Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why Aren't You Watching?! Soapy dramas!

Back when I first thought upon what I'd be writing about for this blog, one thing I really wanted to do was feature a wealth of pop culture topics. I'd do a little toy talk here, and a little TV guiding there, topped off with a sprinkle of dorkette book club dreams. I wanted to provide my view on a lot of topics. Well... as of late I know I have done a great deal of focusing on the toy talk. After all, collecting is a big hobby of mine. But I do love me some must-see-TV. And right now there are two shows that have really gotten me hooked.


Oh goodness Dallas has never been better. First of all growing up, my family and I tuned in every week for the Big Three: Dallas, Dynasty, and Knots Landing. I grew up on those shows and in many ways they were benchmarks for what I would be looking for in future television programming. Dallas was special for many reasons, the biggest one being Larry Hagman's J.R. Ewing.

For some reason when I was younger I naturally just assumed that my family was somehow magically related to the Ewings. I think it had to do with J.R. reminding me of my grandfather. They were both badass and larger than life. Sadly they are both no longer on this Earth.

So last year when TNT rebooted Dallas I was just ecstatic. I had long been leery of the Brad Pitt and JLo Dallas movie that had been rumored about for years, so to see Dallas actually get a proper return to television, well, it was just the best. And what a great first season it was! The first season introduced some fresh new lovely faces while also bringing back the iconic characters and actors that have always basically been family.

Now the second season is airing and I believe this next upcoming episode is going to be the last one with Larry Hagman in it before he passed. I have no idea how they are going to treat the loss of this talented actor and larger than life character, but I know it will be good. And I know I will be a sobbing hot mess.

I mean seriously, why aren't you watching the new Dallas? It is so good! Now that everything has been established from the first season, the second season is just one big thrill ride! Sue Ellen is in every episode (wonderful!) J.R. has the best lines ever. Bobby is still just as darn cute as he was back then. We also get to see Judith Light do her thing. I mean it doesn't get much better than that. But wait, it will, because Gary and Valene Ewing are heading on over from Knots Landing! Oh what a great time to be a Dallas fan! Now is the time to be watching folks.

General Hospital

If you've been around here long enough, you know I am beyond obsessed with daytime soap operas. My DVR practically wants to self-destruct with all the soap opera episodes I have saved on it. I love my soaps.

A year ago I was still mourning the loss of All My Children and One Life to Live, but I had been reacquainting myself with GH. I had stopped watching awhile back due to the heavy emphasis on mob related stories. I'm an Italian girl, so having grown up with the Godfather playing on a loop, I have kinda been turned off by mob type stories.

Needless to say GH has done a complete turnaround in terms of story lines and everything. (It all has to do with the former OLTL head writer and executive producer taking over and making GH better again.) GH is going to be 50 on April 1st, so these last few months have been playing out like a big tribute to the rich history of GH.

The best part of all has been the current storyline involving some GH fan faves finally tying up the cliffhanger storyline from the now defunct Port Charles (a GH spin off that aired from 1997-2003.) Port Charles started out as a 30 minute medical drama to sister soap GH (some main GH characters moved from GH to PC to help draw in viewers.) With ratings hitting an all time low though, writers decided to just go bold and create some supernatural story lines with vampires, angels, and werewolves. Dark Shadows was an inspiration of sorts and the supernatural tales on Port Charles turned the little soap-that-could into a really fascinating and exciting program. The show shifted from episodic fare to 13-week storyline arcs. It was treated more like a telenovella with major story lines wrapping up in 13 weeks to lead way to the next "book."

It was a really fun and interesting way to watch, and those story lines are some of the best moments in television history. It is a shame the show just couldn't bring in the larger ratings. It was cancelled on October 3, 2003 with a huge cliffhanger. As for the characters who had originated their roles on GH, well some went back to GH while other characters just faded away as if they never existed. (Like Lucy and Kevin.)

Well Lucy (played by the fabulous Lynn Herring) returned to GH a few months ago with what appeared to be a storyline involving bringing back the famed Nurses Ball. All of that was placed on the back burner though as the current GH writing team actually found a way to bring back the history of the cancelled Port Charles! Finally fans of PC have gotten a resolution to the cliffhanger from so long ago! This is just the best. There is nothing worse than getting involved in a really good story that just ends with no proper ending. So I am really glad to see GH creating all these fantastic stories. If you are a soap fan, now is the time to be watching GH.

So that is all folks. I am done ranting and raving about what's on television. I am off to get an early start on the next chapter of Adora's Search for Honor! The Snake Men have returned, and you know Skeletor is going to have something to say about that! Take care everyone!


  1. I am only watching Days until they smooth out the Sami, EJ, Lucas, Rafe, Will, Sonny, Gabbi and Nick story lines, which by now they have to be getting near the end...

    1. I don't watch Days, but I sometimes follow it when I'm reading over my Soap Opera Digest, and that seems like a very complicated story line! I do like Sami and EJ though. EJ used to be on All My Children and I have always liked him.

  2. As I have said in the past-my grandma watched Guiding Light, As the World Turns etc. -so I am a strictly CBS guy-or I was back when I watched daytime soaps. However, now my grandma is really old and she doesn't know whats going on-she doesn't understand whats happening on TV, and my Mom and Aunt usually just leave it on ABC -my mom has never watched soaps but just today she was telling me that she had it on that channel and she saw a bunch of vampires and coffins and immortal beings and such-and she looked it up in the TV guide and saw that it was General Hospital. I was like "what!? that sounds like Dark Shadows!" I couldn't believe they were going the Vampire route, I just assumed they were trying to cash in on the Vampire thing by having some mental patient character who thought he was a vampire. But there are really vampires on the show!? I don't know, sometimes a show changes so much, gets so off mission that it might as well just be a different show. Honestly, instead of that ill-advised Dark Shadows movie by Tim Burton that came out last year they should have just rebooted it as a daytime soap.
    I never watched Dallas, but it does have connections to two shows I did watch A LOT as a kid. I Dream of Jeannie (Larry Hagman) and Step By Step ( Patrick Duffy and..
    I think Sasha Mitchell was on it too right?)

    1. Well the vampire story on GH is not so much a way to change the direction of the show, but find a way to tie up the loose ends from the spin off Port Charles from a few years ago. Like they have written it in a way that the characters who were involved in the vampire story way back when believe that the vampires are real and the rest of the cast just thinks the guy is a deranged lunatic who thinks he is a vampire. It is a nice little nod to the past and a way of giving those fans a story that they never got. It is really nice. And I didn't mind the Dark Shadows movie, but I would have liked it to have been a little more serious. It was just a little bit too much over the top for me. And yes, Sasha Mitchell was on the original Dallas show, towards the end I believe. I used to have the biggest crush on him.

  3. I have not watched GH for years. Stayed home one day last week and waslove struck from the years I watched Luke and Laura! What a great time for soaps. GH is going to bring back daytime soaps again. You know Dorkette we love drama, and watching is the next best thing to family dram LOL!

    Your the best! You should be a writer for an evening soap on TV. Dallas needs you, there doing good, but you know all soaps get a little weary, you could add some punch! Love you!

    1. You're so funny. I don't think Dallas needs to worry about getting weary at all. That show is just on fire!

      And I'm so glad you watched GH! It is nice to see Luke and Laure back on screen again and all the other characters that have been on for years. I am just really glad to see how the show is doing.

  4. Miss M - I think we tweeted about Dallas once so you know I'm a huge fan. It was must see TV back when we were kids. I loved watching with my family as well. This new TNT series is so well done and serves the fans but manages to keep relevant and pretty damn intense. Loved J.R's farewell episode. I thought it was a fitting conclusion to his legacy...but the best part about it was that it left a lot of unanswered questions, which is exactly what keeps us watching!!!

    1. Yes we have tweeted about Dallas! And I believe you even wrote something about Dallas. Just a fantastic show! J.R's farewell episode was everything. It was so good. It was touching but not sappy. and it totally left open so many answers and storylines. I mean it was a can't-miss episode! I know some were worried that Dallas might not be able to work without J.R, but I think they've proven that though he may be gone, he is not forgotten and there is still plenty of story to be mined for sure!