Saturday, February 9, 2013

Adora's Search for Honor Part 3: Chapter 48

With all the excitement of Toy Fair 2013, and all the leaked reveals, it can be quite a lot for a dorkette to handle. Am I right? So why not take a brief respite from all the nerdgasm goodness and sit back with a lovely new chapter to Adora's Search for Honor! It is She-Ra Saturday after all. So we are on Chapter 48, and for those who are wondering, there will be some exciting things going on. (I want a Stinkor plush real bad.)

Previously: With the mystery surrounding ancient texts and the Star Sisters seemingly put behind the Great Rebellion, no one has been aware that the Star Sister myth is indeed very real. He-Man visited the Crystal Castle and received a mission from Light Hope to gather a group to travel under the building. Well any faithful reader will tell you, the Star Sisters have been under the Crystal Castle this whole time! And not just that, but the ancient evil named Ultimera that was also trapped with the Star Sisters has now been set free. Oh it sounds all convoluted, but maybe it will start making some sense soon... In other worlds, Adora and a few Etherians were still getting used to their lives on Eternia. There was also an ambush by Tri-Klops at the Eternos Palace... Perfuma is head over rose buds for Moss Man...Mermista is getting to know her sister Merlia more... Sea Hawk is practicing his tastes for Eternian liquor, and maybe getting into some hot water with Adora... Castaspella is stuck with Stinkor under Snake Mountain, and is she ever getting desperate for some fresh air... And Catra is just beyond livid that after travelling to a completely new world she still has to deal with She-Ra. Will she ever get a darn break?

And now...

Adora's Search for Honor
Part 3
Chapter 48

A lonely dash of road stretches out before Camilio as he travels to a local village with his various items for sale. Peddling his cart of wares, Camilio nearly stops for a break. His feet are tired and he needs to check the left cart wheel. He is a tireless salesman, the best there is on Etheria. Work keeps up the majority of Camilio's time, but he has reason to smile. With the recent occupation of the Horde completely over, Camilio wonders how he will begin to free up some of his time to actually spend with his family. He is already planning events and activities that will put a smile on his children's face. He also desperately wants a kiss from his wife.

Soon he has no choice but to stop as a mysterious woman blocks the empty road. He finds the scene to be odd. The woman is stunning with hair that looks to be made of metal. She is covered in an ornate robe that falls to the ground around her. He stops pedaling his cart and slowly hops off. "Milady? How may I help you. Are you lost?"

Ultimera looks up at the sound of a visitor. Her inky purple eyes flash with a shimmer of deep blue, "Have you seen my sword?" Her hair seems to move, as if the wind is blowing through it. Camilio feels a chill run down his spine as he notices that the air is very still. "Milady, I do not know of what you speak. I only have my sword."

"Let me see..." Ultimera reaches out towards him, offering the chance for cooperation. Camilio looks down unsure of what to do. "Milady, if it is all the same, I'd prefer holding onto my own sword." Ultimera feels her skin grow hot. The veins around her eyes glow a deep purple as they shine through her pale skin. She motions with her finger for Camilio to come closer. Unable to do anything else, Camilio finds himself being dragged towards her, as if by invisible strings. He digs the heels of his boots into the ground, trying to stop whatever is happening to him. His heart is racing, "Milady, please..."

Ultimera grins, "I am no lady. Now tell me, where is my sword?" Camilio trembles, "I do not know of what you speak... I've told you..." Ultimera shakes her head, "If you cannot help me, you are of no use to me. I am looking for my sword!" Her fists clench as Ultimera raises her arm up lifting Camilio above her. Willing her mind to control the events around her, Ultimera closes her eyes as she crushes Camilio like a can from the inside. He can't scream or breathe, but he is in immense pain. Soon gone, Ultimera releases her invisible grip on him. He simply falls to the ground with a slight thud. Camilio lays there crumpled and broken as Ultimera walks over him. Continuing down the road, Ultimera continues searching for her sword...

In another section of Etheria, a safe ways away from the destructive path of Ultimera, a much more tranquil event is unfolding. Sort of. Glimmer and a large number of Bright Moon guards help monitor the rebuilding of the castle. Glimmer is working with fellow prisoners Mantenna and Romeo. She looks at the fallen Horde members and smiles to herself. They are actually helping to rebuild. Neither Mantenna nor Romeo have tried to run off or fight the Rebels.

Mantenna is merely happy to be out of his cell. He isn't quite sure how long it has been since his capture, but he doesn't care. He is ready to jump for joy at breathing fresh air. Even if the air is Rebel air from the Whispering Woods. He works on moving some bricks towards a wall that is coming together. The bug eyed member of the Horde rolls his eyes at a group of Rebel children approaching him. This is the third or fourth time that they have approached him. The children stare and point while some giggle. He knows they are laughing at his appearance. He is used to others laughing at his appearance, but for some reason he is done. The children remind him of his younger life full of bullies and hatefulness. Turning to stare at the children, Mantenna decides to have some fun. His large eyes bug out while he makes a hissing insectoid growl. His arms waver over his head as if to spook the children.

The act works as the group of cherub faced kids run off yelling in panic and fear. Mantenna slightly laughs to himself. Glimmer looks over and crosses her arms, "Mantenna, did you just frighten those kids?" Mantenna turns over and smiles impishly, "Maybe. I was just having fun, like old times in the Fright Zone." Glimmer knows that Mantenna is potentially being harmless. She shakes her head, "You are no longer in the Fright Zone Mantenna. Things are a little different here." Mantenna shrugs and goes back to work.

Romeo speaks up, "Those kids were being mean." Glimmer nods, "Maybe so. They should of course learn a valuable lesson that not everyone will look like them in this life, however Mantenna does not need to scare them." Romeo nods as he moves a barrel of dirt to a patch of ground ready for new flowers, "You have to admit though, those little ones never saw it coming." Romeo looks towards Glimmer for a smile. His day will be made if a smile can grace her face. Glimmer shakes her head in disbelief, and then slowly lets a grin spread across her face. Romeo smiles too, and they both slightly grin at one another.

Realizing what she is doing, Glimmer composes herself, "I will talk to those children, but can you talk to Mantenna please? I know you are both helping, but you are still prisoners. I don't want to see Mantenna causing any extra problems." Romeo nods simply glad to have seen her smile. He isn't sure what it is about Glimmer, but he enjoys being around her. She is lighting his way, to what, he does not know.

They continue to work on a garden in shambles. Glimmer looks on and notices her mother in the distance. Angella is receiving some assistance with her new legs by Duncan, and Glimmer is very curious at the way they seem to be behaving around each other. Something seems different, she can see it in the way her mother and Duncan look at each other.

Romeo breaks Glimmer away from her thoughts, "I find it funny. I'm helping to rebuild a home for other people, when I don't have a home to go back to myself..." Glimmer looks away from her mother and stares at Romeo, "I suppose not, since Horde World is more than likely in dead space in pieces." Romeo nods shaking his head, "True, but Horde World wasn't my home." Glimmer pauses as she pulls her pink hair back, "Oh. I guess so since you..." Romeo interrupts, "Look nothing like most other Horde members?" Glimmer blushes slightly, "Well you do look more like members from the Rebellion. So where are you from originally?" She studies his chiseled face and dark hair. Glimmer supposes he is a handsome man, however he is also a member of the Horde.

Sighing while trying to recall the memories of his original world, Romeo begins, "The world I was from was very similar to this world. The people there called it Earth..." Glimmer wants to ask more, but her attention quickly turns back to Mantenna. A father from one of the children rushes up towards Mantenna. The father punches the insectoid being in the face, "You sick Horde freak sonofabitch! You get off on scaring kids? Sick Horde bastard!" The father shoves Mantenna, causing the Horde member to trip over his four feet.

Mantenna falls to the ground trying to shield his face. He calls out in slight pain, "I didn't mean anything..." The father kicks Mantenna, "Didn't mean anything? You're one part of the reason our lives are so terrible! Horde bastard!"

Glimmer motions for Romeo to stay behind as she runs towards the angry father. The kids look on in the near distance. The Bright Moon guards stand behind as Glimmer tries to fix the situation, "Stop hitting him! Stop this at once!" Glimmer stands in the way of the father.

In his rage, the father almost hits Glimmer. The Rebel princess quickly grabs hold of the man's arm and twists it around, "I am sorry to do this, but you cannot attack him!" The father spits out, "He's a prisoner that is scarin' my kid!" Glimmer looks down at Mantenna to see if he is all right. She turns back to the father, "We are not going to do this. Mantenna may be our prisoner but that does not mean we can just start harming him." The father shouts obscenities about Mantenna's behavior with the children.

Glimmer nods, "I understand. Mantenna never should have scared them, but he didn't mean anything by it. To be fair the young ones were trying to antagonize him..." The father shouts, "And? Since when do we care about this Horde freak anyway?" Glimmer stands firm, "Since we are trying to be better than this. We are above this! There has already been too much bloodshed and hate to last this world a lifetime. Mantenna may be our prisoner, but he is helping to rebuild Bright Moon. We are not going to hurt each other, do you understand?" She is hearing the words from her mouth, and she is slightly surprised to hear how she sounds. She sounds forceful, like a leader. So this is what it feels like, she thinks to herself.

The father backs away while Glimmer reaches out to Mantenna. The insectoid Horde member grabs her hand as she helps him up. He looks slightly fearful, "You are helping me?" Glimmer looks at Mantenna in surprise, "Of course I am. No one is at fault here. We are trying to fix this messed up world and we can do it... together." Mantenna listens to Glimmer and whispers, "You actually helped me..." Glimmer smiles, "Like I said. We are in this together. So no more scaring the children, ok?" She smiles at him and Mantenna nervously smiles back.

On Eternia in a small room inside Snake Mountain, Catra and Entrapta discuss their plans for taking over the world. Catra looks at her friend, "We need to figure this out. Who will we have to help us?" Entrapta sits back as her hair checks off a list, "Shadow Weaver has been laying low, I don't know where her loyalty will be now that she is near her former love Skeletor. As for Scorpia and Octavia, well, they both seem to be caught up with some silly plan to take over the seas with Merman and that thing with the large claw."

Catra spits out, "Clawful. Such a lame name. I can't believe those women are enamoured by such lowly pathetic fools." Entrapta nods in agreement, "That just leaves us, dear friend." Catra nods, "Us against She-Ra and everyone else. Oh why did we ever leave Etheria!? I could just scream!" Catra holds back her anger so as not to draw attention from the Evil Warriors in other rooms. Entrapta glows, "Come now Catra, don't be so cross. We are two of the most brilliant beings in the universe, I am sure we can figure something out..." Catra nods.

Turning her attention elsewhere, Catra adds, "I wonder what ever became of Castaspella?" Entrapta shrugs, "Maybe she is dead. Or lost. Either way, she was a fool to jump in the portal after us." Catra walks across the room, "Yes, but what if she poses a problem? If we are going to take over Eternia, we must be prepared for everything." Entrapta tilts her head back to laugh, "Oh Catra, you do amaze me. In what world would Castaspella ever pose a threat? She's probably crying in a dark corner over a broken nail. No, let us not worry about that silly woman. Instead we must focus. This world is ours for the taking." Catra looks up with green eyes shining bright, "Unless we can find our own way back to Etheria. Think about it, if She-Ra is here on Eternia, what could possibly stop us from finishing what Hordak never could?" Entrapta nods, "Hmm, to capture Eternia or Etheria? Oh the possibilities. Let's rule over them both!" The two friends laugh in unison as Catra purrs, "If only."

Underneath Snake Mountain, Castaspella and Stinkor share a meal. Casta isn't completely sure where this food comes from, and she doesn't want to know, however food is food. She takes a bite while holding her nose before swallowing. She does this partly because the food is slimy and partly because Stinkor's stench is everywhere.

Stinkor looks over at Castaspella. With a mouthful of food, he gurgles, "Does Casta-friend like Stinkor's food? Stinkor make it special for Casta-friend." Trying not to gag, Castaspella nods, "It is very delicious Stinkor." They continue to eat.

While sitting on the dirty ground in a random cavern under Snake Mt, Castaspella's thoughts drift to her friends. She can't help but wonder what they are all up to. Stinkor looks over at her, "Casta-friend seems quiet? Is Casta-friend ok?"

She does find him endearing. For an Evil Warrior he is thoughtful, however Castaspella isn't sure how much more she can handle. "I am ok Stinkor. I'm just thinking of my friends." Stinkor grins, "Casta-friend has Other-friends? Stinkor only have Casta-friend. What are Other-friends like?" Castaspella smiles at the thought of them, "My friends are wonderful. They are all so kind. I am not sure what else to say. I do miss them though. I hope to see them one day..."

Stinkor nods, "Casta-friend is with Stinkor. This is home..." Castaspella interrupts, "But Stinkor, don't you ever want to go to the surface? Ever? Don't you miss seeing your other friends?" Stinkor shrugs, "Stinkor have job to do. Casta-friend knows this now. Big job. Stinkor also has strong smell. Skeletor and Evil-friends don't like Stinkor smell."

Castaspella thinks of something, "What if I could change that? What if I got rid of your smell?" Stinkor shakes his head, "Then Stinkor no longer Stinkor. Stinkor very happy with smell. Stinkor also very happy with Casta-friend." Castaspella nods and realizes the situation is hopeless. She can't escape because she has no idea where to go. Reasoning with Stinkor is also just as hopeless. Her only chance is to find a way to see what is beyond those large doors with the strange carvings. Castaspella wonders if the men behind the slither door could be her salvation...

New and old friends sit together in the dining hall of the Eternos Palace. Adora, Mermista, Perfuma, Netossa, and Teela all sit together laughing and dining over some sweet yummy desserts. Perfuma is just finishing her dreamy sighs and protestations of love for Moss Man, "He smells like pine. I'm talking pine, Mermista!"

Mermista shakes her head, "Oh goodness, we'll never hear the end of it." They all laugh. Adora grabs a bite of dessert, "It is nice to see you so happy Perfuma. After the things you have been through..." Adora is referring to Minwu. Netossa explains to Teela, "Minwu was a healer on Etheria. There was a bit of flirtation between the two, but he died. Or rather, he was murdered." Teela nods getting caught up from these new friends. Perfuma adds, "I think of Minwu often. He never should have been harmed. He was a kind and wonderful person. But I am also grateful to have had this chance at meeting Moss Man. It is strange, I never thought I would feel happy like this."

Teela jumps in, "Yes, well you should also be very careful Perfuma. Moss Man is still considered dangerous." Perfuma nods, "Oh I know Teela. He went rogue from the Masters of the Universe. I understand. But he is a kind hearted person, I know it to be very true." Teela tilts her head, "Maybe, but seriously, he is not the most rational person. He may have saved you from Tri-Klops, but there have been instances in the past where he has turned on the good guys too. You just need to be careful." Perfuma nods, "I understand what you are saying, but whatever his reasons are, I understand him. I truly do." The friends all look at each other. No one is sure what to think of the whole situation, but everyone wants to be happy for Perfuma.

Mermista looks around, "I was wondering, has anyone seen She-Ra? Now that things have somewhat calmed down, I never got around to asking her what happened on Horde World..." Netossa nods in agreement, "I was curious to know that as well." Adora chooses her words carefully so as not to slip up on her secret, "She-Ra and I talked about that the other day."

Perfuma looks over, "Really? What did she say?" Teela adds, "I'm interested too. He-Man was there, wasn't he?" Adora gives a knowing look to Teela and nods, "Yes, She-Ra had mentioned he was there along with a few others like Stratos and Frosta, and even Sea Hawk. Sweet Bee was there too, but I don't know her that well. Anyways, this is what She-Ra told me..." Adora tells the story of the Horde World adventure to her friends. The details of Hordak finding out that Horde Prime was his long thought dead sister surprises everyone. Adora finishes the story by detailing how She-Ra and the rest left a crumbling Horde World in space.

Everyone is surprised and in shock. "I can't believe that happened. The Horde is gone. I can only imagine what Etheria is like right now," Netossa says. Mermista nods, "I know. I hope Frosta is ok." They all think of their friends. Perfuma and Mermista smile at each other wondering what life is like now on Etheria. Teela wonders how Adam is faring on Etheria, but she knows he is no longer her concern. Netossa misses Spinnerella while Adora can only think of Bow. She hopes he is safe.

Thinking of another important topic, Adora looks at her friends, "I actually need some help with something. Right before we were attacked by Tri-Klops the other day, I was talking with Sea Hawk." Perfuma rolls her eyes, "Oh goodness, do we want to know?" Adora nods, "This has nothing to do with a drunken bar fight. I found something strange in his clothing. He had the Ice Diamond, Eye of Fire, and Lunar Stone in his possession."

Mermista shakes her head, "But why Adora?" Teela looks at Netossa for help in understanding. Netossa whispers, "Those are three special artifacts from Etheria. Apparently Hordak wanted them, though we have no idea why." Adora agrees, "Exactly, which is why I was so surprised to find them on him." Perfuma asks, "What did he say? Did he have an explanation?"

Adora nods, "Yes. He said that before he went to Horde World, he had actually found them in the Fright Zone." Mermista tilts her head, "That sounds oddly convenient, something seems odd." Adora nods again, "I know. But he says he stumbled upon them while he was searching for supplies in the Fright Zone. There was so much chaos at that time, he had merely wanted to steal some supplies."

Netossa looks at her friends, "Do you believe him?" Netossa is protective of her friendship with Sea Hawk, and she can hear some doubt in Adora's voice. Adora can only shrug, "I guess I believe him. I don't know what else to do. It is just strange. You were with him on his ship for awhile Netossa, what do you think?" The captivating beauty thinks about her time with Sea Hawk, "I'm not sure Adora. I know he was never fond of Hordak, that is for sure."

Adora nods, thinking about too many things regarding the pirate, "Yes. Well he said his side and I have no other reason but to believe him. Thankfully the artifacts are in my possession now. Since the Eye of Fire came from your village Netossa, I can give it back to you." Netossa smiles in thanks. Adora looks over at Mermista, "I'm sure Frosta will also be glad to have her Ice Diamond back." Mermista grins thinking of her icy friend, "Oh I am entirely sure of that. I just wish we knew why Hordak had wanted those artifacts anyway..." It is a question that none of them can answer.

Back on the planet Etheria, Frosta stands among frozen rubble from Castle Chill. She is busy overseeing the rebuilding of her home. Doling out orders, Frosta pauses from her work as a messenger arrives. Frosta rolls her eyes, "Finally. What took you so long?" The messenger looks fearfully at the empress, "I have been on a long trip, especially when the person you wanted me to find can't be found." Frosta drops her arms, "What do you mean she can't be found? Did you follow my orders? I thought I had made them rather simple darling."

The messenger sighs, "Yes Empress Frosta, your orders were simple. I traveled to both locations, and I couldn't find her. She is missing." The statement irks Frosta, "How can she be missing? Don't you know who Castaspella is? Tell me, how is it possible for the leader of Mystacor to be missing?" The messenger sighs again, which further annoys Frosta. "Empress, I traveled to the ruins of Mystacor and no one has seen her. I then traveled to the Whispering Woods, where the message was the same: No one has seen Castaspella."

Frosta shakes her head, "Well what am I going to do now? Who is going to help me with my life? My best friend Mermista is gone probably having a joyous time with her merfolk family. The love of my life is a royal idiot. My goodness darling! Castaspella is the next best person to get me through the horrors of this existence called life!" She stands in total exasperation. Nothing makes sense anymore. The messenger stands there awaiting new orders.

Tapping her foot on the icy ground, Frosta shakes her head, "Here's what we are going to do. Round up some of the best people around here, I need applicants to be interviewed for my new chancellor. My old one died, the poor dear. Vivi was a part of the family, so there will be some big shoes to fill." The messenger takes some notes down, "Empress, I could be your chancellor..." Frosta tilts her head back to laugh, "Oh darling, isn't that sweet? There is no way you could be my new chancellor. You are just too... common. Now run along, we all have our jobs to do." The messenger scurries off while Frosta claps her hands, "Come on everyone! We need to get the walls of Castle Chill back up! I've missed my home." Frosta looks around the Kingdom of Snows. This is her land, and she is back.

Deep underneath the Crystal Castle inside Skydancer Mountain, He-Man travels with Sweet Bee, Bow, Peekablue, Flutterina, and Spinnerella. They are walking a winding path down inside the mountain, but they aren't quite sure what they are looking for. "Found anything yet Peekablue?" Bow asks looking at his watchful friend. Peekablue sadly shakes her head as her hands roam across the shiny pink rock around them all, "I'm afraid not. I've never seen this part of the world before, I've been blind to it."

Sweet Bee is guiding the group further under the castle, she looks back, "My honeycomb light is set, and this path is only going in one direction." He-Man looks at his new friends, "Light Hope said some sort shaking energy was coming from underneath the Crystal Castle. I'm sure once we reach the end, we'll find what we are looking for." Bow nods, "That is what I'm worried about." Peekablue reaches out to grab Bow's hand, "Don't worry. I will keep using my vision to see what is waiting for us."

Flutterina and Spinnerella look around, ready for a fight. "This place sure is strange," Spinnerella says. Flutterina nods in agreement. He-Man catches up to Sweet Bee, "I really appreciate you wanting to help guide us through this Sweet Bee." He looks at her with a smiling face. Sweet Bee nods, looking down at her bright glowing piece of honeycomb, "I understand the importance. And since Glimmer is busy with the efforts to fix Bright Moon, I am more than happy to be of assistance." He-Man adds, "I know I had said I wanted us to explore Etheria together, but this is not quite what I had in mind. I would still like to take a walk with you... alone." Sweet Bee smiles, "Oh I would love that!" She finds him to be very handsome, and he can't quite get past her beauty. She is also very sweet.

Eventually the group makes it to the end. They approach a very strange open space. Flutterina looks around at all the sparkly pink rock, "It looks like. Something crashed. Here." She is working on her speech, and it is coming along better. Going to observe some of the pink pieces, Flutterina places a hand on the cool surface of a nearby rock.

Bow looks around the room, "I don't get it, there doesn't seem to be anything here." He continues to look around. He wishes Adora was with them all, though he is thankful to have this odd diversion to get his mind off the fact that his love is on another world. Spinnerella stares at all the sparkling rock around them, "It is remarkable though, I feel like I am floating with the stars. All this sparkle everywhere, it is stunning."

He-Man motions for Sweet Bee to join him, "Shine your honeycomb light over here Sweet Bee, I think I see something in the rock." Sweet Bee assists, but neither can make anything out. To the distance, Peekablue is looking around as her feathers are glowing strangely.

He-Man looks at the rock, "I think I'm going to see what's in there." He grabs hold of his sword and prepares to swipe through the pink rock. Peekablue continues to look around as her feathers glow erratically, "Wait! He-Man, don't do anything!" She rushes to the rock and looks through, "I can see something beyond my regular vision. Don't hurt this rock!"

The group steps back as the rock begins to shake and crack. Flutterina draws out her dagger ready for an attack. Bow has an arrow drawn, ready to strike too. The rock seems to transform and begins to create the form of a woman. Sweet Bee gasps, "The rock is alive!"

They all stare in awe as a woman stands before them. Part of her body is covered in a pink armor while pieces of sparkly rock protrude from her shoulders, back, arms, and legs. A shiny cape is around her neck. Her long hair is swooped into a ponytail on her head. Beautiful gem stones frame her face, "Am I awake? How long have I been asleep?" She looks at the people before her, total strangers. Her heart speeds up, "My sisters! Where are they?"

Bow gasps, "Sisters? Who are you?" Bow is putting the pieces together. The pink rocky woman looks at the strangers, "I am Jewelstar. Where are my sisters? Did we crash? Who are you people?" He-Man steps forward, "I am He-Man. We are here on a mission, this is Etheria. What happened to you?"

Jewelstar shakes her head, "Too many questions, not enough time. I must find my sisters." Peekablue pipes up, "They are here, in the rocks! I can see them." Jewelstar begs for help, and everyone goes about cracking through rock searching for Jewelstar's sisters. Bow and Flutterina call out, "Over here! We found someone!"

Jewelstar rushes to Bow and smiles at the sight of a sister, "Tallstar! You found my sister!" Tallstar is sleeping. She looks entirely different from Jewelstar. This sister has on bright orange pants and a jumpsuit made of a strange material. Jewelstar breathes a sigh of relief as Tallstar begins to open her eyes, "Jewelstar, are we awake from the curse?" Bow looks over at Flutterina, he is becoming very concerned. Bits and pieces are starting to come together.

Jewelstar helps her sister up, "Yes, I believe the curse is over. We just need to find Starla, she is somewhere in here!" The group works hard and finally after shattering a few other rocks, the group drags out a dazed third sister. Starla is a fair beauty with yellow hair pulled high. Her skirt and bodice are full of bright reds, oranges, and yellows. He-Man wonders if this woman came from the sun.

Starla sits up and hugs her sisters, "We are finally awake! The curse is broken, but that must mean..." Starla looks at the other heroes, "You found us? Did you find the evil sorceress too?" He-Man shakes his head, "Evil sorceress? I don't know what you mean." Starla nods, "We three are the Star Sisters, protectors of Etheria. We were trapped in a shooting star by the evil sorceress Ultimera. Before we were shot into the sky, we used our last bit of strength to trap Ultimera with us so that Etheria would be free of evil."

Everyone continues to listen. Starla continues, "We were all frozen in the shooting star, and must have landed back on Etheria." Peekablue nods, she can see it unfolding, "Yes. Countless generations were communicating with you all in the hopes that you would never land back here, but the shooting star crashed somehow."

Starla looks around the open space and whistles, "I know who can help us." A bright pink bird swoops out from a rocky opening. The Star Sisters grin, "Glory Bird!" Spinnerella looks on in surprise, "They have a pink bird? I've seen it all now."

The Star Sisters huddle around Glory Bird. Tallstar looks back at their new friends, "With our chanting power, we could transform Glory Bird into a majestic flying beast. He was trapped with us in the shooting star, but was never asleep. I'm certain he was able to record what happened to us."

Starla communicates with the bird and sighs, "Oh this is terrible. We crashed back on Etheria ages ago. We tore through this mountain and blazed a trail to the furthest depths below. Once we crashed, Ultimera was immediately set free, but something was different about her. I don't think she was aware of who she was." He-Man is confused, "If Ultimera was set free, why have you three been sleeping this whole time?" The Star Sisters shrug, "We are not sure."

Starla continues to look around the space, "Wait, is the sword still here?" Bow looks around, "There's a sword too? What all else was in this shooting star?" Starla shakes her head, "You don't understand. This isn't just some regular sword, it is the Chaos Sword. A sword of supreme evil. It was Ultimera's preferred weapon of choice, but it is not here."

Spinnerella and Flutterina look around but find nothing. He-Man wishes immediately for his own sister, he feels strongly that She-Ra would know what to do. Bow wonders what all this means. Jewelstar looks at everyone, "If Ultimera has the Chaos Sword, Etheria is all but destroyed. We must find her."

Somewhere on Etheria, the evil sorceress Ultimera walks. A trail of darkness withers behind her, but before her is even further darkness. She finds herself at the Midnight Lair. Travelling to the depths below, Ultimera marvels at a place that was once her old stomping grounds. She grins with delight, before frowning at a strange sight before her. Inside the main dungeon, Ultimera finds three individuals talking to each other.

Vampra, Batros, and Celadon stand talking about their fates. They are the only Pyres left and all three are unaware of the presence of Ultimera. Gliding into the room, Ultimera chillingly states, "Have you seen my sword?"

Vampra looks up annoyed, "I don't know who you are, and I don't care. Be gone woman, for you will find yourself at a disadvantage against the three of us." Vampra turns back to her cohorts, "As I was saying, the Horde is now gone. Catra and her foolish Horde women jumped through to another world, now is the chance for us to truly strike..." Vampra notices Ultimera still standing silently in the room. Glaring at the evil sorceress, Vampra bares her rows of sharp teeth, "I told you to leave!" Hissing for back up, Vampra motions for Celadon to attack.

The massive Pyre woman of muscle races towards Ultimera, ready to rip her throat out. Ultimera grins, "I see the line around your neck. You've lost your head before," Ultimera makes one quick flick of the wrist as Celadon's head is ripped clean off her body, "You've lost it yet again." Ultimera glides towards Vampra and Batros.

Batros stands tall and quiet, from his past as Rolf, Batros knows not to mess with an intimidating woman. Vampra is seething with rage, "Just who do you think you are, to come into my lair and attack me? Don't you know who I am?" Ultimera shakes her head, "You should know who I am. Your young face lies at the heart of your true age. Let's see the real you." Ultimera waves away the youth and vitality of Vampra.

The Pyre Leader trembles, "No, please..." Her true image is shown, and Vampra begins to choke on her dry ancient throat. Ultimera grins, her silver hair shining like the brightest metal. The evil sorceress smiles at Vampra's withered face, "There you are. See, you've been around for a long time. You must know that I am Ultimera, the most powerful sorceress in the universe."

Vampra shakes her head in disbelief, "Impossible. You are a myth!" Ultimera's inky purple eyes glisten with hunger, "I am very real. This is my home, you should remember that. Now tell me, where is my sword?" Vampra chokes out, "I have no idea what you are talking about!"

Waving a hand over Vampra's face, Ultimera restores the youth to the Pyre, "I believe you. Now that I have returned to form with all my memories in tact, I will need my sword. And if you want to live, you are going to help me find it." Ultimera looks at both Vampra and Batros. The Pyres have no other choice but to agree. Ultimera grins, "Good choice. Now, it has been awhile since I've truly studied the layout of this magnificent world. I need a lesson on where I should strike first..."

Up next!
A lesson in evil!
Frosta renovates Castle Chill!


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    1. Yes there may be some stuff going on with the Merman, Clawful, Octavia, Scorpia story. I wouldnt call it a gag, but it also wont be a huge plot point either.

      I think Frosta and Glimmer both came from royalty, though Glimmer's royalty is still going strong. Mermista is a part of royalty as is Adora. But yes, Adora was not aware of her royal status on Etheria. Sea Hawk would joke and call her princess as a term of endearment, and back in part 1, Adora finds out who she is from Light Hope and the Sorceress and that is where the princess of power comes from. So that was a title that didn't start getting used until after she became she-Ra.

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