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Adora's Search for Honor Part 3! Chapter 51!

She-Ra Saturday is ready and full of slithery action!

Previously: Eternia geared up for a celebration honoring the new princess Adora. Fun and festive things were well under way. Mermista was doing her best to avoid having to talk to her father. Netossa was enjoying herself unaware that she had some admirers by way of Clamp Champ and Ram Man. Sea Hawk was about to tell Adora about some of his past misdeeds, but he couldn't quite get to it because in a surprising moment Duncan and Bow both arrived to the celebration via a quick magical portal from Etheria. Duncan has to get help with stopping a new evil threat as per the Star Sister's information. Adora and Bow meanwhile embraced with a kiss... Speaking of kissing, He-Man and Sweet Bee locked lips on Etheria and it was pretty swell for He-Man, but not so much for that honey of a guide Sweet Bee... Having had enough of her fate under Snake Mountain, Castaspella finally took her life into her own hands and opened the 'slither doors' that she was explicitly told by Stinkor not to do. Castaspella and Stinkor both found themselves in over their heads as the Snake Men finally found themselves free... Now here is a little run down on the Snake Men, their last time to run amok on Eternia occurred right before the start of Part 1 of Adora's Search for Honor. The Snake Men were freed at the hands of Evil-Lyn as a way of getting back at Skeletor. Realizing that her actions were a grave mistake, Evil-Lyn and the rest of the Evil Warriors had to fight against the hungry and ravenous Snake Men. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe got involved and it was not pretty. Also, at this time, Hordak arrived on Eternia for the billionth time to try and take over Eternia. He had Catra and a then-Horde Force Captain Adora with him and it was a huge mash up battle. Readers from the beginning will recall that Part 1 started with Hordak and his crew returning to Etheria from that invasion. So there is the history of the Snake Men for purposes of this fanfic!

And now...
Adora's Search for Honor
Part 3
Chapter 51

As the night of Adora's celebration at the Eternos Palace continues, other more sinister things are occurring at Snake Mountain. A group of thieves find themselves trying to break into a secluded spot in Snake Mountain. Karak Nul is the first to slide down a make shift rope into a cavernous space in Snake Mountain. He looks up at the rocky opening beckoning for his accomplices, "Tuvar! Baddrah! The coast is clear!" Karak looks around rubbing his hands together, "Oh boy, oh boy! We are in the famous Snake Mountain! This is going to be it boys! We'll never have to worry about taking on another bounty again! Can you just imagine all the riches we'll find in this dump?"

Karak looks around the gloomy Snake Mountain. He calls back up, "Hey! Are you guys listening! Come on down! We'll be the richest three bounty hunters on all of Eternia! We'll retire! Guys?" Karak grows concerned. The operation is not working the way they had rehearsed. "Damn it Tuvar and Baddrah! Are you guys fighting again? Where are you two!?"

With a slight panic growing in his gut, Karak panics as he hears a strange hissing sound. "Guys?" Karak quickly turns at the sound of the slightest noise and breathes a sigh of relief as the noise is nothing. He looks one last time up the rope and shrugs, "Forget this! I'll find hidden treasure myself!" Karak prepares to explore Snake Mountain on his own. As he is about to take his first footsteps into a retirement full of riches, Karak gets caught up as a long green tube dangles around his shoulder. "Cut it out guys!"

Screaming out in protest, Karak tries to fight off the bendable green tube as it tightens around his neck. Sssqueeze stands behind the bounty-hunter-turned-thief and strangles him with one of his long arms. Karak struggles to fight, but soon the loud snap of his neck breaking echoes in the large cavernous room. Sssqueeze lets Karak fall to the floor. Licking his chops, the evil long-armed viper looks down at Karnak's body. Preparing to go in for a long awaited meal, Sssqueeze is held back.

"Not right now Sssqueeze." The viper looks up at his master: King Kiss. The dreadful disguised leader of the Snake Men grins with his human face, "Not right now..." Sssqueeze looks on at the body hungrily, "But it has been so long since we last ate. I am hungry..."

King Hiss looks around Snake Mountain with his arms open wide, "The Snake Men are free again! There will be plenty of time to feast! For now though, let's visit our dear friend Skeletor..." King Hiss motions for the rest of the Snake Men to follow. Kobra Khan, Rattlor, and Snake Face follow closely behind as Sssqueeze looks back one last time at the body of Karak. Tung Lashor rushes out of the darkness to catch up with the group, motioning for Sssqueeze to follow. The Snake Men travel through the underground passageways of Snake Mountain with a deadly purpose...

Back inside the celebration at the Eternos Palace, Adora finds herself being swept off her feet, "Bow? Are you really here?" The archer gives a dashing smile, "Yes. I am here." The crowd is looking on in curiosity. Sea Hawk stands off to the side, unsure how much he can stand to observe.

Adora has so many questions and tries to understand how Bow is standing right in front of her. Bow sighs, "It is a long story. Duncan and I are the only ones back." Adora shakes her head in shock, "Well I'm sure you will explain it all to me soon, but for now, you must meet everyone!" Adora grabs his hand and begins introducing him to the Masters of the Universe, and the queen. Adora smiles, "Mother, this is Bow."

Queen Marlena smiles shaking her head, "I don't quite understand what is happening, but I have heard so many wonderful things about you. It is a pleasure to meet you." Bow smiles and hugs Adora's mom. The hug catches the queen off guard. Bow grins, "It is an honor to finally meet you. Adora is a special woman, and I couldn't be happier for her that she finally has met you." Marlena can't keep from smiling. It is a happy occasion that keeps getting better.

Duncan stands in the crowd looking over at Adora. Teela approaches her father, "So how did you do it? Did you open another portal?" Duncan hugs his daughter, "Another portal was opened, but only for a short time and not by me." Duncan's brother approaches the both of them, "Would you look at this? Planetary portal travel does not look good on you Duncan." Fisto laughs at his own joke, but Duncan agrees, "I am entirely exhausted. But I have work to do. There are some things happening on Etheria that need all of our attention."

Teela rubs her head in frustration, "What do you mean? I thought He-Man was on Etheria, can't he take care of it?" Duncan looks at his daughter, "This is bigger than just He-Man." Teela shrugs as she looks around the party, "Well do we have to worry about saving the universe right now? The palace is celebrating Adora. Can't we just focus on that for now?" Duncan nods and excuses himself, "I'll talk to you all in the morning. I have work to do." Duncan walks off as Orko floats right behind him and mumbles a little something about his hand in closing the original portal. Duncan sighs but carries on. He realizes that sleep will not be happening at all.

Sea Hawk looks over at Adora and Bow smiling and enjoying the celebration. The pirate shakes his head, "And I think I'm done." He walks off planning to leave. Before he exits the ball room he grabs a drink and some salty snacks from the bar area. The drink is for him while the salty snacks are for his pet mouse.

Netossa hugs Bow and is excited to see him. Bow catches Adora and Netossa both up on Etheria and how everyone is doing. Bow looks around and asks where Perfuma and Mermista are. Adora sighs, "We haven't seen Perfuma in a couple days. I'm sure she is around here somewhere..." Netossa agrees before excusing herself.

Netossa notices Clamp Champ and Ram Man both approaching her, each with a drink. Ram Man tries to beat Clamp Champ to her, "Netossa! Netossa! I have a drink for you." Clamp Champ shoulders Ram Man pretty hard and sighs, "I think she will prefer my drink more." Netossa is looking back and forth between the two men. She is unsure how to interpret their behavior.

Ram Man groans, "Step off Clamp Champ. The lady would like a hearty ale. She has enjoyed sharing an ale with me before." Clamp Champ tries to step on Ram Man's foot, "And I believe that Netossa is too sophisticated for a simple ale. She would more than likely enjoy a nice fizzy drink with a blend of different intricate flavors."

Netossa simply shrugs feeling lost, "Well both drinks sound pretty nice." Ram Man groans again, "Netossa, you can't have both drinks. You can only pick one. Which drink are you going to be interested in drinking?" Clamp Champ nods, "Ram Man is correct madame. You can only choose one. Which one would you prefer getting to know... er... I mean drink."

Placing a hand over her mouth, Netossa shakes her head, "We stopped talking about drinks awhile back, yes?" Ram Man and Clamp Champ both stare at each other. The jig is up. Netossa clears her throat, "Would one of you please explain what is going on. I'm feeling slightly uncomfortable." Clamp Champ hangs his head, "I am sorry Netossa. Neither of us wish to make you uncomfortable, it is just that..."

Ram Man interrupts, "We both have a thing for ya." Netossa stands still, caught in surprise, "Excuse me? You are both interested in me? But why? I hardly know you two." Clamp Champ opens up, "Ever since I first met you I have simply been captivated by you. Aside from your stunning beauty you are also an incredibly strong fighter. I've seen you face danger head on without a care in the world, and there just aren't many women like that on Eternia."

Ram Man rolls his eyes at the mushiness. He catches Netossa's attention, "Well, I've just liked getting to know you and sharing some ale with you in the Palace bar. You're good company, and most ladies around this place don't like having me for company." Netossa tilts her head, "Ram Man. Don't be silly. You are a lovely man. A bit crass at times, but you are lovely." Netossa turns to Clamp Champ and smiles, "And Clamp, you were the first person to really show me around here and make me feel comfortable. You are incredibly kind, even if your description of me is slightly off."

Clamp Champ shakes his head, "No. I meant what I said. You are strong and brave, it is very nice to behold." All of the attention is getting to Netossa's head, "Trust me, if either of you truly knew me, you would not be saying such things. I've ran from many a problem. I don't always stand ready to face trouble. I only just recently ran from my home without telling my dearest friend. I still am unsure as to why I did that. I don't quite see myself the way that you two do."

"That is ok Netossa. I think we just both really like you." Ram Man looks at her with such admiration. He could look into her eyes all day long. Netossa smiles, "Oh Ram Man. You are so sweet. But I can't choose either of you. I'm not looking to choose anyone at the moment. I'm just enjoying this new world around me and getting to know everyone. I'm making new friends while missing old ones. I just want to enjoy life, because I know life can be shattered in an instant." Netossa smiles and grabs both drinks from the two men. She smiles, "I'll be taking both of these drinks, because they both look very good!" Netossa walks off to enjoy the rest of the celebration. Ram Man and Clamp Champ can only look at each other, both at a loss for words.

Mermista socializes with her sister Merlia. The mer-maiden looks over at Adora and Bow. After the confession of kissing Bow, Mermista is a little timid to approach them. Merlia notices something off, "Mermista? Are you going to say hi to your friend?" Blushing slightly, Mermista shakes her head, "No, not right now. Adora and Bow look very happy to be reunited, I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable."

"I thought that Adora and you were ok?" Merlia asks trying to understand more. Mermista smiles, "We are. Everything is fine between us, but I just don't want what happened the other day to be hanging in the air. And if it happens to be hanging over me right now, I can only imagine it will be doing the same thing with them. I'm ok." Merlia nods moving with the sound of the music being played by the mini orchestra. The music fills the air and sounds sweetly melodic.

Merlia and Mermista both feel so lost in the music that Merlia nearly ignores their father approaching them. Merlia makes a loud coughing sound, "Mermista, you might want to go to the powder room." Mermista gives off a strange face, "Why? I'm just fine."

"Hello Mermista." King Mercier says simply. Mermista turns catching her breath, "Hello." She isn't sure what else to say, but she knows she can't cause a scene in the midst of the celebration. The mer-king smiles, "I'll take a 'hello,' you look very beautiful tonight. Both of my daughters look wonderful." Mermista glances over at Merlia. Shifting in her dress, Mermista nods, "Thank you."

Merlia isn't sure what to say, so she stands there in silence. Secretly though she is hoping that Mermista will stick around. King Mercier takes the opportunity to talk further, "This celebration is very nice. The House of Randor has taken great care to share in the joy of their long lost daughter..." Mermista smirks, "Yes, well they have missed their long lost daughter. Adora's parents never gave up the search for her." She knows the statement is bratty and rude. However, try as she might, Mermista can't seem to care.

King Mercier nods, "Yes maybe so. What do you want me to do Mermista? What do you want me to say? My heart is breaking. I've finally found you, the daughter I thought I'd never see again. I don't want our interactions to be like this. I'm sorry that things happened the way they did, but I refuse to do this. I'm not going to fight or argue with you. If you wish to hate me, than hate me you must. Know this though, I love you. You girls are the only blood line I have left, and I just want you to know that."

Mermista listens with tears in her eyes. She wants nothing more than to run into her father's arms and embrace her family and all the love she missed out on. Her sudden sense of pride is too heavy though. Shaking her head, Mermista waves her hands in the air, "I can't do this." Turning away, Mermista races out of the ballroom.

Her sister races after her, "Mermista! Mermista! Stop! It doesn't have to be this way!" Mermista leans against a stone wall in the palace hall, "Please Merlia, just go. I should be fine, I'm better off on my own." Merlia stands next to her older sister. She reaches out to pull some of Mermista's hair back, "You don't mean that. When are you going to love you as much as we all do? Mermista, it doesn't have to be this way."

Mermista has tears streaming down her face, "I don't know what to do! I don't know how I should act with all of this. It is too much!" The sisters hug each other tight. Merlia cries, "The past doesn't have to tell us what to do. Don't let what happened before control you. Now is the time to change things Mermista. You have an entire family right here..." The mer-maiden looks back towards the ball room. Mermista wipes her eyes, "I can't right now. It is too much." Merlia nods, "How about you sleep on it? I'll find you tomorrow and maybe you can come with me to Salineas? It isn't exactly like the one from Etheria I'm sure, but father has really built an amazing undersea kingdom." Mermista nods listening, "I'm sure it is glorious." The sisters talk, but Mermista quickly excuses herself for the night. She needs to sleep off some of the raw emotions that threaten to drown her.

Back inside the celebration, Adora and Bow find themselves dancing and spinning around in the ball room. She knows they have things to discuss, but Adora isn't ready to bring up potentially painful topics. Adora isn't quite sure how this is all happening, but none of it truly matters. For in that moment Adora finds herself incredibly happy. It is a moment she wishes could last an eternity.

Else where through the stars and space, One side of Etheria descends into evening. Flutterina and Roboto sit in a small clearing in the Whispering Woods. The heroic mechanical warrior is going over speech lessons with Flutterina. The two enjoy these speech lessons immensely. Flutterina credits Roboto with teaching her how to talk in a way that is more efficient and less choppy. Clapping his hands together, Roboto happily bleeps and whirs, "I think that is enough for tonight Flutterina."

The insectoid woman grins, "Thank you. Roboto. I have been learning. So much." She smiles and hugs him by way of thanks. The two soon separate but make it a date to have their next lesson soon. Flutterina walks through the Whispering Woods towards Bright Moon. She isn't quite ready to retire to her room if only because the night looks stunning.

She breathes in the fresh night air and finds herself lost at the sight of the clear night sky. A billion stars sparkle down at her. "I love it. Here." Flutterina closes her eyes and recites the sentence, "I love it. Here. I love it, here. I love it here!" She shouts the sentence out loud twirling around in a circle. She is happy. She thinks back to her time in the Fright Zone and how her role as a pawn in a strange lab experiment could have ended her life. "I'm going to be just. Fine!" Flutterina nods once more, "Just fine."

Heading towards Bright Moon, Flutterina pauses as she notices Sweet Bee wandering around alone. "Sweet Bee, are you. Ok?" Sweet Bee turns to look at Flutterina, "Oh goodness! Good evening Flutterina! I've just been so flustered. I hadn't realized I was all alone."

Flutterina nods, "Would you like company? To Bright Moon?" Sweet Bee sighs, "Oh I would love that. I'm in a twisted mess for sure." Flutterina stands in silence. She isn't sure how to handle that type of conversation, "Is it a dangerous. Type of mess?" Flutterina is ready to fight if need be. Sweet Bee shakes her head, "Oh dear, no, goodness no. I've just found myself in a terrible state. I found myself attracted to a man that kisses in an awful way. There was nothing, just nothing! I was expecting something to warm my insides. Something to really melt my honey. What should I do now?" Sweet Bee looks at a stupefied Flutterina for answers.

Having never really had conversations like this, Flutterina shakes her head, "I don't know. But it sounds. Confusing." Sweet Bee shrugs, "I guess it is. Come on Flutterina, I'll tell you all about it. Have you ever been kissed?" Flutterina shakes her head and preparers herself to learn about a whole new and dangerous world; the world of romance and matters of the heart.

Back on Eternia, a whole new day begins and starts anew. Remnants of the celebration from the night before still lay out across the palace. People are still discussing the events from the night before and enjoying a bright new start to the day. Adora finds herself back to business as usual as she listens to Duncan explain the current events unfolding on Etheria. Adora closes her eyes, "So the Star Sisters are indeed real and there is some evil sorceress on the loose that could destroy the world with the use of a weapon called the Chaos Sword?" Duncan nods, "I could not have said it better myself. So now I am working on fixing the portal. Orko told me what happened to the other one, and now that I know he spilled some things on the device, I believe I will be able to fix it quickly."

Adora sips a cup of tea as she takes everything in. Duncan continues talking, "But once the portal is open, it will be back to Etheria for us. Are you ready for that Adora?" The blond young woman sits there in silence. She wonders what it must be like to not have to worry about saving the world. However she knows she would never trade her power for anything. Adora simply smiles, "Of course Duncan. Let's get back to Etheria."

Elsewhere in the palace, Merlia approaches Mermista's room. The events from the night before still fresh on her mind, Merlia isn't so sure she should be bothering her older sister. Knocking softly, Merlia peeks her head in, "Mermista? You in there?" No one is in the room, and Merlia whispers, "Well where could she be?"

Mermista walks down the hall to her bedroom and notices her sister, "Merlia? Are you looking for me?" The young mer-princess is embarrassed, "Yes, I was looking for you. I'm sorry I just let myself into your room." Mermista shakes her head, "That is alright, I don't mind." The two sisters talk and Merlia soon musters up the strength to ask, "Have you thought any further about going with me to Salineas? I think it would be nice, and you only have to go once. If you don't like it and still want nothing to do with our father, I will leave you alone. But please Mermista! There is an entire kingdom that wants to meet you, much like Eternia did last night with Adora."

Sitting in silence, Mermista nods, "Yes, I know. I'm not looking for any celebrations though..." Merlia understands. The two sister look at each other in silence. Merlia grins as Mermista says, "Fine. I'll go. Take me to Salineas." Merlia claps her hands in excitement as they prepare to leave.

Activities of varying sorts unfold in Skeletor's throne room inside Snake Mountain. The place is a sort of commons area for the Evil Warriors. Skeletor sits on his throne embroiled in a conversation with Beast Man, Evil-Lyn, and Trap Jaw. They are trying to make an all new plan work for trying to take over Eternia. With the threat of She-Ra looming over their heads, they aren't able to come up with much.

Tri-Klops and Entrapta are off in a secluded corner addressing various ideas and blue prints for building all manner of weapons and tricky booby traps. She finds Tri-Klops to be a breath of fresh air. Spikor and Whiplash stand guard trying to figure out something they should be doing, but coming up with nothing. They both whisper about the possible whereabouts of Mer-Man and Clawful. Shadow Weaver keeps to herself, pouring over some magic books she found lying around in Snake Mountain.

Perfuma is held captive, her arms shackled to some chains that are screwed into the wall. Her slender arms are held above her head and she is certain that she has lost feeling in them. Rolling her head around, the scent-sational flower maiden slowly opens her eyes and groans in the realization that she is a prisoner in Snake Mountain. Catra looms in front of her, "Ah, you decided to wake up." Perfuma helplessly looks at Catra, "Oh I wanted this to be a dream. I'm really here though aren't I?"

Catra slides closer to the chained Perfuma and purrs, "That's right, you are really here. You've been here for a few days and not a single visitor. Such a shame that no one wants you. Guess you'll just have to be mine." The evil woman tosses her head back in a laugh. Perfuma winces in pain from her arms and cries out, "Why are you doing this Catra? We used to be friends once, why would you do this to me?"

Catra's green eyes glare with evil, "This isn't about you! You're nothing but a pathetic nuisance. This isn't your story, no one will even care to remember who you are once it is over. No, this isn't about you. It's about Adora." Perfuma sighs trying to hold it together, "Adora? You aren't making any sense Catra. You are crazy!"

Reaching out to pull on Perfuma's hair, Catra spits out, "I'm not crazy little girl! I am simply exercising my control, my power! Adora is going to stop being a roadblock to my life." Perfuma looks at Catra with pity, "You are so jealous. You are nothing but a jealous bitc-" Catra screams as she places a clawed index finger against Perfuma's lips. She digs the sharp nail into Perfuma's lips drawing blood, "Shh. You've got it wrong Perfuma. I am hardly jealous of Adora. I want her to pay because Adora has done terrible things. Adora has no other choice but to pay for everything she has done to me!" Perfuma wants to cry, but refuses to give Catra the satisfaction. Catra leans against Perfuma while coiling a leg around Perfuma's waist, her silver boot sliding between Perfuma's legs, "When Adora realizes where you are and decides to save you, I'm going to be there ready to kill her with my bare hands. Adora won't get away with what she did to me." Perfuma has no idea what Catra is talking about, but there is a strange smell in the air.

Perfuma crinkles her nose, "Do you smell that?" Catra glares at the flower maiden and spits out, "What did you just say?" Perfuma looks around being serious, "Can you smell that? Something doesn't smell right..." Catra lifts her head up as the strong fragrance finally reaches her nostrils. She turns to look around, wondering where it is coming from.

Soon everyone else in the throne room begins to notice the stink. Skeletor sits up straight on his throne and looks at the closed throne doors, "No. It couldn't be..."

Stinkor slowly opens the doors to the throne room as everyone tries to cover their nose from his malodorous body odor. Castaspella is with him, but she stays behind. Stinkor enters the throne room alone and heads to Skeletor. Catra nearly gags as he walks past. Perfuma never knew someone could produce such a terrible scent.

Skeletor jumps up with a pointed finger, "What are you doing here! You are supposed to be watching your post Stinkor! And for the last time, use your blasted Power Vest Gas Mask! Your stink is filling up the place!" Stinkor nods trembling slightly. He places the mask over his face while fiddling with the oxidizing controls on his Power Vest to control his smell, "Stinkor sorry for smell Skeletor. Stinkor really sorry, for everything." Stinkor's stench can still be smelled, but thanks to the Power Vest it is not as overpowering.

Growling in a rage, Skeletor demands answers, "What are you doing here?! Did I not tell you to guard the lower levels of Snake Mountain?! What are you doing here Stinkor? Speak now!" Trembling from fear, Stinkor hangs his head, "Stinkor lost way. Stinkor let Skeletor down." Seething with rage, Skeletor grabs hold of his Havoc Staff, "You miserable hair brained fool!" He unleashes a magical beam of energy that hits Stinkor hard. The smelly Evil Warrior falls to his knees in pain.

Skeletor rushes towards Stinkor ready to strike him in the head with his staff. As he is about to hit Stinkor hard, Castaspella rushes into the room slamming the doors shut behind her, "Leave him alone!" She unleashes a bolt of electrical energy towards Skeletor. The magic burst throws the Evil Lord of Destruction back a few steps, "Who are you?!"

Shadow Weaver gasps at the sight of Castaspella. Catra's eyes narrow as the tattered and worn Castaspella walks by. The Mystacor enchantress notices her dear friend chained to the wall. Perfuma grins and whispers Castaspella's name. Castaspella points a finger at Skeletor, "Leave Stinkor alone. I am Castaspella the high enchantress of Mystacor." Skeletor is dumbfounded and demands to know why Castaspella is standing before him.

"I followed them through a portal on Etheria." Castaspella points towards Shadow Weaver and Catra. Evil-Lyn listens and mumbles, "I knew Shadow Weaver would be nothing but trouble." Skeletor demands silence from everyone. He points a finger at Casta, "You seem to be pretty strong. Pretty brave too for showing your face in here like this."

Castaspella shakes her head, "I'm not looking for any trouble. Catra and the others left me alone and lost down below and Stinkor helped me get here." She looks over at Stinkor, begging him to stay quiet about the 'slither door.' Casta continues, "I am not here to start any trouble. Just let me take my friend with me and we will both be gone." Skeletor tosses his head back in laughter, "Really? You think I'm just going to let you walk out of here? With her sweet smelling friend too?" Skeletor looks over at Beast Man, "Laugh with me Beast Man! This is funny!" Skeletor pauses and then grins, "No, I'm afraid you won't be leaving this place. Alive anyway." Skeletor motions for Spikor and Whiplash to apprehend Castaspella.

Stinkor shakes his head, "No, NO! Casta-friend is nice. Skeletor, do not be mean to Casta-friend." Skeletor bares his rotted teeth and kicks Stinkor out of the way, "Oh shut up you miserable pile of stench. Do as your told, go back and guard the Doors of Serpos." Stinkor hangs his head in silence. Castaspella struggles to fight free of Spikor and Whiplash.

Skeletor approaches Castaspella. He breathes his foul rotted breath into her face, "A shame you intend to only fight for good. I could use a woman like you around here..." Castaspella tries to fight her captors off, but they begin to walk her towards Perfuma. More shackles and chains await an all new prisoner. Castaspella tries to struggle free one last time, but can't. This is when she hears it; a hissing sound.

They all hear it. The room grows quiet. Whiplash looks over at Skeletor, "Did you hear that boss?" Skeletor feels a knot twist in the pit of his stomach, "Be quiet!" The hissing sound grows louder and more frequent. Evil-Lyn's skin crawls.

There is a slight knock at Skeletor's throne room doors. Everyone turns to stare at the doors. Trap Jaw slinks against the walls of Snake Mountain. Shadow Weaver isn't sure what to think. Spikor and Whiplash both experience a sense of dread. Beast Man growls in anticipation. Tri-Klops pulls out a knife, which Entrapta notices immediately. She begins looking for any possible exits. Perfuma tries to stay calm as Catra looks on in curiosity. Stinkor begins breathing really hard as he knows exactly what is beyond those doors.

The throne room doors open swiftly as King Hiss walks through, a demented grin on his face and his large green snake staff in his left hand, "To be back! And so soon too!" Kobra Khan and Sssqueeze slither in right behind the King.

Skeletor turns to look at Evil-Lyn, "Did you do this? Why would you set them loose again!?" He strides up to Evil-Lyn. She shakes her head, "Skeletor, I didn't do this! I didn't-" Before she can say anything else, Skeletor has his hands around her throat. He begins to violently shake her as he tries to strangle the life out of her, "You stupid woman!" An angry Tri-Klops rushes forward slicing Skeletor's forearm with his knife, "She told you she didn't do it, let her go!"

Recoiling in pain, Skeletor loses his grip on Evil-Lyn's neck. She falls to the floor coughing and trying to take in as much air as she can. She spits out, "You bastard! I didn't do this you sorry sack of shit!" She contemplates pulling out her dagger and slamming it into Skeletor's foot. Instead the three turn as King Hiss let's out a chuckle, "I see you still have problems with women Skeletor." King Hiss adds, "I seem to also recall you having problems with men too. Does that He-Man character still bother you these days?"

Skeletor turns in disgust, "He-Man is not a problem anymore." He wants to add, but She-Ra is. He refrains though. Skeletor doesn't want to play all his cards just yet. King Hiss smiles as he looks at everyone in the room, "Skeletor, some things just never change. I love how I can always count on you to keep a room full."

Evil-Lyn grabs hold of her dagger for she knows what is coming. A chained Perfuma tries to struggle free as Catra looks on at the Snake Men. King Hiss grabs hold of his snake staff and lifts it into the air, "Sacrifice yourselves... for Serpos!" He slams the staff down rattling the ground. The snake head on the staff releases beams of green energy that reach out for victims. Spikor and Whiplash both find themselves wrapped up in the draining streams of green energy. Evil-Lyn screams to everyone, "Scatter!"

Pandemonium ensues. Sssqueeze reaches out with one of his arms for Perfuma. Screaming and trying to fight the monster off, Perfuma struggles to survive. Castaspella rushes over trying to help, but before anything can happen the chains fall from the wall as the ground opens up beneath Perfuma's feet. "Castaspella! Help me!!!!" Perfuma wails in fear as the ground swallows her up.

Acting quickly Castaspella releases a burst of fiery magic towards Sssqueeze. Turning around, the enchantress spies Shadow Weaver hurrying off with Catra and Entrapta. She quickly follows bypassing an attack by Kobra Khan.

King Hiss continues to drain the energy from Spikor and Whiplash. He grins as Tung Lashor and Snake Face rush in to help with the carnage. Stinkor and Beast Man try to fight off Kobra Khan's deadly hypnotizing venom. Tri-Klops finds himself tangled up with Sssqueeze, while Evil-Lyn continues to conjure magic to try and drive the Snake Men away. Snake Face sneaks up behind Trap Jaw with a hissing sound. Trap Jaw turns to look at Snake Face as the grotesque Snake Man reveals his face with snakes darting out of his eye sockets and mouth. Snake Face uses his glare to try and turn Trap Jaw to stone. Nothing happens, though Trap Jaw uses his arm attachment with laser pistol to blast a shot square in Snake Face's chest.

Skeletor charges towards King Hiss, trying to disrupt his draining powers on the Evil Warriors. The two powerhouses react negatively to each other as Skeletor is flung across the room while king Hiss continues to stand triumphantly, "We're much stronger this time Skeletor. You and your Evil Warriors won't survive this round!" Skeletor can only sit there, plotting his next move.

Catra and Entrapta run with Shadow Weaver away from all the madness in Skeletor's throne room. They race down a dark corridor trying to escape. Entrapta gasps for air, "What are those things?!" Catra snaps, "Who cares!? We have got to get out of here. Shadow Weaver, open a portal back to Etheria! Quickly!"

The three women slow down as Entrapta shakes her head, "What about Scorpia and Octavia?" Catra purrs, "Those fools are no where to be found right now! Let them fend for themselves!" Shadow Weaver shakes her head, "It will take a moment to chant the particular spell to return to Etheria. But know this Catra, I won't be joining you, so there will be no coming back."

Entrapta's hair is moving furiously about, "You're actually going to stay here!?" Shadow Weaver nods, "I won't let those things destroy Skeletor." Catra groans in disgust, "My issues with Adora can wait. We can't be here with those snakes!" Entrapta agrees and they nervously wait for Shadow Weaver to magically open up a portal.

As the women wait, Catra can hear Castaspella approaching. Rolling her eyes in annoyance, Catra turns as Castaspella rushes towards them. Catra glares at Shadow Weaver, "Hurry, open the blasted portal!" Shadow Weaver's eyes glow a brighter yellow as her arms fold over each other with a large billow of smoke spreading around her, "It is opening now!"

Castaspella notices this and races faster shouting, "Catra! What are you doing?! We have unfinished business!" Catra turns to look back at Castaspella before stepping through the portal, "Sorry auntie. Looks like we'll just have to finish our business another time!" Catra and Entrapta both hurry through the portal before it quickly shuts behind them. Castaspella screams out in defeat. Turning to Shadow Weaver, Castaspella smirks, "Open that portal back up."

Shadow Weaver grins in her cloak, "Sorry Castaspella. Looks like I can't do that." Castaspella curses, "You lying bitch. You just let them get away." Shadow Weaver shrugs with a rasp, "I don't care. If you'll excuse me, I am going to help Skeletor."

Castaspella steps in the way roughly grabbing hold of Shadow Weaver's right arm, "You aren't doing anything. You need to pay Shadow Weaver. You've set so many things in motion, like killing my sister!" Shadow Weaver shoves Castaspella away with a magic burst of energy, "Your sister was an adult. She made her own choice to follow me to the Fright Zone. I can't help that she died a prisoner in the slave minds."

Crossing her arms in anger, Castaspella shakes her head, "You let my sister give birth to a child that you helped raise into a hateful monster. Catra is an awful person, she needs to be stopped!" Shadow Weaver rasps out a laugh, "You talk as if I'm supposed to care. I don't care about you, your niece, or your dead sister." Shadow Weaver glides past and heads back towards the direction of the throne room. Castaspella sighs, "Wait, I'm going with you."

Shadow Weaver turns in annoyance, "Oh?" Castaspella walks with the mistress of dark magic, "Yes. I've got to find my friend Perfuma and someone needs to make you accountable for something." Shadow Weaver shakes her head in disbelief. The two women walk further retracing their steps to the throne room. They soon find a hulking Snake Man blocking their path.

Rattlor stands tall making a hissing sound as his tail shakes with a deadly rattle. Castaspella whispers for Shadow Weaver to be careful. Rasping a retort, Shadow Weaver gasps, "Let's unleash some old lessons from Mystacor..." Shadow Weaver and Castaspella both prepare strong magic based attacks as Rattlor charges towards them.

He whips his tail around slamming Castaspella into the rocky wall. Shadow Weaver unleashes a sphere of purple smoky magic with charged bolts of energy that pierce Rattlor's skin. Howling back in pain, Rattlor goes in for another attack, this time nearly impaling Shadow Weaver with a sword. Castaspella jumps up and releases a hypnotizing spell that creates a dizzying effect on the large mass of snake man. Rattlor stumbles around in a daze, unsure of who he even is.

Castaspella grabs hold of Shadow Weaver, "Let's hurry. That spell will wear off soon!" The two archenemies rush off quickly heading to the throne room. Castaspella hopes she can find Perfuma, while Shadow Weaver hopes that Skeletor isn't a meal fit for a snake.

Inside the throne room Skeletor and Evil-Lyn both stand side by side firing off magic blasts against the group of Snake Men. Spikor and Whiplash are on the floor unconscious. Tri-Klops and Trap Jaw are trying to find a way for them to all escape. Trap Jaw is trying to drill and blast a hole in the wall. Beast Man is the next victim in the clutches of King Hiss. Skeletor looks over at Evil-Lyn as they try to fight off the Snake Men, "When this is over, remind me to apologize for choking you earlier."

Evil-Lyn focuses on her magic attacks but is quick to spit out, "If we survive this there will be no need for an apology, because I will be gone. I'm done with you Skeletor." The two fight on in silence as Skeletor tries to save Beast Man. He is too late. Beast Man falls to the ground in a loud thud.

Tri-Klops and Trap Jaw manage to blast a hole through one of the throne room walls and motions for everyone to escape. Trap Jaw goes through first as Tri-Klops follows. He calls out to Evil-Lyn and Skeletor to hurry. Evil-Lyn looks over at the escape route and turns back to Skeletor, "We have a way out." Skeletor nods in agreement. He is ready to join them.

Before Skeletor makes a move though, Evil-Lyn grabs hold of him, "For everything you have ever done to me... this is my gift to you." She swings her staff into his back catching him off balance. Evil-Lyn then kicks him towards King Hiss with all her might.  Skeletor loses his balance and stumbles on his knees before the mighty deadly King Hiss. Skeletor curses out loud for being caught off guard. He turns to see Evil-Lyn escape with Tri-Klops and Trap Jaw.

Cursing out loud, Skeletor looks down at the ground trying to figure out what he is going to do next. King Hiss kneels down at his level, "Looks like you are all alone Skeletor, but don't worry. I have plenty of uses for you!" King Hiss tosses his head back in laughter as he looks over at his Snake Men, "Snake Mountain is ours once again! Prepare the fallen, for now we feast!" The Snake Men hiss their approval while off to the side Stinkor hides motioning for the returning Castaspella and Shadow Weaver to lay low.

Motioning for the two women to return from where they came, Stinkor hurries to follow. Once safely around the bend, Castaspella turns to Stinkor, "I'm so sorry I opened those doors Stinkor! I had no idea!" Stinkor sighs, "Stinkor not mad at Casta-friend. But Casta-friend can help Stinkor help Skeletor." Shadow Weaver rasps in annoyance, "Enough of this! We need a plan!" The three walk off trying to find a safe place to hide out...

Inside the Eternos Palace, Adora and Duncan continue to talk about their plans for helping Etheria. Adora sighs, "You do know that She-Ra won't be alone on this right? My friends are going to want to help." Duncan understands, "Of course. I wouldn't have it any other way. The portal key should be up and running soon, there is no reason why we shouldn't get to Etheria in record time. We just need to make sure we are all prepared." The two continue to talk and map out the plan for once they return to Etheria.

As they talk, both pause as the Sorceress flies through Duncan's lab in falcon form. Transforming before them both, the Sorceress steps forward in a panic. Adora smiles at the sight of the Sorceress, though Duncan can tell something is wrong. The Sorceress nods earnestly, "I didn't think it would ever happen again, but they are free. The Snake Men are free." Duncan loses the color in his face. Adora shakes her head, "The Snake Men? That seems familiar..."

Duncan sighs, "It should be. When you were involved with the Horde and Hordak had mounted his attack on us, the Masters were busy fighting off an attack amongst Skeletor and the Snake Men." Adora nods recalling that time long ago. Duncan shakes his head, questioning how the Snake Men could have been freed yet again. The Sorceress sighs, "It makes no difference, all that must be done now is stopping them. I must hurry back to Grayskull, but I wanted you two to know. We're going to need She-Ra's help." Duncan and Adora look at each other realizing that a lot of people are going to be needing She-Ra's help...

Mermista and Merlia walk along the beach looking out across the Harmony Sea. They are making their way towards an intricate set of stone steps that lead into the sea. Merlia points to the steps, "Those steps will help guide us in the direction of the Kingdom of Salineas. I am so excited that you are going." Merlia smiles at her sister.

Mermista stands there in silence as self-doubt washes over her. She isn't sure she can actually do this, "I'm sorry Merlia. I can't." Merlia seems confused, "I don't understand? I thought you were ready..." Mermista hangs her head, "I thought I was ready too, but I'm just not. I don't know that I can swim down there and finally try to build a relationship with King Mercier. I know he is my father... but I just don't think I can do it. Please don't be mad at me..."

The sisters look at each other. Mermista feels terrible that she is changing her mind on the issue, but Merlia simply smiles, "It's ok. You aren't ready." Reaching out to hug Mermista, Merlia smiles and looks out to the sea, "I guess I will go let father know that you aren't ready to visit. He'll understand." Mermista nods wondering if she should change her mind yet again. She just stands there though as Merlia walks off. Before Merlia enters into the sea, she turns back to her sister, "Mermista, I would never try to guilt you into anything, but maybe you need to think about this... Can you avoid him and your heritage forever?" Merlia smiles quickly and then travels into the water as her legs begin to meld together forming fins. The mermaid dives down into the water swimming towards her home.

Mermista takes a deep breath and sits down on the warm sand. The beach is pretty and Mermista simply sits there, taking in the nature around her. The air has a hint of salt in it while the sun shines its golden rays across the glistening blue water. The sand sparkles like billions of stars on the ground. "What am I doing? Why am I so scared to have a relationship with my father?" Mermista wishes her mother were still alive, she wonders if that would change anything.

Standing up to dust some of the sand off of her, Mermista turns to head back to the Eternos Palace. Her life is not making much sense, but she knows she can't ignore her feelings. As she begins to walk across the beach heading towards the trail back to the palace, Mermista pauses as she hears a loud snapping sound. Mermista turns to find Clawful and Scorpia standing behind her.

"Look Clawful, a poor defenseless fish washed up on the shore." Scorpia grins as she snaps her pincers. Mermista is completely at a loss, "What are you doing on Eternia Scorpia?!" The mer-maiden stands on guard. Scorpia snaps, "None of your business!"

Clawful grins, "You must be scared being on the beach all alone." Scorpia smiles, "I bet she is terrified! Let's get her!" The two villains rush Mermista trying to catch her by surprise. Mermista flips up in the air landing behind them both. Scorpia curses out loud as Mermista releases a flurry of strong bubbles towards them.

Clawful lunges at her with a heavy claw, but Mermista manages to dodge the attack. Twisting his arm back, Mermista shoves him off. Scorpia screams a high pitched wail as she tries to grab hold of Mermista's arms. The two women struggle, but Mermista manages to release a powerful stream of water from her necklace into Scorpia's eyes.

Throwing her head back in pain, Scorpia screams in agony, "That water is salty! It stings! I can't see!" She falls to the ground whipping her long tail around, trying to stab Mermista. The blue haired mer-maiden glides past the attack as Scorpia's tale whips around, the stinger going right through Clawful's thigh.

Howling in pain, Clawful curses himself. Scorpia realizes what is happening and tries to help him. Mermista looks at the two writhing in pain, "What are you doing on this beach?" Scorpia glares at Mermista, "Go fuck yourself mermaid!" Mermista shakes her head, releasing another splash of salty water in Scorpia's face, "I can do this all day. Now tell me, what are you doing here!"

Clawful tries to remove the stinger from his bloody thigh. The pain is making him light headed. Clawful shouts out, "We're helping the assault on Salineas!" Mermista panics and demands more answers. Clawful cries out, "We were staking out the beach making sure no one got into the water! Mer-Man and Octavia are planning an assault and since Scorpia can't swim, we decided to just stay on watch! And then you had to show up with your sister!"

Mermista realizes that the people of Salineas are in trouble. There is no time to get help, Mermista is going to have to stop this herself. Reaching down, Mermista yanks the stinger from Clawful's thigh. The Evil Warrior howls in further pain. Scorpia yelps as Mermista slams the tail to the ground. Rushing towards the water, Mermista dives in making her way to Salineas. The water is comforting to her as she feels her legs bond together. With her tail and fins good to go, she swims as fast as she can, hoping it isn't too late...

Up Next!
Perfuma and Moss Man reach a new level of their relationship!
The Kingdom of Salineas is under attack!
And will the Snake Men finally get food?

I don't know, but be sure to stick around for Chapter 52 of Adora's Search for Honor! It'll be here faster than Scare Glow can say "Boo!"


  1. Finally Scare Glow! And with -I am assuming -the two guys who become Two-Bad.
    It's awesome that in your version that one obscure fan favorite character was created by being killed by another obscure fan favorite character! (Squuueze)
    The scene with Netossa being flirted with was great too-it seems from her and Sweet Bee and Futterina that the girls on Etheria are kind of clueless about dating and romance.
    I just hope this fight between Clamp Champ and Ram Man goes on long enough for Ram Man to be able to call him "Clamp CHUMP!"
    I also detected some sexy in that scene between Perfuma and Catra. I think having a cute little blond thing chained up in a dungeon probably was giving Catra some naughty ideas! (maybe Perfuma reminded her of a young Adora)
    Also, If you have a big water war thing happen maybe you can be giving the same kind of career boost for Mermista that DC comics is finally doing for Aquaman.

    1. Well Tuvar and Baddrah were the separate names of Two-Bad from the 200X cartoon, so the two different characters that make up Two-Bad were mentioned for sure. I am not entirely sure I will get to them any further, but I worked hard to figure out a way to bring Scare Glow into this story, since in my original tale he was already mentioned awhile ago. So now he is more or less in the story.

      I really had fun writing the bit with Netossa, Ram Man, and Clamp Champ. And I don't know that I see these women as being clueless about romance and stuff, well Flutterina probably is, but I think with Netossa and Sweet Bee, they just never really had that topic as a pressing concern to deal with. Like I don't think Netossa is interested in falling in love at the moment. And I think Sweet Bee is more comfortable with it all, but I think she is looking for more of a spark, which wasn't there with He-Man.

      And I really wanted the part with Perfuma and Catra to be slightly sexy, but also uncomfortable for Perfuma. I like to write Catra as if her movement and behavior is that of a cat, and so I thought it would be very cat-like for her to really impose on Perfuma's space. Like it is all a mind game for Catra.

      Now Mermista is my favorite character, which sounds silly because I love them all, but I really hope this water tale will make her into an even cooler character.

  2. I think the Catra scene was visually hot.Especially since Perfuma is probably the most innocent of the group. Maybe Catra has a thing for blondes!
    Have you seen any of the "Throne of Atlantis" storyline that has been running through the various new 52 titles? It basically finally shows Aquaman getting to be a bad-ass while fighting his brother Orm who launches an attack from Atlantis on the surface world.(as a side note-how cool is it to be living in an era where DC comics has finally made Aquaman and Green Arrow the most bad ass characters!?) Your story spotlighting Mermista seems like the MOTU version of that-and now I see why you were introducing the whole taking over the seas plot with Merman and Clawful and their girlfriends -you tricky tricky Miss M! You made it seem like a pointless subplot but really it was leading up to a big deal.

    1. Catra may have a thing with blondes, but I really like the idea of her and Huntara being together. At least for purposes of this fanfic. I realize that in the actualy MOTU/POP universe Catra does not behave like this at all.

      And I have not been keeping up with the Throne of Atlantis at all. I like the idea though, and it is very cool that Aquaman and Green Arrow are finally getting their just desserts storyline wise! it is nice to see that happen.

      Now I am very tricky. Very very tricky. The rest of Part 3 is a fun ride, I am really excited. I have been waiting for years to get to these story lines, so I hope that they are really enjoyable. The stuff that is coming up for Mermista and the underwater war with Mer Man is going to be really good.