him."

Adora groans thinking of Sea Hawk, "Oh no." Adora excuses herself and prepares to head off to the bar. Clamp Champ looks over at Teela, "You might want to go too. Your uncle is involved as well." Teela rolls her eyes, "That damn man." Adora and Teela rush off with Clamp Champ right behind. Perfuma looks over at Netossa, "I don't know about you 'Tossa, but I am not going to be left out!" Netossa nods and the two women quickly follow.

Running towards the Palace bar, Adora can hear screams and shouts along with the sounds of items being broken. Adora rushes into the bar and notices a shouting match between Sea Hawk and Fisto. For a second Adora stumbles over the sight of both men covered in cuts. They both have reddish hair and beards that are also covered in debris. The pirate shouts in a drunken slur, "Tell me now for the last time, if you have come from the future how come you can't just bring me to Etheria!" Fisto shouts in a drunken slur, "I've told you! I am not you! I am me! And I am not from the future!" Sea Hawk shakes his head slowly, "That is exactly something I would say!" Adora jumps as Fisto throws a bottle of alcohol at Sea Hawk. The pirate ducks and the bottle nearly hits the pet mouse. Sea Hawk burps and gurgles out, "Hey! That is my friend!" He lunges for a punch and swings nothing but air. Fisto grins and reaches back with his big fist, tossing Sea Hawk across the room.

Teela and Clamp Champ aren't sure what to do. The bartender rushes up to the group, "Please! I am begging of you. End this madness! Those two fools got drunk and challenged each other to an arm wrestle. The smelly pirate lost and then suddenly accused Fisto of being an older version of himself from the future. I don't even know what any of this means, I just want it all over with!" Clamp Champ nods, "I'm getting more help." He rushes past Perfuma and Netossa, saying, "This is no place for ladies." Perfuma chirps, "Oh I've been to the Fright Zone Champ. This is nothing." Perfuma and Netossa look on at the chaos.

Adora looks at her friends, "I need a net." Netossa nods and tosses her cape across the room capturing a very drunk Sea Hawk. He stumbles to the ground cursing out loud. Fisto grins, "Time to teach you a lesson you little runt!" Teela trips her uncle up, "Goodness would you look at you! Stop this and sit down now!" Fisto looks over at Teela and curses, "Shit. I can't get away for nothing."

Rushing over to Sea Hawk, Adora pulls the net off his head. Sea Hawk's glazed eyes focus on Adora and he grins, "ADORA! Am I glad to see you! I didn't know you were here!" He hiccups as Adora sighs, "I've been at the Palace Hawk. It looks like you have been here in the bar too long to notice. Come on, let's get up. What happened?" Adora helps him up. The pirate grabs Adora's arms, "Adora, in the future I will have a large obnoxious looking metal fist. Please don't let that happen to me."

Sighing again, Adora shakes her head, "Hawk, focus. No one is from the future. That man is named Fisto. He is a Master of the Universe. He is not you. Ok?" Sea Hawk looks around, "Some Master. I could kick his ass with a blindfold!" Fisto hears this and barks, "Ha! Whatever runt! I had you losing every round of arm wrestling!" Sea Hawk struggles to go after him, and Adora holds him back, "Hey. Come on. Stop this. I'm taking you to your room. Come on, let's go." Adora walks off with Sea Hawk. Teela continues to help her uncle with some minor cuts and scrapes as Clamp Champ returns with Mekaneck, Ram Man, and Sy-Klone. Ram Man looks at the mess, "Ah man! I missed a good time." Netossa grabs her net as Perfuma looks at the pet mouse, "Come on little guy! We'll look after you!" The pet mouse runs into Perfuma's hand continuing to munch on some salty snacks.

Alone in her room, Mermista sits in silence. She is writing in a journal and trying to remain calm. The past week has been a rough one for her. "Oh I just want to be home." Mermista looks out her bedroom window in the Eternos Palace. She wonders what her friends are up to and that she should probably be with them. She hears a noise at her bedroom door. Turning to see who is there, Mermista stands up at the sight of her visitor. "Merlia?"

Mermista's sister nods asking if she can enter the room. Her pale white and blue hair shines with the fading sunlight pouring into the room. Mermista crosses her arms, "What do you want?" Merlia looks around, "Our first conversation was not an easy one, and I know you must hate me intensely, but I really wanted to talk to you." Mermista feels bad and makes a slight smile to her face, "I don't hate you Merlia. My goodness, I don't even know you. I just found out you existed a week ago."

Merlia nods, "I understand that. However, I've known about you my whole life. Our father told me the story of what happened to you when you were born. I grew up feeling so sad that I had an older sister somewhere out in the universe. I'd dream about what it would be like to one day meet. I never even thought that day would be possible, and now with everything that has happened... so many people are getting the chance to reunite and meet people they never thought they'd get the chance to."

Nodding and listening, Mermista sighs, "I understand what you are saying. You must understand where I am coming from though. I had thought my entire family was gone, long dead. I thought I was the last of my kind. And now to see that there are so many people... it is just so much to comprehend." Merlia nods, "I know. I had no intention of coming to see you at all. I wanted to give you space like you had said, but I just really want to get to know my sister. I know we won't all of a sudden be extremely close, but do you think we could start out as friends? Please?"

Mermista looks across at her younger sister. There is so much hope in her eyes. It breaks Mermista's heart. The mermaiden knows that her younger sister never asked for any of this to happen. Mermista is unhappy with the choices her father made so long ago, but that surely has nothing to do with Merlia. Smiling, Mermista nods, "Ok. We can get to know each other. I would like that." Merlia smiles, "Oh this is wonderful. Thank you. I will leave you alone, maybe tomorrow we could hang out?" Mermista smiles, "Or, if you are hungry, we could go find something to eat. I haven't really had anything to eat for dinner yet." The sisters agree and they walk off to the palace dining hall. While heading that way, they meet up with Perfuma and Netossa. Perfuma smiles, "Oh Mermista! You wouldn't believe what just happened!" They all get together and begin the process of building relationships. Conversations commence, and for one great moment, they all forget about the world around them and just enjoy each other's company...

In yet another part of the Eternos Palace, Adora helps Sea Hawk to his bed. He plops onto the bed with a heavy thud. "Oh shit I feel trashed." Sea Hawk sighs. Adora shakes her head slightly laughing as she removes the pirate's boots, "I think you are beyond trashed." Sea Hawk nods smiling with his eyes closed. Adora looks down at him and prepares to leave, she'd like to catch up with her friends.

The pirate reaches out to her, calling her name. Adora turns as the pirate slowly opens his eyes, "I didn't know you were here on Eternia." He looks over at her. Adora nods, "Yes. I am here." Sea Hawk nods, "I miss Etheria. More than I ever thought I would." Agreeing, Adora sits on the side of his bed, "I miss Etheria too." The pirate looks over at her, "Yeah, but you've got your family here." Adora nods, "But I don't have everyone." She is thinking of her love for Bow and her brother. Sea Hawk nods, "I hate that my ship is not here. Of course, now that I know you are here... it makes things a lot easier." He reaches out to hold her hand.

She wants to let go and walk away, but in that moment she doesn't let go. He is sad, as is she, and so she sits there. They hold onto each other's hands, sitting in silence. Sea Hawk slurs slightly, "I know you are in love with him. I get it. But I think I'm in love too..." Adora's heart feels funny and something sinks in her chest. "Sea Hawk, I don't think you know what you are talking about..." He looks at her, in the eyes, and for a moment his glazed expression seems to be full of clarity, "I love you." Her heart breaks. The alcohol sweeps over Sea Hawk and his eyes become incredibly glassy again. He lays back on the bed as if he had said nothing. He starts chuckling, "What am I going to do princess? The good looking Adora is here on Eternia and so is She-Ra. Hot damn She-Ra is so hot." He hiccups really loudly and closes his eyes to fall into some much needed sleep. He is off to dream while Adora is left to try and understand the recent bombshell placed in her hand.

In another part of Eternia, Skeletor sits atop his throne in Snake Mountain. The evil lord of destruction calls for Tri-Klops. Sitting and waiting, Skeletor grins nothing but a row of teeth as Tri-Klops soon enters the room. "Yes Skeletor?" Lowering his head, Skeletor glares at Tri-Klops. "I require a favor from you Tri-Klops."

"What would that be?" Tri-Klops stands tall, awaiting his order. Skeletor grins again, "I want you to travel to the Eternos Palace, alone. Ambush the palace, shake things up. Let those pathetic Masters of the Universe know that the Evil Warriors are far from defeated." Skeletor sits there, reveling in his request as Tri-Klops stands in uncomfortable silence. "But Skeletor, that seems rather dangerous. Why would you want me to go alone?"

Skeletor clasps his hands together and sneers, "You didn't think you'd get away with it did you? What you did with Evil-Lyn is now coming back to slice you. Take your medicine Tri-Klops."

Gritting his teeth, Tri-Klops spits out, "And what if I return from this ambush alive?" Skeletor grins, "Well then you can count yourself lucky. Now go." Skeletor realizes that Tri-Klops won't fight the request, for he'd surely end up dead. Tri-Klops knows that he betrayed Skeletor's trust and now Tri-Klops has to pay. The evil man that sees everything never saw this one coming. He grabs hold of the best weapons that he can find and leaves Snake Mountain to see if he can pass the test...

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More awesomeness unfolds! 


  1. OK-first off, "Badalicious Baddie"? You can't do these kinds of thing to me!Now I am way behind! I thought Wonderlicious Wondergirl thing was the only new feature!
    And, I got a book I'd like to recommend for Dorekette Book club. I just bought it today,and it is called "The Art of Betty and Veronica" -classic good girl art(not that Veronica is a good girl)stuff done up in a coffee table style.Here is a link:

    I realize, in my world, Prime Eve would be Betty, Sateena would be Veronica and Dairy Star is a combination of Betty and Veronica.

    And I just drew the cover to Prime Eve #1 this weekend, and will be posting more stuff on my blog soon.
    And I shall read this new chapter when I get two more seconds. Along with the Baddie thing- Can't wait!

    1. Oh I've heard about that book! That looks really cool. I am very fond of Betty and Veronica. They were comic characters that I read at a really young age as did my mom. That is actually the only comic we really had in common. She still has some of her vintage Archie comics from way back when. She also read some Richi Rich comics. I need to go see where they are at her house.

      I look forward tothe Prime Eve cover! She seems like a really great character. I will be looking out for the new content.

  2. One more thing before I begin my reading of this chapter-what do you think of Claire Holt as Frosta? she is Rebekah on the Vampire Diaries. She can pull of the whole saying the word "darling" convincingly. But perhaps she is a touch too young to play your Frosta, who I envision to be thirty at least.
    Funnily enough both her and Phoebe Tonkin played mermaids in the past-and both are hot, but I don't really envision either of them as Mermista, do you?

    1. I mean I could sort of see Claire Holt as Frosta. But I'm not sure. I do see these characters as being a little older, but I also realize that they are probably much younger than I am giving them credit for. lol

      And I can't picture anyone being Mermista. That is a hard one. I am not sure. I need to think about that one!

  3. Wow, the part with Sea Hawk thinking Fisto is himself from the future is probably the funniest thing you've ever written! Funny drunk stuff is always good.Though I don't know how he ever could have thought he could beat Fisto in arm wrestling! I am glad to see that he has accepted the mouse as his friend. I am a big fan of the 1950's Disney movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and Sea Hawk reminds me a lot of Kirk Douglas's character character Ned Land, the booze swilling heroic sailor who befriends the seal. I don't even know if I've ever drank as much as Sea Hawk has at this point. The booze on Eternia must really be weak or he'd be dead after spending all that time at the bar. Do you think he really loves She-ra/ Adora or it's just infatuation? I think it is definitely the closest thing he's ever felt to love( other than love for his ship and for booze)
    Also I'm glad Romeo and Mantenna are getting a chance to help the rebellion-perhaps we'll get Glimmer laid yet!

    And I knew his tryst with Evil Lyn would come back to haunt Tri-clops. Does this mean Skeletor actually does care about Evil Lyn more than he lets on?
    But I want to know what's up with Stinkor, and see the next installment of Moss Man and Perfuma's relationship.
    And find out what has become of the lovely Catra. Why did Marlenna refer to her as Adora's friend? Did she know something of their history or was she just sarcastically using the word friend?

    1. Well. I loved writing the stuff with Sea Hawk and Fisto. I wanted it to seem like Sea Hawk wasn't that drunk, but he clearly was if he was thinking he could arm wrestle Fisto and then fall into some mindset that Fisto was Sea Hawk from the future. I also love Sea Hawk and the mouse. I want it to have that sort of element like in 20,000 Leagues or other stories with a human character having that kind of connection with an animal. And I am not sure what to think of Sea Hawk and Adora/She-Ra. I think on some level he loves her, but the way I see it, Sea Hawk and Adora/She-Ra would be highly complicated while Adora/She-Ra and Bow is something else, something really easy and heartfelt. But nothing will be easy with this story at all. lol

      And Tri-Klops was totally gonna get payback. I think Skeletor does care for Evil-Lyn, but so much has happened between the two, that he'd never admit it. Plus since they are "evil" I wouldn't expect their love to be common in the least. In fact I think part of their relationship is based on who can hurt the other one the most.

      There will be much more Stinkor and Moss Man, their stories are far from over. And Catra too! And Marlena made that comment because Catra was originally friends with Adora when they were younger, well as friendly as Catra could be. I didn't really detail that conversation between mother and daughter that I should have. I tried to make it more implied, but it just gets really hard on what to include and whatnot to include.